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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.75/10 3.75/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

SLOW Shipping

"Terrible shipping and packaging time. I paid for Priority shipping (2-3 days according to their site) and will be receiving my cards in 5 days due to slow packaging on their part. I asked that they refund my shipping due to the delay and they refused."

Rating 4/10

Not great to sell cards to.

"After a second time selling to these site I was quoted a price less than half what the cards were worth on multiple sites (TCG) and then I was given 30% less than that. Will not be making this mistake a third time."

Rating 6/10

These guys are awesome to buy from, terrible to sell to.

"If you want to buy cards, Card Kingdom is the place for you. They have almost everything you want in stock and ship very quickly. But, if you are selling to them, let the fun begin! I sold them over 50 cards, most had never been played. Others were always sleeved and had no damage. Well after their "grading" I was given less than half of price they had quoted me, I will not be selling cards to them again. Not sure if I want to buy anymore either. I emailed with questions as to why, they still haven't responded.."

Rating 10/10

Best site on the web.

"I got credit for my cards, grading was very fair. Customer service was quick to answer all my questions, and I was very happy with the speed they processed my order. I will use this site again and suggest other to do so. Thanks a lot. "

Rating 10/10

Excellent Experience Selling Online

"I was looking to sell an older MtG set and polled several of the online companies. Card Kingdom came back with a very reasonable offer and I received excellent service from my buyer contact throughout the entire process. I'd definitely use them again!"

Rating 2/10

Slow as molasses. Terrible card ratings.

"Traded in cards on their buylist and placed an order with them. I don't remember it being this bad the first time, but it was a long time ago. Service was SLOW as it could ever be. Once my cards arrived there, it took them 7 days to process them and credit them to my account. They downgraded a number of cards in my order, which I'm positive were damn near perfection. Then i ordered cards from them, which was much faster, but the cards i received were **** poor quality. I got an expensive card that was marked at NM which was clearly not NM, and many cards that were rated excellent were below that. If you order anything below excellent from them, expect the cards to be crap. While we're at it, lets talk about their ratings system of Near Mint, Excellent, Very good, and Good. Cards in the good category are pure ****. This would be a 'damaged' or 'heavily played' rating on TCGPlayer. Why call them 'Good'? they are not. This is highly confusing and highly deceptive wording. Their 'very good' cards would be moderately played on TCGPlayer, and their 'Excellent' cards would be 'Lightly Played' on TCGPlayer. The only difference being that most 'Lightly Played' cards i order on TCGplayer are actually NM, and damn near perfect...so why do I pay MORE for WORSE cards on CardKingdom? Well, I won't again. There is no reason at all to order from them, when there's a higher quality at a much cheaper price on TCGPlayer.

Overpriced. Terrible card quality. Deceptive and inconsistent card rating. Slow service.

Will not shop here again.

Rating 10/10

Fast shipping. No issues.

"I have ordered from card kingdom now over a dozen times. The card conditions have been spot on. The prices have seemed the most fair for mixed cards. The best aspect for me has been their speed on shipping. It is always faster then I was expecting. I have had no bad experiences as of yet and will continue ordering from them over any other site. "

Rating 2/10

"Horrible!!!!! I ordered stuff a week ago and spent the extra money to have it here in 2 days. I ordered on 8/19/2015 didn't process till the 20th, my first order got here in 4 days and my second order which was ordered on the same day still isn't here and all it says is Pending other. Don't order your cards from here ever!!!!!

Rating 2/10

"Card Kingdom... Not sure what happened with good service.

Let me highlight a couple key points before going over my story.

1. I have not had an issue in the past with card kingdom, my previous purchases were quite successful.

2. Customer service was usually on par, often assisting me with a purchase when something was out of stock, etc.

Lets fast forward to April 28, 2015.

I had placed a Modern Masters 2015 preorder for $275. Seems high, but i was willing to pay the premium as they were taking preorders much sooner than most stores.

My order was processed, card was charged, and the transaction was completed succesfully. So, i need not worry, right? Unfortunately i was very wrong.

Release day for the product come and goes, I am patiently awaiting my order as I was going to be attending grand prix chiba 2015.

I send an E-mail to be told they are awaiting my other half of payment for two boxes, not one. Sooo. They hadn't even shipped me one box or maybe even verify I wanted two?? My invoice stated one box.

And... The e-mail was literally the day before the Grand Prix. No box, out $275 and traveling the very next day.

My consolation prize for the whole fiasco? 10% off my next order...

Thanks but no. Ruined my weekend, well.. At least i had the main event To participate in.


Rating 10/10


Rating 2/10

"I have sold a number of cards to card kingdom over the past couple years, mostly because their advertised buy prices have been higher than other buylists I have looked at, at least for some items. Plus sometimes I just don't feel like going through the hassle of finding a buyer who will pay the little bit extra.

Their grading is somewhat inconsistent. They often grade cards down which I could find little to no fault with (I would try to pull out anything questionable, but it would still happen), but they also sometimes didn't grade down things which I sent expecting a worse result. Looking at their official grading policy will not make any sense of it either, but over all the orders, I would say the grading was fair, just not consistent.

