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"If I could give it zero stars I would! I had rented a book and returned it on time. They told me they had received a completely different book that I have never heard of or had! They charged me for "not returning the book". DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!!"

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"I can not believe how unprofessional is this people affecting their customers and they do not even care, I order a book on 7/19 I pay extra for 2 day shipping so with the 2 day processing the book should to be in my house by 7/22 o 7/25 at the very latest, i been calling and chatting and sending request but they never have an answer, bottom line is 7/26 and the book still in warehouse!!!!!!! They did not even processed yet!!!! ANd finally today in one of the calls they say that they need some extra information (BS) but never call or email me or anything NO COMMUNICATION AT ALL to let me know what they need to process and ship the book but that is not all they do not even address the issue they forward you to another department that you have to call which by the way do not open until 10am PTS so if you are in East coast you already lose another day until you can contact them and still waiting for them to call or address the issue,

I was in urgent need of the book to study for a test and never ever got it so if you really need a book, value your time and money STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! as much as you can from this fraudulent company.

ps: Still waiting... no book, no refunds,,,,no nothing!

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First and last time i do business with them!

"I rented a book from book renter back January of 2016 which was my first time using their service. I received the book about 5 days later from ordering the book which came with instruction on how to mail the book and a FedEx label to send the book back. When it was time to send the book back I took my FedEx label to FedEx and bought a book to return the book. My expiration date to return the book was 6/17 and my package arrived 6/15 before the due date. On 6/20 Book renter withdrawal $234 out of my account due reason, the did not receive the book. I tried to call book renter and their phones kept routing me to recording and I was unsuccessful to talk to a live person. On 6/22 I ended up emailing Book Renter with the FedEx tracking number and the history of the package, in return they wrote me back stating they will look into it and it could take 3-5 business days for a response. Five business days later 6/29 I wrote back to book renter asking for an update which they wrote stating they will not refund me my money since the book went to the wrong location and it was not their fault I did not follow directions (mind you I followed the direction on the directions that came with the book). I called my credit card to dispute the transaction and they 3-way Book Renter to resolve the issue on 6/29 at 6:01pm. We spoke with a rep name Ana which told us they do not have the book and they do not receive books at the address the book was sent. I told her this label was the label Book Renter generated to return the book I was only following the directions book renter sent me. She said she did not understand how that is possible, I asked to speak with someone higher up so she transfer me to Fernand the supervisor. I spoke to Fernand and he told me this was not their label and I need to give him the correct label, I told him that was it. He said this could not be it, I asked him if he can look up the label the company sent me to return the book and said he did not have that information. He said I must have used the return label on the package and that was not the label I was supposed to use, I told him if that was the case then why did FedEx delivered a package that had a label that was already in use? Fernand said he could not refund my money and the only way he can help me is if I give him proof that package came with the label. I asked Fernand how can I possibly come up with proof of a label being in a package from January? Fernand told me that was the only way. Fernand went on amazon website to see how much the book weighs and told me the book only ways 1.6lbs and my package was 4lbs so he cannot help since this is not my book. I do not send anything through FedEx so I know this was not a mix up in packages, I went in person to a FedEx store and the FedEx store used one of their boxes to ship the package since I did not have a box. He kept on saying this is the wrong label, I told him the package was delivered 2 days before the due date and this is the label Book renter generated to mail out. He kept on saying it was the wrong package. I asked him who is in charge of the labels so that way we can see in fact that was the label they generated for me, he said there is no one in charge of the pre-paid labels and no one has that information. I asked for someone higher up he said he was the highest person I can talk to and all call are escalated to him. I asked for his ID number he refuse to give me his ID number. I asked for the vice present of the company email, he refuse to give me that as well. I was on the phone for 1 hour and 41 min with my credit card company and book renter which ended up resolving nothing. My credit card company is going to pursed the transaction since they fell Book Renter should have given my money back. This was the first and last time I do business with this company again."

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Shady Practices

"I returned a book that I had rented from in February as I was supposed to. In March I received a $174 charge on my credit card and they sent me an email saying it was returned damaged. Because they were going to charge me for the book, I told them I would like the book back at that time. They agreed to return the book but I received the book back on June 24th - 3.5 months later and this was obviously after they had rented it for a semester. "

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Ripped Off

"Twice now they claim they never received rented books that I returned, so I got charged for not only the rental fee, but the cost of the books as well. They even claimed that I never printed the return paperwork, which I most certainly did! Oh how I wish I had hung onto my shipping receipt longer! Although since they claim that I never printed the return paperwork, I don't know if that would have solved the problem or not. I will never use them again."

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Scam Artists

"Beware if you rent from this company. They send damaged books to you and when you return them in the same condition they will charge you for the existing damage. I will never use them again."

