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You get what you paid for

"Customer service terrible. Would not help on returns said I couldn't get my money. The lady if you want to call her that was very rude, and had no regard to my problem. I asked her how is she going to fix this, and was told it's not her problem that the item was clearance. It should not matter clearance or not it's not been used??? So I'm screwed out of my money because they marked there stuff down and don't honor there own stuff. I should have gone to Walmart."

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Horrible cudtomer service

"When teying to retun they failed to return item in the box apparently no use, it was deffective and they refused to give refund. This company is not trustworthy. Equipments come in bad shape and the one located in Miami at US1 has the most rude customer service employees"

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Don't Buy BrandsMart Extended Warranty

"My purchasing experience was ok with these folks, but the people they send to install after the sale AND the extended warranty people are borderline incompetent. It's important to understand that they do their own extended warranty work, which in this case is not a good thing. They apparently manage the extended warranty service part of their business to maximize bottom line and minimize customer satisfaction. I purchased an extended warranty for my GE washer & dryer and two years after the sale the door lock assembly on the washer failed. Initially they gave me an appointment 10 days out. I called them back and told them that was unacceptable and they gave me an appointment the next day. Now, that gave me pause right there. If you read other reviews, you get the feeling that their initial appointment is always two weeks out and unless you complain about it, you have to wait. So today the "technician" shows up and he can't speak a word of English except to exchange pleasantries. He has to call the office staff to translate my description of the problem to the tech. Having an electronics background, I was able to display the machine error code to him, showing plainly that the door lock mechanism had failed. So, he takes out his phone, takes pictures of the error code and the model/serial number plate and calls the office back so they can tell him what to do next. Of course they have to order the part, so now it's 3 to 5 days before I'll hear back from them. Do yourself a favor, if you decide to buy from these people buy your extended warranty direct from the manufacturer. Don't buy the BrandsMart Extended Warranty."

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Samsung 55' TV defective

"I bought a Samsung 55' TV for $800.00. when I installed the TV it has a white spot on the screen. I went back to the store for an exchange 1 day after the purchase and they refused to do anything. Now I have a $800.00 garbage TV. Horrible customer service! Horrible store. Buyer aware,,,"

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Extended Warranty Service ****

"Purchased a GE Refrigerator from Brandsmart West Palm Beach FL, 2 years ago along with 5 year extended warranty. Refrigerator stopped cooling properly (min 54 degrees) in early Dec 2017. Initially we were given an appointment three weeks after we called, but managed to get an earlier one after several pleading calls to customer service (with a number of hang-ups on their part). for a technician to at least check it out, part was ordered and received by them, now we are forced to wait another week to have the part installed early Jan 2018. EARTH TO BRANDMART: IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TECHNICIANS TO SERVICE A BROKEN REFRIGERATOR IN A TIMELY MANNER (OR ANY OTHER APPLIANCE FOR THAT MATTER), DON'T SELL EXTENDED WARRANTIES. We are done with Brandmart -- taking our business somewhere else."

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Horrible Customer Service

"Purchased a double oven/range on line in November. Still don't have one that works. 1st delivery cancelled due to weather (understandable). Delivered 4 days later and it doesn't work. Took another week for a tech to come out and say "Hey, it doesn't work". Took 7 phone calls and 1 1/2 hours today to try to get another delivered. Now I have to take more time off of work to sit and wait and see if they will be on time for the next delivery."

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Missing Cushion

"Purchased two Simmons Sectionals 9073 from Brandsmart Palmetto Expy location .These items were shipped to my hometown Barbados via King Ocean Services.After receiving i realized that one of the sectionals had one cushion missing.The item was still well wrapped with the manufacture's plastic and i honestly did not see any evidence of tampering.Everything else was intact.I reported this to Brandsmart's management only to hear i need to check with the manufacturer.This is the first time i have ever heard crap like this from such an established company.Why should i check with the manufacturer when i purchased from Brandsmart? I think i was treated disrespectful and it shows a lack of professionalism.I will not sit and be treated this way.I have the right to have my purchase completed"

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Need a star with a minus symbol in front of it. The absolute worst experience of my adult life. And I'm 72. **** **** ****

"I get my blood pressure too elevated to go into the details. Lying pieces of crap, all of them... Delivery and customer service.

