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"PPLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM COMPUTERS4SURE. BUYER BEWARE!!!. They are crooks. I placed an order for a new Samsung HZ15W on 5/9/09. They had a great price and it was in stock. I checked today (5/11/09) and the website still said in stock and that my order was in processing. I called about the status earlier and they said it is still in processing, but it should go out Next Day! What a crock of $#!! Later that day I called to confirmed that it had shipped and they told me it was out of stock. What is worse is that the rep I spoke with actually said that it is normal. Apparently when you place an order with them it does not mean that you actually place an order for the item you order. Liars. Crooks. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!! (or CostCentral or FotoConnection-same issues with same item)

FINAL UPDATE: Placed order through Vanns.com and everything was AWESOME. Received it within 2days with auto status e-mails sent throughout. I will use Vanns.com again for sure.

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"Site showed 30 units in stock, placed order, checked a few hours later and status showed declined for no apparent reason. I have yet to receive email notification. Service has really gone downhill here over the past year.

Ordered product at competitor an have it in hand.

Helpful Cool


"Poor communication. Item not in stock, even though showing in stock. Website does not allow you to cancel order. Can't automatically generate a Return Authorization on an order I received, (their automated didn't work). Sporadic emails, first working with a person, than get a generic email.

Email address for service doesn't work (replied to one of their messages). In short, frustrating and time-consuming to do business with.

Helpful Cool


"I waited almost 2 months for a Wi-fire to be delivered. Enough is enough. I canceled the order - a huge waste of time and energy - very dissatisfied with this company."

Helpful Cool


"I placed an order with computers4sure.com for a digital camera, the web site showed in stock. After placing the order my status showed back ordered. I have read other complaints regarding the seemingly deceitful use of stock indicators.

I could see if it was just incorrect, but for how many people have complained - I think it is just that they find people order if it shows in stock so it lures them in.

I tried to contact the service address in the email confirmation of my sale - service@computers4sure.com - the email came back as undeliverable by postmaster@officedepot.com.

Computers4sure - also known as techdepot.com is an Office Depot company.

I also tried sending a note to sales@computers4sure.com - this too came back as undeliverable. Red flags if you ask me.

So on their website - I did find an email address - not sure if it worked yet or not. But it didn't come back as undeliverable. custcare@4sure.com

I ended up canceling my order and placing it somewhere more reputable....somewhere that also had it in stock.

It is always enticing to go with these sites - prices are low - but I think I am learning my lesson to pay a little extra for good service and a legit business.

I am sure I would have gotten my camera eventually - I don't think I was getting ripped off. I just think consumers should pay more for somebody willing to do business the right way.

So by that I mean, accurate listings, reachable customer service, non-deceitfully or deceptive business practices.

I usually don't buy from Crutchfield - they are usually expensive. But they have the best customer service around, bar none. When I have done business with them - you can tell where that extra money is going, knowledgeable staff, polite customer service that can speak English. Business like that know how to get repeat business.

Bottom line, I don't think they are crooks - but I think you would feel safer buying somewhere more reputable. Save yourself the hassle.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered an item sold as 50 pieces, in bulk, and was shipped ONE piece. The item was internal floppy disk drives and the price was good, perhaps too good, but then floppy drives aren't exactly in demand and could have been a close out. ONE floppy drive for $65 shipped is beyond rediculous, so it could not have been the real price for ONE.

These people are completely unreachable. If you call them, they either direct you to a non-response button pushing information line, or if you get to their sales line you are on hold forever and finally, after an hour, you get a dial tone. They say you need an RMA Number in order to return anything but since you can't reach them you can't get an RMA number.


Tomorrow I'm calling my credit card company and doing a chargeback, which seems to be the only way one can get their attention.

Avoid this company at all costs. There is nothing they sell that you need that can't be obtained elsewhere for less, and with much less aggravation.

ADDENDUM: I finally, after multiple tries and more than 2 hours on hold, in total, got through to a human being. She offered to find out if they would ship me the 50 units instead of the one I received, or, offered to send a call tag UPS label. I chose the latter. I was able to send the package back at their expense and got a full refund including my shipping charges.

Certainly, my story had a "happy" ending, but the aggravation it took to get to this point does not encourage me to deal with this company again.

