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Rating 10/10

"First purchase for me, 1oz Gold and got it at the price I was hoping for. The process was painless, easy to go through with clear instructions on the way. This isn't going to knock the financial world off its axis, but I was riveted to the trade charts and got really excited!!
All I need now is for it to go up massively and I will retire on the proceeds.
Thanks to all at BV for allowing a small timer to play in the big game.

Rating 10/10

"I'm highly satisfied with the service. "

Rating 10/10

"Always very happy with BullionVault."

Rating 10/10

"Great place to buy and store gold bullion, withh multiple locations world-wide to choose from.
Easy-to-use site, ordering system. Easy to transfer ACH $$into your account with BullionVault, so no costs nor wait involved. Wonderful, prompt customer service to hand-hold you through joining, using, and understanding international gold investing.
(Jury's out as to effect on my IRS status, but that's not BullionVault's affair.)
I highly recommend them!

Rating 8/10

"easy to work with
fast update
Pity that in the account there is no special field to know my up-to-date investment.
To get this, I have to phone the company.

Is there any sense isn adding dealing in Platinum and/or palladium?

Rating 10/10

"Excellent service - friendly, efficient and economical. Very easy to use, and really helpful contacts. "

Rating 10/10

"Bullionvault was a refreshing experience in the world of banking and trading. Everything works as it should with a fantastic and simple online system. What sets Bullionvault apart though is the level of confidence I have in their business. Obviously when investing in a safe haven asset the first concern is the legitimacy of the holding organization. In this respect Bullionvault have built the trust of their users and the press with all the necessary checks in place. Whenever I've needed to speak to an adviser there is instantly a human at the other end of the phone ready to help. "

Rating 2/10

"BullionVault scammed me! The advertise clearly on there site buy 100$ of gold yet on homepage fail to say 4$ a month fee, And get this won't send you your gold. I believe don't have any gold just ripping of there clients. Been warned!"

Rating 10/10

"Activated an account, verified it, and funded it within 48 hours. It has an easy to use interface, and the one time I had a question regarding my account, the online chat support was swift, helpful, courteous, and in a refreshing change, literate as well."

Rating 2/10

"I would LOVE to know where to find such research, because I have searched the net and found nothing, with the exception of places like this, where people make reviews based on hearsay.

Lesson learned! No reviews is just as good as no reviews, because like anything else, trust needs to be earned!

I registered for this site using my real name and email address, to give validity to my experience.

I have had an account with this "business" for three months now. In this time I have wired money three times. Now when I say WIRED, I mean WIRED, so please do not question how the money was sent like their EXTREMELY unprofessional, so called "representatives" have EVERY time this situation has occurred.

WIRED has one definition. The sender goes to their bank IN PERSON, pays a fee to WIRE money directly from the senders account into another account. This takes no longer then 24 hours and today, with computers and ANY quality bank, takes as little as an hour. Since the bank you are required to wire money to is Bank of America, I seriously doubt the problem is the banks fault. When money is WIRED, it posts IMMEDIETELY to the senders account so please do not ask when the money posted to my account.

In all three situations, it has taken a minimum of 5 BUSINESS days for the money to be deposited into my BullionVault account. In the last situation, the Money was WIRED on 1/8/2012 and the last reply I received from this company was that they would deal with it on Monday. How convenient when the price of all the metals they deal in have risen dramatically. In every situation I have gotten the absolute most unprofessional responses from their “staff”(I can't even refer to them as “customer service”). They treat you like you are a child, they do nothing but give you the run around and they love to delay things further by taking advantage of the time zone difference between the US and the UK, where they actually operate. The fact that they operate in the UK is THE primary reason why you should not deal with this company and should only deal with a US company.

Like others, I have not had any problems once they actually acknowledge that they have your money, but having delays on EVERY deposit, with no acceptable explanation except to blame it on the banks, when this problem never occurs with a US company, is a clear sign that this is NOT an uncommon practice. Seeing just one other person having the same problem is enough for me to also say that this is not uncommon.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you avoid this company at all costs. When it comes down to it, there are no advantages to dealing with a company such as this and there are PLENTY of disadvantages.