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Lied to by Saleslady, Disrespected by Customer service agent

"Salesperson lied. We went to the Brandsmart in Stockbridge to buy security cameras. 1. They were limited in selections. 2. Found out after purchase and installation that the sales person Lied! She yold us the camera set had a 2 hour backup battery, NOT True!. We later contacted store about this and other issues with the Night Owl cameras and we were disrespected and spoken to in harsh tones and told we were stuck with product and out of luck. Please note it had only been 3 weeks since date of purchase. Do Not buy here. "

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Bad extended warranty agreement

"Bought microwave 2013 with a extended warranty, stop heating July 7,2017 called brandsmart (Doravilla Ga ) daily I think I've spoken with everyone who work at this place. After a month of back and forth I wrote BBB ! Now the ball is rolling still not repaired as yet as of August 23,2017 was just informed part has arrived!! BBB stay on top until job is finished! Anyone having problems I advise you to write BBB this company is a rip off. "

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Lift chair recliners

" OK so I had a recliner that is almost 6 months old, that is been giving me problems since April, the control has been sticking periodically. called for service and the store in West Palm Beach says unplug it and replug it may well be Power surge in the area that might've knocked it out, The next several situation that happened the representative advised me to do the same thing. I asked for someone to come take a look at it they said they'll get back to me I have not heard any. My daughter arrived in May and I had the same situation she called and asked for service still no one came out. When I contacted the extended warranty section they said the chair was still too new for them to take a whole I should need to contact the West Palm Beach location to resolve the situation once again I called them for service no one came out. In the latter part of July I said I've had enough of it and I'm hoping that you guys will try to come out and get some's resolution to the hiccups or the glitch in the system control. Never got a call never got any represented to come out and look at my lift chair. I called the service warranty plan once again and they directed me to the store and I spoke to someone in customer service and they told me bring the lift hear back I brought it back and I had quite an extensive time at the store I spent two hours talking to one associate said he was manager in customer service Micheal, gave him the information that the customer service woman directed me to furniture manager Larry but to my surprise he told me put my item back in the vehicle and they will call me. I went in store and spoke with Andre Azam which expresses his greatest sympathy but also told me there's nothing I can do but he's going to send a message want to his managers and I should wait for another service call and they will determine if, if anything they can exchange or service the chair. This is after l gave all the information Pertaining to the chair "

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"Buy a matress in Doraville ga with a guarantee of more than ten years call the store to report because it has not been a year and already sleeping for me is pain because I am with back pain and in the body me and my wife, we all sleep all days in different position because I spend a lot of money on something that does not work and now the shop does nothing because I report it and the store called the guarantee and after the visit they called that the matress can not do anything because they are well what Not true because we are bad of the bad pain every day because of these matress To which I will take action on this matter legally and even not pay my matress if I do not respond to the store the service and communication is bad Doraville ga Store 4047818746 sleeping foro my os terrible because my matress os no good "

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Misleading and scam

"Amazing that stil at this day and age they manage to lie to client in their faces and not take responsibility for products and services they sell.
Bought a 65 inch tv from them Jan 2015 with "from we were told an additional 2 years warranty" ... 2.5 years later TV goes bad and now we find out that by 2 years is actually The 1 year manufacture warranty and that first is actually part of the 2 you buying ..so you pay for 2 and get actually 1 additional year.
No way to do business and not a way to treat paying clients ...

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Excellent service @brandsmartUSA

"My grandfather and I went to brandsmart usa to purchase a onkyo receiver and the man named Yeudy Guzmon treated us with great service and he helped us find the best receiver that they had he also explained why some are better than others and he showed us which are the best item that we were looking for....and last but not least he also proved to my grandfather and I that he knew what he was talking about. my grandfather and I really appreciated his service. "

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Never had such disrespectful customer service

"When your company makes a mistake - APOLOGIZE! Ignoring the fact that the dryer we had delivered didn't work and had to be returned, we then had two different delivery dates where no one showed up or called. No idea how the customer service rep I spoke with in the "delivery" department got her job, but it definitely not for her customer service skills. She didn't listen, cut me off, didn't care about my situation and then abruptly said "you have to speak with the store manager" and immediately connected me.
Note to management: Teach your employees that "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" goes a LONG way.

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