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"This is the most unprofessional company that have ever had the displeasure of attempting to do business with. I placed an order, emailed them three times without response and attempted to phone them. The phone number listed has a recorded message that directs you to email them (duh).
Only after I emailed them again explaining that I had contacted my bank and stated that no charges from this company were authorized, did I get a cancellation of my order.
Under no circumstances would I recommend this company to anyone as their business practices are atrocious and they have no concern for the customer and totally lack any service.
Any "business" that fails to respond to the customer and has no viable telephone number, seems like a high probability for fraud.

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"i ordered the part 9/15, waited 10 days during which time i repeatedly emailed and left voice messages asking when my order would be shipped. i never received any response whatsoever. apparently my credit card had not yet been charged (lucky for me). i cancelled the order and cancelled my credit card to prevent future charges. if this company had responded to me (even once) i wouldn't have felt the need to go to these lengths to cancel the transaction.

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"I placed an order with this site on March 21st. They said that they would not charge your credit card until the order was actually processing. They changed the order status to processing on March 30th and charged our credit card. It is now May 15th and we've received nothing but they have our money. I've tried every choice on their phone menu and you can never get a person. I'm beginning to think that they're fraudulent and we won't be getting the product or our money back."

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"I have made the mistake of ordering with this company and I wanted to pass along a a warning to everyone to avoid them like the plague.

To make a long story short

- they charge your credit card
- take your money
- give you a confirmation and tell you the order is in "processing"
--------------- ya thats all

What they do not do

- respond to E-mails
- respond to voice mail
- send you your product.

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"I ordered a Computer case for $399.00. Compustore charged my credit card and my order is still in processing for almost 2 weeks now. They do not return calls, they have not responded to any emails. I am planning to file dispute with the credit card company. This is very bad business practice. I will never have any business to do with this company again and advise everyone not to buy anything from them. Unfortunately I just found this website with all these reviews about this business. Had I found this website earlier, I would have never attempted to buy anything from them."

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"Update: They have now explained to me that my money is tied up in paypal somewhere, around the same time I ordered my card someone (or multiple someone's) lodged complaints with paypal (which I should have done but didnt try until after the 30 day limit) which froze their account. They claim they owe me nothing because my money is stuck in their paypal account and I claim they do but I can't get any legal help from anyone and I can't convince them to do what I want. Just save yourself the headache and avoid them.


I tried to buy a video card from them over a year ago, despite constant calls and even legal threats from their local DA and the better business bureau they have yet to send me the card or (as they once claimed they would, but never did) a check in refund. Stay away from these people, they're scam artists!

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"ABSOLUTE WORST Company I've ever tried to use.
I purchased the new ASUS S-presso Deluxe model (S1-P111)Bare bones Box on Dec 22, 2004 I was charged directly and even given confirmation numbers and validation. I' keep calling and only get voice mail , they've never returned any emails or calls (I've left over 2 dozen voice mails now. I actually spoke to a human that answered the phone from www.compustore.com Info@CompuStore.com who told me that my product was on back order from Asus (I verified with Asus and it was) and it will be out mid March and here it is 15 April and No one will answer the phone, I have no product and no refund. I'm registering my complaint here, the FTC, the BBB and seeking legal guidance on getting my money back, so comapanies like this will fined Prosecuted and extinguished to keep them from ripping people off. In response to Compustores post dated 7/12/05 4:53 PM
I've attempted to speak to someone at today by calling and went straight to voicemail. I levft a message and also followed it up with an email. I'll update as it unfolds. I filed a complaint wth the FTC, BBB, Internet Fraud and the Pinellas Fl. consumer protection agency. 7/12/2005 I received an email from this site that compustore respodeded and tride to contacy me (another lie, 3 phone #'s w v/mail, email and a 2way pager) the never tried I did notice all the responses were a cut and paste response from them. I called them and was forced to leav vmail. they called me back and told m my refund will be posted in the next few days, Ironically I was contacted by the Consumer Protection Agency of Pinellas Fl. who was setting up the hearing for the Compustore company, and they wanted me to call them when /if my money was refunded. Aweek and a half later it was posted. Yea! I got my full refund back . I spoke to the Consumer agency when it was posted. Thank You Reseller Ratings and contributors for Sharing information and bridging the gap to Justice and Fair Trade with honest companies and exposing the shady.

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"I bought A ASUS mother board from this company. NEVER got it, charge my card, on the second day order placed.I cancel order one month later not refund on card.I will start reporting them today 2/21/05. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM."

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"This store is a faudulant company. I have filed complaints with the Pinellas County consumer services department,The BBB and the FBI's internet fraud unit and i strongly suggest that anyone on resellerratings.com that has been rippd off by this company do the same as i have done. the websites are www.bbb.org http://pubgis.co.pinellas.fl.us/consumer/submitbusiness.cfm
and the internet crime unit of the FBI which is

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"Horrid customer service. I ordered an ASUS MyPal A716 almost a month ago now. The order has been stuck at "Processing" for over a month. My credit card was charged weeks ago. I've tried several times to email and telephone the company with no response. The service so far has been completely unacceptable and approaching dangerously close to fraud."

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"I purchased a Asus Dvd-Burner on the 8th of October and still have yet to receive it... I have called and called and have sent lots of emails like you other people and still yet no responses... "

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"I'm having the same problem, the charge me 2 days after, and they never send the product, I cancel it on September 23 and they haven't refund my money back, please anyone knows how to get contact with them or tell me the solution of your orders?


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"They charged my credit card before shipping (in fact, the product never shipped), never answer their phones, and ignore e-mail correspondence regarding said order. I wanted to support a small business, but apparently this one is a con setup. The three positives reviews are suspicious and I suspect strongly that they are engineered. Avoid this dealer at all cost!"

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"I warned you folks nearly a year ago that this was a horrible company and that you should not purchase anything from them! (see my post rating this company from back in late 2004). It baffles me why anyone would even consider doing business with them.

Did you notice that the responses from compustore were all posted the same day within minutes of each other? despite the fact that the customers placed orders months apart? These scumballs are getting their kicks jerking all of us around. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

As for www.reselleratings, why don't you blacklist this company and save your readers a lot of grief?

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