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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.73/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.43/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.43/10
Customer service: 1.54/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.54/10
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"Card pool is Legit!

Weekly break down of my experience.

I had a 300 dollar eBay gift card, and wanted cash, so I did some research (reading reviews / youtube videos) and decided to create an account. I followed all the instructions (simple easy) process. Email confirmation stated it would take one to two business days for listing.

Thursday - Nothing
Friday - Nothing
Saturday - Card listed at 3:00 p.m. , by 5:05 p.m. the card was sold. The Buyer confirmed the purchase.
Sunday - Status changed to shipping
Monday - shipping
Tuesday- shipping
Wednesday - status changed to shipped
Monday - check received 256 dollars.

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"Exchanged two gift cards for Amazon code. NEVER got the Amazon code. Replied via email to report the issue, got no response, and the next time I went to log into the website, my account was deleted! DO NOT USE THIS SITE!"

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they legit

"just waiting on them to complete my order."

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They stole my money!

"I sent them 4 gift cards totaling 75 dollars. They are claiming they never received my gift cards. I know thats a joke. thousands of articles of mail are sent and relieved daily, but the first package i have "missing" is the one i sent to them that i was supposed to be paid. SCAM"

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Bad Bad Stay away from Cardpool for Buyer and Seller !

"Bought a gift card from Cardpool and still have not received gift card nor any email. Cannot cancel either before customer service is not exist.
Also I sell iTunes gift card, accepted to trade with Amazon gift card but next day they cancelled it reason because they don't accept iTunes(Funny they are selling iTunes)

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"I sent in my gift card in return for a $16 amazon gift card.. They sent me a non-working link, and now I suddenly can't log into my account and Support hasn't replied to me! (it's been 2 days)"

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Inactive gift card and no refund

"I received an inactive gift card and they will not refund me. "

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their own gift card doesn't work! Pathetic!

"I referred a friend to Cardpool last week; she purchased a Target gift card.

I get a $5 referral code to use.

I enter the number given to me in the email from 11:37 pm May 16, 2018
It is now 9:25 am May 17, 2018 --- less than 12 hours later ---
and the error message is ---->>> Cardpool gift card number unrecognized. Please try again

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Outright Thieves

"I tried to get an Amazon card in exchange for a $25.00 Kohl's card, the transaction hung there pending for two weeks. In the meantime, they charged the gift card for its full value, issued me nothing in return, and told me to try to contact Kohl's for a replacement :)

So yeah, give them a gift card number and pin online, and they'll spend it, like proper card thieves. The fact that the site barely works should have been a tip off to me that it's just a front for this kind of activity. Shame on me.

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Contacting the BBB

"didn't receive giftcards, no customer service response -- terrible!"

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Do Not Use Them!!

"The third week of March 2018, I purchased a Dunkin' Donuts gift card from them that was supposed to have a $103 balance on it. My husband and I went to use it at Dunkin' on Monday and the counter girl tells us there is no money on the card. I immediately tried to contact Cardpool and there is no way to reach them except through email. I got a computer generated response telling me to be patient - it might take up to 3 or more days to respond. Today, I sent another email and told them this is unacceptable and that I want my money refunded. Still no response. I called Dunkin' Donuts corporate office to try to get help from them and they tell me they do not authorized 3rd party resellers - especially Cardpool!!! and there is nothing they can do for me. From Dunkins' perspective, I look like I've stolen someone's card as the card is registered in someone's else's name. Lesson learned for me but it **** to be out the $77 I paid for the card. I am going to dispute the charge through my credit card company but that could be a slow process. Very, very unhappy and dissatisfied. Trust me - do not use Cardpool no matter how good the transaction looks."

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Class Action Lawsuit Anyone?

"I can't believe they don't have a class action lawsuit already pending for this horrible scam circus **** show of a "company." Although I'm leaning more toward calling them an organized crime gang or just straight up thieves.

Come on guys, we all know why they don't have a contact number, with a real human that answers the phone. If they had customer service lines, all it would be is a non stop onslaught of **** off hardworking citizens that got frigging ripped off by these thieves that are undoubtedly using all the money they rip off from all these innocent people to fund a terrorist sleeper-cell or even worse yet, for building Trump's Great Wall... Carpool ****! Use at your own risk. And trust us, there's a ton of risk involved. More than high risk investing

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$0 Balance on car and you can't contact them

"I purchased what should have been a $50 ebay card, which turned out to have a $0 balance. I emailed cardpool, but they never responded. They will rip you off- plain and simple!"

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"I purchased a gift card from cardpool and it had no balance on it! There is no phone number that works for Cardpool. I have emailed customer service at least 20 times and have not received a response. I was scammed out of of my $82.70. This is not a company that can be trusted!!! PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!!!!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

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Always check the balance

"When receiving a merchant gift card from Cardpool, always check the gift card balance online with the merchant's website. More than once I have received gift cards from Cardpool that were closed accounts with a zero balance. Cardpool is all but impossible to contact, making a quick resolution very difficult, to say nothing of the embarrassment if the card was given as a gift. "

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