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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Bad Customer Service

"I bought a very expensive Schwalbe tire. Schwalbe told me they would gladly have exchangrd it since after installing I had 3 blowouts in three short rides. The bead was shot. Because I am in the US and Chain Reaction is in the UK, Schwalbe U.S could not honor the warranty. Something to do with taxes They said the exchange should not be a problem with Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction has a very archaic warranty process. I cannot process the warranty from a mobile device. Even though I sent all the correct information and a photo by email, they insist I print out the form, fill it in by hand, somehow magically attach a photo to it, take a picture of the form and send it back to them via email. Wait!!! I already provided all the info via email. What is their problem. Stay away. Not worth the bad service"

Helpful Cool


Worst online buying experience ever

"Hello, my name is Martin and would like to tell you about my experience with CRC.
The worst company I have ever dealt with. So here is my story:
I ordered new bike and padles to go with it on Monday morning. I paid with card so the money was taken from my account basicly immediatly. I got an email next day saying the order was just shipped. But afer reading the email properly I realised they shipped only the padles. So I contacted the support asking when is my bike going to be shipped. Appart from the typical copy - paste nonsence talk about the bike being prepared I was assured that the bike was allocated to my order. This is part of the actual response from CRC Virginia:
As far as I can see on our system, the bike has been allocated to your order and should ship in the next few days.
That was on Tuesday. Since I wasn't getting any reply for a while I also tried to contact them through Messenger. I got a reply from CRC Claire this time claiming exactly the same:
The bike looks to have been allocated and going through its pre dispatch inspection.
Today is Friday and since the online system was still showing PROCCESING I decided to contact them again. I even managed to catch someone on the live chat but couldn't believe what the guy - this time Richard - was telling me. To be exact I was told the bike is no longer available and they are canceling my order and sending money back - it will apparently take ut to 10 working days to appear in my account. And if didn't tell the Richard guy that the amount is not correct he wouldn't send me the shipping fee back (EUR 120).
So the result of this is: the padels for the bike I will not be getting are waiting for me at the post office, they keep my money for the bike for over two weeks and the biggest joke is the fact that their website claims they have only 5 of the actual bikes in stock and I should order soon.
To be honest it all looks to me like a total scam and way how to gain profit from customers money while not actualy having the bikes in stock.
Supposedly I will get an email from Richard CRC explaining why he canceled my order for stock issues at the same time their website claims 5 pieces in stock.
I have to say I'm very frustrated. I was expecting to go on a trail trip with my daughter and now I don't have the bike (but I have the padels for it) and don't have the money I paid for the bike. WORST ONLINE BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER!

Helpful Cool


No credit or refund on wrong items sent. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

" They sent me the wrong item. Item was sent back. 1and 1/ half month so far and no refund or credit to my account. They only respond with the same generic message saying they are processing refund. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

Helpful Cool


Terrible Customer Service!

"I placed an order, everything seemed fine! Until 3 days later I receive an email stating my order was canceled. I didn't cancel, it was canceled in house......WHAT? I responded to each customer service email within 20 min and did not receive a reply's for over 24 hours and it was a different representative each time. In the end (5 days later) they said I could order again by which time, the product was out of inventory.

Truely abysmal customer service. I have never experienced such a lack of attention and service. My question was simple the solution was basic and I received absolutely terrible service. You have been warned, you will be frustrated in working with this company.

Helpful Cool


don't buy from this company.. they liar nothing else

"they advertising listing best item u wan to buy & then after u paid they ship it for u wrong item .. then later u contact the they force u neither accept offer prices term which u can buy direct from them or another seller cheaper or u must ship it back.. they excuse out of stock but they send it out to or rather they honest email u to let u know so can be aware either not able get item or u can get refund back to your account or can buy another product or some one else.. waste us time & got cheater or liar from this company .NO i DO NOT recommend this webside from any one else


Helpful Cool


Horrible customer service. Stay away.

