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Rating 2/10

Hostile Employees, No one in Charge, Play in the Store, Shop somewhere else

"I purchased an iPhone battery here less than a year ago. It worked great at first and then stopped completely. When I purchased the battery I was told it was great and if it stopped working at any time bring it in for a refund or replacement. A few months ago I took it to the store they told me it came with a phone case, which it did, and I needed to return the case with the battery so they could return the entire thing to the manufacturer. I was told again, "don't worry, you will get a refund or replacement when you find the missing case." I finally found the case a week ago. I took it in this evening.

I spoke first to ANTHONY and explained the situation. He said he needed to get "his manager". Manager 1, TRISTAN, comes over. He says they no longer carry the battery and the price in the register is 99 cents. No, I do not have a receipt. Everyone I previously spoke to said I did not need one. He then says he needs to get "his manager". Manager 2, AMY, comes over. After she repeats everything I already hear she tells me to call corporate and give them my credit card, they can look up what I paid. For some reason, they cannot do what Target can. So now, I am supposed to spend who knows how long on the phone trying to speak to a human to, maybe, get some money back. I had already told them I paid no more than $20. She said they could give me another 99 cent battery, not an iPhone battery. Seriously! All three were absolutely useless and had no personality or idea of how to talk to a customer. That upset me more than the broken $20 battery.

At no time did they say, "Hey, we do not guarantee or honor the refund or replacement that we had when you bought the item." I thought it was a great thing Brookstone had. I know if I bought it at another store and it broke without the receipt I would not get anything. But this was Brookstone and these sales people, calling themselves "Managers", were useless. OR, how about, "Sorry, I cannot help you." That was not a word in their vocabulary. Just stupid blank stares, "Call Corporate." Oh, yes, I am calling Corporate.

I finally told AMY she could throw the battery in the garbage. I left the store and realized I should YELP this experience so I returned and asked them for their names so I could YELP this experience. That is when ANTHONY became very nasty. "Go ahead, YELP US!" as I walked out. He followed me to the door taunting me like a child, repeatedly, "Have a nice night? YELP us!" I turned around to find him in my face. I turned on my video camera on my phone and told him to say it again. By that time AMY and TRISTAN were there also. TRISTAN had the good sense to get out of the photo. AMY stood buy "her employee" as he refused to repeat what he had just said to me. Because now, he knew if his real manager saw his behavior, he might be in trouble.

My husband told AMY to have her employee, ANTONY, back away from me. She would not. I asked AMY who was her manager, she refused to tell me. She insisted she was the manager. I asked who was the store manager. She refused to tell me and told me to leave the store. I have all of this on video. I should have recorded the nonsense they told me about the battery earlier. Clearly, there was no real manager there tonight. Such a shame for a store like Brookstone.

Moral of the story. Brookstone is a fun place to visit. Don't buy anything that you want to last. Don't believe their guarantee. Don't believe they will be nice or helpful if you have a problem. They won't, they were not. They were rude.

Rating 2/10

Pathetic excuse for a retailer

"Don't believe it when they say the have it in stock and don't hold your breathe waiting on information or a resolution to an issue. I made an order ( my first with this company) on 05/02/17 for what was supposed to be an in stock item. I called their customer service on 05/10/17 to find out why I'd not received a tracking number or the item. The person I spoke to said the item showed shipped on 05/04/17 but no tracking information was available. She told me someone would contact me by the end of the day. I called them back at 6pm to again request information and to point out that nobody contacted me as promised. This person checked on my order then told me the first person should have told me it takes 24 hours for a reply and that I would "without fail" hear from someone on the morning of 05/11/17. I warned the person I was speaking to that if they failed to contact me again I would have to cancel the order and find it elsewhere. They assured me I'd hear from someone before noon. ::sigh::: I called them at exactly Noon on 05/11/17 since nobody had contacted me......again. This third person checked on my order. When she came back she sounded confused as she told me the order showed cancelled and asked if anyone had contacted me. Of course I said no and as politely as I could under the circumstances (since she was not personally to blame for the poor first experience with Brookstone) I let her know I would cancel the credit card transaction and asked her to forward to the people she reports to about the pathetic first transaction I experienced with this company. In summary, it's my belief that this company is yet another online vendor that shows inventory they don't have. That's compounded with a customer service phone center that doesn't have the ability to contact anyone in the organization with the power to supply an immediate answer to an issue, AND the person(s) contacted by the customer service phone center has no interest whatsoever in either replying to the query nor contacting the customer about the issue personally. 9 days after I order I found out it was never shipped and had been cancelled. Completely unacceptable."

