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    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.75/10 1.75/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.36/10 0.36/10
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Rating 2/10

Double charged

"Conns is double charging me for my purchase by having 2 accounts and when I pay on only 1 for them and have called them and asked them to correct the mistake they just ignore it. Now they are reporting it to the credit agencies. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible extended warranty service

"I bought a brand new LG refrigerator at Conn's 14 month ago, with the extended store warranty. 14 days ago, it suddenly stopped working. We call Conn’s tech service and they send a technician, who informed us that they will have to order new parts in order to repair it. Unfortunately, we are still waiting. Conn’s service is terrible. Every day, we are calling Conn’s to try to get an estimated day to have the refrigerator fixed, but apparently that is too much to ask. We have not have a running refrigerator for two weeks, and how knows how long we will have to wait. Moreover, even though claim to understand the situations they have constantly denied the possibility of getting us a backup one to get bye. So far the experience with their service is horrible. Please be warned of this kind of service if you ever decide to get Conn’s warranty of an appliance."

Rating 2/10

Conns Webster Texas

"I worked with Ms. Doris at Conns in Webster, Texas on 23 Dec. I needed to purchase an oven before Christmas. The oven at Conns was approximately $450 more than the same oven at Lowes but I purchased it at Conns because Ms. Doris promised it would be delivered before Christmas and Lowes could not deliver until the beginning of 2018. Conns confirmed delivery for between 9-12 on 24 Dec; which worked great for me. At 11:56 on 24 Dec, Conns delivery called me and said their truck was broken & they would not be delivering to my house. I inquired about other trucks & was told they had them but my oven would not be placed on one because my appointment needed to be rescheduled. The delivery person could not tell me when the appointment was rescheduled for & could not tell me anything further. I tried to call Conns corporate & even back to the store where I made the purchase & got no assistance no one seemed to care. Needless to say I put faith in Conns and came up very short & will not be able to make Christmas dinner for my family. While on hold on the telephone with Conns I heard their motto.... YES at Conns. The answer is yes to their customers.....All I got was lies at Conns in Webster, Texas. If I could give less than 1 star I would. My experience with Conns was horrible"

Rating 2/10

Bad customer Service Terrible product

"I purchased a refrigerator from Conn's on 6/18/2016 and on 11/25/2017 the unit stopped providing refrigeration it was still on however there was no refrigeration. A service tech came out and advised me that he will order a new computer board that "MIGHT" fix the problem. In the mean time my family will be with out a refrigerator for at least 7 to 10 days. I called Larry the store manager at 5704 Independence Blvd. Charlotte NC he stated he can not do anything for me and gave me the a dreaded 800 #. I called the number and they were not helpful at all the rep told me my unit doesn't qualify for a replacement. A technician has to come out 2 or 3 times to try and fix it and make sure it can not be fixed then they can put in a request for a new unit. I asked him what do I do until then he said buy some coolers and ice and work out of that. The have the perfect name for their company because that's what I got CONNed.


