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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.14/10 1.14/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 2.71/10 2.71/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.83/10 0.83/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.00/10 1.00/10
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Rating 2/10

Scam Organization

"Never sent us the medicines and then tried to bill our credit card. This is a scam organization and you should avoid them entirely."

Rating 2/10

The worst service EVER!!!

"The sales reps or the phone operators have no idea what they are doing/talking about. The management was also bad. No one knows how to do his or her jobs. I strongly recommend not to use the service. "

Rating 2/10

The worst

"This is the worst experience I have ever had with a medical company. They should be ashamed. "

Rating 2/10

Inefficient system that is not worth our money and time

"I recently changed from one health insurance to Aetna. Because under my first health insurance coverage I had Briova for humira pen, I was told by Aetna that I could stay with Briova. Note: delivery of 2 injections was 25$ under my first insurance and now is 50$ (this is what happens when there is non competitor for a drug in the market). Anyways, I saw my doctors who sent the prior authorization to have humira approved by Aetna pharmacy, I called Aetna to ensure that I could keep Briova, and I also spent over 30 mins over the phone with Briova at least 3 times to finalize the shipping of the drug since doctors, insurance, and Briova too approved my updates. Last Thursday I got a call from a Briova rep who said that something was still pending. Here we are, I do another riund of calls, make sure that everybody is updated and call back Briova... this time I spoke with another rep ( Tuesday). She said that at the latest my Humira would have arrived on Wednesday.... then Friday....then... today is Sunday and I am with no drug... The level of mediocrity of Briova is beyond imagination. There is basically a joint effort that needs to bring together doctors, health insurance (Aetna specialty pharmacy department in my case), and Briova that phisically ships the drug. This trio thing clearly is inefficient and overpriced. The chances to delay everything is worsened by unavoidable and endless phone calls back and forth. How can people put up with this inefficiency? How can we put up with this!!!! I need this drug for RA and they have no sense of responsibility towards me and other patients. They sell a drug like Humira, so important to conduct a decent life with RA or other auto immune diseases but they act like they are selling you a roll of toilet paper at Walmart. Meanwhile, I am delaying my Humira injection for the absurd inefficiency and incompetence of a so called specialty pharmacy Briova and Aetna.... shame on you both. Your business ****. M."

Rating 2/10


"Deliberately miss led about cost, final bill very high considering that the actual administration of the medication was done by myself and no education required because I am an RN, and the medication was an inexpensive generic antibiotic . Customer service people rude unprofessional and uninformed. Very unhelpful always had an excuse not to connect you to a supervisor. One person I spoke with was actually eating. I would not advise anyone to use this company."

Rating 2/10

Do Not use this company

"Every department must be trained to lie. HOSPITAL rep,PHARMACIST, OFFICE WORKERS, and the OFFICE MANAGER. They will lie and never help you. Please do not use this company in Marietta,Georgia"

Rating 2/10

Always waiting

"I never seem to be able to get my prescription on time. Whether I refill online or call in there is always a problem. Currently I have been on the phone for about 1.5 hours trying to get my medication that I am supposed to take tomorrow. About a week ago I ordered it online to arrive today. When I saw it wasn't here I called and they said it is not due for refill until tomorrow-which is the day I am supposed to inject it! I am leaving town early tomorrow morning and now I am responsible for an "override" on my meds to be delivered "early" to a secondary location. Only 1 over-ride approved by the way. So this is my one even thought its not my fault. Oh, and they are supposed to be refrigerated. so I get to wait around the hotel and hope they arrive to put the additional supply in the fridge. Wish there was an alternative "

Rating 2/10


"If I could give negative stars I would and I'm not surprised they only get one star from the nurses who are scheduled to come for the infusion and blood work and show up late or not at all to the fact that when the services are over they don't care about the remaining products that cannot be just thrown out in the garbage. The refuse to pick them up. I even called for their location and I would drop them off and they won't do that either. Well I found out their location locally and if they don't come and get their stuff I will be dropping it off. We will never use these people again. Terrible service all around"

Rating 2/10

Charged wrong account almost $1000 and did not even apologize

"After receiving a new card from the manufacturer to cover my $890 copay- I contacted Briova with the new information. They repeated the card information back to me and I was happy thinking all was well and I would get my much needed medication. As the day went on I received an alert from my bank that a charge of $890 was posted from Briova. I called Briova right away because that charge pretty much wiped out my personal bank account. When I called to find out why they did not charge the card I provided them, and repeated back to me- they informed me that the accounting department was gone for the day. I called back the next day to find out about getting my much needed money back in my bank account and they did not apologize but proceeded to take the manufacturer card information once again and informed me it was not working. I contacted the manufacturer who informed me that the card was indeed charged the $890. After contacting Briova back they again did not apologize but stated that they had entered an incorrect number and as far as refunding my money- it would take 5-7 business days!! Well so much for paying my bills on time. Briova is terrible, their customer service **** and as far as their overall status- unprofessional doesn't even began to describe this incompetent and poorly ran place.....ADIOS Briova......you ****!"

Rating 2/10

Can't Fill Your Order Without a New Prior Authorization and the Current One is Still GOOD!!!!

"I order my refill Rx for Humira online since trying to actually talk to a live person in less than 30 minutes is IMPOSSIBLE. After placing my order AND receiving a confirmation email that my order was being processed I received a phone call at 6:45 am (who does business at that time of day; know what time zone you are calling) to tell me that I needed to contact my doctor for a Prior Authorization (PA).

That being said, the PA they are claiming in expired is still good until June of 2018 and it's January. I now have two current PAs (one until June of this year and another one that is good until January of 2020) and they still can't process the order because some incompetent person hasn't attached the PA to my account.