"First time, I deal with them and that is definitely the last. I wanted to cancel my order minutes after the purchase, big problem, they did not answer their phone at all and their Chat service is a joke it does not work, so they make it impossible for you to contact them. Then I had no choice but to email them and they answered saying sorry, it is already in the dispatch process. Are you serious, it is just a paperwork mumbo jumbo, the item has not even been packaged and not left their premises yet and they can’t cancel it? All that send red signals for me. No doubt their customer service is badly left to be desired. For me, they are definitely on the never buying again list. My bad, I should have checked their shocking reviews before jumping in. "

Helpful Cool



"If you live in the United States, DO NOT purchase from ChainReactionCycles!! Their website is NOT compatible w/ US phone numbers, and does NOT maintain accurate info as it is typed. I placed an order as a gift for my son-in-law, and while the info was correct before payment was made, it was a MESS as soon as I paid!! I recognized the errors immediately, but there was no option available to make corrections. By the time I was able to locate contact info for them, I was informed I was past my 5-minute window to make corrections. UNITED STATES BUYERS BEWARE! Customer service refused to work w/ me! Spend your money somewhere else!!"

Helpful Cool


Lost package

"Lost package. This seems to be a common problem with wndirect and Wiggle. But Chain Reaction's response wasn't helpful. After waiting 10 days for my backpack, they tell me they will contact the carrier and I will have to wait 5 more "business" days. Then, I have the opportunity to call *them* back, instead of them giving me continual status about where my package might be. 4 different tracking sites, each with a different idea of where the package is. Electronic notice sent to Miami, Florida, package was flown to Los Angeles. Has already taken 5 days to travel 7.4 miles, before the final 300 miles trip to my door, and still in transit, according to the "tracking". "

Helpful Cool


free shopping but not reliable

"Bought mtb bike components to replace my broken rear mech. It's been 16 day now and I don't still have it. They promised 4-7 working days. So frustrating, because you ruin your workout for saving few bucks. (compare with other sellers) . And now I have wait for the product to arrive before I can cancel. "

Helpful Cool


Untruthful and time wasting

"I was informed "Your order has now been fully dispatched" and then 4 days later "The following items on order XXXXXXXXXXXXX have been CANCELLED and REFUNDED". "If you have not requested this cancellation it has happened because the item is no longer available."

So how was it fully dispatched if it was not available??? I can only assume they set orders as dispatched, so it appears like they get onto them quickly and have them out the door.

It's now 11 days on and my order still hasn't hit the postal system!?!

Helpful Cool


CRC used to be great.... now they are at the bottom

"Chain Reaction Cycles used to be awesome, I placed many orders through them... they were processed timely and shipping was always very fast. I am now still awaiting my shipment by some unknown carrier.... also I cannot even find my order on my online account. I don't know what they did to this company but I doubt I will order from them again."

Helpful Cool


Fraudulent...sent me a box of junk.

"I ordered a Thule 598 bike carrier to be sent to my address in California. What I recieved was a large box of “johns incredible pizza” baseball caps and three xs shirts. I immediately filed a claim thru PayPal to get a refund. "

Helpful Cool


Wrong goods sent to me n i have no refund on return shipping

"CRC stupid workers gave me wrong goods i bought, but return policy states no refund on return shipping. How can u accept this stupid mistakes caused.by CRC n customers have to pay for return shipping? I m only asking them to give the right goods to me. NONSENSE"

Helpful Cool



"Ordered several weeks ago. only received half my order. Filed a ticket. took over a week to get a response that my item had shipped( no tracking # provided and to expect it shortly). That was over a week ago and I still haven't received the item. Emailed again and no response in 3 days.

customer service - 0

Helpful Cool


Order stuck in processing ,

"Order still in processing after should have been delivered week ago , no reply from emails , used chat when available which is hardly ever - they had to contact warehouse and get back , no surprise never got back to me - terrible customer service . Would not use them again and not recommended as would have bought item from 100 different places if known ,,"

Helpful Cool

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