Rating 2/10

Conn's very sneaky and unethical

"I had been receiving Conn's "Your Approved" Emails forever. So I decided, since I needed a laptop, to finally go to their website and apply for their credit (7500.00 approval) and then see if they had anything I would be interested in as far as a laptop. The selection was very limited, so I decided to go to the store and look myself. A salesman standing idly watching the door, immediately approached me. I told him I was basically just looking and that I was looking at laptops. He followed me around...strange and creepy. I get it, he's in sales and that is how he feeds his family, but honestly...I found it way over the top. So I found one I liked...out of stock. I so wish I would have just left there, but choose another one instead. $999.99 was the price. So I then sit in this like cubical with this salesman to begin the process. I brought 2 pieces of paper with me. One was the printout of the credit acceptance, and the other was a printout from State Farm, showing my proof of renters insurance. (Or else thy charge you insurance) After going through the process (and it took forever!) I was then finally finished. I asked for my receipt and was told it would be emailed. WHAT? No receipt? Flags began to go up. Then I asked for a bag for my purchase and (I am not making this up) he went to the back of the store and came back with a hefty trash bag?!?! And oh....this gets SO much better... I get back to the office...no email....waited and waited and after a few HOURS I finally get my receipt, and HE CHARGED ME THE INSURANCE ANYWAY! You can imaging my displeasure! So I call them and am told I need to resend the paper from State Farm again to have the charges removed. So I create my online account to check to see if the charges were dropped as promised, and they have NOTHING in your account online showing your purchases, the costs, remaining credit, how much you still owe...NOTHING. Just a place where you can pay your bill...and that's it. So I call them, and after being on hold for a while, I get an AR. I explain to her my dilemma about not seeing virtually ANYTHING about my account....what I owe, the remaining credit...nothing. And I am told (again folks not making this up) that they don't provide that in your account online, but anytime I want this information I can call to get it. WHAT???? So being I had her on the phone, as politely as possible asked her what the total balance, even though I hadn't made a payment, I wanted to make sure they removed the insurance. She tells me 1182.49. This is 100.00 more than the cost so I figured they still had the insurance on there. So I said, that was incorrect because the cost of the laptop was 999.99 and with the 8.25% sales tax comes to 1082.52. This is 100.00 less than what she was quoting me. So I asked, can y'all please remove the insurance and get this right, and she told me this was not insurance, this was 100 FIANCE FEE. Again...WHAT????? I am now starting to get upset, but held my cool and told her NO ONE ever ever said ANYTHING about this fee. I would NEVER had purchased anything from Conn's had I known this. She just says "I'm sorry the salesman didn't tell you...but it was on your receipt". You mean the receipt I never got at the store but had to wait until hours later to get???? That receipt???? "I'm sorry about that sir". Your sorry??? That is $100 DOLLARS. So I ask can I speak to a manager, or supervisor, just someone over her because at this point I wanted to just give it back and end this nightmare, and she tells me," I can transfer you, But I can tell you now there is a 15% restocking fee and the $100 is non refundable". I just hung up before I was would say something I would regret. So here I am now...stuck with this horrible experience. That is so unethical, and now I no why it's called Conn's....because they ARE! I am tempted to get a lawyer and fight this, but would be not worth the money in the end. I am sure they do this to a lot of folks. Their profits from screwing people must be pretty nice. If there is EVER a class action suit for them...consider me in it. I am not happy at ALL!! Buyers be warned. They will rip you off, and you can't even see they've done it until hours later on...after you take the product and get stuff with a 15% restocking fee, and they keep the 100 dollars anyway. They should be required to tell you they charge $100 BESIDES their interest (which I always payoff before anyway) BEWARE!!!"

Rating 2/10


"Bottom line they are the WORST COMPANY EVER WHEN IT COMES TO CUSTOMER SERVICE. The delivery men are rude and extremely unprofessional. I will never buy anything from here again. I wish I bound give it 0 stars!!"

Rating 2/10

Worst Customer Service - Place rightly named.... bunch of "Conn" artists!

his is the most unprofessional company I have EVER dealt with. I placed a call on Saturday 11/25 because my dryer of less than 45 day was not heating up. A tech came out Monday and stated the control board had to be replaced and that he would ordered it and have it shipped overnight. When I called back Tuesday evening to inquire about my order I was told the ticket had not been updated. I then requested to speak with a customer service manager. I was rudely placed on hold for over 45 minutes. When I hung up and contacted my sales person, Charles Well, from the Central Expressway location to request help, I was told he is NOT allowed to contact Service. When I asked to speak to a store manager I he literally told me "THEY ARE WORTHLESS" and could not assist me. I express to him my frustration and told him I would be sharing this on social media & Yelp and any other venue I could and he said....please do.

I did call back to the customer service department and left a message for a call center manager to contact me. She did call me back Tuesday evening and assured me that she would escalate my ticket, contacting two managers in the repair department. She also assured me I would hear from them.

