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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Great company to order ink cartridges from

"I can't thank the customer service team enough at Carrotink. I ordered two sets of cartridges. One of the cartridges had an issue and I called their customer service to help. They knew I was in a bind and they even replaced the cartridge for me and it arrived before I had a chance to ship them back the that I had trouble with. This was my third order with the company. The prior 2 orders the cartridges arrived on time with no issues."

Helpful Cool



"Carrot Ink is the worst! I bought some black ink for my Lexmark printer and they sent me an empty cartridge! When I called them, they first agreed to send me a replacement in 5-10 days which wasn't acceptable due to an upcoming project that I had deadlines to meet. When I asked for a supervisor, it got worse! Now they want me to run all kinds of tests on the cartridge before they would agree to send me another one. I asked to get a higher up supervisor to call me and it got even worse! Now they won't send me a replacement ink cartridge until they get back the empty one!
2 days to perform all the tests and hear back from them
5-10 days until they send me an return packing label
5-10 days until they receive it and place a re-stocking order
5-10 days for them to ship out the cartridge to me
That's about a month before I finally get another cartridge!
Carrot Ink- For get about it! DON'T BUY FROM CARROT INK!

Helpful Cool


Sent Ink from another company

"I ordered ink, receive it, tired it. It jammed my printer. I returned it and now Carrot Ink claims it is not their ink. Stay away from this company!!"

Helpful Cool


Ordered ink never got it

"The order went smoothly, I soon thereafter received a shipping confirmation. About 10 days later I received another email with a 'credit memo' refunding me for my purchase. Confused I went back to the shipping confirmation and see the products were shipped to an address in California. I am in Florida and have NO affiliation with any CA addresses.
When I contacted to inquire on what happened, rather than receiving an apology or an offer to correct this problem and ship me what I ordered, I was told not to worry since they had issued me a credit, missing the entire point that I ORDERED ink because I NEEDED ink. Now, two weeks later, no ink and I have to start over again. Definitely not buying from them again.

Helpful Cool


Hmm. You Lose Money Returning Item You Did Not Order.

"I've been a customer for many many years. I've never heard such a thing as this. I ordered inks. One ink was the wrong one and I never ordered it. I have been told *I* must pay return shipping and return that ink to them before they will mail out the correct one.

Seriously ? Never has any website ever made the customer lose money and pay return shipping when it was the fault of the company !

The ink is retailed at Carrot Ink for $5 and I will be out of pocket $5 to return it to them. Seriously ? Carrot Ink is happy to lose a customer over $5 their cost which is probably about $2 of profit for them and it was *their* error ? I guess Carrot Ink is overflowing with customers and does not mind losing one over such a small profit. *shrug*

Helpful Cool


All the other reviews...

"I've read all the other reviews and I am quite shocked to see a bunch of 1 and 2 star reviews. I understand the issue of back ordered product but the one way to avoid that problem is not to wait until you are out of ink before you order. I also saw one review and they mentioned back orders and returned the partial order that was shipped and got a full refund and still gave them a 1 star. Most places I venture to online you'd be lucky to get an answer to your email let alone a refund.
I have used Carrot Ink numerous times in the past and have never had a problem. If your wondering why I wouldn't leave a 5 star revies if I had no issues, it's because I never leave a 5 star review. They can always do better!!

Helpful Cool


"I've ordered ink supplies from Carrot Ink several times now and seem to have a different experience every time. This time, it wasn't so hot.

First off, a couple of the cartridges that I ordered weren't in stock; although there was no mention of this on the website. No big deal, this happens and they sent an email letting me know it would be a couple of weeks and that I could cancel the order if I wanted. There was no immediate need for the supplies so I waited.

The ink did arrive in a couple of weeks and when I finally went to use them on my HP OfficeJet 4550, the printer did not recognize the ink level in any of them; apparently the "chip" that their cartridges use was not compatible. While annoying, I could live with this. The black cartridge failed to be recognized at all however. In the end, I ended up going to and buying the HP inks at a local office depot store.

Not to sound all doom and gloom, my previous experiences were for the most part, better... Ink cartridges that I have ordered for another HP printer (OJ 7550), have all worked fairly well. Their page yield was definitely greater than the HP OEM cartridges and at a 30% savings, worth the money.

Unfortunately, cartridges for my Epson photo inkjet printer did not work out as well. They frequently clogged the print heads and required 1-4 print head cleaning cycles each time I wanted to run a photo print job.

To sum it up, it seems that their refilled/remanufactured cartridges tend to work well and their "compatible" cartridges tend to be pretty crappy. Because they can be so darn inexpensive, I would order from them again; however I would be sure to only order OEM cartridges that are refilled.

Helpful Cool


"Ordered on-line Nov. 4th 2009. Ordered a color/black combo package and it said on-line that it was in stock. The next day I got an e-mail stating that my order was backordered and would be in within 5 days. It is now November 17th and after contacting them today they state that it should be in today. I asked for them to please expidite the order and they refused since i was notified of the backorder. I think that in reality, they still do not have it to ship out. Stay away from Carrot Ink. There are WAY better places to shop for ink on-line."

Helpful Cool


"STAY AWAY FROM CARROT INK!!!!!!I ordered printer cartridges for both of my printers on Sept. 4, 2009. Because of Labor Day, they didn't ship until Sept 8, 2009. I just received shipment today (Sept. 14, 2009) Only cartridges for one of my printers were enclosed. I called and was told that my order was supposed to be complete and they would ship my other cartridges and they should be here in 3-5 days. I told them that was unsatisfactory for me to have to wait 5 more days because they can't do their job. I cancelled my order and got an RMA# for a return and a full refund. I never even got so much as an apology. ALL THEY DO IS SELL INK AND HOW HARD IS IT TO FILL AN ORDER!?!?!? STAY AWAY FROM CARROT INK!!!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


"Buying 3rd party ink can be daunting. I gave Carrot Ink a shot because their prices were great with coupon and their ink cartridges are 11ml instead of the normal 9ml. The ink came within a few days and I was impressed with the quality of their boxes and ink packaging. Everything is in English and very professional feeling. Much better looking than Epson! Ink registered fine with my printer and it's printing with normal results now.

The cartridges look like a generic size Carrot Ink produces, and they come with a converter for the model printer you have. It sounds like a bad idea, but they fit together tightly and it's operating perfectly fine.

Overall, I'm very impressed, although I have not dealt with any of their customer service agents. I will be recommending Carrot Ink, and I will be using them in the future.

Helpful Cool


"Not good. The Carrot remanufactured cartridge I ordered did not work - it replaced a black ink, HP # 21 cartridge. I removed the Carrot brand cartridge and installed a new HP brand #21 catridge and things work great. I then requested a replacement from Carrot, noting that the HP brand replacement worked just fine. Still, they want me to run through a tedious number of procedures to "reset the printer" and have not addressed my request for a replacement cartridge. As a note, some years ago I ordered Carrot brand Cartridges and was similarly unimpressed. I am just mad at myself for trying them again. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I do not know where they get their good ratings from, but it certainly isn't me. "

Helpful Cool


"Purchase 5 T060120 inkjet cartridges for my epson CX4800 printer from them. Received the delivery in just a few days and products arrived as described. Used a $10 off $40 coupon for purchase I had received by e-mail. So far so good."

Helpful Cool

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