The last time I had to get a PA they attached it to an oral medication account. Humira is INJECTION ONLY! Who are these idiots in charge of making sure that my medications are delivered on time, and have access to my personal information? Needless to say my injection date passed and another week went by before I was shipped the medication and was able to inject.

I am currently waiting to see if I am in the same PA vortex of bull*&%$ and will miss another injection because of the incompetent monkeys that work at this company.

Rating 2/10

if i could give Briova NEGATIVE stars i would

"SHITTIEST company EVER. NO one has any clue what they are doing or talking about. They continue to LIE and push their medications on you when you say u are waiting for insurance approval. and they upped a medication of botox for hyperhydrosis to FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars according to my insurance, for (100 CCs which is NOTHING) and then when i asked Briova for a price lsit of their medication the stupid women that worked there told me "oh no we dont have a price list for medications" ... OK what insurance does NOT have a price list!?!? a lying one! thats who. and then she tried to convince me i had to meet my deductible before the insurnace would cover anything and that was also a LIE because the insurance company said that was NOT true and that they had no clue why briova upped the price so much.... why would united healthcare employee this HORRIBLE speciality medication company when neither has any idea what the other is doing!?!? "

Rating 2/10

No follow through on ensuring prescriptions are shipped in time

"I have been dealing with briovarx for a few months now, not by choice, because I was told this is where my prescription was coming from. While most of the customer service reps have been friendly they clearly have no solid structured workflows. When I was first signed up with them I had to talk to about 4 different people to finally understand how things would work. Each time I talked to someone I got a different story. Now months into my prescription each month that I need a refill is a nightmare. I gave them permission to automatically send my refills but for some reason they need he doctors approval each month to ship. Trying to get a doctors office to call a pharmacy is another project on its own. I have called each month to ensure my refill is being processed only to find it each month it hasn’t. This month was the best. They called me to remind me it was time for my refill. Great I thought send it out but Insead they talked In circles about the cost (which I had already established and agreed on multiple times). My called ended with my understanding they were working on my order and calling the doctors office. Two days later I call back to follow up with them only to be told my refill hasn’t been set up. Explain to me how they called ME but still were unable to follow thru on their end. They claim they are leaving messages at my doctors office too but the doctor tells me they aren’t getting any messages and it seems once Briova leaves one message they wipes their hands clean and never follow up again. Bottom line, they can’t be trusted to ship out important time sensitive prescriptions. "

Rating 2/10

BRIOVA ****!!!!!!

"I take Enbrel, A weekly injection that currently costs $4,600 a month (goes up all the time) and that BCBSM ONLY allows me to get through Enbrel. Today, I tried to give myself my weekly injection, but it didn't work. I called Briova and, after answering all of the security questions that I had just answered for all of the prompts, was on hold for about 20 minutes only to be told (after a pharmacist refused to talk to me) that I WOULD HAVE TO CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER MYSELF!!!! Nice, gig, huh? You buy meds at wholesale, sell them at retail, and TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY! Just shove it on to the customer! I DID try to contact the manufacturer, but finally hung up after about 15 minutes on hold. The supervisor at Briova had told me she would call back to see how things went, but she never did. BRIOVA ****!!!! If not for the fact that people are forced to use them, they wouldn't even be in business! A local pharmacy would never treat you like this, as you'd just take your business elsewhere. But they don't have to care!!!"

Rating 2/10

Evil customer service in scheduling

"This place is the worst and they are now retaliating against me. Here is the story. My doctor referred them to me for my treatment in which I can't see out of my eye. The lady named Edith called me and was very rude and cold. Her demeanor was extremely rude. I was not expecting the information that she gave me so I was caught off guard. Instead of being sympathetic she was very rude and had a chuckle in her laugh while talking to me. I asked to speak to her manager to report her rue behavior the following day and The manager was very defensive and told me that she sits behind this person every day and just cant see her being rude. So now not only is the scheduling rep rude so was the Manager. I thought that a customer was suppose to be able to speak on their concerns but I was cut off by the Manager telling me that she doesn't believe that her employee was rude. So I called my doctors office back to say that they were very rude and is there another place I can go to. So long story short I called back today and now that they "know my name" they have me as a DO NOT ASSIST which is very illegal and is retaliation. I called back today to let them know that I now am capable of meeting the requirements they require, and I am told by Tina whom was much nicer than Edith that they have my order canceled due to me looking elsewhere. I then told Tina that I am now able to meet the requirement so now would I just have my doctor re refer me? and Tina replied " No, you would just find elsewhere" I then replied " so you all are refusing my service" she then replied and said " no, ma'am it is just that we don't have a nurse in your area to assist you". She did not ask me would I like to schedule something at a later date and just left it at that. I will make it my business to report this staff to the right individual(s). I am the one suffering not them and this is not a way to carry on a business professionally speaking. My next stop is BBB."

Rating 2/10

Can I transfer you?

"So after being sent this company from another bad company, I was lied to more than 3 times about my medication being shipped out. I have been told " Oh we are working on it, you will get a call from us" only to call back a week later and NOTHING has been done to even start my medication being shipped out ( this is more than 1 occasion mid you)! Every time I call I am told I have called the wrong department and given at least 15 phone numbers where I call and they say again I have called the wrong department. I called, even last week, and asked for a specific department and she told me " Oh no I can run it" when she could not, she transferred me to the wrong department anyway!! After 4 transfers, and 30 minutes on the phone, I finally got someone who could help me!! Every time I call the same BS!! Nobody knows what they are doing!! And these are peoples' lives at steak!! WTH!!

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