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Rating 2/10

No real response to my inquiry

"I have had one guy sell me the product (i wanted a specific version of a cd in which he told me exact one to order), he was knowledgeable so i ordered it. I received the wrong version of this CD. The guy this time didn't understand plain english, thinking I was thanking them for fast delivery(?). I followed up twice saying, I received the wrong product, and they have just ignored it. I guess they don't care once they got your $$$$ "

Rating 2/10

Sent DAMAGED book, refused refund! Worst customer service ever!

"Sent me a DAMAGED book, then refused to refund my money even though this was clearly their fault. Told me I had to ship the book back AT MY OWN EXPENSE for a store credit! A STORE CREDIT!! (Btw, do you have any idea how much it costs to ship a 3kg hardcover book from Germany to Japan?! Why am I supposed to pay for that with my own money?)
In other words: First they screw me over, then they tell me to buy EVEN MORE from them?! What a joke!
Avoid this shady, unprofessional scam store at all cost. Once you encounter a problem (such as a lost or damaged item), you are out of your money, period! I will never shop here ever again, and I advise you to do the same, unless you have money and time to waste.

Rating 2/10

Poorest customer service

"I've been trying to get my order for one month and they have just sent it today. They took their time to approve my credit card, and later they charged me and AFTER that they informed me that it was out of stock. Made me wait two more weeks with just "sorry" for an answer (and I even had to resend my mails to have any kind of answer) and no cancelling option. They took their time to answer (two days and more). They don't have any kind of complaint assistance so I can't write this anywhere but here, and of course I won't have any kind of retribution."

Rating 2/10

CD Japan cancelled my birthday order

"I was very disappointed that they rudely cancelled my birthday order. Pick a reputable store. It's worth the extra cost which is minimal. Nobody spoke enough english to understand that I approved the paypal increase in cost. I later bought the same love live set and got it sent in the same week."

Rating 2/10

"As a customer who has spent over 600,000 yen with them over the last 18 months, here's a summary of all the negative experiences I have encountered:

Case 1: Takes forever to respond to emails - if you need to ask anything, or change a pre-order, you need to follow up multiple times (3-4 times) before a rude / unhelpful and extremely short response... else the request would sit there forever... I have had a personal experience where a shipping change request simply sat there forever while the pre-order got shipped out without the requested changes. No follow up or apologies were ever provided... the request simply went into a black hole and never came back...

Case 2: CDJapan actioned the shipping request incorrectly (they even admitted they made a mistake) and it ended up costing me extra money. Again, the customer service was extremely slow, but also very rude & unapologetic, and no compensation was ever provided (even when requested)... Their mistake costed me extra $5000 Yen in shipping

Case 3: Although they request customers to fill in surveys, when you do provide useful and/or negative feedback, they will come back with very lame excuses in a very unapologetic / rude tone. They are usually so rude that you can't even blame it on their poor English. For example, rather than using the opportunity to follow up with me to ask why I have given them bad survey ratings, they literally very rudely asked me "why do you keep buying from us if you continue to rate us so badly?"...
Honestly, if there are options when it comes to limited figures, I can guarantee you I would always buy somewhere else rather than CDJapan.

Case 4: shipping over charge - the shipping cost is always A LOT higher than what the Japanese post office would charge (even when you factor in their package service / material) , and they have a silly rule where you can only ship 3 toy figures together via SAL, even if they are very small / very light figures.... i.e. where other suppliers [e.g. hlj.com] can ship the exact same figure collection together (with more than 3 figures), at less than 1000yen via SAL, cdjapan would force you to ship them separately, limited to 3 per SAL parcel at more than double or triple the cost! The points CdJapan offer is good but I am afraid it does not offset the overpriced shipping cost...

Rating 2/10

"I have been using Cd Japan for a a while and at first I did not have any problems with them but the last time I have ordered they have billed me twice for the same order . I have wrote to them about it and they said that they did not. I called to my bank and visa and asked them to look and check for me about the matter . After a short investigation they have found out that CD japan have billed me twice on the same day after they shipped me the parcel and it is evidently a double charge on their part. I wrote to CD japan back about the matter and advised them that they will have to deal with VISA representatives now to investigate into that . We will see what happens . My bank though gave me the money back right away , I have a good bank . Now I will see what this investigation will lead to but as I see it and obviously not only me , they double charged me . I will not order from them again . I would recommend amazon japan . "

Rating 2/10

"CD Japan used to be my go-to website for Japanese CD releases. For many years I bought many albums from them and never had any problems from them... until recently. I ordered a CD paying for tracked, insured international shipping to the UK as normal. When it didn't arrive on time I checked the tracking which said it had been delivered 2 days previously! Then began lengthy communications with the carrier ParcelForce who eventually admitted they had delivered it to a wrong address that the driver hadn't recorded. They updated the tracking to show the parcel was lost. None of this was CDJapan's fault, but as I had paid for an expensive postal service I expected their customer service to sort things out quickly and efficiently. I was wrong. As soon as I saw the original tracking entry I contacted CD Japan via email. It was then that I found out that it routinely takes them a week to reply to emails. However, this was an urgent matter as the CD I ordered was a limited edition and stock was selling fast. I was concerned that my copy was lost and that they wouldn't have another to send me. They ignored my plea for an urgent reply and during the period that I was chasing up ParcelForce I heard nothing from them. By the time I did, a week later, ParcelForce had admitted the parcel was lost. So I replied enclosing a snapshot of the tracking to prove that I would never receive the parcel. The reply I got was that they hoped ParcelForce would find it soon. After several more emails they finally said that there was nothing they could do until ParcelForce admitted to them that the parcel was lost and would guarantee a refund. They also said that ParcelForce were very slow and that they may never hear back from them! In other words it was unlikely I would get a refund. Needless to say I have closed my account and will be going elsewhere in future. I will try to get my money back from my credit card company but that, as you might imagine, is not easy either. If you buy off CD Japan just pray that nothing goes wrong!!"

