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Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.64/10
Customer service: 2.19/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.43/10
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Confusing emails

"Even though I paid for my order I keep getting emails that ask me to finish paying for it. The money has been deducted from my debit card. Furthermore I cant login to my dhgate account. I have to reset the password each time. And even after more than a week theres no tracking information for my order. "

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DHGate disaster trade

"After 10 days I asked what the story is and found that they couldn't find the money. After chatting for more than an hour the money was on some account and waiting to be transferred to the "real" account. Unfortunately they didn't change my money to US$ and so it came because the exchange rate changed I was a few cent short. So they couldn't release the money and wanted me to pay a few cent, - - - I cancelled the deal. Now the other problem is that they don't want to know anything about paying back the amount, so the disaster trade is not finished.
I'm just wondering how they get some good reviews. I checked this and found Holly S. submitted 21 reviews on the 16.7.18 and all of them 5-star - - - - don't wonder

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Shipping price not refunding

"I took a camera watch with order number 349219098. the product delivered to me as broken. I talked with seller and i said want to return them. the seller told to me return the product and get back money. But in my country there is no counter-pay shipping system for abroad. So
i had to pay shipping cost. I explained this situation to the seller and seller said to me that he will send the shipping cost. Wihtin this aggrement i shipped the product and reached to seller. Order was cancelled and product cost was sent. But the cargo fee was not sent to me. I reported this to the DHGate customer solution center. They told me that I had to give me proof or offer how much I wanted to pay. I sent an invoice telling me the shipping charge and I said the full charge. But the DHGate customer center closed the record I opened for this issue. I re-registered for the same situation and it was closed again. It happened 4 times. They ignoring very good. did not refund my fee.

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"I ordered an item on DHgate.com, [8F Bldg A, U-Center, 28 Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China. 100083 Phone: +1 213 797 2133] from Seller "du13" Paid credit card. "du13" had 100% satisfaction rating (seems bogus), sent WRONG item; DID NOT WORK. No manual Chinese or English. No warranty. No UL approval or FCC compliance rating.
DHgate is business to business sourcing site; seller is independent. Seller subscriptions and transaction fees are main source of DHgate income.
DHgate handles sales transaction and enable buyer-seller communication. Their buyer protection escrow policy, as some customers have posted, can release funds on shipper notice of delivery.
DHgate is not a scammer! But DHgate enables and is an advocate for sellers that scam.
Scam appears to be "du13" selected a different item of equal or greater value from their malfunctioning returned merchandise shelf and disposed of it by shipping it to me hoping to collect my payment.
Returns/refunds can be difficult, expensive or denied by seller. Discuss with seller before buying. Brand name often cheap counterfeits. Purchasing electronic items, any item with moving parts, jewelry or clothing from DHgate sellers is not recommended.
Promptly contact DHgate customer service for wrong item received ... got "Tang Tang" robot ... (aka "Blah Blah") ... save time, click live chat. Chatted "Chell" and explained problem. I need to chat with supervisor. Silence. No supervisor. Chat ended.
It's likely many DHgate Customer Service Reps are students attending nearby Tsinghua University. Their polite messages have enough in common to indicate a basic scripted form reply. They invest considerable time and resources protecting DHgate's public image. Posts like this often get avalanched by brief but incredibly favorable "five star" posts likely posted by rewarded or coerced DHgate employees.
"Barbie" wrote, "you were disconnected ... supervisor was not able to open the dispute ... complete "Return and Refund" PROPOSAL form and upload photo evidence." "Ellie", claimed it is not their mistake, contact Seller **** Ba Li Dian Xiang Zhou Zhuang, Bei Jing **** Chao Yang Qu: 100122 dba "du13" directly to get correct item shipped and permission required to return wrong item ... maybe shipment/customs my expense. “Ellie” wrote, “... this is a system generated process we do follow specific timeframes regarding with the dispute process. We don't have the option to expedite the refund.” DHgate will determine in up to 90 days whether to mediate or not. 90 days!
"Sil" messaged, "All your correspondence with our Chat Team are recorded, checked and evaluated every day. Any misinformation given will result in appropriate actions from our management." You threaten me or any prospective Buyer? Dishonest sellers may count on DHgate to frustrate/intimidate victimized Buyers? Is their low price is worth getting entangled into DHgate’s labyrinth of obfuscation.
This is the world of "China Scam" identified by
1 - sending wrong merchandise/no merchandise,
2 - sending defective merchandise (electronics, anything with moving parts, jewelry or clothing),
3 - sending false shipment tracking numbers,
4 - bureaucratic delays (90 days!) in processing orders or refunds,
5 - no returns/expensive refunds,
6 - partial or no refund,
7 - no communication or blocked communication.
Indeed, DHgate.com Blocked my message communication:
IMPORTANT: I promptly contacted my Credit Card company as soon as I got wrong item to dispute/remove DHgate charge. They will do a scam investigation and hold payment. Your credit card company may be your ONLY advocate. Pay by check, money order, wired funds or money-gram, you won't have that help.
DHgate management like Diane **** Shutong, CEO should figure it would be more cost effective to quickly refund customer's money than to risk losing more buyers. At the June, 2018, Global E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona, **** said, "Trust is the first step for brand building,” There are a lot of online posts warning buyers not to trust DHgate. Seems there is a breakdown in communication between ****, DHgate 90 day refund delay tactics (that ****, no doubt, approved) and her Customer (Seller) Service Representatives.
I filed a complaint at www.eConsumer.gov who, when enough complaints are received, will do something better than collect complaints. If you have been scammed by a DHgate seller, then please file a complaint with eConsumer.gov.
I hope readers of this post find enough evidence to at least BEWARE doing business with DHgate because Sellers seem to have a partner in DHgate who will advocate for their dishonest actions. “Forewarned is forearmed”.
I filed a complaint with the FTC. Though AVS. International INC./DhGate.US. in Chino Hills, CA, the headquarters is in Beijing, so FTC can offer limited help ... ultimately any dispute between customer and DHgate, the consumer is on their own!

