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"NOT truthful and very misleading.
AVOID - CambridgeWorld generates bogus tracking numbers for orders which are charged, but NEVER ship.

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Why does Amazon let them sell on their site?

"Two days after placing the order on Amazon, Cambridgeworld marked the order as shipped and the tracking shows USPS is waiting for the package. It's been two weeks. TWO WEEKS. It still hasn't gotten to USPS, which means the item wasn't in stock like they said, they didn't pack it up for shipment, and didn't put it in the delivery to the post office. What's the scam here? Does Amazon pay out when it's marked as shipped?

I'm finding bad reviews calling out Cambridgeworld for shady practices as far back as 2003! How are they still in business? Why did Amazon approve them to sell in the Amazon store? I'm extremely disappointed in Amazon. In the past twenty or so years, I have never had a serious issue with any purchase from Amazon until now.

I put in a request to cancel the order. There's a two day waiting period to give the company a chance to respond. I've heard nothing yet, and I'm guessing I'll have to escalate the issue to Amazon.

Do NOT buy from this company. As someone else said, you might as well throw your money in the toilet.

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Worst customer service!

"Don't buy anything from this seller. "

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"Great seller. Great prices on inventory unavailable anywhere else. Shipping and processing could have been a couple days faster, but it was more important that the item came as described, which it did! $650 fuji binoculars is what I purchased. Customer service was extremely friendly when I called to check the status of my order (at 1:00AM)."

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"Our assesment is still going on."

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"Ordered a carousel projector lens from Steve. What I received was found on- line to cost only 1/5 of what Cambridge World charged. After calling this outfit talking both to Steve and Thomas , the manager, it became clear that I was dealing with liars , a most untrustworthy lot. But I did not yet realize just how bad Cambridge World is. When I called my credit card company, I found that they had charged me more than the agreed upon price ! I was advised by CC how to best protect myself , a dispute was opened and
the lens returned. I have received a number of emails from Thomas with further misrepresentations of the facts in a vain attempt to self justify. You have only to read the body of reviews of this business to realize what a mess you will get yourself
into should you get involved with them. Should you need further 'evidence', you might google Cambridge World and find 1) that though no longer accredited by the BBB, this outfit has earned for itself an "F" rating . This is because of rulings against them concerning both "advertising/sales issues" and problems with ""product and service". 2) You will also find a website called Ripoff Report has a list complaints about Cambridge World, the details are available to those of you that care to know more of the sordid detail of what is described as WWW.cambridgeworld.com "non-customer service policy". Please heed our collective warning as the edict "BUYER BEWARE" could never be more relevant than with this "place"!

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"I ordered a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens on 9 May. On 11 May I received an e-mail asking me to call "Steve." No explanation, just a request to call. I called and was patched through to someone who never identified themselves. I was asked what model camera I use, upon providing that information I was told:

"I do not have any demo Canon 50mm lenses for that model in stock. I can sell you a new one for $20 more."

There are multiple things wrong with this.
One, a Canon 50mm lens will fit on any Canon camera made after 1987 so computability would not be a problem.
Two, nowhere on the site does it say that the lens was supposed to be a demo lens. Here is the entire text of the page:

"This is the lightest EF lens of all at a mere 130g. Compact and high-performance, standard lens. Its Gaussian optics provide sharp delineation from near to far focusing distances. The color balance is excellent for a standard lens."

The customer service individual, who may or may not have been "Steve" then told me that the lens I had selected was the Mark I and not the current Mark II. Another lie. The Mark I weighs 190g (due to a metal lens mount) while the Mark II weighs 130g (plastic lens mount). Notice that the description for the item says 130g.
I explained to "Steve" that the lens must be a Mark II since the description said it 130g however he persisted that it was not the case and the only way I could get what I had really ordered was to pay an additional $20.
I told him to cancel my order.

In short, avoid this company. This incident reeks of dishonest business practices.

Helpful Cool


"Received item on date specified via order thru Amazon,but item was not what i expected. followed directions for return. I am glad i saved my UPS delivery date to them on 03/26/07 and all email correspondence from this company.They have not refunded my money and have the tripod head.Sent all info required and now it's back to square one.DO NOT BUY from this company, in process to contact better buisness of New York where they are located."

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"Given some of what has been written here in the past, I was somewhat skeptical. However, I bid on and won a Nikon CL64 Case for a 50-300mm lens.

It was exactly as described in the ebay product description and was in the original case. The auction closed near midnight on Sunday and the item was delivered today (40 hours later) in good order.

I received an email with the UPS tracking information so I could arrange for delivery.

Communications were very good; the item was as described; shipping was rapid.

I could not ask for more. I would buy from this firm again in the future if it had that for which I was looking.

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"They are thieves, pure and simple. I ordered a Fuji DL mini zoom which they assured was in stock. They sent me a cheaper camera (Fuji 115) and charged me for the DL. I returned it, and no credit was issued despite several calls. I'll now go the the NY attorney generals's office as others have done."

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"Ordered a "nice, clean demo" Minox for $249. It arrived dirty & w/ broken shutter. Salesman said return it. 1 mth. after returning, still no credit. BEWARE!"

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"WORST BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! Here's my horror story: I ordered a flash attachment from these morons in January, 2002. Of course the web site claimed the item was in stock. A couple of weeks went by, so I called their "customer service". I was told the item was on backorder and would arrive in a couple of weeks. 3 weeks went by, so I called and was told again that it would be in in a couple of weeks. Sensing this was going to be a disaster, I told them to cancel the order. The foreign gentleman on the line said "ya,ya- we take care of it". Weeks pass, and it turns out that they had billed my credit card as soon as the order was placed. Now I'm stuck with no product and a charge on my CC. I call again, give them my order number, and tell them to refund my purchase price. "Ya-ya- we take care of it" was the now predicable response. Again, weeks pass, and no credit was made to my CC. I call one last time and get "ya, ya- we take care of it". Next, I wrote them a formal letter demanding a refund. In the letter I included my credit card number so that it could be properly credited. A few more days pass, and I get a call from someone in New Hampshire (I'm in Minnesota) asking me to approve a very large charge for some metal detecting equipment that was being charged to my CC. One of the buffoons at Cambridge lifted my CC number and was attempting to commit credit card fraud with my card! That was the last straw. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It took 9 months, but with their help, I got a full refund check in October 2002. The bottom line: these people are outright crooks and cannot be trusted in any manner whatsoever. I only wish I had visited this site before I put myself through this wringer. AVOID THIS "BUSINESS" AT ALL COSTS!!!"

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"Stay Away!!!"

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"I have an idea. Take $100 and flush it down the toilet. That is all you will get from this "company". How the hell can it be legal for guys like this to stay in business.

Suffice it to say, I am just another of the long list here who has been screwed by these guys.
Don't even think about giving them your money

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