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Product & services pricing 2.95/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.67/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.08/10
Customer service: 2.08/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.88/10
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"Sorry, these things happen"

"Paid $153 for a small light fixture and received a used, damaged, parts missing piece of junk. Having to a week for replacement. The box was old with three layers of tape on it. Asked for compension, none given. They ****.


Helpful Cool


Horrible Experience

"I am remodeling my kitchen and have chosen to go with a Kohler sink. I ordered one from Build.com, as they said they had 2 in stock. This particular sink has been hard to find because of a fire at the Kohler manufacturing plant. So I waited on hold for 30 minutes to speak to a Build.com associate to confirm that they really did in fact have two, and that it would be definitely shipping the next day. He ASSURED me, that yes they did physically have my sink and it would be leaving the warehouse the next day. I explained to him that I have had this happen before, where someone says they have it in stock, to only be told after I have purchased it, that it is delayed. So, this morning, I check the status and it says it was still processing. So I call in, waited on hold again for 30 minutes. While I am on hold, they play a message stating customer satisfaction is their top priority. I definitely didn't feel like a priority waiting for 30 minutes. When I finally got someone, my suspicion was proven correct, that they did not in fact have the sink, and that the new shipping date was going to be May 30th. This is the most stressful and frustrating situation I have ever had with buying online and I will never use Build.com again! "

Helpful Cool


Lousy customer service

"Build.com has the worst service or 0 service. We ordered all bathrooms fixtures etc. from them but the delivery time was delayed time after time. Order was place since Jan and we are still missing a sink. After 100 over emails and lots of long waiting calls problem still not resolved. The sink broke before reaching us and we were never notified. We have to do all the tracking and when we call the customer service said there is nothing they can do. They can't even expedite a replacement since it was ordered in Jan. No compensation when we have to suffer costs of construction delay and resourcing of a new sink. We will never order from them again. Prices are very competitive, everywhere is about the same price. There is really no trade discount for designers anyway. "

Helpful Cool


Bait & switch, dishonest business

"I am a project manager for an interior design company, and free lancer for a wellknown consumer organization. I was sceptical ordering after seeing all the negative reviews. I voiced this in a pm thru FB and a rep, Mr. Storm Martinez. After speaking with the rep, I tried ordering a fridge and decided if that went ok I was ordering 3 other appliances for 2 beach condos. The fridge sales price was $2875. My online order failed, and in an error msg, it said to call. After 2 days back & forth, where Mr. Martinez was to send me an offer on all, he informed me Samsung raised their prices and the fridge now costs $3375!! This company has a very dishonest business approach. I have spoken to my editor and we intend to expose some of their practices. I suggest to avoid, read trustpilot reviews, google etc. and see for yourself."

Helpful Cool


Don’t do it!! Shop somewhere else...anywhere else!!!

"This company has zero customer service, have had several issues and they are still unresolved. If you are not a contractor they do not care if you are satisfied even though they messed up..."

Helpful Cool


No Response

"Said they would follow up with 24 to 48 hours with my replacement parts. Nearly 90 hours later and have heard nothing from them. "

Helpful Cool


Fast delivery, exactly what I ordered, not available locally

"My first experience with Build.com was pretty phenomenal. I was looking for doorknobs and found that Build had some that I could not get locally. One was out of stock, so I expected a delay. The first batch arrived two days later (Tennessee) and the back order arrived the next day. I really expected to wait at least a week for the first delivery and hoped the back order would not be too long. Really nice surprise!"

Helpful Cool



"I would have given them ZERO stars, but I had no choice but to give them one star.

I have never experienced anything close to the fraudulent interaction I had with Build.com yesterday.

I would consider myself an educated consumer and order a lot of merchandise online, and I can tell you that Build.com is by far the worst online company with the worst cancellation and refund practices I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Now that I have done my research (I should have looked them up BEFORE I got tangled up with them), I see that Build.com has thousands of complaints against them and one of the worst online company ratings I have ever seen.

They tout themselves as a website for builders, but in reality, they are in the business of ripping people off.

I also noticed after my unfortunate dealings with them, that they have no cancellation policy. I am assuming thats because they make it nearly impossible for unsuspecting customers to cancel their orders.

I am hoping to get a full refund of the $1,970.11 they fraudulently charged me. But regardless of what Build.com decides to do, I was luckily able to dispute the charge through my credit card company.

Build.com lied about delivery and then lied about the order being processed a half an hour after I placed it, even though I was sent an email letting me know that the order would not be delivered until 3/5/18, despite their promise that the delivery would be received on 2/9/18.

Build.com is nothing more than liars, who deceptively and purposefully engage in fraudulent business practices.

Until I receive a full refund, I have decided to spend my entire day and days until my refund is posted, sending out bad reviews about Build.com.

