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Took money and never sent item

"Purchased filters through this store on Amazon. They marked the order as cancelled and kept the money. I never cancelled the order. Amazon has escalated the complaint to get my money back from them. Buyer beware. Literally."

Helpful Cool


"should be taking items back if they have not been used no matter how long you have it not everyone can get to fixing thing right away when its ordered again never used"

Helpful Cool


Affordable and Fast

"I was a bit skeptical due to a few of the reviews, however, as indicated by the title of this review, I was pleasantly surprised! I ordered a garbage disposal splash guard on the 7th. It arrived on the 11th, it was the correct part, and it was $12 less than what the sears store wanted to charge me. The part is good quality and fit the disposal just perfectly. I will have no reservations purchasing parts from here in the future. "

Helpful Cool


"I purchased Part on Monday December 28th paid the extra $21.48 for two day fed ex shipping. It's now Wednesday December 30th 5:00 pm and I still do not have my part. Have not received a tracking number!!! Emailed the company because there is no phone number to call!!! And still have not heard anything from them!!! Good thing I paid with PayPal!! I will be getting my money back!!!"

Helpful Cool


"I have a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender and a jar has broken on the bottom. I wanted to replace it, though the blender itself is cheap, only $15, I was hoping that the jar would be even cheaper, but not that simple. Even the official Hamilton Beach website offered to replace my part at a discounted price of $11.29 (part, UPS Ground shipping, taxes). buy-it-now-store.com offered me the best price - $6.76 and free shipping. Replacement Jar Assembly came soon, it works and I'm happy!! Thank you!"

Helpful Cool


"Our Hamilton Beach Coffee Pot/Carafe was broken. This is one of the best coffee pots (HB 46201) and we were devastated. Upon looking at hamilton beach website we were horrified. Not only was the carafe ~$20 (the entire unit was ~$45) but shipping was double that price! So after searching everywhere we found it here, the Buy-It-Now-Store. I didn't look at the reviews (not my brightest moments) and just bought it for $17 free shipping! So thinking I got hacked or screwed...I was apprehensive.

We got the product 5 days later, no problems. Brand new carafe and it works wonderfully. Exactly what we needed.

Lesson: Don't believe everything that you read online.

Helpful Cool


"RIP OFF ALERT. YOU CAN BUY THE SAME ITEMS FROM OTHER STORES THAT WONT TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LAUGH AT YOU. This company is the biggest rip off. I ordered the exact part there web site said I needed and it came as the wrong part. They charged me original $14.95 shipping plus $4 extra for shipping they said and it cost me $14.95 to return the wrong part that they sent me in the first time. So in the long run it cost me $34 for the wrong part. And they refused to help me in any way. If this is not a scam I don't no one. They will ship the wrong part to some one else and make a killing on just shipping fees and keep getting there same merchandise back. They claimed I selected there expedited shipping in the beginning but I didn't be cause still waiting on other items on original order."

Helpful Cool


"I will never buy from this store again. I ordered replacement cooking grids from my Charbroil grill and just after 3 months they started to rust. The originals lasted a good 3 years before needing replaced. I sent 2 emails asking if they could be possibly be defective thus replaced and to this day I am still waiting for a reply. This store may have decent prices but what good is that when they refuse to stand behind what they sell. "

Helpful Cool


"Do not buy from this guy. I bought a generic heating element and 3 other replacement parts for my Whirlpool Duet dryer (although I only needed the element, figured best to replace all while it was open). Within a month's time after replacing, the dryer started having issues - getting real hot, than not hot at all, etc. A lot of good clothes got ruined. When I pulled the dryer apart and removed the element, it looked almost as if it had been on fire, the frame was heat warped, the lead wire busted off, and even the tube it goes into showed signs of heat trauma. I am very glad I id not have a fire (luckily I had vacuumed out all the lint, both in & out of the vent). When I emailed Mr. Wheeler with this info, I did not even get an "I'm sorry"! And of course, since it was outside his "30 days", he said "we will be unable to provide a replacement..."

I have emailed him back demanding a full refund or I may choose to pursue further.

