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    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
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    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
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Rating 2/10

Deceitful and unethical

"I purchased a $25,000 diamond ring from BN in December 2017. The diamond had a high definition video of it on their website. This video was of a white, sparkling, stunning and perfect stone. Because of that video, I bought that diamond. When I received the ring, I was shocked! The diamond was dull and gray and ugly! When I contacted customer service, the rep was condescending, rude and should not be working in that department. Blue Nile didn't even have a manager reach out to me. Yes, I was able to return the ring, but I wasted hours and hours of time dealing with this and Blue Nile does not care.

Buy diamonds from a jeweler in a local store. You need to see them in person.

Rating 2/10

Awful buyback

"They recommended Mondiamo for buyback. They gave me a range telling me they'd pay even more when they see the diamond. I still had the GIA report and they confirmed that the diamond was not damaged. They ended up paying me less than 30% of what I originally paid them. So unfair way of tricking me to send them the diamond... "

Rating 2/10

Horrible repair service

"I set my ring back to Blue Nile to repair. They said it should take as maximum as 15 days. It is more than 15 days. They can't find status of my ring. They only told me that it has been received. I sent this ring 3 weeks ago. They also told me now they have a long line, it will take 4 weeks, and that they are not able to check on status of the repair. Do not use their service! I am asking to receive my ring back at least int he same condition. Julia"

Rating 2/10

They will try to get out of their warranty any way they can!

"There products are of terrible quality and the customer service is not much better. After buying pearl earrings for my girlfriend, it took less than 6 months for the pearls to fall off the studs. After contacting their customer service they tried to blame it on me that we must have taken them In The shower or gone jogging with them to cause this??? This was not the case so the best they could do was make me pay for return shipping and for them to fix it. After sending in and getting it back the pearls have fallen off AGAIN not even 3 months after. After calling customer service again, they did everything they could to get out of this warranty issue saying it's been too long since I've purchased them (even though they have a lifetime warranty on their products) and that the damage was because of normal wear and tear (they have been minimally used and have proven twice within a year). The best offer they could give me was 25% on a similar purchase which is a slap in the face considering my opinion on their quality is at 0% at this point. I argued with their representative until they said they would talk to management and give me a call back. I still haven't received that call back yet. Avoid this company! They blame you for their shotty quality and try to get out of their warranty anyway possible. They do not stand behind their products and their so called "amazing" customer service will only waste your time and give you the run around. "

Rating 10/10

Great deal, great service

"I ordered a beautiful, high quality diamond and that is exactly what I got. Gorgeous diamond that looks absolutely fantastic in my existing setting at a price that couldn't be beat. The delivery was lightning-fast, exactly as I expected, since my daughter's engagement main diamond came from there as well several years ago and they also had a wonderful experience with the buy. "

Rating 10/10

Amazing Experience

"I am totally impressed with Blue Nile's service! I am really shocked that Blue Nile has bad reviews on this site.
I ordered my fiance's wedding band yesterday at 6:00 PM, and the ring was on my door step at 9:04 AM this morning.
Shipping confirmation stated the ring would areive today, but I was a bit skeptical. What makes if more incredible is that shipping was free!
This is an unreal conpany. The ring looks fantastic, and it was beautifully packed.
I would recommend Blue Nile to anybody!
Now I can't wait for my fiancé to try on his wedding band!

Rating 2/10

Do Not trust shipping promises

"A promised overnight delivery magically became a weeks' lead time after the purchase. Beware of bait and switch companies. Based on the explanation given to me, the diamonds you are supposedly viewing to purchase aren't likely to even be in stock or the ones they will supply. Unbelievably frustrating experience. "

Rating 2/10

bait and switch

"I ordered a diamond for a custom ring from Blue Nile. Two days later I received an email stating that the diamond I ordered was unavailable. They offered 3 other smaller diamonds of similar grade for 200 dollars more than the original order. Seems like a "bait and switch" tactic. Buyer beware."