DO NOT order anything from Build.com unless you are prepared for nothing but aggravation. And be aware that canceling orders once they are placed is all but impossible.

From the reviews (all really bad) that I have seen on BBB, this is their modus operandi.

In many of the online complaints, I see that their business practice is to give people an extremely hard time canceling orders, even if it is immediately after ordering, as was my unfortunate experience. And getting a refund is also near impossible, so good luck.

You should also be careful when ordering on Amazon that Build.com is not the seller.

From what I've read, they they find a way to rip people off through Amazon as well.

Helpful Cool


Previously installed and damaged refrigerator

"I purchased a Summit brand beverage refrigerator for our bar for over $800 and opened the package to find it had been previously installed and the bottom of the unit had significant damage. The door couldn’t be installed because of all of the twisted metal and Build.com and Summit both refused to cover the product. I’ve filed suit against them here in local small claims court and we are awaiting the trial date. They have fantastic TV marketing and horrible service after the sale. Buyer beware!
J Bean, TX

Helpful Cool


Crappy Customer Service + Never Received Product on Promised Delivery Date

"Package got lost in transit and I will have no use for the product after today.
They will not refund my money.

Customer service is horrible.
It was my first and last time using Build.com.

Helpful Cool



"I purchased a Kohler bathtub along with its overflow bath drain. Delivery was set for a specified date and time range. Driver of freight delivery called in 2 hours EARLIER than the arranged time appointment and never came back to make the delivery. I waited all day expecting another attempt for freight to be delivered on the time slot promised. I was on the phone all day with representatives from both Build.com and from their freight delivery partner, A. Duie Pyle, trying to find out the delivery status only to be told AT THE END OF THE DAY that a delivery needs to be rescheduled. I made several complaints including one to the Office of the President at Build.com that proudly claims in their website,"My employees are empowered to handle anything to ensure every customer's satisfaction.” This is a supposed quote from the former president, Mr.Friedland, that is now a borrowed "copy and paste" cheap quote for the current president, Mr. Wheeler.

On the rescheduled delivery, one of the packages came all destroyed (box all opened and squashed with pieces of the merchandise all over the loading truck). I sent another follow up email with picture to the Office of President only to be met with the same apologies and promises to bring this issue up to the appropriate parties. There seems to be a lack of value and acknowledgement of customer’s time. The absence of any kind of compensation offered for time lost and lack of service in delivering product and packaging in good shape clearly speak volumes to negligence and affront to customer service.

Helpful Cool



"I ordered one bathtub off of this site. The transport company wanted to leave it on a busy highway shoulder. They said they could not get into my driveway. The next experience was, I was ordering a bathtub for $806.06. My husband was waiting on a 5% off coupon. So I decided to do an online chat. The minute the rep went into my cart, the price went up to $931. I asked what was going on, their response was "Our competitors prices went up". So in the 3 minutes we chatted and the item was in my cart. You raise it over $100. I can not do business with a company that treats their customers this way! BEWARE!!"

Helpful Cool


The have nearly $6000 of our money and won’t refund

"I went back and forth about a refrigerator I wanted and was reassured it was in stock and more coming in. So we wired nearly $6k and they received it in 24 hrs. Two days later I inquired about shipping and THEN we were informed that the refrigerator was not available. The order was canceled and we have been promised a refund. It’s now been 3 weeks and we have not received a penny back. I’m reading all these reviews and my heart is sinking. It’s just after Christmas and that money not being available for us to get a working fridge has been devastating.

I had a few good experiences with this company so I’m very saddened to have to be in this situation where I have to write bad reviews. All we want is our money back so we can purchase a refrigerator.

Helpful Cool


Oh our site must not be up to date

"Ordered a Cadet heater and thermostat on 12/13/2017 with site indicating 20 in stock. I received an email after processing the order that it would be shipped by 12/18/2017. On 12/15 I receive an email saying there is going to be a delay and the product will not be shipped until January 26, 2018. Customer service representative said oh our site must not be up to date or our shippers are backed up. I don't think you cant get any faster from anyone else anyway. "

Helpful Cool


Stands behind their advice and products

"Spent over $10,000 on plumbing and lighting with Build for a complete renovation of a house (taken down to the studs). I had to order all of the plumbing fixtures early in the process so the contractor could have the necessary rough in boxes and materials. This early ordering was on the advice of Build as there was a risk the fixtures that I needed and would go with the rough in boxes may be discontinued or out of stock later. 9 months later the fixtures were actually installed. One of the tub spouts was 3/4" and should have been 1/2" to match the mixer purchased at the same time. This tub spout was purchased in reliance on the advice of Build. Build agreed to make an exception to its return policy even though this was technically outside of their timeline for returns."

Helpful Cool

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