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Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Computer works great

"It's perfect just put a few connections together followed the simple provided instructions and a couple of his hours I completed my first editing job. I will be purchasing another one for my home office soon."

Helpful Cool


Perfect execution and performance

"I searched through a lot of places online and locally to find the right place to do business with. They were very patient with my needs and requests. We settled on what I need and what I can do with the parts needed while still keeping under budget. Every part was hand selected and couldn't be happier with the service."

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The Best!

"I just purchased a custom built desktop from CPU Solutions. I found all quality components on their web site. I wanted to stick to ASUS components and managed to do so. The computer was tested for 48 hours and shipped well packaged and expeditiously. Their tech service is excellent. A power plug was not inserted all the way by me and one of their technicians solved my foolish problem quickly and amicably. I can highly recommend this company. I am comparing them to the other custom builders I have had experience with in the past. CPU Solutions is an excellently run company . You would be well satisfied dealing with CPU Solutions."

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Simply Outstanding

"I purchased almost two years ago. My PC was a retirement gift to myself to run Flight Simulator X. The program is CPU and Graphics heavy. My CPU solutions PC tears through it and my frame rates are through the roof. I had a great experience with customer service and the materials used by CPU solutions are top notch. They are "Simply Outstanding". You will be so pleased. Thanks CPU Solutions you guys are great."

Helpful (1) Cool


CPU Solutions Knows Their Stuff and Bends over Backwards with Customer Service

"I was very fussy about all the little things I needed in my computer, questions, frankly I was probably a pain in the ****. BUT Carson and the other great folks at CPU Solutions patiently answered every question, explained every choice, made smart recommendations and gave me just what I needed at great price...really great price, especially when you consider I essentially got a custom computer. I can't say enough great things about this company. Buy your computer from them! We have 4 in our house and I'll be talking to them when the next one dies. By the way, I didn't get to this until now--2 years after I purchased the computer and it is the best decision I could have made. "

Helpful (1) Cool



"CPU Solutions has excelled at every step of our custom build. Carson F. Help us decide on a compatible suite of quality equipment. The ordering process was straight forward, the computer arrived on schedule in a well secured box. Computer started up with no problems and is beautiful and well constructed. I couldn't be more pleased and strongly recommend these folks for your next computer. I'd write a whole bunch more but other folks have had similar experiences and are much more eloquent than I. Too bad I can't give them 10 stars!!

Helpful Cool


Awesome computer from CPU Solutions!

"I purchased a CEPG-4610 windows computer about two weeks ago. (It's 02/20/17 today.) It is configured like this: CPU Solutions Core i7 6850K 6 Core X99 Chipset Gaming Desktop PC GTX 1080 w/8GB, 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM, 1000GB SSD, 2000GB HDD, Windows 10 Pro. The cost of it was about $2,700. I added a Dell S2417DG monitor to it, which has QHD resolution. I couldn't afford UHD. It's more computer than I need now, but my son ought to put it through its paces soon. And in the future, who knows? Maybe programs will need more computer than they need today (most likely). So I won't be stuck with an out-of-date computer like I was before.

Anyway, I really like this new computer. I would have to say it is awesome. And CPU Solution's customer service was fantastic. Carson Fulton (an employee of CPU Solutions) was able to answer all of my questions. And I had a quite a few questions.

We'll see how this computer does down the road, but I suspect it will keep purring along, like it is now.

Helpful Cool


2nd CPU Solutions computer in 2 years

"I've built custom computers before... Order all the parts and start building the machine. Something usually does not go as expected (Murphy's Law) and sometimes this can be VERY frustrating. For what I consider a very small cost the frustration is GONE and CPU Solutions is the solution.

This was my experience.

Started out with a Bare Bones desktop configuration in the $900 range, brought it up to a little over $2000 and I had EXACTLY what I wanted - an awesome, custom desktop -- within my budget. The Web interface was easy to use. You point and whatever you want in the machine is added. Is it compatible? Of course, the only hardware choices are "compatible" choices. You can't pick the wrong motherboard, memory or processor for your system -- it will work. To be clear you COULD put together a machine that might be more than you need or less than you need -- but it WILL work. If you're a gamer and you pick a motherboard with integrated graphics rather than an add-on graphics card you might be disappointed. If you are doing video editing and you don't understand what your hardware needs are, you might make some poor choices upgrading a Barebones system. However, CPU Solutions has preconfigured systems if you are not familiar with hardware requirements, you might be better off picking one of those pre-configured systems - designed for specific needs. However.... If you know what you want -- "rolling your own" might be the way to go.

Anyway, moving right along.......the "Solution" came in a nice big WELL PADDED box, the video card well protect with extra form fitting foam to keep it secure in the tower while it was shipped.


After removing the protective foam and plugging what needed to be plugged in - power cord, mouse, keyboard, and monitor, press the button and it will boot right up. The computer came total configured (you won't have to go through over a year of updates on Windows 10 - it's been done for you) with all the drivers for all the devices ready to go.

Communication via email with Todd was almost instantaneous and I had no problem reaching him (he's not a bot) on the phone. He was always professional but more importantly he helped me A LOT!

