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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
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    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
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Rating 2/10

Lousy Lousy sales & service - Never going back!!!

"Bought a mother board, CPU and memory for a build. Rep told me they only had 1 AMD RYZEN 3 CPU in stock but box was open. Was assured that CPU was never used just looked at so I bought it anyways(big mistake!!!) Set up system but it would not boot past CPU test. Called store Friday evening, told that I would have to bring system in to be looked at but that technician wouldn't look at it until following Monday leaving me stuck for the weekend.

Decided to bring system in early next morning. Was told the tech would look at it but at I would have to book the system in & wait until Wednesday(5 days !) Told them forget it, better off simply returning everything. Then was told that they needed all the boxes and a receipt as I had only brought in the system but responded had all the boxes in the car and wanted my money back.

Upon returning with boxes & receipt was told by the manager that they didn't have any room for me to dissemble the unit in front of the empty tech counter and in front of no less than 5 sales people(all standing around talking to each other)

Finally another employee stepped behind the tech counter and agreed to look at the system but I was told by sales manger that it would cost $40.00. I agreed reasoning that it was better to pay the $40.00 than wait 5 days. Then upon inspection of CPU was told that it had 2 bent pins. How only 2 inside pins got bent can't say only that I was very careful when installing the unit as with all my other past builds.

Told the manager that the box was open when I purchased it and what I was told by that sales person but manger didn't care and insisted that I pay full price for the new CPU and diagnostics.

The sales/tech then stated that he saw a bent pin on the new fresh out of the box pin then he and the manager took turns inspecting the new one then concluded that what they had seen was a spec of solder as a result of heat when manufactured.

Sales tech then put the CPU in and the system fired up but only after having to spend an additional $170.00 + tax. As to how the CPU pins got bent cant say with any certainty but one thing one was certain: the benefit of doubt was not given to the customer.

Also, couldn't could help but get the sense from the sales/tech & manager that they had just done me a big favor after I the customer just spent $700.00 and $1350.00 on a GPU card a week earlier and this coming from a company chain who doesn't even have a tech working Saturdays.

Lousy sales, lousy service, lousy experience. Will never go back and recommend AMD pull their entire product line from the shelves of this grossly mismanaged outfit.


Rating 2/10

The worst possible services (3 Roydon Place, Ottawa, ON K2E 1A3, Canada)

"This has to be the worst store for services and advice to clients. I started my day by calling 4 or 5 times to confirm that they had the items I was looking to buy. No answer and no way to leave a message. I checked with every department's. Still no answer. I called another store who answered quickly and confirmed that Merrivale was opened and they had the items. I drove to the store and it was a real circus. Just unbelievable. At first, I was totally ignored. When I finally found someone to get me the items, he disappeared in the backroom and never returned. I tried with someone at the front counter who did get me the items. He gave me information on the two items that turned out to be inaccurate. It was the most horrible experience. I've been quite a loyal customer, but from now one... They won't see me in any of their stores. "

Rating 2/10

Boxing day Stupidity

"The Whitby Location opened at 7 and I had arrived at 6:30 after going to Best Buy. It was -12 with a wind chill making it -22 so I waited in my car. The lineup went to about 50 people. They let 30 or so people in. I got out of my car to go in, but they stopped the line. I waited for a bit then I went to the front of the line to ask them what was going on. The gentleman said that they couldn't let anyone else in because they only had 3 staff in store. As one person left the store, They would let one person in.
Seriously....in -22 degree weather, in the dark.
The Best Buy lineups were closer to 250, the doors opened at 6 am and everyone got in.

Rating 2/10

Like the rest of the reviews, terrible online ordering experience and indifferent staff

"It took more than two weeks to get my order to the store I wanted to pick it up from. They didn't answer an email and sent me a robo-email to expect stock on Dec 18th. They simply refused to take any form of payment without first seeing the person whose name the order was placed under - not that person's credit card, not cash, and not any cards belonging to the family member who went to pick it up. Strangely, when the family member told them to cancel the order, that was good enough authority for the Canada Computers staff. The manager was entirely unhelpful and was quite happy to read out boilerplate store policy rather than provide actual customer service.

Stay far away from the Hamilton Downtown store, and don't waste your time with the frustrations of their slow & buggy web site. If they've got stock and the price is right, fine, but if you need actual customer service, consider Newegg instead.

Rating 2/10

Worse custimer service

"Worse customer service ever. They advertise it only they have stock but when I order it fews days later they cancel my order saying that its out of stock and charge my credit card. DONT EVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN ONLINE ITS THE WORSE STORE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS **** NO ONE ANSWER "

Rating 2/10

Horrible experience with zero care given from the president of Canada Computers

"I have been a loyal customer of Canada Computers since 2004 when I bought a printer in Waterloo, ON.

Here is why I will never use Canada Computers again: I bought my mother a tablet before her surgery last week - she'll be in the hospital for a few days and I wanted to make sure she had access to email to make her happy and connected.

Canada Computers sold me a tablet with the promise I'd have it in time for her procedure. But when I received it the day before the surgery, I discovered it was used. It was loaded with one of their employee's information. Not only that, but it didn't come with the charger I paid for.

I went to the store at College and Spadina in Toronto to get a charger after speaking to an employee on the phone. But when I arrived, he said the manager already left and refused to give me a charger unless I paid for another one.

I was left in the sorry situation where I give my mother a used product - even though I paid for a brand new one - or I leave her without entertainment during her hospital stay. I also paid for the extra charger and believe it was ridiculous that I had to.

