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Said item was in stock

"Obviously false advertising. I ordered an “in stock” item. After a month I called customer no service. Person sounded angry and not wanting to be bothered. It took months to get the item. Run from this place. Don’t know how they stay in business. "

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BEWARE - WORST online retailer ever - they sell DEFECTIVE products and they don’t stand behind their products. I ordered expensive Japanese

"BEWARE - WORST online retailer ever - they sell DEFECTIVE products and they don’t stand behind their products. I ordered expensive Japanese knives. The knives were used sparingly and when they were used, they were used carefully. NO REFUND and NOT EVEN A CREDIT. "

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not a good business practice.

"I ordered online 2 items and got confirmation.
one week later I still didn't shipment info.
I left a phone message, nobody returned my call
I call them again to learn they do not have the item I ordered.

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Falsely Advertised In Stock, No Communication. Waste of Time and Effort.

"Same as others- I ordered item advertised as "in stock" & "ships in 1 day". 8 days later, ZERO communication- no tracking, no out-of-stock notice. I contacted company, and was informed product would not be in stock for almost another month! I cancelled. They still continue to show the product is "In Stock" to this day! Horrible. Waste of time and effort. Avoid this business!"

Helpful Cool


Took a week to tell me my order wasnt available wouldn'be reordering. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. ORDER ELSEWHERE.

"Took a week to tell me my order wasn't available and they wouldn't be reordering. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. ORDER ELSEWHERE. "

Helpful Cool


"Never received a confirmation email that the order had actually been placed. The same day, I ordered the identical item from another source (@ a lower price). I received the second order within a couple of days. A week later I received the order from Chefs Resource. Won't order from them again. More expensive, slower service. "

Helpful Cool


"Do not use this company. They claim they have stuff in stock and that if they can't ship in 2 days or less they will notify you. In fact they don't have it in stock and never send you anything but a confirmation that you placed an order, then they put it on back order with no promised delivery date at all. When you call customer service you find it is exactly 1 person and you wait forever. Use someone who doesnt lie to you about whether they have stock or not. On the date I placed the order it said they had it in stock and today a week later they also still say they have it in stock before you place the order, but when you ask were is the one you already ordered is they don't have it in stock.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased the Chef's Choice Belgian Waffle Maker model 830, along with two other items.I saw signs of wear and use on the product. Scratches on the stainless steel, food residue on the waffle plates, peeling of the coating between the plates. All this was very slight hard to see with a glance. I contacted the company. The Customer service email is run by the owner. We had 19 email exchanges over the course of a week. With each the owner repeated that they haven't had a return on that particular product. I write a few exhanges in "Hello,You did not make this clear you simply kept stating that this product had not been returned before. I have given you pictures of the product where there is food residue and wear. This not what I asked for, I do not want your product. Where can I send the items back to recieve a refund? Thank you"
He writes back simply "You can’t. " We emailed a few more time with him culminating in "I have made it abundantly clear, I don’t believe we sent you a used item. It’s that simple. Whether it’s a new item that you’re confusing as used, or have a used one you wish to return against this order, I don’t know. But it’s impossible that we sent a used item in this case.We will not take it back under any circumstances, nor will I respond further to emails. Stop asking." Dont be taken in with their low prices. I also got a colander and peeler both were phenomenal. I dont even want waffles anymore!

Helpful Cool


"We purchased a Cuisinart electric skillet from Chef's Resource. It took several weeks to arrive. When we turned it on, the controller made a loud buzzing sound, indicating that it was defective. We contacted Chef's Resource to ask for a refund, but they would neither give a refund or even exchange it because we had opened it and turned it on. Of course, the only way to discover that it was defective was to turn it on. Thus, if you buy a defective item from them, you are out of luck! Fortunately, Cuisinart will accept a return for exchange because it was defective (we must pay shipping though). I will not buy from Chef's Resource again."

