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Product & services pricing 8.78/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.48/10
Shipping & packaging: 8.35/10
Customer service: 8.61/10
Return/Replacement policy: 9.23/10
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Lots of love for Chewy from a multi-pet family

"For over ten years I shopped at a feed store, I wanted to support local. once it was bought out by a big name I thought I would give Chewy a try. I often forgot to stop and get dog food and it was a bit of hassle loading it up in my car and dragging it in the house.

I love Chewy. It has all the products and then some. They have great deals and specials. We are a multi-pet family and can order for our cats, pigs, fish, dogs and whatever may find find it's way into our home.

Every time I call the customer service is hands down! They are so helpful. I have never had to ask for a supervisor, which means they empower their front line staff to make decisions for themselves.

I love the auto ship, no worry about picking up or remembering to order.

Thanks for getting in right Chewy!

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Quick Response Time!

"I was unsure if my order of dog food was delivered or stolen. When I checked there was nothing on our porch. Unsure if I needed to contact FedEx directly, the Chewy Team (Kevin B. is who I chatted with) took care of everything! He was very prompt and even asked how our dog was doing! The customer service team really does care about you as the consumer! I will continue to use Chewy for all our pet needs and am happy to recommend to other fur parents!"

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Terrible customer service.

Richard Robinett
5:01 PM (59 minutes ago)

So you're going to sell me the same product but 22 lbs instead of 25 lbs for the same price? I think not. Refer to my previous statement. I have another pet food service provider already who doesn't **** has given me WAY better offers and isn't trying to rip off its customers. Your company has screwed me several times in the past and has had to comp me each time all you need do is look through your records. You can discontinue/cancel my subscription with you. Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me. Cancel my auto ship the same day it's supposed to ship? Seriously? Your customer service ****.
You're here around the clock to lend a paw but you email me the same day you are supposed to ship? Now I have to go to the store and buy food to hold my dog over until I can make different arrangements which is contradictory to the whole purpose of your business. Take your tail wag and shove it. I am sick and tired of companies like yours who are TOTALLY incompetent and I am personally surprised after my experiences that you are still in business because statistically, I'm sure I am not the only one who has had the aggravation of constantly having to deal with said incompetence.
Signed, Richard Robinett,
Totally unsatisfied customer who is ecstatic that I no longer am dealing with you!

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Great customer service

"We ordered some USA Bones bully sticks that ended up being really terrible. They were expensive, but I had to throw them away. (Hadn't saved packaging or anything, assuming they'd be great.) I also posted a review of them on the Chewy site. A day or two later, I got a very good-spirited email responding to the review, and they refunded my money without even being asked! Now that's service."

Helpful Cool


DON'T BUY MEDS FROM CHEWY or expect your pets to have time to die before getting the meds!

"ordered aug 24 for my cat critical meds. still not received on Sept 2 Labor Day weekend. called 2x wed and today Sat. 1st rep said shipped and wud get in 2 days. 3 days later still nothing. 2nd rep now says never shipped and waiting on vet. said they learned *after* i called they needed a fax to get a prescription from a vet and they could not order a prescription from my vet over a phone call only. Really? you needed me to call when the meds are already late before learning that important tidbit of info? and being in the business of prescription meds you could not even plan and expect vets would require paper trace like faxing script orders? and what about following up after having finally faxed the script order to the vet, considering you were already late in shipping the meds?
now its labor day weekend and i have to scramble and pay extra to an emergency vet.
how come Chewy cant deliver in 8 days what VerRxDirect takes 2 to do? i cancelled my order at Chewy and ordered at VetRxDirect.
i strongly suggest no one buys meds at chewy otherwise they can expect their pets to die before receiving their meds and its all because of sheer incompetence.

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Don’t order your prescriptions through them

"I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for flea medication. I mailed them my prescription almost 2 weeks ago. They CANCELLED my order today because my order was over 2 weeks old, that’s not my fault! I sent them the prescription in plenty of time to get our meds. When I called them They were no help at all. They said they have no idea where our prescription is. I said “so you want me to go to the vet and pay all over again for a prescription that you can’t find” she said “well we don’t know where it is” "

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Best of Everything!

