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"Placed my order on a Sunday(20100523) so I knew even with the 1-3 processing and 2-3 day USPS priority it would at least arrive during the week. However on Saturday(20100529) it was not in the mail and was still listed as pending.

I sent a breef and concise e-mail requesting an update at a minimum as required by the business contract established on the web page. With Monday as a holiday I knew a response was not going to be arriving till Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday morning due to holiday volume. Sure enough at 2 AM local time, or 11 PM for them, I received an email apologizing for the delay as well as paying the shipping the product for free due to their error.

All things considered, This is a company I most likely will shop from again.

Now if only they carried more items...

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"Should have reviewed this web site first. I sent them an email before ordering saying that I was ordering from them since they were an hour away from my house and i could get it next day. Four days after i order i got my order canceled email. I needed it asap and not for them to waste my time. I will never order from them again! They never replied to my 3 emails. Only email i got was the my order was canceled. Buy from Newegg.com, dont waste your time. They dont care and they will not be fast. They canceled my order due to no stock....They said on the web site in stock will ship in 24hrs when i ordered. I would have ordered some where else if i had known. Dont buy from them!"

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"I ordered 1 item. 1 x Thermaltake CL-C0034 Extreme Spirit II North Bridge Heat Pipe Cooler.

So, after 9 days, the status of my order changed from pending to processing.

Today is the 11th, and the order still says processing. I have emailed the company twice and haven't received a response from them yet.

This is a quote from their website.
"At Case-Mod.com, our aim is to ship all orders as soon as possible. Though we generally ship within 24 hours, standard processing time for orders is 1-3 business days."

Looks like someone doesn't care about their customers anymore...

Helpful (1) Cool


"Very long service... Slow email response, slow status update. But they charge you really fast.

I ordered a PC Case with Fans, the case is out of stock and they sent me the fans.. what I will do with fans without the case!??

I will call my credit compagny to cancel the transaction and I will refuse the shipping.

They should ask me what to do if the case was backorder.. Amazon do that, everyone do that.

Helpful (1) Cool


"HELLO, is any one home?!! I placed an order on Oct 5. Its status was changed to pending on Oct 9.
I tried to update the order but no response. finally from the 12th to the 19th I sent numerious emails trying to cancel my order. Finally on the 20th it was canceled. The worst customer service I have experienced. Much like the camera stores in New York. Stay clear of this E store.

Helpful Cool


"None - changed mind about this"

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"My initial order was lost in shipping. Case-mod did re-ship, but it took several emails before I got a response.

Helpful Cool


"If I hadn't read some of the few positive reviews on this site, I would think it was a total scam.

I ordered a VGA cooler & fan from them on the 27th of August; no invoice, no shipping confirmation, nothing. Then, they took their site down for maintenance on the 29th, and it has been down ever since. Because of this, I have not been able to log into my account to check the status of my order. I've sent them three emails since then, but no response (I'm on Cox, but I provided an alternate email). I've tried the number, but apparently it's just fax.

It is the 12th of September now, yes, 12th, and I still have not received my items, nor have I heard from them, AND their site is STILL down for maintenance.

The only thing they have done at this point is charged my credit card.

Never in my life have I had such bad service. Apparently, they don't give a crap about their customers.

Helpful Cool


"This place is absolutely terrible! They never reply to your emails. I selected for a faster shipment and nothing has happened on my order status, says pending after a week. I've sent 4 emails and not one has been replied to. I've called them about a dozen times, and no one ever picks up. Worse customer service ever. I've been charged on my credit card already and have not receive anything. I would advise that you buy from somewhere else even if it's a few dollars more, it'll be worth your while. Now my company has to wait for them to ship the item, who knows when that will be. "

Helpful Cool


"If you're willing to wait, these guys have some of the best prices I've seen.

Like some of the other folks here, I got a bit nervous at not seeing more communication the first time I ordered from them. I only got responses to email I sent a day or two later, (but I did get responses to every email I sent).