Rating 2/10

Items ordered never shipped, Brookstone did not follow through

"I placed an phone order with Brookstone prior to Christmas 2016. The order was placed by phone because their website cannot accommodate the use of more than one gift card as payment. In addition I paid the balance with a credit card. The representative who took my order did not indicate that stock was no longer available and in fact the email confirmation I received showed that all items were preparing for shipment. 2 of the items never shipped. I received no communication from Brookstone.

My first inquiry as to the shipment of these items was ignored. My second, sent through their website received a canned response about items no longer available either had not been charged or if they had I would receive a credit card adjustment.

I have received no credit card adjustment and the balance on the gift cards that I used show $0. My subsequent response to them via email was ignored. I have called their consumer help phone line and been told that the entire refund was sent to me on another gift card but I have never received this card. Also, they did charge my credit card for part of the order and I believe that should have been refunded prior to issuing a gift card. I do not want a gift card as I will never deal with this company again.

Rating 2/10

Buyer Beware

"If you live in canada i suggest you never do business with the US company Brookstone because if you have a problem with your purchase you are going to get the run around. I bought a massager for $226 it stopped working , called to arrange a refund, six weeks later nothing. Called in and was told that the refund was coming through Borderfree who handles their Canadian orders apparently. I was told to call Borderfree at a long distance number! I said no, you call them and speak to them, i did business with you. After a few minutes listening to customer care robotic babble I asked to speak to a manager who repeated the same babble using slightly better vocabulary. Even though upon purchase i was told if there were any issues with the product i had a year to return it. I ended the call and minutes later got an email from Borderfree, What a Coincidence saying they had refunded me $10.49 from my $226 order. LMAO!! I called back and told a supervisor called Lauren (ex 6825) rude, arrogant and clearly hired to cover Brookstone's ar**. I told her what i thought of my Brookstone experience then promptly called Paypal who fortunately for me was my method of payment. I opened a dispute to get my money back and filed a complaint against the lying, thieving Brookstone. BUYER BEWARE."

Rating 2/10

3 weeks for delivery and no information

"So I ordered a product on Dec 2nd for Christmas. Well after 4 days I called as I hadn't received any information about it shipping. They told me it wouldn't be shipping out until Dec 23! So it wouldn't even be here for Christmas.

Really?...why wouldn't you notify your customers? It is obviously a Christmas present. I hate ordering from Amazon, but at least you get the product in a decent amount of time. I paid the same price on Amazon, but guaranteed in two days.

Never again Brookstone.

Rating 2/10

Too bad zero stars isn't possible.

"Everyone else here is telling the truth and that is that Brookstone doesn't stock anything. Their "in stock and ready to ship" notice that they put on products is only there so you'll submit your order. I've been waiting over two weeks now for an item that was supposedly in stock... no shipping notifications, tracking numbers or changes in the order status screen since I ordered.

We called them and it sounded the person we talked to made a story up on the spot. It was something like, "Um, yeah, that's an, um... specialty item... and, um, well... those come from a special warehouse, and, well... Tuesday. Yeah, it'll ship nest Tuesday, and you'll get it a while after that. That's all the info I have."

What a joke.

If we don't get a shipment notice on Tuesday, we're canceling our order. If we get the runaround, we're contacting our credit card company.

Rating 2/10

They decided to cancel my product, just because.....

"The reason was because i used a coupon,

So they decided to cancel.
And never told me! I had to track it down 10 days later and to call and to be told that it was canceled.

way to go Brookstone. You lost 1 potential costumer, and for a good reason.

Rating 2/10

I would not recommend anyone buys any Brookstone electronics as there is no real support and long term commitment.

"On Dec 7 2013 I bought a iConvert Scanner for iPad from Brookstone with a 2 year replacement plan. When we received it it was clear this was for the older generation iPad since it had the old connector The Buffalo store in Walden gallery replaced it with a Brookstone wifi model. I have never had it work 100% When I mentioned the infrequent performance to Brookstone "support" the blame was placed on the instability of the APP and iOS 8 with the attached Lately they have asked me to call the warranty company but I do not have the paperwork of the exchange. It seems that Brookstone products are warrantied to work with a specific app and iOS version and if Apple ver upgrades we are SOL.

I would not recommend anyone buys any Brookstone electronics as there is no real support and long term commitment.

Rating 2/10

Check inventory before you email !!

"I decided to order an ice cream maker for my wife's mother's day gift. After checking out several sites, i was happy with brookstone. Placed an order on April 27th, then on May 2nd i received an email confirming the shipment was on its way. Today (May 6th) got another email saying sorry but this item is not available. What!?!?. Did my ice cream maker vanish into thin air??? . This was my first order with brookstone and unfortunately it will be my last. Don't know if this happens often with this company, if it does maybe they should consider changing their name to "Broke"stone."