Wednesday....nothing, nada, crickets....

Thursday AM I called again to the Service and Repair department, I was told by the representative that my paert HAS NOT even been ordered.....

This is ridiculous and I am more than livid. My new Samsung dryer, that I purchase on 10/13 has not worked since Saturday, and my part has still not been ordered.

I noticed that my FaceBook post from Tuesday did not appear on your page, so apparently your company really does care about your customer after the sale. I will be sharing this post on my page and any where else I can.

Rating 2/10

Dispicable customer service

"The only reason that I gave a star is because I had to in order to put in a review. I had a replacement tv shipped the delivery guys were rushing us to be able to get their next stop and now that the tv doesn’t fit in our home they are saying oh I know you were forced to sign but you signed so there is nothing that we can do. This is rediculous I will never do service with them again and I will tell everyone about this disturbing experience. This will also be posted on social media."

Rating 2/10



I was on the 1 year no interest plan which only allows for 1 late payment which is fine. I was late once in Jan/2017 because i moved clear across Texas, had no intention of being late again. BUT i was hospitalized from March to 4/17/2017 because i got E COLI. As most know this normally kills people. I was literally unconscious & couldn't make a payment. The infection got worse & i went into sepsis & the early stages of organ failure. I also had a heart attack & a blood clot causing me to stay in there longer. I am only 31 years old. This was a terribly painful experience.
YET Conns would not work with me for this mitigating/life threatening circumstance even tho i was more than happy to provide the hospital documentation.
I will be writing every bad review i possibly can about this company.
DO NOT buy from them just save your money and buy what you need with cash.

Rating 2/10


"Please, do yourself a favor and NEVER shop here. The entire experience was horrible and I don't even know where to start. From the items being damaged, to the delivery being messed up five times, to the financing company spelling my name wrong and then when I try to correct it they want ME to send them copies of my driver's license. I AM SO DONE WITH THIS COMPANY. There is NOTHING GOOD about them. "

Rating 2/10

useless computer

"I purchased an ASUS laptop on a Tuesday. I went home to set it up and was unable to get into the computer; it kept saying other user and would not let me set up as a user. I called and the manager Trevon was not the nicest. It was like I was interrupting him by making him work. He advised me to bring it in the next day and he did swap it out for another computer. I took it home and plugged it in and it let me set it up this time, however, the operating system needed to be updated. I started the update at 11am and by 630 pm I was still unable to get into the system to do anything. I was soo frustrated I put it down for the night. I called the store first thing in the morning and Trevon said they couldn't do anything unless I called the manufacturer to get it fixed. I called ASUS and they walked me thru a reset and said the operating system was corrupt. I called Trevon throughout the day to let him know what was going on. I started the reset at 11am and by 530pm it was still only at 41% complete. Trevon advised to shut it down, unplug and pack it up and bring it to the store the next morning to exchange for a different computer. He advised that he would be working in the morning. I got there in the morning and the manager that was on was Spencer. He advised since it had been more than 24 hours that there was nothing that they could do; I was to have bought it in on Thursday not Friday. I don't think Trevon had any intention on exchanging the computer since he lied about being there in the morning. The whole thing was a scam. Spencer said he would call the district manager and see what he would do and he would call me back. I never heard back. I called Progressive Leasing and explained what was going on and the representative called the store and Spencer told him the only recourse was to call the tech department. Progressive took care of the issue and refunded my money and cancelled my account. NEVER EVER DUE BUSINESS WITH CONN'S!!! THEIR PRACTICES ARE QUITE DEVIOUS AND UNDERHANDED AND THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS."