Strangely enough, what I had ordered arrived exactly as described and within the expected time frame despite me worrying about it. It seems that they had sent it out on time all along, days before I emailed them in fact.

I guess it would be nice for them to be more responsive, but truthfully I didn't really pay them to hold my hand and tell me it would be Ok. I paid for parts and delivery to my door, and they came through on that.

Now that I know what to expect I've been a lot more comfortable with subsequent orders and will gladly order from them again.

On a final note, if you're the kind that checks tracking numbers three times a day, these guys will drive you nuts. Go shop somewhere else.
If you're Ok with placing an order and waiting until it shows up at your door in a week or two then give these guys a try. Everything I've ordered from them has been substantially less than I could find it for anywhere else.

Helpful Cool


"I've placed two orders with this company and both have been unsatisfactory.

Although the prices they offered were lower than other places their customer service was lacking.

About half the items on their site were marked as "Out of stock". The items I ordered were NOT marked this way, but the shipping was delayed because they were indeed out of stock.

Attempts to get support after a purchase were futile. I never received a response unless I threatened to cancel my order. Even then it was very short and didn't answer my questions.

If I had known their service was so poor, I would have gladly paid a few dollars more for the same items somewhere else.

I do not recommend this store.

Helpful Cool


"I ordered an in dash touch screen from them on June 9th. Around June 25th the screen went dark and would not display anything. After emailing support and explained that I was in need of a replacement ASAP because my car was going to be in a car show they quickly got me an RMA number and I shipped off the screen. About a week later I received the replacement and got it installed in my in time for Hybridfest. I won the peoples choice award for my car. :)

Support was fast and kind. I highly recommend this company and will bookmark them just in case I need to order something else.

Helpful Cool


"Oh how I wish I had checked here before buying from these guys.

My story is basically the same as every other dissatisfied customer below, so I'll spare you the explicatives. Short version: I ordered a couple of fans on 7/14, got the order confirmation email (and CC charge) imediately, waited an entire week before I started to wonder why I haddn't gotten a package. Went back to their site and saw that my order was still "pending". Sent an email politely asking what was up, and got no reply (and yes, I waited the 2 days asked for below). Sent another email asking them to please respond or I'd have to call my CC company and cancel the payment. Also left a message on their answering machine (no, I don't mean voice mail, I mean answering machine... the same one I have, with the same default msg from the factory.. 'helllo. we are not available to take your call...' and as long as I'm off on this tangent, gee thanks for not wanting me to feel upset that I can't get someone 24x7, and so kindly not returning my call at all... anyway, after another two days (on 7/25, today) I get an email that says my order shipped on 7/22. Considering that this company is less than 150 miles from me, and I regularly get package from the bay area via priority mail that arrive overnight, I find it hard to believe that this really shipped 3 days ago, but we'll see if it's there when I get home...

Bottom line, don't order from these guys unless you don't really want what you ordered, or the few dollars you'll save is worth waiting 2+ weeks to get what you want. And good luck if you think you'll be the one in a hundred customer who actually gets some kind of service from them...

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"Received order after all. Problem is that there is no tracking information or feedback about order status. "

Helpful Cool


"I think that this is a case of “it is what it is”. After reading the reviews, I was left with the idea that this was a small company focused on market and delivering products often at the expense of detailed customer feedback. What tipped the scales for me and became the impetus for placing an order with them was that they took time to respond to negative reviews and actually took responsibility when something wet awry that was their fault. Based on the reviews and case-mod’s comments, I decided to place an order and let the process run its course without contacting them. I ordered a Thermaltake 7” LCD screen at a very competitive price and with free shipping. I immediately received an order confirmation e-mail. About five business days later, I received a tracking number and then the package showed up on my doorstep in a reasonable period after that. I can only echo what others have said: if you want a confirmation whenever your order has a state change, this probably isn’t a company for you. But I can only attest that, in my case, they provided the product they said they would, at a very attractive price, and within an acceptable delivery time. I would deal with them again."

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