The reason why my rating for them is so low however, is because of one experience I have had with them that makes me disinclined to do business with them again. I sent two orders in the same package on one occasion and a week or so after the first order had been completely processed I contacted them to ask what was holding the other one up. As it turns out they had managed to lose it inside their own store, somehow. After the first few exchanges (are you sure you sent us the cards?, etc.) they let a customer service rep. named Rishelle continue dealing with me.

Rishelle gave me the official line that they had never received my order. I felt patronized at every turn by the tone of the responses, from the insincere not-apology to the suggestion that I contact USPS about insurance on the order (because, you know, USPS is in the business of insuring items they successfully delivered). In the end they just stiff-armed me, and refused to own up to their mistake in any way. I've sold these people a $500 card significantly under value before, why do they think I'm trying to rip them off for $30-something now?

Was it an isolated incident? Who knows. Was it intentional? Probably not, it was a relatively low value order they lost. But if something goes wrong, you get to speak to Rishelle.

Rating 2/10

"This was my first time selling to any card kingdom and I would like to say that this will be my last time mailing anything of this magnitude to anyone. The site has replied to only one of my emails reaching out to them and I truly believe they have just taken part of my card inventory with nothing in return on my end. I really am upset that I have just lost out on $100 and I really do not recommend anyone selling to them."

Rating 10/10

"I Know this site is for resellers so My experience may not fit here but I just wanted to say that I have order hundreds of singles and about 10 boxes (all MTG) from Card Kingdom and in all those orders I have only had one minor error. I had 8 golgari guildgates shipped to me instead of 8 gruul guildgates. The total cost of the cards was minimal and I just sent customer service an email asking for a credit since I planned on ordering again anyway. They went above and beyond, telling me i could keep the golgari guildgates and they would immediately send me the correct cards. So after almost a thousand singles they made one tiny error and the error ends up with me getting MORE cards than I ordered at their expense. That is AMAZING customer service compared to what I have experienced with other companies and all cards have always come in the condition described. 5 stars, A+, 100/100 however you want to rate them they are great!"

Rating 2/10

"Made a first attempt to sell cards to Card Kingdom through their online store for store credit, for which they offer a 30% bonus to the price of your cards. A few days after the order was confirmed as shipped by USPS tracking I received an email so that I could review the grading of my cards only to find that all but a handful of the cards were graded low; these were cards which had literally never seen play and hadn't left their binder slots since being opened.

Obviously distraught about the matter and confused as to how even a card I'd unpackaged two days before selling had been graded so low, I emailed the grader back and was put into contact with 'Rishelle', their customer service manager. Through a short series of emails and a phone call I was told that their grading was not negotiable despite the description of one of the under-graded cards she gave falling under their own website's 'NM/M' rating. Growing frustrated, I told her to simply credit the order and I would not be doing business with them again - only to have her cancel the order entirely.

I have no clue if I'll even get my cards back - I was not offered a tracking number for the shipment - or what condition they will be in when they do, but I will never trust this store again. They severely under-graded expensive cards to intentionally offset their promised 30% store credit bonus, a highly deceptive practice, and then hid behind their 'non negotiable' grading policies.

Rating 10/10

"I recently discovered my magic cards from twenty years ago are actually still worth something and sold about $5k of them to Card Kingdom. Since I'm a rather untrusting sort, I sent a series of smaller shipments to "test the waters" so to speak.

The good:

- The company appears to be quite honest. I intentionally included some extra (fairly valuable) cards ($30 or so) in a larger order of 100+ cards without listing them on the invoice. All the extra cards were returned to me; none of them 'vanished'.

- I spot checked about two dozen rare cards after selling them, to make sure that if they graded the card as VG or EX, their increase in their 'stock on hand' for that card was increased by the appropriate category (to make sure they weren't buying the card from me as EX, but then selling it themselves as NM). In all cases, everything matched.

- The website clearly lists the grading that they assigned to each card I sent, and the value. Customer service was very responsive when I asked them to double check and explain the grading they gave me on some of the cards.

- The website was perfectly happy to support instructions regarding the cards; for example, one shipment I asked them to only pay me for cards graded as NM and to return everything else. This was executed without any issues or problems.

- I double checked all the cards before I packed them, and took pictures so that I had at least some documentation that the cards were actually in the shipment. This proved to not be necessary, as no cards were "misplaced" in any of the five orders (some 400 or so cards in total).

- All cards that were returned to me for various reasons were well packed and protected.

The Not-As-Good:

- Processing, in some cases, was somewhat slow. All shipments to CK were insured and tracked, so I knew when the orders arrived. In some cases, the orders were processed and confirmed within 2-3 days. In one case, it was a full week after they received the order (plus an inquiry from me) before the cards were graded and posted on the website.

- I will say upfront I haven't played this game in twenty years, so I am certainly not at all an expert on grading cards; ergo, take this bullet with a grain of salt. Disclaimer aside, the grading of the cards felt odd to me; it was consistent within each order, but not across all five orders. Some orders were graded generously, with cards I felt were borderline NM/EX all coming in NM. Other orders with cards that I felt were at the same level ended up all EX/VG. It almost felt like different people were grading the cards, and some of them were pickier than others. Again, see the disclaimer above.

Overall, my interactions with CK were quite positive. Their customer service was responsive and friendly, the prices they offered compared quite favorably with anything I found locally or on the internet, they seemed very honest, and I felt I made out well on the grading. I don't intend to sell any more of my cards, but if I ever did decide to sell more of them, I would certainly use CK again.

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