When it comes to investing your hard earned dollars and you do not find any reviews positive OR negative, be very very cautious as no good news should be assumed to be good news. When it comes to a company that doesn't even operate in the US where our laws protect us, I would recommend not using them at all, because there are many companies like these that take advantage of the trust we Americans have in the laws that protect us here in the US that don't elsewhere. If you are a metal investor to avoid what may happen if a system fails, then I would NOT trust this company because if a system failed, their system would DEFINITELY fail and the money you invested to protect yourself will be gone!(For you anyway)

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Rating 10/10

"If it didn't exist, it would have to be reinvented - BullionVault.com is a thoroughly well-researched, well set-up site for buying real gold bullion without the hassle of purchasing and storing over-priced gold coins or biting your nails about gold stocks. You learn everything from the site, and they give you a free gram of gold - stroke of genius - for you to trade with and make your beginner's mistakes before you hazard your own wealth.

The best thing about it is that you can buy your gold gram by gram, and before you know it you have an ounce - and it's real, parts of real gold 'good for delivery bars' that are stored in real vaults in London, New York and Zürich, and the monthly charge you pay is about the price of one beer.

Don't judge this site by the experience of a failing US bank - as a European I use the well-tried system of SWIFT wire transfers, and it all works like clockwork - if you want it overnight, you pay a bit extra. It takes time to set up your ID and paying in/out bank account because BV is very very careful about fraud. No money-laundering either - all transactions and dealing is absolutely transparent, and I can follow this on my mobile phone.

There are useful daily reports and fascinating articles on the money world by reputed experts for those who are interested - if you just want to see the daily gold prices in real time in easy-to-understand chart form, it's all there!

Rating 4/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"BuillionVault.com is good, but BIG problems with "BILL PAY" funding!!!
I've been reading about the fast falling US dollar & the very possible total collapse of our economy?!
I decided to put some modest funds into very safe gold. (No interest, but my BV gold is already up $60!). This was "risk capital", but I felt the US economy was a BIGGER risk?!

Which form of gold?-
The EFT's/gold stocks...- are maybe no good if Wall Street fails...?!
US & GBR banks are possibly NOT a good place to store, if their govts fail...(& HIGH storage fees/HASSLE!)!
I tried buying gold coins during the 90's scare...- and that was a "COSTLY/HASSLE!"!
Storing gold "at home..."- is "NOT SAFE"...!

Gold stored SAFELY..., seemed to be the best... for me?! But How...?-
I did LOTS of online research, and decided that BullionVault.com was the cheapest/safest... place to buy gold bullion (.1gm shares- you can physically redeem...)!
You physically buy/own secure gold bullion & they store it SAFE for you/ very low fees!
1. I feel BV has the lowest transaction/storage fees & safest of all the Bullion Traders, I found... (BY FAR!, & the more you buy- even much lower fees!). NO, I don't own their stock! :o)
2. I opted to buy/store my bullion in BV's SUPER SAFE/insured/daily aduited.../independent Zurich Switzerland privately owned secure Storage Vault. Not a regular bank, that can fail...?!

There was a "learning curve/confusion..." for me associated with their "fast" bidding/trading on-line (very similar to trading stocks online, but you make a bid/offer..., and wait (watch closely!)!
BV's Market board/bidding..., took me awhile to figure out!?
I "strongly" suggest that you start with some "very small" transactions... (I had some small surprises...?- that luckily turned out very good)!
Review their "email contracts!", "closely"!!!

BUT, BEWARE!!!!- Funding with their Bill Pay, was VERY SLOW & confusing..., to set up by BV's "confirmed" settings! THIS FUNDING WAS "BAD" for me!
1. My first LARGE deposit got mishandled... by BV's USA BOA (Bank of America), and took a month to get to BV (I lost "BIG BUCKS" in interest...!)!
2. Changed settings again- Pre-confirmed by BVs upper management & tried again with a SMALL $10 Bill PAY check deposit??? GOT LOST!- PHEW!
a. Records show BOA received on 4/17/07 & cashed Bill Pay's check, and received funds. NEVER GOT TO BV!
b. MANY emails to BV's upper mgt- submitted photo copies, of BOTH SIDES of cashed check...!
c. 6/29/07- BOA was UNABLE to trace deposit! It's in "NEVER NEVER..." land!!!- I'm very sorry our bank has been unable to trace this payment, I'm afraid the only thing for it is ask your bank to start a trace from their end...
1. My bank ALREADY did a trace way back (I emailed evidence to BV, including photo copy of BOTH sides of cashed check!), and official records show BOA cashed their Bill Pay check & official records to show they received funds!
BOA claims to have no record of the BV funding account number, supplied/confirmed on their web site!
BV manager was also unable to get response from BOA!

Wire transfer would have been cheaper/faster & MORE SECURE (bottom line!)!

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