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    Product & services pricing Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 9.69/10 9.69/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 9.38/10 9.38/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 9.25/10 9.25/10
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FrancesJanieiama's Avatar

Redding, CA
Rating 10/10


"You can feel the difference after using these Body Pure Foot Detox Pads. Most certainly 100% work effectively"

Rating 10/10

Wonderful Service

"Couldn't believe all the nasty stuff that comes out on their foot pads.. something is going on for sure, but a bit gross for my taste."

Rating 10/10


"When I saw one of my friends Sarah on Facebook posting about some sort of strange foot detox that she had gone through, to be honest I completely ignored it. I mean, feet? But when I caught up with her for coffee the next weekend, I was astonished. She looked amazing, and she was wearing less makeup than normally did! I had to ask about the detox she had been on, and she told me all about these BodyPure detox patches. I grabbed a load for myself off the internet, and tried them out for myself, and my word are they powerful! They don’t hurt or anything, and you don’t feel them while they are working, but when you wake up you’ll see all the goop that comes out of your body, and before I knew it, my hair and skin was just as good as Sarah’s – what a result!

Rating 10/10

Recommended a lot....

"Believe it or not, it was actually my dentist that put me onto the BodyPure detox patches – how weird is that? He said that many people of my age received mercury fillings years and years ago, and that the mercury in them often seeps out in the blood stream and can slowly poison someone over time. I was starting to feel a little sluggish, and so I thought I would try them out and see whether they made any difference to me or not. My dentist is definitely on to something though, because since using them around once a month I have found myself with a lot more energy in the evenings, and feeling a lot clearer during the day, which is a real improvement to my quality of life, something not to be sniffed at. I will be using these BodyPure detox patches continuously to make sure that I can keep feeling this young!"

Rating 10/10

5 star service

"I’ve been using these PodyPure detox foot patches once a week every week for a while now, and they are now a key central part of my beauty routine – more like my health routine, I guess. I actually do not know what I would do without them! My body has felt so much better since I started using them, and now I buy a couple of boxes every few months to keep me going. I especially like that if you get one of their deals you get sent a pre-paid envelope to send off some of the detox patches that you use in order to get analysed, so you can see exactly what horrible toxins have been taken out of your body. It’s actually strangely fascinating, and I’ve made some choices about what I eat and drink because of it. Now I’ve done that, my health has become so much better, and I have BodyPure to thank."

Rating 10/10


"I’m getting married in a week! I want to be absolutely perfect and ready for the big day, and one of my bridesmaids recommended Bodypure patches to me as something to get me in tip top condition before our wedding day. I took a look online and I didn’t really get why they were so great, but I thought it couldn’t be any worse that the weird clay face mask that I used, so why not! When they arrived I realised that they were super easy to use, and I used them for three days in a row. My skin is looking absolutely fabulous (though I say so myself), and I feel so much clearer in my thinking than I did before. These detox patches really work, and I would definitely recommend them. All I have to do now is make sure that I say the right name when I get to the altar! "

Rating 10/10


"Anyone who has IBS or a similar condition knows just how debilitating it can be, and I’ve suffered from it for years. Part of the problem is that my body really struggles to get rid of bad things like toxins or chemicals that aren’t doing me any good. That’s why I use the BodyPure detox patches every weekend, to give my body a little bit of a break. All I need to do is depend on these to get me through the week, and they have really helped with my digestive problems. They pull out all of the impurities in my body, including any heavy metals, and help give my body back its balance when it most needs it. I would recommend these detox patches to anyone who needs a little extra help in keeping their stomach under control. It really has made a difference to my life that you can’t pay for.

Rating 10/10


"I know that this is such a first world problem, but my hair is just awful. So frizzy that I can’t do anything with it, the sky just has to look as though it could be raining and it frizzes up like no tomorrow. I read somewhere that people’s hair absorb all of the toxins in the air around us, and that’s when I thought about maybe going through a bit of a detox. I cut out all sugar and carbs, and I grabbed some of these BodyPure detox patches to try out. I know it sounds crazy and I’m sure that you probably won’t believe me, but my hair is different now! OK, it’s always going to be on the frizzy side, but it’s so much more manageable now and it’s made such a difference. I’m saving twenty minutes every morning, and I feel so much more confident with the way that I look!"