Rating 2/10

Worst place you could ever go

"DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE...EVER! My husband and I started the process of getting a couch with these people until I saw the awful reviews and I changed my mind. The next day, my husband got 6 calls throughout the day asking if we were still interested. Each time my husband said no and to stop calling us. The last time they called (5 minutes ago) my husband said "Look, my wife ordered something online and we do not want to do business with you guys" and the **** hung up on my husband. Very unprofessional to harass people like this. I think all the bad reviews should be taken into consideration if you plan on using Conns. (Conns really is the perfect name for them)"

Rating 2/10


"We bought new appliances from Conn's Lake Worth TX 4 months ago. Sorry to say but this is the worst refrigerator and washer we ever own. The refrigerator is been broken for 2 weeks, call to many places but getting the run around from place to place. A repair man came and said that we need to order some parts. That was the last communication we had with them. We lost all the food. Have gone more than 2 weeks without a working refrigerator, we have bein paying for two year warranty, but the warranty is not good at all. The washer very very poor on washing the clothes. We purchased a lemon.

Rating 2/10


"Do not buy from Conn's, if your appliance ever needs repair, they will not repair it in a timely manner, if they repair it at all. Zero communication and no one will call you back. I have left many voicemails for a manager to call me and they do not return phone calls. I have gone 2 months without a working washer, that I paid warranty for and Conn's Warranty is not holding up to the service agreement. I will NEVER purchase from Conn's again and I will let everyone know of my experience. "

Rating 2/10

Horrible company

"On 1-27-17 I went into Conns Home Plus to make a final payment on my account of 495.00$, before I did I was approached by a a salesman whose name is Roberto Herrera, he informed me that instead of me making my payment that day, he could get my remaining balance merged with a brand new account. Since i had previous dealings with Conns that went very well, I thought that deal was a no brainer .He then walked with me to his desk to see if i could be approved for a new deal. I gave him my information, job, social, income, everything needed for a credit purchase. i was approved for approximately 9,000$ After that He walked with me while i picked what i wanted. I chose a bedroom set for my little sister, a blu-ray player, a TV, and a Laptop, The deal was approved, and I payed a down payment of 347.15$ on 1-27-17 and my delivery was set for 2-3-2017. There were problems with the delivery as the Dresser was broken so i NEVER received my dresser, the date is now 9-1-2017 and i still don't have my dresser which I'm being charged for. Soon after the delivery I received a call and a letter from conns saying that the contract which they had just approved no more than 1 week ago was now being denied, and do remember i even payed a down payment of 347.15 already, and had everything except for the dresser delivered. So they called me in to negotiate a version two of the contract, however i didn't accept the new contract because they were trying to add even more money to my balance, when we already had an agreement and i already payed a down payment on. Also the previous account which i had walked in to payoff on 1-27-17 now was past due because they denied the account which they approved me for. So now I'm being charged for an old account that was supposed to be combined with the new account. i feel as if i have been conned which is fitting since the companies name is conns, they have certainly lived up to their name. Also conns calls me every single day up to 13times a day harassing me, also sending texts and emails. It is truly unfair how i was going in to pay off my old account, then was told i could get old account rolled into a new account, I get it approved, get everything delivered except my dresser, just for them to turn right around and deny me and charge me extra money, that is terrible business and is unfair to me, the customer and victim of crooked business tactics.now the old account has gained interest along with the new account. I originally was approved for 18 to 36 months with no interest. Also due to this my credit score fell from 752 down to 590 from the span of February to may. Also the bedroom set i ordered, I never received the dresser but i did receive the mirror, However the mirror is useless without the dresser. Also as for the amount owed on the new account i'm hoping that can be adjusted, if you look at my history with Conn's you'll see I've never had an issue. Also the biggest problem with the contract was when I went into the store to negotiate a version two of the contract, in that 2nd version conns wanted me to pay even MORE money in the total account, plus wanting to add interest to an account that had just been approved as a no interest account for 18 to 36 months, and THAT is why i paid a down payment of 347.15 because I was told that if I wanted the 0 interest account I would need to pay a down payment and i did, so obviously I didn't agree to the terms of the new contract due to the fact this wasn't fair for me."

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