This is incredibly disappointing. Their customer support team did not seem to care about this. I would definitely recommend individuals choose another electronic store, Canada Computers is awful! I emailed the president and never even had a response.


Rating 2/10

Horrendous Service at Online Store

"I ordered parts for a new PC build from Canada Computers Online Store on 30th August 2017. The parts were marked as stock items and I paid $768.34 with my credit card which was debited the same day. By the 10th of September I had heard nothing about the order and the online sales did not answer the phone. I finally got through the next day and spoke with someone who advised me that several items were not in stock. After nearly two weeks the requirements for my client's new system was getting urgent and I decided the next day to cancel the order with Canada Computers on September 11th 2017 and use another online supply company, New Egg to order and get the parts which incidentally arrived two days later. I was suprisingly, after cancelling the order contacted by Canada Computers and I said that I though their service was abysmal and I requested a full refund of my credit card payment. I did receive a cancellation email from them stating that a refund would take between 5 and 15 business days. Currently as at the 29th of September 2017 I am still waiting for that refund. Why would they take money from my card knowing that most of their stock items were 'out of stock' and why does it take 5-15 business days to refund when they can and took the money the same day? I certainly having spent a sizeable sum of money over the last 10 years with them for clients and now vow to never buy again. "

Rating 2/10

Once you are out the door, you are on your own.

"I only buy from them items that I am willing to throw away in case it is faulty because at CC, there is literally no warranty or refunds. As soon as you are out the door, the warranty gets voided, period. I have built high-end gaming desktops for 15+ years (2-3 / year) and I know what I am doing and every time there is an issue, it is always your fault, you did something wrong, etc... Last time I bought HDD and SSD, I told the asian lady at the cash that I wanted both drives to be tested at their service counter before buying them...was a hard negotiation, but at the end, BOTH drives failed...good thing I was not out the door and I got refunded on the spot and ended up buying from Amazon. Same for an MSI Z170 Gaming 7 motherboard, i checked all pins and all seemed good, go home, then I realized that there is a switch broken (the one for those who do the liquid nitrogen cooling) that keeps the mobo at 800hz... so 2 hours later I am back at the store for a refund and NOTHING! I called MSI and they made an immediate RMA and they sent me a new one. MSI guy told me that CC are the worst, this is why he did not even argue with me... I am starting to think that they buy batches of products damaged in freight or that manufacturers get rid of for failing quality control and once you are out the door they just made their profit...looks like that is their business model. AVOID CC at all cost!"

No Avatar

Rating 2/10


"This is about the online store only!
I purchased online a product over $1000.00 that was on special. Once purchased, there is no transparency about the status of your order. So the next day I sent an inquiry via e-mail about the status of my order and received the response that me and my bank must to confirm my name, that I am the holder of my credit card and my address, very unusual to say the least, so I did comply. The following day, since I did not receive any reply, I tried on numerous occasions to call and obtain information about the status of my order. The third attempt was succesful and I talked with a woman, much more pleasant than the e-mail from Vivian, that confirmed that the order was flagged waiting for the bank confirmation. Once discussing with this person, she finally confirmed that the product would probably leave that day. I checked my e-mails before leaving work and of course I received a message from Vivian again at 16:52 stating that my order could not be shipped until I confirmed that the address on my card was the same as the shipping address. I could not believe this utterly mediocre service and responded again by the affirmative. When I woke up the next day I thought to myself, this is ridiculous, so I sent an e-mail to Vivian to CANCEL my order. Now I am waiting to see how long this drama will continue before I will be credited on my card. Nevere ever again!

Rating 2/10

been waiting over a week for a call-back

"Horrible business at getting back to you. They have my money from an online sale but I've heard nothing from them...no tracking number, no estimated delivery date, nothing. I've sent several emails and opened a trouble ticket. Called their head office and Noone ever answers. Called my local store and was blown off.

After 9 days you would figure they would be in touch.. not with these guys. I'm about to have my bank reverse the payment.

Rating 10/10

Fast, cheap, and as advertised.

"Arrived VERY quickly. Best price I could find. Item worked as advertised. Everything any buyer wants."

Rating 2/10

Worst place

"Worst place never buy anything from this store they are cheater, everything is final sale here they lie about return policy , Why no one is interested, it is obvious money theft, Can not return after 2 days,after 2days box not open,
It's a big F.......joke

Rating 2/10

said they would price match, but no credit in sight..

"They state they will match competitors' prices, so I emailed prior to ordering, asking if they'd price match a competitor's lower price for the same item. A reply came quickly: yes, they would match the competitor's price -- I just needed to place the order and reply to them with the order number to receive the credit. It's been over a month now, with no credit in sight and no reply to the emails inquiring about it. The toll free # for customer service for online orders has been disconnected (although when it was in service, often nobody answered when you called anyhow..) So beware of online ordering with CC if you might need any customer service.."

Rating 2/10


"I bought a fitbit fitness tracker watch for my wife a few months ago and it broke, I'm not sure what the warranty on it was so I was trying to login to my account on canada computer website but I can't remember my password, I clicked on the forget password icon for it to email my password but it's been 2 days and no email. I called and email support but no answer. Useless company "

Rating 2/10

Sold me a defective part

"The worst computer store for parts. They sold me a defective graphics card and they still charged me a restocking fee. The card will not boot windows or will constantly freeze yet they feel this is a functioning part lol. I told them to return it to the manufacturer for repairs but all they cared about was the Restocking fee. Made no effort to test the stability of the card and dismissed everything as a compatibility issue when my machine meets the requirements for this card. Overall terrible, make sure to avoid."

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