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Rating 2/10

Bogus Products

"Ordered Cialis (which is what their web page indicated I was buying) and received Erectafil??? I have taken one 5 mg Cialis for two subsequent days and "was good to go." I took TWO 5 mg Erectafil for SIX subsequent days and experienced absolutely no benefit!
Emailed them and received no response.

Rating 4/10

Even though legit, you will WAIT a long time for your RX

"Canadapharmacy.com is not fraudulent or rouge. I have to take brand name bc I do not do well on the generic version of my meds, but brand for me is $1400/month in the US. I have had no disruption in my benefit from the pills I receive from Canada. HOWEVER, the company is slow and antiquated and I am always left without meds for at least a week, even though I always place my order when I have 30 pills left. Why do I not order earlier? Because of cost - they are still expensive, even though a huge savings over the US. You place the order online, then they call you for about 10 different things before they actually send the damn pills. Why have I not tried another pharmacy? Because so many of them ARE fraudulent and I don't know who else to trust, but I am on the research trail for a new one now. I do not recommend this pharmacy, unless you have the time to wait and wait for your prescription. "

Rating 2/10

Straight up harrassment by 77CanadaPharmacy.

"Once you connect with them, consider it a lifelong proposition. They will never ever stop harassing your by phone or email, contacting anyone who answers the phone and discussing personal information. They try to intimidate you into purchasing more. It's impossible to Unsubscribe from their emails... I have sent a dozen unsubscibes ranging in tone but they just never end. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

I had to change my phone number because they harassed me and my boyfriend

"First of all I got substandard medication from India. Ok. No problem. At least I got something. However their Indian customer service representatives called my phone after I told them I couldn't afford to buy any more meds. When my boyfriend told them to stop calling, the man hung up on him and called back 35 times in a twenty minute period!!! No exaggeration! He **** my boyfriend off so much he had a heart attack and we had to go to the emergency room. I called and wrote emails to the company's head honcho assuming someone would do something about it. NO. No one did anything except continue to call back and harass us about buying meds from them. I'm not an angry person but when they almost killed my boyfriend I was furious. If I could find them I would be sure to reciprocate and give them a heart attack. I had to change my phone number to get to stop. But why should anyone have to do that?
Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and don't even speak to these people. They don't like you and won't mind hurting you in anyway they can.

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"Canada Pharmacy bought out my previous company and raised prices, have delayed deliveries and their customer service doesn't care. They make you wait three works from the time they finally get the order in and if you haven't received it, they start the process all over again. It is not worth the little you save to use them. All they are there for is to take orders and collect money."

Rating 2/10


"This place will send the order before getting permission to do so. They will gather basic info, send the package of INDIA FDA approved medication- which is not the same as American, and then they WILL NOT GIVE YOU AN ADDRESS TO SEND IT BACK TO. They will continue to tell you that "they can not give you any information," and refuse to transfer you to someone who can.

Rating 10/10

Have used for 8 honest years

"I have used this pharmacy to arrange my mother's more expensive meds in addition to repeat meds my family uses. I have been a member for 8 years. I agree with concerns for the change in credit card use and honestly assumed big pharma cracking down on USA users by putting pressure on visa etc. to stop this practice. I noticed a couple of other trusted sites stopped too so I do wonder about a bigger conspiracy.

I have on more than one occasion noticed albuterol offered for cheaper on another Canada Pharm online site(doctorsolve.com) and told Canada Pharmacy and they matched it.

I also agree with concerns for foreign manufacturers. I am aware that India, being in the English speaking sector and having a large engineering base makes a lot of generic meds that are sold for a lot more on our US shelves. That said, one hopes you are receiving a reputable product but can only be assured by methods mentioned earlier and paying to have the item evaluated by a lab.

I will say this, albuterol inhalers are over priced in the US and this is what we frequently purchase. Anecdotally, when my wife and son use them, they stop wheezing.