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"I ordered an in-stock item at the end of July and elected to pay using check/money order as I did not require it immediately.
A week later I received an email confirming that my payment had been received and there would be a 10 business day processing period before the item would ship.
This was an acceptable time frame (albeit excessive compared to other etailers) as I only required the item at around the end of the processing period.
During this time the item went in and out of stock with some regularity and so was not too concerned that the order would be delayed once processing was complete.
However after the processing period had passed I noticed that despite the item still frequently going in and out of stock, my order had not shipped.
Several emails were sent via their webform enquiring about this with only automated replies received (none of which were relevant to my issue).
I finally called them (as the item was in stock at that very moment) and after 25 minutes on hold was told by the CS representative "yes, it does appear that something is wrong - I will forward a note to the warehouse and you'll receive an email in the morning".
Of course by the morning the item was out of stock again and so couldn't be shipped even if instructions to do so were sent to the warehouse.
(Note - I did not receive that "email in the morning" either.)
The next day it came back in to stock but once again the order remained unshipped.
Unfortunately it very promptly went out of stock and remained that way until yesterday evening when I noticed it had returned.
I immediately called as I hoped not to miss my opportunity to remind them that I had an outstanding order.
After 30 minutes on hold I was told virtually the same thing as during the previous call, only shortly afterwards my order changed from 'backordered' to 'in process'.
Today, some 6 weeks since I placed the order, 5 weeks since they confirmed that they had received my payment and 3 weeks since that payment was processed I finally notice my order has moved to 'shipped' status (or rather UPS have been given instructions that it is about to ship).
I notice that despite the delays they have not deemed it a courtesy to apologise or upgrade my shipping from the standard 'ground'.
Suffice it to say I will never be using this incompetent, uncommunicative company again and recommend to all that they avoid Computers4Sure wherever possible.

Helpful Cool


"Their inventory status is completely bogus and misleading. I placed an order for an item listed as "in-stock". Then I entered all my payment information. Next day, a sales rep called me to confirm my order has been "accepted". Three days later I check the status of my order, and it is listed as "Out of Stock / Backordered". I decided to cancel the order. Don't waste your time with Computers4Sure. Next time I'll shop with another dealer 4 sure.

Helpful Cool


"Bought a HP Monitor 22" for $294.95, received it in 5 days in excellent condition. Same Monitor on HP's website is $400.00, and HP charges tax.
I had free shipping and no tax. Did everything online with out any trouble at all. Would buy from this vendor any time.

Helpful Cool


"I bought a Plantronics headset in November. Though website showed the model compatible with our phone system, it was not. I requested an exchange but they said they could credit me if I sent it back and then reorder. I received an RGA to return goods...did so mid-December...they have not provided a credit, they will not return phone calls, nor respond to e-mails...I am ready to turn this over to the Illinois Attorney General....Remember, things may be great with this vendor if all is well...pray that you don't need to return anything"

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"I called yesterday to see when they would have a particular LCD in stock, as their website was stating out of stock. I was told that there was no ETA. I decided to call again today and I spoke with Monique. She was very helpful and polite. She said she did not know but she would check with the warehouse and email me. I received an email from her in about 2 hours stating that they are expected tomorrow. She also answer a few other questions which she told me she would.

I called back after receiving the email to place the order. The gentleman that prompty answered transfered me to Monique and I placed the order. There were no attempts to sell me anything additional other than the extended warranty. She only asked once. Again, she was very nice and told me the price for shipping, which was less than what was on their website. The shipping should only take 3-5 days!

I am very satisfied so far. I will update this review once the tv is received.

I ended up cancelling my order as the merchandise did not arrive to the warehouse when expected and there was no new ETA. I have since placed my order elsewhere.

The overall customer service was great with Monique as she was very helpful and prompt at all times. It's unfortunate I had to cancel, as this was beyond her control.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a Thinkpad X60s notebook. Within ten minutes of placing the online order my phone rang. A nice gentleman speaking broken english asked me to confirm the order. I guess they did this because, at $1860, the item is rather expensive.

I received two follow-up emails confirming the order and then its shipping tracking number. The notebook arrived as scheduled and I'm very satisfied with it.

I downloaded my rebate application from the store website and received my $200 rebate from Lenova as promised.

I had previously purchased a LCD monitor and many other many smaller items from this store without issues and shipping has always been prompt.

I'm appalled at the poor ratings they have received.

Helpful Cool (1)


"This company used to be one of the best but they are now sinking into the morass. Unlike others who have rated the company poorly for not shipping items, my items did ship and I received them, but they were unsatisfactory and I wanted to return them. Absurdity ensued. They list an email address on their website for returns, but emails sent to it bounce. Likewise a form on their website, linked to the same bad email address. Try it yourself, the address listed is returns@c4sure.com but nothing ever gets to it. Sadly, I may end up having to dispute this order with my Discover card folks, and they've not exactly been stellar either."

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"This was my first purchase from this company and I was quite impressed. I ordered a Toshiba Gigabeat S portable media center. I knew Toshiba hadn't released it yet, but Computers4Sure had the best price and free shipping. About once a week, I received an email reminding me that the Gigabeat was backordered. I called them on 6/15 to ask if they knew when it would ship. The sales support rep took my information and said he would send me an email as soon as he had word (he didn't want to keep me on the phone - even though it was toll-free). Within a few hours, I had an email with an expected ship date. The item shipped 4 days earlier than expected and arrived in one day via UPS ground. The charge hit my credit card the day the Gigabeat arrived. It was well packaged and is up and running flawlessly. Kudos to Computers4Sure for pricing, shipping value, keeping me informed, customer service and quick shipping."

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"Item I ordered showed in stock than immediately after ordering it showed out of stock and my orders was on backorder. There is no way it could have been in stock when they said it was if my order backordered immediately after seeing this screen. It appears they lie about inventory to get you to place an order. Of course I canceled the order and will find a more reliable online merchant to make my purchase."

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