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SCAM. DO NOT USE. Dishonest and untrustworthy

"I sent in a book to Bookbyte that was in perfect condition. After about 3 weeks of not hearing anything about it and not receiving my check, I logged into the website to find the phone number. On the website, I found a page that told me my book had been rejected. The book I had sent in was in perfect condition. I had also sent books in the exact same condition into other websites such as Buyback101 and Mybookcart. The checks I received from the other websites were for the exact amount I was quoted. I see on Bookbyte’s website that they do not send back books that they reject and I feel as if I have been scammed. I am going to contact costumer service tomorrow as now it is after hours. This company is absolutely despicable, please save yourself the trouble and do not use Bookbyte. They scammed me out of money and I am very, very unhappy. "

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use bookbyte, lose your books

"Their service uses the cheapest shipping possible, with no insurance. Im out 180$ and my textbooks because of this. Reading their reviews i see this happens often, but they obviously dont care. "

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They just want your money, and more than you planned to give

"They want to take your money, and then to return the book you have to follow their convoluted process, which will probably involve you paying for late fees. Do not rent a book from these crooks. They already had to change their name once from RentBooks.com to Book Byte"

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Poor Customer Service

"I rented my text books from this company and didn't have a problem until I missed the renewal date for an extended rental for two of my books. I called the company, and apparantely I did not receive a reminder before the expiry of the rental time because it was a second extension, and the company stated they did not send reminders on renewed extensions.

Not only that, instead of indicating my credit card would be charged the difference between the rentals and the value of the book originally, they tried to charge me full price for both books (without deducting rental time previously). The difference was almost 200.00.

In the end, I ended up sorting it out with the company, but it left a bad taste in my mouth, and I am disappointed that the company sees nothing wrong with not reminding their customer on a repeat rental. Poor business practices in my opinion

I am not impressed, and will never use this company again

Helpful Cool


Never received payment

"I sold a textbook back to Bookbyte last year and never received payment. I emailed, but they said they hadn't received the book. I used their shipping and printed the shipping label right from their site. I have emailed customer service a couple of times, but as of today haven't received any payment. I would not use their site again. "

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"Do not sell your book here , listen to these reviews for they are correct. I didnt see these reviews till after I sold my book to them. They will receive your book and claim they didn’t receive them."

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"Mailed perfect condition books, honestly..Got a quote. Had to follow up a month later with no word. Said the book was very damaged. I said that is not how it came to you. Argued with me about it. I asked for my book back, they said no. They couldn't then said they'll pay me only half. Pass. With that half, they could have sent my book back. THIEVES!!!"

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They are running a Scam!!!

"They won't give us the money for a book we sent them and they won't return the book even though we sent it in perfect condition. They claimed it was "damaged" and they won't return it. They are a scam.

Apparently you can report them on the Better Business Bureau. So my wife and I did that.


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Scam company

"They bought my textbook, never paid me or sent the book back. Complete scam! "

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Don’t use this company!

"This company is a complete scam. I mailed them a textbook that I bought new from my university book store and they deemed it an “inauthentic” book. Now they are refusing to return the book or offer me any other options so I am just out the money. The only customer service option is email or social media (which now I see as a giant red flag) and the person communicating with me via email just keeps repeating herself and is entirely unhelpful. "

Helpful Cool



"DISHONEST company! The first time I had an issue with not being paid for books that I sent in, I accepted it and just assumed that I had made some kind of mistake, even though I am always extremely careful about my shipments. I didn't get paid for a set of books I had sent in. I kept using Bookbyte, but kept a very close eye on them. When it happened AGAIN, I decided to contact them about it. They claim that they didn't receive one of the books I sent them, even though I am 100 percent positive I sent it in a box of four books. They claim they only received 3 of the books. After reading other peoples' experiences, I now realize they are just a dishonest company. Beware!"

Helpful Cool



"They tell customers their textbooks are inauthentic or damaged when they are not. "

Helpful Cool


Horrible Company

"I rented two books for school from this company. I returned the books back to them but they are claiming I did not. I disputed with them several times. They sent me to collections for an outrageous amount over what the books would even cost to purchase. I will never use this company again for anything and I recommend you don't either. "

Helpful Cool


This company scams people. DO NOT SELL YOUR BOOKS TO THEM.

"They claimed that they never received the book I sent them to sell even after I sent them a screenshot of the tracking number and proof through USPS that the book had in fact been delivered to their facility. They just stopped replying to my emails and basically stole my book, now it is gone and I will get nothing for it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!"

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Give me my money!

"They stole my book! Used the book number to return it in excellent condition, they marked it damaged, and didn’t say anything else. I emailed hem and they say it’s a fake copy. Uhm no, I bought it from my school. They refuse to pay me and refuse to return my book. I’m contacting my lawyer. This is the 3rd time they’ve pulled this crap and I’m done!!!"

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