Rating 2/10

Fake, Intrusive, rip-off

"Canadian Pharmacy, LTD aka pharm-store.com, aka Trust Pharmacy has been a pain in the ****. They sell products from India which do not work and who knows what's in them. When I confronted them about this, I was told that everything is approved by the Indian FDA. Really? They charge much extra if you wish to expedite shipping, but it takes even longer than standard shipping. Finally, they collect cellphone numbers and constantly call to solicit.

If you order from an online pharmacy, double and triple check that they are not just another fake website for Canadian Pharmacy LTD!

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Rating 2/10


"I placed an order. Paid for it and it was supposedly shipped the next day. Almost 3 weeks past. I new order was shipped. Two weeks later, still nothing. I have called, but nobody answers or returns calls.
I placed my order in good faith. The webpage is in Canadian dollars. Yet I am charged that amount in US$. Was told free delivery. Nope. They billed me for it. I was told I would receive a 20% discount. Nope. Not until the second order.
They issue a tracking number. But the track number is not a valid number with the post office. When I asked about that, I was told it is only for them.
So five weeks later, I am still awaiting my prescription!

Rating 2/10

Shady, sheisty, sneaky, snakes and scammers!!!

"A couple of months ago, my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. Her Dr prescribed two creams that cost about $250 here in the US. We were told she would need 3 refills, so cost would be $750. This is a lot of money for us right now, so the Dr suggested canadapharmacy.com. We assumed if the physician is recommending it, that it must be on the up and up. So we called and were told it would be $266 for all three refills. Of course we placed the order, and when I told the agent I would make payment over the phone with my credit card, She told me that they don't accept credit cards, or personal checks. I would have to get a money order or cashier's check and mail it in. She assured me the meds would go out even before they received the check. Wow, this is easy, I thought. The next morning I trotted off to the bank, paid $266 for a bank check and immediately mailed it off. These meds are very important, as cancer is very serious. I received a call AFTER payment was sent, advising that they wouldn't have the meds in-stock for another 3 weeks. So, I got a little upset, but what could I do? She needs these meds and I've already sent off hundreds of dollars to get them. OK, fine.

3 weeks come and go, and nothing. Suddenly, I receive a call from another one of their agents. "I'm sorry to inform you, but we still don't have the meds in (even though they should have shipped the week before), but we'll get them in 2 more weeks." Needless to say, I hit the roof. "Cancel the order and refund my money!", I said.

Pharmacy Agent - "Sir, if you just keep the order in, and accept the shipment in 2 weeks, well give you $10 off your next order. "

Me - "No! Cancel the order. This medicine is for skin cancer which needs to be treated now. Not in 6 months after you've delayed and delayed. Also, why would I need $10 off of ANOTHER order? What is $10 going to do for me? And why would I order from such uncaring company anyway. Would you delay treatment of a possible LIFE THREATENING disease for a measly $10 dollars? Cancel and refund my money! "

Pharmacy Agent - "OK, I've canceled the order, but we can't issue a refund. We will just destroy the check when we receive it. "

Me - "When you receive it? I sent it a month ago! You've already received it! And no, don't destroy it if you haven't cashed it, send it back to me. I need the money back! "

Pharmacy agent - "Well if we just destroy the check you won't be charged. "

Me - "I've ALREADY been charged! I paid $266 CASH to the credit union before they would give me the cashier's check. "

Pharmacy Agent "Well sir, you will have to send me a copy of your bank statement or a receipt showing the money was deducted from your account. "

Me - "Oh my GOD! are you serious right now? You do know that banks don't just give people money orders and cashier's checks without a cash payment, right? And since your policy requires guaranteed funds, you know that I've already PAID FOR THE CHECK! that's what guarantees the funds! "

Pharmacy Agent - "Sir we will still need you to email the proof. "

Me - "Great, give me the email address. " Agent provides the email address and I send an email with statement attached showing the credit union deducted the $266 from my checking account in exchange for a cashier's check, again demanding they refund my money. The next day I receive an email response advising that the check has already been destroyed, "Per your request with our phone agent last night. " Wait........ WHAT!!!!!

So, I call them back and this time I'm not so nice. I explained that I did NOT instruct them to destroy the check. Why would I do that when I'm STILL OUT MY MONEY? Also, why would the agent tell me to email a copy of my statement if I was just requesting they destroy the check.

