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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.75/10
Shipping & packaging: 5.00/10
Customer service: 5.63/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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Fast and reliable service

"It couldn’t have been easier to sell my old cell phone through Cellular Returns. I was given the exact amount promised and the entire transaction was completed in less than two weeks."

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As described

"The company provided the return for my phone within the timeframe given. "

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"Great experience, and fast communication!"

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Amazing Service.

"This is the second phone I have sold back to them. Less than 2 weeks to get the $$$. If you read any negative reviews, I guarantee they did not either follow the specific directions or weren't truthful about the condition of the device. I can not recommend them enough. "

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Set a reminder to follow up

"Once I wrote a review and reached back out, I had my check in less than a week. But, had I not been the one to follow up I’m not so certain i would have. It was nearly 10 weeks with no contact from them and, although I did receive all of the initial emails confirming receipt of my order, the phones, etc... their reasoning for the radio silence is that the email they sent me (to tell me I needed to unlink one of the phones from my Apple account) must have gone to my spam folder. I couldn’t find it, but if that’s a common occurrence they should make it practice to follow up with a phone call at some point. So, if you place an order, I’d also set a reminder for a couple weeks later so you don’t forget to follow up if you haven’t heard back. "

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Long time to pay

"Kept following up and then would hear back 3 days later, have you responded to our email, didn't receive email, we will send again, wait a couple of days, we don't agree with your assessment, wait three more days, contact them, did you respond to the email, didn't receive, we will send again, wait three days, contact them, three days later, did you respond to the email, didn't receive. They obviously were entering my email incorrectly since i checked and I have entered it correctly. Finally received email, waited three days contacted again, did you respond to email, yes, oh, ok. Three days later, check in the mail. Took over 6 weeks. Sold another phone at the same time and it took three days. Stay away from this company."

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"I sent in an iPhone 6 in flawless condition. 6 weeks later they sent me an email saying it was cracked and they wouldn’t pay the full value. I chose them because they provided the highest estimate up front, but that was clearly a bait and switch scam. Avoid at all costs!"

Helpful Cool


Received My Check

"Updated since my check arrived today. My overall complaint would be the outrageous time it takes to verify and send money. They may state something about the turnaround time being lengthy on the website; but it is amazing that they will update it if you contact them. Almost like they are waiting for a nudge. They did give slightly more money than the competitors; but the wait is not worth it to me. My fault for not understanding that it could be almost 40 days from receipt of my phone before I receive payment."

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Great Company !

"I recently sold my iPhone 7 Plus to Cellularreturns.com. I was recommended the service via a friend. The process of sending and receiving payment was about 2 weeks. They paid exactly what i was quoted with no issue's. Thank You Cellularreturns and i will be recommending you to more friends."

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Completely satisfied with Cellularreturns.com!!

"I was super skeptical to sell our old iPhones online, but Cellularreturns.com was super easy to use and definitely a legitimate, honest, fair company to do business with!! They have a simple and very streamlined process."

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Not a bad company after all.....actually a great one!!!

"Revised Review: My first review was about how bad I thought this company was and how they weren't returning my calls/emails. But soon after I submitted my review. Not an hour passed and Jonathan of Cellular Returns contacts me and explains the situation and the technical issues surrounding my email provider and how they weren't receiving emails from Hotmail (Outlook)....which they just found out about and were trying to fix. Within a few emails (through a different provider - Gmail) we discussed things, he completed my order, sent me my full payment for my device thru PayPal and even added an extra $10 as an inconvenience bonus, plus he paid the PayPal fee. Now that's GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thanks Jonathan and Cellular Returns. You're Awesome!!!"

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First time doing this

"Took a little longer thank expected, but received a fair price and am overall very happy!"

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Poor and slow service

"I discovered this company on-line so I decided to give it a try. I sent my used Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone back on 11-27-2017. The tracking info indicated it was received at their facility on 11-30-2017. I completed a factory reset before I sent the phone back as instructed. I received an email on 12-11-2017 about a google lock on the phone. I spoke to the rep on the phone on 12-12-2017. Google may have their own process of preventing Identity theft. I never set up any type of google lock other than creating an account with a username and password. I supplied the username and password to the rep. He said that he got a message to wait 24 hours. I received an email from Google asking if I signed it from a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in New York. I replied that I did and they said they would allow access using that phone for 2 weeks. I never heard anything back from the rep. I continued tracking online and the message always remained "processing". I decided to call the toll-free # on 12-29-2017 to check status. I found out that nothing further has been done since 12-12-2017. I advised the rep to send my phone back. I will return it to a larger better known company. This company doesn't seem to understand the latest technology. They are very slow and the service is poor."

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"After I mailed my phone to them it took them two weeks to let me know that they have received the phone and that they will begin the review process. Once the review process started it took them another week and a half to get back to me, only to find out they want to offer me $50 less than the quoted price. This whole process was a waste of my time. Be aware when using them. They are trying to scam you and pay you less no matter what your phones condition is. "

Helpful Cool


Great service

"I was looking for somewhere to sell my outdated iPhone. Cellular Returns offered me a great price. Shipped the phone to them in my own box and received my first communication from them within a week. There was a minor setback on my side, and once resolved, I had my money within 2 days! Great company to work with. "

Helpful Cool

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