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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.75/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Nothing but thief’s!

"I had to do a charge back because they sent me bad ammo it would not even fire I paid for 4 boxes of ammo only got 2 it was horrible they would not help at all I do not recommend shopping here!"

Helpful Cool


I am very happy with my orders going to shop even more here

" Ordered 1000 rounds for my nine Got it within three or four days no issues was very happy very professional and easy for me to track my package and everything I just ordered 500 rounds for my rifle and I’m going to keep ordering from them thumbs up"

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Sent the wrong thing...

"I ordered 1000 rounds of Sellier & Bellot 140g; They sent much cheaper Lawman 147g- There's about an $80 difference from what I paid for, and what they sent- Pack slip is right; the product is wrong- What makes this even worse is this junk ammo doesn't feed- I'll buy from someone else from now on-"

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Unwilling to Make it Right

"On the website they advertised a can of 500 rounds of .308, but they sent me 7.62x51. I had to drive 30 miles out of my way to get to a Fedex center which accepted hazardous material in order to return it. In the meantime I moved to a new state and could no longer have ammo delivered to my door. Rather than compensate me in any way for the extra trouble I would go through to receive the product I originally ordered, Bulkammo would only give me a store credit for the ammo I originally tried to purchase (which did not include shipping costs and tax). "

Helpful Cool


Lazy customer service

"Their system screwed up my shipping information on a large order. It was sending the shipment to a location
that I couldnt receive it from. I called them and they told me to call the shipping carrier. The shipping carrier informed me
that BulkAmmo had the only authority to change shipping. A guy named Mark (reminds me of Will Hayden from Red Jacket) gave me every reason why he couldnt help me. He never said the phrase "let me see what I can do". I even offered to pay them to change the shipping address but this Mark guy told me the best way to save money is to drive an hour to the carrier location to pick it while the location opens at the same time I go to work and closes well before Im done for the day. Save me money? I own and operate a gun shop. Thats how you lose money. Well guess what, Bulk Ammo? Thats all it takes to lose business. I know you dont care, anyway. You got your money and you wont even refund it. They can only give store credit.

Helpful Cool


Will purchase again

"I was probably a pain in the **** customer because I called a few times before and after my order. They filled it very quick and it got here unusually fast. The prices were lower than most and comparable to the rest. I did a lot of research on prices before I purchased. They were always friendly and very helpful! Next time I'm buying ammo which hopefully will be soon I will definitely come back and purchase again from them. If there was one thing I would change it would be as others as stated to be able to read what other people said about the product period I can find that other places so that's minor"

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Any discount in the ammo prices are offset by the massive shipping charges.

"I will say they get the ammo order to you quick and it was boxed very well but the prices they have for shipping kill any discount on the ammo. My last order was about $924.00 worth of ammo and will be my last with Bulk Ammo. For what they charge on shipping on things like insurance you can find at cheaper please like Sportsman Guide. They charge .99 cents for insurance (No questions asked) Nickle and dimming on shipping is a very weak way to collect the loss on your sale prices. Keep your ammo to many options out there. $91.00 dollars for shipping to Arizona (almost 10% of the order) Until they charge this poor business practice I am done with them. "

Helpful Cool



"First time ordering from bulk ammo. I was very nervous because of the reviews I've seen but I gave it a try anyway and I was very happy with the transaction. I bought 500 10mm bullets (Remington). Very quick process I order the bullets Friday night around 9pm. I was surprised they sent my order to fed ex the next day and I received the ammo a couple days later....Great Service...Great Prices...and Great Ammo!!! Definitely gonna order again!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


"Fast delivery.
Best prices.
Quality packing and shipping.
Service-oriented customer representatives.

Helpful (1) Cool


"I ordered over $1,000.00 in ammo (not hard to do these days). I received my order in 3 boxes. 2 arrived intact. The other box with 1,000 rounds was improperly packed and arrived with boxes open and shells at the bottom. I sent them photos of the box and asked them to send another box and pick up the broken one. First they blamed the shipper then they blamed me for not upgrading the shipping. Then they offered me $10.00 dollars off my next purchase of $100.00 or more. I then asked them for a return authorization for a refund. To that they responded by asking me to count the rounds to determine if they were all there. I suggested that they count the rounds themselves and then send me a refund. They refused a refund. "

Helpful Cool


"Slow shipping, terrible service. My order took 10 days to receive. Customer service very rude when I emailed. Customer service offered no new information when I questioned shipping time. Prices just ok. I would recommend shopping elsewhere. "

Helpful Cool


"Don't really write too many reviews so I will keep this brief and to the point.
I needed to buy ammo as I planned on going to the range Friday, April 10 2015. Most places were charging $8.97 for American Eagle 223. That would mean for 500 rounds I would be paying $237 with tax. As I am trying to shoot on a budget I wanted to see if I could find cheaper prices elsewhere. I was familiar with such sites as "bulkammo.com" and even "sgammo.com". Prices at sgammo were a little more competitive, but they seemed to be out of stock on much of the ammo I wanted. So I ended up going with bulk ammo.

Now that you know my story I will tell you about my experience. I saw that some people were complaining about the shipping speed of the site, so I was a little skeptical. I saw that there was same day shipping if you ordered 2pm central time, so I hurried and placed my order (500 rounds of M193). I received a generic thank you letter, then an hour later received my shipping info. I was generally impressed with the speed of the business. After I got a notification that FedEx had picked up my package, I tracked my package to see that everything was in order. I was expecting about 4 days for shipping, but my order was expected to come by Wednesday. So props to them on fast processing speeds.

So having received my package today, there isn't too much, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Absolutely no holes/dents/dings/etc. on the package. It didn't seem like it had been tampered with and upon opening all 500 rounds or rather 25 boxes were there.

Overall I am greatly impressed with bulkammo.com and they have assured that I will be ordering from them again. I just wish all the XM855's weren't so expensive. Hopefully the prices drop soon...


Helpful Cool


"Good service, good prices. No games. They have in stock what is shown on their WEB site and ship it out promptly. I will certainly do business with them again."

Helpful Cool


"First time buyer from bulkammo and NOT impressed!

I bought 1000 rounds of S&W .40 180gr fmj by MIB. Paid $600 or $0.60/round. The day after I received my ammo, I go to their website to write a review and the same ammo is $495. Two emails to customer service received prompt, but sol replies. Further, in posting my review to their website (1* for bargain) my review hasn't been posted as comments are "moderated" and clearly not published unless positive.

So first experience not impressed at all. Watch average price of rounds. Local store sells new .40 rounds for $0.40/round but they fly off shelf. I paid $0.60/round and from same source, price dropped next day to $0.50/round......keep in mind this is for reloaded!

Bulk ammo doesn't always mean the cheapest. Even same ammo from same source day to day!

Helpful Cool


"Ammo is hard to get hold of these days and so after countless trips to Walmarts I decided to reach out to a website. I placed an order and was surprised with how easy it was to order the ever hard to find ammo. So surprised I panicked a few days later when I didn't have my confirmation letter.
I got into a chat within less than a minute and they were able to look up all my order info. They found I had given them the wrong e-mail address corrected it and showed me the shipment was already on the truck out for delivery.
I was so happy I went looking for a place to sing their praises.

Helpful Cool

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