Rating 4/10

"Not sure what's going on with CDJapan at the moment? I've been a customer of theirs for about 2-3 years and they have always been good to me in terms of how the items come, their shipping times have always been accurate and their customer service in general has always been prompt and understanding. While those points still stand I'm not sure if I'm feeling the time it takes for them to take my money out. To be honest with you, as I understand that CDJapan is not a company based in my country and I know transactions may take a while to process because of VISA and my bank, they never used to take up to a month after dispatch to take my money out and I would really prefer if they could shorten this time somehow because they have left me overdraft twice due to authorisations being taken out, put back in and then taken out again which I'm having a hard time understanding why this is happening. It's become a massive inconvenience now that is actually making me not to want to buy from them again as I know my money won't be juggled around elsewhere. Whether this is a VISA issue or not, it's strange that I am only getting this issue with CDJapan and nowhere else and I purchase from Japan regularly. Might need to start looking elsewhere..."

Rating 10/10

"I have purchased hundreds of high quality cds of classical american jazz artists from CDJAPAN. This company has a huge selection of rare and hard to find titles generally unavailable in the states or at a much higher price in the states. Prices are reasonable, even with shipping added. This seller adds bonus points redeemable as credit on every shipment. I have never had an issue with this seller. Meticulous attention to fulfillment and shipping. Shipping does take a long time, however. I highly recommend CDJAPAN and will continue shopping for American jazz recordings sadly not offered in the country that birthed the art form. "

Rating 10/10

"My first purchase was an excellent experience. Found a good selection of shm-sacd and shm-cds. Reasonable shipping price and time for snail-mail and undamaged product. Will try my luck again and order more CDs. Sorry that other customers have had unpleasant experience."

Rating 10/10

"Perfect, shipped fast and item in perfect conditions. They were the only one that had that item still in stock, I'm so happy!"

Rating 2/10

"Lied about item stock , takes weeks to ship out items . Contacted customer service during all this time and they kept saying they would ship it and still haven't. Looks like they changed my order status to "in shipping process" to shut me up , but it's been like that for days. Really cdjapan? Just freaking admit you don't have the item in stock."

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Rating 2/10

What horrible experiences I have got in not just one order.

"Part 1:

CDJapan really...one of the worst ever in dealing with its customers. Staff has much to learn and reflect...

Dishonest, untrustworthy, gives lame excuses, insensitive, unhelpful, unreliable, inefficient, irresponsible, takes customers (me at least) for granted, inconsiderate, insincere, careless, lacks initiative, cowards, disrespectful, unrepentant, unappreciative, what else...?

Definitely not recommended especially when one needs enquiries and when mistakes are in need to be solved. They claim that they take their customers seriously. What an understatement really! Time and again, they tested my patience. They even made/make it like it was/is my fault instead of realising and admitting their mistakes!

Seriously, laughable! They make it sound like they have already and always do their best. Sadly for them, they can't fool me especially the fact that I have mostly been in the service line. Also, I have clear, solid proof in exposing them.

Yes. CDJapan is from Japan. Japan! Can you believe it??

Part 2:

As I have expected, the people managing CDJapan are really such cowards (as I have mentioned before). They finally blocked me from posting and 'liking' their entries. My entries and comments were all removed. Perhaps for fear of letting others see their ugly sides.

This is a clear cut of people behaving like cowards - running away from problems instead of settling them properly with customers like me - having the refusal to realise their repeated mistakes - disregard feedbacks and complaints - even made it sound like it was my fault - basically they have wasted a lot of my precious time in trying my best to explain to them and stuff.

See what I mean here? I mean it is so easy to avoid problems like that. They are fine examples of failures when it comes to customer support. If they have treated me with respect in the first place, all these would not have happened. I think I was being too nice to them - my fault.

What used to be wonderful and happy shopping experiences now turns out to be me having to exercise caution whenever I need to shop at CDJapan.

Thank you for reading especially with an open mind.

Rating 4/10

"After many successful transactions over many years, CD Japan earlier this year sent me two CDs packaged in a format I'd never seen before: 8 in. x 8 in. cardboard sleeves. I emailed for a return authorization, and was questioned as to why I wanted to return the merch, even though I had already explained that in the request. After a couple weeks of no reply, I applied for a Paypal refund. They denied it, but it did prompt them to issue me a return authorization. I never received word that they received my package, no info about a refund, nothing. I had to pay $18 of my own money to return the CDs to them. I escalated my Paypal claim, and they (thankfully) reversed it and issued my refund (although I'm still short $18). I won't be doing business with CD Japan in future, sadly, because they obviously have no regard for even their most loyal customers. (Interestingly, before cancelling my account, I checked the status of my order, and CD Japan had completely removed all record of it from my order history.)"

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Rating 10/10

"This is my first time to make a purchase from CD Japan. Everything is nice, especially the packing they used. The only drawback of their service is the shipping charge which is on the high side. Other than this, I am more than happy to recommend CD Japan to you. "

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