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"I received a rented book in the mail from book I noticed it had some water damage, but I didn't return it because I needed the book for a class and didn't want to get behind on my class assignments. I figured that the person before me had spilled water on it, but I was still able to read the text so I just used it for the semester. Well, when I returned it the company charged me $130.06 for damages that I DID NOT DO and still charged me the $23.31 for the rental. When I called and complained they said, they could do anything for me. When I asked them, "Can you send me back the book so you guys won't scam another poor student." They said we will charge your account $10 for shipping it back to you. I was like OMG REALLY you already overdraw my account! I can't afford for you guys to do this to me.

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It Shipped WHEN?!?!?

"I placed an order on May 16th and I received an email from BookRenter on May 17th stating that my order was shipping. The email provided a shipping number and it was being shipped via USPS Priority 3 Day. On May 23rd I checked on my shipment and it was still in "Pre-Shipment" status. To me, it appeared that the shipment had not moved at all. I was especially concerned because it was supposed to have been shipped 3-day priority mail and I had not received it 5 business days after getting the shipment email. When I contacted customer service they were all but helpful and just kept telling me that the order "has until the 27th to arrive" and could not explain why I received an email stating that it was shipping 3-day on May 17th and still had not received. I again contacted them on May 25th because it was AGAIN still showing "Pre-shipment" status with the tracking number provided with no movement on the shipment and still no answer on why the item had not arrived. Today is May 26th and it still has not arrived. They insist it will be here by the 27th and cannot do anything to help until after the 27th (which is conveniently a Friday) and as of today, there is still no movement on the shipment. Word to the wise, go with another company who properly ships and tracks your orders or you could end up like me with an assignment due and no books! I also had to pay for shipping because I am in Alaska. I have no problem paying for shipping, but only if the package actually gets shipped and arrives in a timely manner."

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Don't Do It.

"They sent me a damaged book that was literally taped together. The material was legible, yes, but it was barely holding together. Then, when I returned it, they accused ME of damaging the book, and charged me a $15 fee.

If you want to get a damaged book, and then pay for damages you didn't cause, by all means use them. However, I'll not be falling for it again.

Helpful Cool



"I ordered a textbook from BookRenter that I needed for a graduate class. For some reason the book did not get delivered and the tracking # online stated "contact the sender." I had a chat with a rep that told me if it still wasn't delivered in a few days BookRenter would expedite the book to me. When it wasn't redelivered I had another chat with a rep on a Friday who told me the book was being expedited so I informed him that if for some reason I could not get the book in the next few days to let me know and I will purchase from another company. The BookRenter rep assured me the order was being expedited and went as far to say "I guarantee the book will arrive by Wednesday". About 10 minutes later I checked my email and there was a message from BookRenter stating, "my order had been cancelled". Thinking this was some kind of mistake I again contacted BookRenter and was told that the book was out of stock. This particular rep could not give me a straight answer on how the order went from being expedited to cancelled in less than 10 minutes plus why the previous rep did not tell me the order was out of stock. I then mentioned that the book I ordered was being returned to BookRenter so it should arrive within the next day or two therefore can they just resend the book and the rep told me no. They the rep tells me that the book was in stock but the price had changed to 5 times more than what I paid. I wish I would have read all the negative reviews before I even dealt with BookRenter. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!!! "

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Terrible Customer Service!

"We rented from here and returned the book. It has gotten stolen/lost in the mail and we have repeatedly sought to find the book and resolve the issue. Without warning, we started receiving no response from Bookrenter, just a debt collection notice for the book. Customer service has been no help to us in our communication with them. We no longer have the book , and are being charged the full price of almost $400. Do NOT rent from here!!"

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Good Shape, Good Price, & Fast Shipping

"BookRenter was able to provide me with a book I desperately needed, quickly. The rental was at a great price and was much easier than going to the campus bookstore (more cost efficient as well)."

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Be Careful - No flexibility

"I ordered a book and class was canceled. Unfortunately it was past the 21 days and it was my fault I ordered too early. They would not even provide a partial refund on a rental. They have no flexibility when it comes to their customers. I will not order from them again and learned my lesson."

Helpful Cool


this place ****

"I rented a physics textbook and needed the supplemental access. The title even says Physics: Principles With Applications Plus MasteringPhysics with eText -- Access Card so I assumed it had it. Got the book today and it doesn't have it. On the website, apparently it says not all books have the supplemental. First of all, I didn't see that. Second of all, it says some doesn't come with it, so which ones do exactly? I called them and they'll refund the money except for shipping costs since it's "not the website's fault". It kind of is when it says it has it in the title. Don't go here."

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Worst book renting website - do not order from here!

"I ordered a book, and they sent me the wrong one. I was told that I could either get the right book expedited to me for free or receive a refund. I said I wanted the book expedited to me since I needed it for a test coming up. They ignored me, and issued me a refund but did not refund me for shipping. They told me to order the book again, and that I would have to pay for the $20 expedited shipping myself. They made two mistakes, neither my fault, and did not seem to care at all. "

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