Hence the warning: BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! DHgate.com

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Very difficult to make any changes, many merchants sell cheap crap...

"I orderred an item (over $200) and the charge went through. A day later I get an email saying item out of stock. I have has card number abused so I decided to cancel the debit card and just get a new one from my bank. A few days later the merchant sends another email saying item shipped! So, I send the money to DHgate which puts the money in an account that I can never seem to access again! I try for three months to pay the merchant, I try to have DHgate just refund me the money. NOTHING WORKS. In the mean time, the crappy product arrived from China and promptly broke with normal use. DHgate is a clearing house for endless Chinese copycat factories knocking off mostly American and Japanese original products. The ever have a button on their website to report intellectual copyright theft (which goes nowhere I'm sure). My suggestion is you pay a few bucks more and get quality in a product that wasn't stolen in the first place! "

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Quick and easy to shop site

"This site offers a large selection of merchandise with easy to navigate experience and affordable pricing."

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Already on my first purchase I am very satisfied and injured! I bought a product and soon after the purchase (question of 1 hour) I gave up the purchase. I contacted the seller to cancel the order prior to shipping and make the refund, but the same declined! I contacted DHgate support and they said it depends on the seller to make the refund! Careful, they do not protect the buyer, we are injured! do not buy on this site!

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Buena experiencia

"Todas las veces que he comprado no he tenido problemas, la web es muy fácil de moverse y el atendimiento es muy bueno, tienen una buena atención al cliente.
Lo único que creo que deben mejorar es que podrían ofrecer cupones o darnos créditos por cada compra que hagamos.

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Hilarious run around

"So in my case I wasn't trying to buy counterfeits I just wanted a jacket I saw. The seller made a shipping label. lol. That increased the status of the order which I then never received because it was never actually sent. When I asked them about it a couple months later they said I had to apply for a refund because it wasn't coming. Curveball, DHGate can't give you a refund. They can't even talk to the seller. The seller has to agree to refund you which of course they could always just, ya know, choose not to. "

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Whorst experience ever

"I get scammed, DHgate dont protect their customer. "

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Very very bad. Do not trust this company. The buying process was not concluded, but they have not returned me the money until now.

"They took my money and did not return it to me, after many emails and contact attempts.
I recommend you, not to use this service, better another provider.

I will have to go to court against them.

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Never recieved the item

"I order an item, but i never received it, i open a dispute, dhgate doesn't refund me instead gave me a coupon, but with a lot of condicions. In the end, i waited 2 months for my item, but never received it and dhgate support and worst than horrible! Never helped me, i contact them 3 times, but no help. Forget this site, there are a lot of better options!"

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Beware.Very Bad Service

"I ordered and paid for a Motherboard for a Dell XPS2710 from DHGate in China in September 2017. Item was received and installed by a Computer Technician and found to be faulty. Numerous emails were sent to and from DHGate re this to try to solve the problem. in Late November 2017 Item was requested to be returned. It was despatched with a tracking number and was received by DHGate on 10th December 2017. This was notified to me via email. On 20th December 2017 I emailed requesting status of my Motherboard. I then found the original despatch was sent by a supplier of DHGate namely Get Electronics. I contacted DHGate Customer support who in turn "say" they contacted Get Electronics??? DH Gate then advised I should have raised a Dispute (I had no knowledge of a Dispute Process prior to this) by the 20th December 2017 and they could not help me. There were in excess of 31 emails on this problem and I feel it was "strung out" until past the Dispute date and the it is my bad luck!!
My advice is be very aware of this company. They arranged for the item to be sourced from Get Electronics therefore they are responsible for any problem with their supplier. This is obviously not the case. I note another reviewer has a similar problem. How many more??

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Thoroughly Horrible Experience

"This is a terrible company. I purchased a satin cape in September to be worn at my wedding. When it arrived it was damp, reeked of mildew, and was covered in spots. This is because the seller packaged it in a flimsy plastic bag, which was torn before apparently being dunked in some gutter in China. I immediately contacted the seller to have a replacement sent to me in more durable packaging. This request was denied, but they offered a refund if I paid to send the item back to them. I went ahead and did this and provided the seller with the tracking number. Sometime in November I decided to follow up with them since I had never heard anything back. I reached out to the customer service department who asked that I upload an image of the shipping label. This could not be done through the app, it kept glitching out, so I emailed it. Later, I checked the messaging system in DHGate and found the dispute had been closed the day after I had done this. I had received no email notification. In January, the cape was returned to me with a box checked "unclaimed'. Since then, I have been fruitlessly emailing their "customer service". I am now the sorry owner of an $80 mildew-covered cape."

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"I couldn't be more happier about my entire buying experience on DHgate! The seller I worked with was responsive and helpful. It took a while to get my item, but it was pretty understandable considering where the item was shipped from. I loved the shoes I got. Will definitely buy again."

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