Rating 2/10

Zero Stars Most Represents This Company's Customer Service, Return Policy and Integrity

"Sent wrong product. After 11 days of calls and emails they finally tell me the best they can do is that I have to go ten miles to another town to return it by UPS. They can't possibly send UPS pick up to my home, nor were they capable of generating a new order for the correct product until 11 days after the first one arrived. When pressed about what they might do to offset their mistake they thought I"d appreciate a $10 gift card to Brookstone. I said, sorry, I'll never be buying anything from you again, at least refund $10 to my credit card to make up for me having to take an hour out of work going to UPS. Should have read online reviews which all say they are incompetent this experience is common. "

Rating 2/10

at least they wrote on the Box that the Item I bought was broken garbage

"I bought a BB8 as a birthday gift for my husband. it came, I had to pay a whole lot of tax to the UPS guy. unfortunately, I didn´t check the box BEFORE i paid. the bb8 was USED, cable was missing and on the box was written "unable to control or use". very nice. now they finally refunded me, but "of course" only the price of the BB8 i paid. although one of the customer ladies promised me to refund also the tax. I have it in writing. but that was just a lie. the TAX, € 46.- is the price for my own stupidity in buying at this terrible store BEFORE reading all the very bad reviews. don´t buy there. "

Rating 2/10

Boca wrangling

"Went to Brookstone store at Boca Raton TownCenter Mall to exchange a defective massager. I was treated by the manager as if I was a criminal. The unit was defective but I was questioned with a "what are you trying to pull" attitude. Horrible customer service. I doubt I'll ever purchase another item from Brookstone. "

Rating 2/10

Billing services, Customer complaint resolve

"I tried to make a very large purchase online in December 2015 for 2 Christmas presents. After making my order I tried to pay with my Credit card, for some reason it kept kicking it back. Like a fool I kept trying, only to discover that each time my card was actually being charged for each attempt. After noticing I immediately got the customer service on the phone to get the transactions reversed, at which time my account had become severely over drawn, by about 800. dollars. The rep, was helpful in getting my money returned, and in turn took my order, upgraded my shipping, which didn't matter as I got it no sooner than it was going to be. I got an email receipt when my order was supposedly shipped, and a confirmation on my credit card charge. Because it was the holidays, I never went back to double check my account, assuming all was taken care of. On February 8th. 2016 I logged into my bank account to pay some bills, to my surprise a charge of 378.85 was taken from my account. At which time I already had bills pending to come through. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER. I called they called me back, we will get this taken care of 2 days of watching my bank account dwindle, a rep called to inform me per the corporate office, there was a computer problem the day you placed your order, and we never charged your card, so I am sorry. I was told by several how they understood, the last call was from a floor supervisor as she stated when she called. The charge is owed to us, as we never got our money in December. I said I wanted to return the items, I wanted my money back, I was NEVER notified by mail, email, phone or NOTHING to give me a heads up the charge never went through, so 2 months later they come and charge me for something I thought was already taken care of. She told me of course I was over the time to return items, and if if I could it would be for Brookstone credit, yeah great that will pay my car note that was pending and my other bills. I did not deny that they were owed the money for what I ordered, but you don't just come along 2 full months later, and "Oh we never received payment , lets just charge this card, and not EVEN notify the consumer. What if the account had been closed or changed. The whole experience was horrible. I am an office manger whom takes care of payroll and billing in my office, I would NEVER dream of doing something in this manner, especially without notifing a customer first and foremost, as you never know what their situation maybe at the time. I WILL NOT EVER PURCHASE FROM THE AGAIN, online, instore, or any other way possible. I will make it appoint to tell my family and friends of my experience, and encourage that they seek their items somewhere else."

Rating 2/10

Item never received!!

"Ordered a xmas gift dec. 12, 2015. Received an email 12/15/15 that it shipped and was billed on American Express. Gift never came. No tracking available. Called Brookstone 12/26/15, 1/2/16 and 1/15/16. Each time they were going to reach out to the vendor and get back to me. Never did. Vendor never responded to them so Brookstone never bothered to reach out to me. Last time I called i was told that I had requested a refund? Huh? I didn't request that refund but if that was what my account was stating why didn't I get it? This experience was awful, costly, time consuming and there was a missing xmas gift under my tree"

Rating 2/10

If it looks good don't plan on getting it, or if you really need a gift don't buy it here

"bought a gift on black Friday for item in stock. During the next week got other items no mention my Christmas present not coming till after black Friday and cyber Monday deals over. They offered me $10.00, nothing else. Other stores like Amazon at least try help you with an comparable item. When I called customer service the representative seemed to try and help but the supervisor could care less. Will never shop there again. "

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