Rating 10/10


"Since moving I have really had trouble sleeping. I can go a whole night without getting a wink and I probably average around three to four hours a night – definitely not enough for me to keep going. I have been to see different specialists for sleep but none of them seem to have any idea what is wrong with me, and eventually a holistic specialist recommended these detox patches for my feet. I thought it would be worth a try, so I took a look. They were really reasonably priced so I grabbed a couple of boxes, and started using them. That first night I slept 6 hours, and ever since then I’ve been getting around eight hours a night, if not more! I am completely sold on these detox patches, and they have completely changed my life – I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who is having difficulty with their sleeping.

Rating 10/10

Great Customer Service

"My walking commute takes me through the city, and you can smell the horrific fumes as you go. They are just disgusting, and if I can smell them then I hate to think what sort of terrible chemicals and toxins I’m breathing into my body. I started to get coughs more easily, and I got the flu twice last winter. It was time for me to do something for my body and get rid of all those pollutants and so when I came across the BodyPure detox patches, I thought they would be perfect. After using them just for one day I could already feel the difference within me, and now that I use them once a month, I’ve not had a cold for ages! I would definitely recommend using these patches if you live in an urban area, because you’ve got no idea what is going into your body – and you don’t want to know.

Rating 10/10


"I have always been that person at the back of the class or quiet in the meeting at work, and I’ve always been underconfident because of my skin. Bad doesn’t even cover it, honestly, it’s just awful, and I seem to get particularly bad flare ups depending on my mood, which is literally the worst. A friend recommended to me these BodyPure detox patches, and I was really unsure how on earth something that I put on my feet was going to help my face.
But hey, I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I slapped on the detox foot patches on my feet one night and headed to bed. The next morning, the patches on my feet looked absolutely horrific, but you know what? My face felt a little clearer, and even though I didn’t use the foot patches again that week, within 5 days my skin was almost completely clear. It’s a complete miracle!

Rating 10/10

Excellent Service

"Now I’ll be totally honest with you here – I wasn’t expecting to like these. I kind of bought them on a whim anywhere, and then they sat in my bathroom cabinet for a few weeks before I thought to use them. As soon as I did though, I was absolutely amazed. How come no one else knows about this? How come beauty and health editors aren’t writing about these in magazines? How come there aren’t news articles about them? These detox foot pads have made such an incredible difference to me it is unreal, and I’m telling everyone that I meet just how fascinating and impressive they are. I don’t know what on earth they put in them but I know it’s all healthy and organic, and I’ve stocked up with enough to last me a lifetime – probably! Make sure that you get some of these for yourself, because I tell you, you won’t regret it."

Rating 10/10

Highly Recommended

"Every four weeks I go on a little bit of a detox – I cut out meat and daily, and go semi-vegan for a week to give my body a little bit of a chance to reboot. I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine either, and I find that it gives my body some time to rebalance and find its equilibrium again. I’ve recently added these brilliant detox foot pads into my monthly routine, and they have really transformed how I feel at the end of them. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I felt better before, but now I feel totally revitalized. My energy levels go right back up to the top, and they stay up there much longer when I have combined my regular detox with the detox foot pads. I can’t see myself going back to the old way any time soon, and I think anyone would benefit from using these detox foot pads every month."

Rating 10/10


"Hello, I am a detox foot pad-aholic. Seriously, I have got to the point where I am using these suckers every week! I can barely remember what my health was like before I started using these, but what I can remember are all of the compliments that I started getting after I began using them. My hair was more glossy, my skin stopped having breakouts, and I apparently just looked . . . ‘better’. These detox foot pads have some sort of magic in them, I swear, because no amount of hair products or beauty creams have ever been able to match them, and I guess that’s because they’re making me healthier from the inside, rather than just trying to cover up the unhealthy on the outside! If you really want to make it easier to look good and feel good, then these detox foot pads are the absolute bomb."

Rating 10/10

They are amazing!

"I know it’s a little late to be talking about Secret Santa, but I’m the worst at reviewing things online, I always forget! My office secret santa got me these detox foot pads for Christmas and at first I was a little offended – do I look like I need a detox? But the more I read about them, the more I realized that actually they can be used by pretty much anyone who wants to give their body a bit of a boost and help it get re-balanced again, and so I thought I’d give them a go. They are amazing! Honestly, they are the weirdest things, there’s so much yucky brown stuff on them when you wake up, and I’ve felt so much better since using them. Definitely something to get for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the difference – and you may find, like me, that you can’t stop using them."

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