"I've had no issues at all with Chewy! I have been ordering from them for over a year now. I have an autoship order that comes every 3 weeks and it could not be any easier. I can add to that order at any time and it comes directly with my autoship. The prices are so much cheaper than the retail stores in my area and I typically save 50% or more!"

Helpful Cool


Shipping & handling

"I stopped ordering from Chewy when 3 out of 7 boxes arrived badly damaged. One there were ants all over the boxes because the food bag was ripped. I had one hell of a time emptying everything in my yard & trash since I couldn't bring it in the house. Also had the same thing w/ litter spilling all over the box so had to open & dump outside. It is rather pointless to replace everything for free, just to have those boxes arrive damaged. I sent pictures showing little pieces of paper as packing, basically, no packaging at all. So when dropped everything crashes against each other & breaks open. I reported it to FEDEX since they are part of the problem & they told me they have ongoing issues w/ Chewy regarding their poor packing & overloading boxes etc. Also the last time I complained to Chewy I got a rather bland reply as in canned reply. So the few $ I'm supposed to be saving is not worth the aggravation of damaged boxes w/ no packing material & ripped open bags& boxes."

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Shipping Needs Help-Customer Service Excellent

"Every shipment of cat food has arrived with multiple cans dented and leaking their contents. Most recent shipment had three crushed cans inside 2 cardboard multipacks. Customer Service has always replaced at no charge-but I'm tired of rinsing cans off or throwing out whole cases that have been covered in rancid cat food. Will only buy dry cat food from now on."

Helpful Cool


Great customer service!

"First time ordering I needed a little help and Called customer service. The gentleman (Walter R.) that helped me was so nice and made the process very easy. Received the products promptly and was already very happy with their service. Came home today to find the nicest handwritten note from the service desk . Don’t get this kind of service or follow up anywhere. Very impressed! Will be ordering from them again :-)"

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10 Star Customer Service!

"I've been using for several years, mainly their Auto-ship program for prescription and regular dog food. They carry great products and their prices are low or comparable to others. The shipping is FAST! :) This review, however, is not on their fantastic products or shipping.....

This review is on their Customer Service. I will not trade anywhere else as long as has their friendly, polite, understanding customer service people. They take their time to listen, they actually hear what your problem is and they solve it! I'm retired and I remember customer service being this way.

I always try to support local neighborhood businesses. Needing this prescription dog food led me to I am so grateful to them for bending over backwards to help me time and time again plus getting up to date dog food, and delivered -- well, this is the cat's meow, or rather the dog's bow wow.

Thank you You are the best!

Helpful Cool


Customer Service

"I use autoship online and there are times that my order needs to ship sooner. In speaking with Lacrechia, she was so helpful and worked with me once she found out it was my fault when I ordered the wrong amount. She was pleasant and understanding and I appreciated her calmness. Thank you Lacrechia for your suggestions! Buddy Bear and I love"

Helpful Cool


Will never use anyone but Chewy :)

"First placed my order and it was told it would be 2 days, but it was going to take longer bc they had to get it from another warehouse. They refunded me and still shipped my order for free. They made it right and it left a lasting awesome impression. I will always use them instead of PetSmart (who takes forever to get an order to me) and will highly recommend them to others. Thank you Chewy for being awesome. "

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Why didn't I do this sooner?

"Driving to the store, putting the pet food in a cart, then onto the conveyor belt, loading it into the car, is a memory now that I purchased from Chewy. Order, bring boxes it, put everything away. It's so easy! "

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Customer Service

"This company has amazing customer service. Far superior to any other company I have ever dealt with. They are prompt at correcting problems with shipped products. The prices are very competitive. Shipping is quick. But what I want to say today is about what happens when your pet dies. Chewy is supportive and caring. You are part of their family. When my dog passed away I asked about returning unopened items I had left. They gave me prompt credit on every inventoried item and then said "don't return - just donate the items". They asked me to send pictures and I sent one of my cat and the dog who passed. They later sent me beautiful flowers as condolence. Then today I opened my mail and they have sent me another hand written card and enclosed two original paintings on canvas ready to display. One picture of each of my pets. I cried and was so touched by their sympathy and connection to me and my pet family. Amazing group of people. "

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