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"I purchased a rolling craft tote with the measurements correct for my craft. once I received the bag the opening at the top of the bag , I couldn't get my things in and out easily so I decided to return the the bag . I made the mistake of throwmIng out its original box. consumer crafts has nothing for you no credit no discount price and now no customer. so I am stuck with a bag I can't use......."

Helpful Cool


Happy Customer

"I just received my 2nd order from them. They are amazing and I will go to them 1st for my online craft need. My 1st order had a defective piece in it and they replaced it very quickly without any issues. My second order came with a Consumer Craft bag as a bonus. They have good prices and their shipping is reasonable. They have a customer for life. "

Helpful Cool


Awful Customer Service

"I purchased 6 mason jars from Consumercrafts.com and one came in completely smashed. There were glass fragments all over the box that actually scratched me. I called the customer service line the first thing that morning after discovering the broken mason jar. The first thing she said to me was "well there is nothing we can do." I told her these were actually for an event I have this Friday morning and that there needed to be something that they can do. I also let her know that although I really did not care about the scratch, they did not properly package the mason jars, causing their glass shards to scratch me. She replied "that is not how you get a business to work with you." She was extremely belittling, did not apologize for their product coming to me damaged, and basically made it seem like it was my bad luck until I demanded to speak to a manager. After I asked to speak to a manager she said "trust me, you're better off talking to me." I am very confused what that means, but if the manager is worse than the rep on the phone, I truly feel sorry for this company. After putting me on hold and speaking to her manager, she then told me that they would ship the item today but because the item was only $1.60 they would have to do ground shipping and that if I didn't come on time I was out of luck. I let her know this was for an event and I ordered it in a timely manner so that I could have it for this event. She did not care. I let her know that there is an impending snow storm hitting NJ this Wednesday if they ground ship it with standard shipping there is a big change it will never get to me on time. Again, she did not care. I understand my item was cheap and it would cost them money to overnight it, but the point is, I ordered it from them, it came in broken, and there was nothing they could do to make sure that this item had gotten to me for it's original purpose. Not only do I have to deal with the stress of this party, but also have to make sure I get ONE mason just in on time because if not, the one I will have to purchase else where will not match. I am just super disappointed. I thought this online store had a lot of options and some discount codes, so I was planning on using them in the future. Unfortunately, due to their lack of compassion and understanding, that will never happen again. And I will be telling everyone I know about this experience."

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Bad customer service and experience

"Ordered 2 products from consumer crafts and received one of the items that is dependent on the main item. Called customer support after a week of not receiving the product and they informed me that the item was not available and they don’t do back orders. When asked why I was not notified, I was informed that I had been since my invoice showed zero quantity shipped. The thing is, the invoice did not state that and no email notification was received. When asked if I could speak to a manager, I was told they were not at their desk. The lady continued to argue that I was informed even though this was not the case. This was the first time using this store but they have lost me as a customer. I do not and will not recommend this company."

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Customer service needs training

"I had a project due for my art class, I order 2 little doors amd was told my shipment would be here Nov 9th.well Nov 9th my package was dropped off at the wrong post office...so I contacted customer service and told them and I recieved an email back repeating to me what I had just told them. So apparently they don't read your whole email. I contacted them a few more times about this because are now almost a week late amd they send me back a condescending email telling me how the post office works. I am 43 I am sure I know exactly how it works. But the package was still just sitting at the wrong post office and instead of them inquiring to ups about package (why it was still sitting wrong post office) they told me I had to wait. Meanwhile points are being deducted off my grade. I would have just went to hobby lobby but being a recent widow I couldn't afford their prices.so I called ups amd they in turn called the post office aND it apparently had been over looled. If customer service had of called the first day or emailed them I could have probably gotten it alot sooner. So you are welcome customer service for me doing your job. Next time I will just pay hobby lobby prices!"

Helpful Cool


Shipping price was high

"I ordered 4 sheets of plastic canvas that we're artist sized. The shipping price was as much as the product. When it was delivered I understood why. It was shipped in a completely oversized box. The shipping material n the box were heavier than the canvas itself. "

Helpful Cool


Good Customer Service after UPS Disaster

"Ordered 8 Glass Block Cubes which were fairly heavy and fragile. UPS apparently broke them during shipment and I had to find out through UPS. Once I sent you all my UPS destroyed block paperwork, you sent me new blocks which arrived in excellent condition and well packaged. Thanks again. "

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Best people to work with.0

"Wonderful. When something is missing or broken in my order, they immediately send me replacements.0"

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Great quality products at excellent prices!

"Large selection of craft items to choose from at reasonable prices! Definitely will buy from again! Fast shipping and great communication as well!"

Helpful Cool


Great service

"Shipped quickly. Small issue they solved it quickly. Would order again from them."

Helpful Cool


Great service!

"I placed an order, and the order was filled promptly. I received everything in good condition.

PLEASE stop with all the reviews. If I have a problem, I will let you know. Otherwise, leave me alone!!! Thank you!

Helpful Cool


The best

"Affordable & expedited quickly"

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Lets Craft!

"I have a small, new embroidery and sewing business and need to keep the prices I charge down. CC helps me do that. The produces are good quality and reasonably priced. Thankx!"

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Embossing Essential

"I was quite surprised when I got the framlit. It is really nice but it is too big for card making. I guess I will have to send it back. The rest of my order is great. I guess I didn't look at the size when I ordered it, but thought it would be for card making."

Helpful Cool


Good Experience

"They have a good selection of products, good sale prices and good website. Shipping was fast."

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