Rating 2/10

Use Amazon instead - or you'll be sorry.

"Ordered plain wedding bands on 12-20. Blue Nile (BN) promised delivery on 1-11. 20 days! But since I was in no hurry, I waited. No show on 1-11. Called them. What a surprise, the box was right in front of her going out that day. Ok, I am a patient man. Two days later the wedding bands (plain old traditional bands, no diamonds, no pattern) showed up. Alas the womans rings would not work for us. So, they claim a 30-day return policy.
I began the RMA process. Sent one of the rings back at my expense. The whole process to get a credit on my VISA took 22 more days.
Horrible communication. Just a "Don't give a crap" (IMHO) company.
I will use Amazon next time and every time after this. Prices were the same but I thought BN must be a good company and they SHOULD have better quality control and customer service than some of the AMAZON vendors.
I would have save a little money but a lot of time and stress had I ordered from Amazon in the first place. They had the identical rings!
Live. Learn. Remember.

Rating 2/10

Absolutely avoid Blue Nile

"Absolutely avoid Blue Nile. The "savings" at bluenile.com are accompanied by an incredibly bad service model. I ordered an engagement ring with a designer style, but Blue Nile, or whoever does the jewelry work for them, shipped unfinished with resizing tool marks. I could not get a clear answer from Blue Nile what this is all about until after the engagement. Eventually, Blue Nile told me they only stock “few ring sizes and have to resize most rings” to fit individual orders, sending a hack job with tool marks. I had to proceed with my engagement proposal with an unfinished ring in front of all my friends and family, it was very stressful to say the least. Blue Nile told me it will be about a month lead time before the ring can be exchanged, you joking right? I am basically taking it to the trusted local jeweler to let them finish her ring on my own. Having to send an item this expensive back and forth over FedEx is just absolutely insane. I found their “savings” only slightly better than Tiffany, I really wish now I would have gone with a Tiffany ring instead - they are the same price and superior service. This is my brief and only experience with this company. Guys, save yourself the trouble of Blue Nile, it may look like a prudent engagement ring option, but it isn’t, go with others like Tiffany or anyone else. I am posting this review for your benefit and I don’t have any personal agenda against Blue Nile or diamonds they sell, it’s just their service model is flawed and you need to know this before you order!"

Rating 2/10

They lost and then found (after 5 days) the GIA certificate

"I just wanted to take a moment to share my nightmare of an experience with Blue Nile. I placed an order in June and it was shipped out June 16th, I received it next day which was amazing. I decided though that it wasn't quite what I wanted so I did a return. I called customer care and was assigned an RMA NUMBER and triple checked to make sure everything was package up - the ring, original box, appraisals and GIA certificate. I went to the UPS store and paid $225.00 to send it back with the insurance. I received an email stating that it was received but the GIA certificate was missing. I immediately contacted Blue Nile and was advised that they would get the security footage and review it and would be contacted. I waited a few days and called again, i was informed that it didn't look good and that they still didn't find the report and that 'we are an upstanding company and no mistakes are made'. I waited another day and emailed and was still informed nothing was found. On the 5th day I went to the UPS store and spoke with the gentleman that helped me out and explained that the GIA certificate was missing and he must have been at fault. I spoke to his boss and was upset as I knew I packed everything up. I then left and called Blue Nile and asked the status, the guy informed me that it was being returned to be restocked. I asked him if he had the right account as the GIA certificate was supposedly missing. He said no it was found and I would be refunded. Firstly I want to say SHAME ON BLUE NILE for emailing me and telling me to pay $250.00 US for the missing certificate in order for me to get refunded and not doing their due diligence in checking the security footage before I was told that it was missing. so 5 days of being super stressed out and being told no mistakes are made!? This is bad business and I will never do any business with Blue Nile again. I wasn't even informed the certificate was found and I had to call in to find that out. I can't believe a company would lose a certificate and email the customer and inform them they have to pay before reviewing the footage. SHAME ON BLUE NILE!
I'm glad this is over! Don't buy from them!