Helpful Cool


"Buyer BeWare
Chef's Resource demonstrated questionable business practices. Late evening 12/31/14 a placed an order for All d5 Clad Cookware (7 piece set) online. This set advertised as available. On Friday monring, 1/2/15 (due to selected online reviews), I called the company and spoke to a male representative/owner and confirmed that the set was in stock and was informed that it would be shipped out on the afternoon of 1/2/15. Approximately 1550 on 1/2/15, the same male called me to inform me that the set was out of stock and I would need to wait until at least the end of the month for my order to be shipped. I informed him that I wanted an immediate credit processed to my credit card. Furthermore, I did not want the company holding onto $600+ for one month. He confirmed that he would process the credit that day. He also sent an email to me with this confirmation. On Monday 1/5/15, my bank account reflected a charge of $604.76 from Chef's Resource, instead of a refund/credit. On 1/6/15 I contacted the company via email (to ensure a paper trail). The company's written response was that it was a mishap in their system and the credit would be processed that day. On 1/7/15 upon my contacting the company via email, their response was that the refund was processed on 1/6/15. At this point, I request evidence of the processing of the credit to me. I further wrote that if I did not get the evidence (including a reference number) that I would contact the BBB after already contacting my bank. Later that day I received an invoice reflecting the credit which was actually dated 1/7/15. As of the writing of the review, I have verified that full credit is in my account. Buyer BEWARE. This company either has poor communication systems or has questionable practices. The discounts are good but may not be worth the lack of transparency or misrepresentations that occur.
Good luck.

Helpful Cool


"Company would not honor their price confirmation and as a result I also missed out on other cyber deals. On Cyber Monday, ordered bakeware. Company sent email back that price would not be honored due to following reason~"Sorry that's below our shipped cost, promo pieces have very little margin, we simply can not discount it further and offer free shipping. The coupon code now does properly block this item."~True customer service would have been to honor $119.96 confirmation below instead of options to cancel order or have me purchase at common price of $149.95. Confined purchase details-Subtotal 149.95/Coupon discount (cyber20) -29.99/Subtotal 119.96/Shipping 0.00/Tax 0.00/Total 119.96."

Helpful Cool


"Ordered 2 sets of salt and pepper mills (Peugeot) - fairly expensive.
They arrived in timely manner, but the most expensive of them actually look used. The S on top of the Salt mill is almost gone, the P on the Pepper mill is also worn. I am going to call them tomorrow, but the problem is that these are Christmas presents, to be shipped abroad and I do not have time to wait for them to receive my return and then ship new. Kind of disappointing to receive expensive merchandise when it looks used.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased picnic basket for surprise trip with my husband. Their website stated at the time of my purchase that it was 'in stock.' After several days, it hadn't arrived so I emailed them but I never received a response. Next, I called them. They didn't know where it was because 'it should have been there by now,' but said they'd research it and call me back and regardless, I should have it by the following week. They never called me back. After another week and still no picnic basket, I called back and they said it was 'on back-order' and wouldn't be here for 4 more weeks. Yet, their website still has it listed as 'in stock.' They lacked follow-through and never apologized for the inconvenience they caused me. They still have the same picnic basket listed as 'in stock' but are telling me it's on a 4 week back order. I feel like this is dishonest. Overall, this was a very bad experience. I will never buy from them again. "

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a knife online from this store as a gift for my brother in law. The next day I received an email from Chef's resources stating that the item was out of stock (so why doesnt it say that on the website) The email left the space blank where it was stated when the item would be in stock. I replied to the email asking for clarification and recieved an identical email with the missing data again the following day. I tried to call the store and was continuously re-routed and was never able to speak to a representative. I emailed back with my phone number and immediately they called me back. I asked when the knife would be in stock and they told me a date that would require overnight shipping for the gift to arrive on time. They would not accommodate me so I had to cancel my order. My issue is that the store made a mistake and not marking the item on the webpage as out of stock and then the glitches with the emails and overall bad communication."

Helpful Cool


"I ordered the 9-Piece Victorinox Forshner Knife Roll Set earlier this week and my order arrived today. Very good prices, fast shipping, and quality products. Will be ordering from again."

Helpful Cool

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