Pharmacy Agent - "Well why did you send us a cashier's check anyway? "

Me - "Because, your phone agent advised that you don't accept personal checks. I was told I had to send a money order or cashier's check"

Pharmacy Agent - "We never told you we don't accept personal checks."

Me - "How the hell do you know what the first agent I spoke with when placing my order told me? You weren't there! And why the **** would I go to the credit union, to buy a cashier's check, to go to the post office, to mail it to you, and then go through all this nonsense if that's not what I was instructed to do!? For shits and giggles?

So here I sit, 6 weeks later, $266 poorer, plus I've since had to just go out and buy the meds here for another $750, waiting on a call from a supervisor to verify whether or not the cashier's check was destroyed. My gut feeling is I'll never see that $266 ever again. Moral of the story; DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ORDER FROM THESE FAKES AND FRAUDS! They will stall, delay, lie, cheat and steal.

Rating 8/10

"While Canada Pharmacy has some strange business practices (they do not accept credit cards, they sent product prior to receipt of check, they have no ability to track packages sent to customers) they do in fact sell legitimate drugs, at least in the case of the Sildenafil they sent me. Because of prior negative reviews, I actually had one of the pills tested by Drug Detection Laboratories, Inc. of Sacramento CA.


The test cost $200. I consider that money well spent as I am pleased to report the lab verified that what I was sent me was indeed Sildenafil.


Rating 2/10

"Fake replica pills will be sent to you. They are packaged fancy and look legit but are of no potency. I think he "medications" I was sent to be of zero % active ingredients. I tried taking 4 times my normal dose and did not get any results. The pills are just salt tablets in the same shape and color as the authentic medications. File a charge back right away if they scammed you too. They tricked me and said they were sending authentic "Brand" medications to replace the non working "generics" aka fakes that they shipped out. The brand medication was not any better. Don't fall for their seeming good customer service and waste time shipping back the non working meds you receive. Just file a claim with your credit card or bank. To ensure these crooks don't get your money. Avoid them for sure you are better off paying more in the USA or taking a trip to Mexico for cheaper meds. These are not even generics from overseas they really are fakes without any actual medicine in them. Good Luck"

Rating 10/10

"I've been using canadapharmacy.com for about 8 years to fill a prescription at a saving of about $500 a year. My prescriptions are shipped from England, actually, which is fine by me as that's where I'm originally from :)

Recently canadapharmacy did stop taking credit cards, which initially made me feel very uncomfortable, but their reasoning was that the increased cost imposed on them made credit cards too expensive, and that's the very reason I went with them to begin with - to save money. I took a leap of faith and nothing bad happened, in fact my medication arrived before I sent them a cheque!

So on we go, I continue to trust them, and now payment for me is by virtual cheque - they send the medication and then 30 days _after_ I order they debit my account. I don't think I've come across another company that will do that, so kudos to CP.

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Rating 10/10

"I recently ordered a prescription from canadapharmacy.com, the product came before I sent a check, nor did I give them the checks routing numbers.
Overall a very satisfying experience with them, and I would highly recommend them.

Rating 10/10

"I'm writing this review to defend canadapharmacy.com. I have a rx that would cost over $500 to get filled in the US but I can get for $100 on their website. Since my insurance doesn't cover the medication and I don't have a lot of money, a generic version from Canada is my only option. After a recommendation from a friend, I started using canadapharmacy.com about a year ago and have always had a good experience. The medication I got was always the medication I ordered. Though they recently changed their policy to only accept checks, I still got my medication after sending them my check. Even though it was annoying that they said they could accept my check number over the phone and, for whatever reason, it didn't go through several times, once I sent them my check everything went smoothly. They were nothing but professional and if you are looking for a legit pharmacy then this is the best one I've found. I did have my doubts after reading some reviews but I took the risk and it payed off. I'm writing this so you don't have to feel like you're taking a risk. Canadapharmacy.com really helped me out and made it so I could afford my medications. I bet a lot of the people who had bad experiences went to a different site (there are a lot of sites with canada and pharmacy in the name) or are trolls. "

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