DO NOT BUY FROM HIM. I should have checked him out first. My bad.

Helpful Cool


"First of all, this is NOT a paid review. I ordered a Cuisinart Gold Tone Permanent filter for my DCC-450 coffee maker. The price plus shipping (none) was the lowest I could find on the web. I placed my order on 6/5/13 and it arrived on 6/8/13. And it was the correct filter I ordered. I will certainly consider buying another from them. No complaints from me! "

Helpful Cool


"I don't believe that I've ever written a review before - however, I was so impressesed with my part order for a washer repair that I am compelled to do so. Order process easy - price Amazing! (about 1/2 of all competators) - Fex Ex shipping cost fair and timely delivery. Never heard of this company before but I will purchase many times in the future.

Helpful Cool


"I typed in the filter number for my Kenmore humidifier, and the Buy-It-Now-Store item at Amazon came up as a search result. I ordered the filter, and it arrived promptly. The box did not indicate that it was appropriate for my model humidifier, so I opened my machine and, indeed, it was the wrong size. I contacted Buy-It-Now and they told me how to return the item. Within the week they notified me that I would receive a credit from Amazon. I asked for a refund of my return shipping charges (as it was THEIR mistake), and was told that they do not reimburse shipping costs. Stay away from this vendor!!"

Helpful Cool


"I wished I had read the reviews before I ordered from these thieves. I ordered a replacement part for my Hoover Steam Vac. They charged me for the replacement part plus shipping, but sent me a different part which prices 52% less. Not only can I not use the part, I cannot receive the one I paid for because I did not contact them within 30 days. I should have opened the box immediately, but I didn't. I didn't need to clean the carpet at that time, but now with the holidays at hand I thought it'd be nice to have fresh clean carpeting.

Buy-It-Now-Store: "We do apologize for the error on our part. But unfortunately you have passed our 30-day mark of contacting us. We ask our customers to contact us within 30-days of ordering if there is something wrong with their order, this information can be found on our policy page. So unfortunately we will not be able to help you at this point."

Really? Come on now! I certainly understand policy and I also adhere to them. However, there's a time when good business practices should also play a part. Now that I have read the many reviews, it sounds like this is exactly how they conduct their business. This was a mistake that I (nor anyone I come in contact with) will never make again. Lesson: Don't do business with Thieves. Lesson Learned!.

Helpful Cool


"Ok. It's very easy to see the pattern here. The reviews are either 5 stars or 1 star. That only means one thing. The 1 star are real customers, and the 5 stars... well, you guessed it: They are paid for.
Now, I almost never write reviews because most of the times there are limitations on the number of characters to be used; and I like to explain everything in great details. Anyways, let's get to the point: As many of the previous customers that wrote reviews here, I also ordered an item from Buy-It-Now-Store.com through Amazon.
Guess what? I also received the wrong item... Get it! they do this to almost ALL their customers !!! If you have some time, PLEASE read the other reviews and you will find out that nobody complains about items of bad quality, or too expensive or bad customer service or shipping related issues. NO! the majority of the reviews are complains of customers who received a wrong item!
That makes sense right? That's the reason why there is no 2, 3 or 4 stars comments.
The item I received has nothing to do with the one I ordered, Not even the shape or size or color nothing !!! Come on Buy-It-Now-Store.com customers like me will never order anything from your store again if there is no improvement on the way these type of issues is handled.
If you are another customer who also happen to receive the WRONG item, please take some time and let these people know, post your comment. Otherwise they will keep doing it to those regular customers that trying to save some time and some extra bucks (ordering online) end up paying twice the price... That is not fair.
I bet you that to compensate for this 1 star comment, two more are going to be added right after mine with 5 stars...

Helpful Cool


"I Received the wrong kit/item. I Asked to exchange a part, but I was denied, and instead the only choice they gave me was to purchase additional parts. Ordering from this vendor was a mistake, It's too bad I didn't read the long list of negative feedback prior to purchasing... Next time I'll buy appliance parts from Sears Parts, GE Parts, or other reputable company."

Helpful Cool

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