Rating 2/10

Don't buy anything from Blie Nile !

"Beware after your time allotted to pay in full any charges, guess what they will slap you with a giant finance charge - from all of the months !
Yes you will be stuck with a giant bill ! Let's say you have 500$ left to pay on a 7k ring and the time is up for your interest free period, well they will be charging you the 27% on the 7 k and add it to your 500$ !!!! So stay away from Blie Nile, unless you have money to burn ..

Rating 2/10

Awful experience!

"I was trying to buy a diamond ring for my engagement and I was planning to send it to my brother in law in Dubai because I live in China which would cost me much more in duties fees.
The first problem I encountered, is that blue nile doesn't do home delivery in Dubai and that someone needs to go pick up, no problem, except that they don't have anyway on their website to actually edit the shipping info and they force you to use the billing info for the name of the person who needs to pick up the ring
So I placed the order, then called (international call) to the customer service to edit the name (since the local number is only in Chinese and I don't speak it), and they told me everything is good.
At that point, I actually showed the photo of the ring to my gf and her family and everyone was happy with it, then later on, I received an email from blue nile to call them again because they need some info before they can proceed with the order.

I called (twice) to their international number in US, first time they placed me on hold and then I was told to leave a message which I did and no one called back, so I called again and I talked with a very rude representative who basically literally told me: "there have been a business decision not to accept any credit card payments from you, and yes, specifically you!"
And that the only way to proceed, is for me to do payment via wire transfer, which is basically the kind of payment that gives you ZERO guarantee against scam because you can't dispute it in case they just decided not to send you anything!!

Basically, STAY AWAY from them and don't waste your time in that place!!

Thanks to them, I am in a very weird place now with my gf and her family!!

Rating 2/10

The risk of your ring not showing up

"I recently ordered two rings on Blue Nile, and I would not recommend the experience.

First of all, they seem to have serious security issues. After ordering on Blue Nile, I started getting lots of calls pretending to be my bank trying to "survey" my information. I provided none.

When I went to pick up my package they said my "wife" had re-directed the shipment. Considering I don't have a wife, I found this surprising. Although this sounds more like a FedEx issue, BlueNile made the situation worse.

I contacted Blue Nile customer support, they said my problem was interesting and they would look into it and call me back. They did not call me back.

Instead, the next day when I went to FedEx to pick up my package, they said Blue Nile had recalled my package without ever contacting me. After waiting two weeks for the rings, we won't get them after all. Try explaining that to your fiancee.

Blue Nile thankfully said they can send another delivery if I pay by money order. After having waited over two weeks for a missing delivery, I can only hope they remove the charges from my credit card.

Blue Nile may be a victim of this kind of fraud, but they should not pass the burden on to their customers. My advice: buying a ring online comes with a risk, consider it.

Rating 2/10

"I am not an avid review writer but I feel I have to share my experience with this company. After many days searching through the list of diamonds on the website I finally found one that I was happy with. I placed the order and charged it on my credit card after 18 hours a placed a phone call to the company to check everything was going okay. I was told everything looked fine so far and I would receive more emails as the process rolls on. 6 hours after that I receive another email this time telling me that the Diamond that I chose was not available. I needed to call the office so that a representative could help me find another similar or better stone. The representative started to then explain that I may have to down grade the colour, carat and cut from the stone that I chose in order to find another one for the same price "but don't worry cause a normal person won't be able to tell the difference"... This is one of the oldest scams in the book of used cars. It's called the "bait and switch" The idea is to get you committed to buy the product from them then remove that deal for whatever reason and switch the client in to a lesser valued product for the same price. I gave the representative one last chance to find me a stone that was actually of the same value but they still came back with Lower grade, cut, colour and size! They are shonks and stay away from them."

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