Payment through Amazon Pay was a little glitchy because I initially made a mistake but I was able to resolved it. Next time I will probably just use my credit card directly and skip the Amazon Pay procedure.

Overall CPU Solutions delivers a Great Solution for getting a custom computer.

Helpful Cool


i7 6950x Purchase

"I purchased the Pre-Configured Gamer PC Core I7 6900K up to 4.0GHz 8 Core with Windows 10 Pro, 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz RAM, 500GB SSD & 2TB HDD, GTX980Ti w/6GB and upgraded the processor to 6950x. I added my own RAM (128 GB). This computer is awesome, fast, stable and the customer service and delivery was great.

If you have the money to buy one of these computers from CPU Solutions, you should.

Helpful Cool


"Nice machine. Setup was very clean and it booted perfectly right out of the box. Although there was a minor issue with the illumination LED switch, Customer Service handled it speedily and with courtesy. I only mention this because you never know how good the customer service is until you need it. CPU Solutions has earned my appreciation and I will shop with them again.

Billy B.

Helpful Cool


" For all of you looking for a new PC CPUsolutions.com is the place to go.
They offer everything you could possibly need, Built on time and delivered to your door. I built a bunch of custom pc's on a number of different web sights and could not get exactly what I wanted until I stumble on PSUsolutions.com.
Check them out. you won't be disappointed. If I was in business I would have them build all my computers.
Oh and there Customer Service is excellent.

Helpful Cool


"Very good company in point:

1. Prices. Select all of your PC parts on Newegg and compare a similar build using CPU Solutions. My build was less then a $200 dollar difference with a complete 48 hour burn in. I have not been able to find a better price for a similar build, using the parts I choose, from another builder.
2. Quality build. All parts are as stated on the website. They build the PC, will flash bios, confirm compatibility of parts, burn in PC if selected as a build option and ship your computer in excellent packaging. I was very happy in how my PC came packaged. A box with padding, packed in a box with additional padding. Near bulletproof.
3. Communication. Call or email them. You will get a response quickly. Have a question, they will answer. Communication is as you expect from a small business, responsive and helpful.

Great company. My new go to for computers. Just please stay in business.

Helpful Cool


"After extensive searching for a reputable boutique computer builder I finally decided to go with CPU Solutions. This is not a mainstream company as some others and I really had to search hard to find these guys. What finally convinced me to go with them were the reviews I read here on Reseller Ratings. My application was not Gaming. I am a professional photographer that needs the processing power for large size image files while working with Photoshop as well as creating large DVD/Blu ray sideshows for my clients. My computer knowledge is probably on a scale of 6.5 out of ten. I built a prototype using their web site as to what I thought would work well for my needs. The configuration possibilities they offer are enormous, many times more than the major PC Builders. If they don't offer a particular component you want just call them and they will get it for you. So after I configured a system using their web site I sent the quote to them for evaluation. Within one day they responded and said all was a go. I then called and spoke to a sales person to have them answer a few questions related to the mother board, power supply, and SSD I had chosen. Within 15 minutes, based on my application, the sales person made recommendations that saved me over $150.00. Never have I had that happen before! So I placed the order on a Tuesday and received my new computer the following Monday. Packaging was excellent. All the additional cables left over from the power supply as well as mounting hardware for the cabinet were all packaged neatly and included. Documentation was good and DVD's for re-installation of drivers or software that may be needed if a problem should occur down the road . So what about the build quality? The first thing I did was to open up the case to remove the packaging inside the box which helps to prevent cable's from un plugging during the shipping process and looked at the wiring and layout. It was very professional and I was very satisfied. So what about the price? I did configure other systems with major companies and can verify that I got a lot more for what other companies could provide for the same price. When reviewing companies so many reviews are given within a day or two of having the product. I am writing this one month of having this computer and strenuously running programs that render large video presentations. Not one hiccup and it performs effortlessly. I am very pleased. Through out this process I felt like I was collaborating with friends building a system for my specific needs and not a company that was more interested in their profit margin. So if your considering a new computer no matter what your application is, please check these guys and girls out. They are the real deal!"

Helpful Cool


"This team has been just amazing. They answered all my questions, sent me 5 different quotes because I kept changing my mind on what I wanted. At the end of the day, I was very please with the professionalism and knowledge CPU Solutions offers. Their pricing is very affordable and the product they offer is 100% Top of the line. I saved an average of $1400 by going with them. Other companies here in California like KeyCode Media wanted $6000 more for a much slower and less powerful system. CPU Solutions staff spoke to me like a neighbor helping a neighbor attitude and not just another sale. I know that when I am ready to upgrade my system again, CPU Solutions is the right choice for my Post Production needs.?"

Helpful Cool


"Outstanding store. Generally, I build my PC's up from scratch, but this time I decided to get a bare bones cabinet with power supply and motherboard, etc. run up and tested.

The entire ordering process was perfect. I selected the components I wanted, CPU, memory, etc., etc. The configuration process was slick as their web site is very well designed.

The build up and testing was quick and efficient, and the system arrived in a surprisingly short period of time. And, the price was fair with an incredible range of components to select from.

I also had a technical question and they responded almost immediately.

I highly recommend CPU Solutions!

Helpful Cool

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