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Cheater company

"Do not buy from this Company! They take return but will not give you your money nor other clothes!!
I have $ 285 credit because clothes came smaller then average other companies. They gave store credit. When I tried to get that credit for other clothes, they said this company's ownership is changed! Same name, same email address, same phone number, same location and ownership changed?? They refused to give me credit towards other clothes and said, you can go to court!!
Fake company with may be fake clothes!! Do not buy!!!

Helpful Cool


I wish I found this site prior to ordering

"They kept sending me emails that I had a $20 credit (not sure how I earned it as I never ordered before) and they always send emails to me advertising high end items so I thought they were legit. I applied my credit towards the cheapest item I could buy ($17 out of pocket) on the 5th of Dec 2016.
I got a call about a wk and a half later! that the items were now ready to ship & would take another 2 to 3 wks. It's now 15th Jan & item is not yet here. Reading all these reviews, I can tell this is a rip off site, like those Chinese sites that show you an original outfit then send you a knock off. I am sure my shoes are coming from China & wont be the original stock picture. That's the only reason why it would take 6 wks & counting & there's no tracking provided. I will update this review when/if I finally receive the shoes. If I don't, from what I've heard, they don't give refunds, so I don't think it's worth trying to get $17 back. Will never order from them again

Helpful Cool


I was a long Term happy Customer- Now I just want to yell from a mountain BEYOND HORRIBLE SCAMMERS!!!!!

"I have purchased and loved this company for a number of years and have purchased hundreds if not thousands from them over these years. Things starting going downhill in the last year until they crashed. I have been screwed around so much and all they can say is "sorry" yet refuse to allow you to speak to any sort of management. They take months to ship items, if they ship at all- and months to credit items after a million calls and emails- again if you get a credit at all. I am beyond disgusted with this company and what has happened to them. DO NOT BUY FROM BEYOND THE RACK- YOU WILL REGRET IT! Signed a past sad and rather angry loyal customer :("

Helpful Cool


Don't order from them!

"My mother bought me a coat which didn't fit. When I called to inquire about how to exchange it I was told to look for another item and call in. I knew there was a 1 year return period so I looked for just the right item. Finally about 10 months later I found something and called them. They said I had to return the other coat first. Of course, by then the new coat wouldn't have been on the site any more so I ordered the new coat. It took well over a month to get. At that time, I tried on the new coat which also didn't fit so I returned both items. 2 month have passed and no word from them. I chatted with them and gave them the tracking number. they said they would credit me for the one item but that they had changed ownership and wouldn't honor the return for the other. Now I'll be stuck with a $100 coat I can't wear. I will use my credit but then they will never hear from me again."

Helpful Cool



"Im disgusted. Wish I could select a zero satisfaction rating....
Never sent my items, assured me they were coming and kept my refund and removed my credit. Basically passing their robber torch after an alleged bankruptcy to another theive that kept it all in the end. My money disappeared and it's been bull-S replies from the 'new management' fraudsters. Each message sent & response was generic yet disrespectful too and they've repeatedly told me to literally file a claim with the Better Business Bureau. I mean basically DARING me to do it and straight up ASKING FOR IT because they apparently find it funny. Now deserving the new nickname(s): BEYOND TOOK REFUND - HIT BELOW THE BELT - BEYOND LEFT WITH YOUR MONEY - STOLE THE CLOTHES OFF YOUR RACK WHILE SMILING BEYOND YOU TO ROB THE NEXT. ***BUYERS BEWARE!*** Like the previous post stated - How is this LEGAL!

Helpful Cool


Scam scam scam

"Do not buy anything over there I bought Tiffany glasses 47 days ago, they always back post my shipping time, I call them they always say the same thing "it's arriving on the warehouse this week" omg so much trouble for a pair or glasses, I lost the free lenses from my insurance because I'm waiting for this glasses, so lies lies lies lies and more lies, ask for the agent to speak with supervisor and he didn't transfer for his supervisor!!! Again this site is a scam,they charged me the day that I bought and I don't have any product yet. "

Helpful Cool


This is a terrible merchant.

"Like many others, when the business went bankrupt, they "stole" my store credits I earned from a return. They just give credits, not money back. It took months and months for them to tell me, sorry, your loss, but that's what happened, contact your consumer business bureau. They got bought out and the new ownership didn't want to honor consumers' prior credits, so they erased the slate for everyone. My CC company ended up refunding me the money after I filed a dispute, but that also took time.

Other major flaws of this company. You pay for shipping, but if you need to return it for a reason that isn't due to product damage, then you will have to PAY to return the item, too. However, even if the product is damaged, they might initially charge you shipping to return, for which you have to call AGAIN to get that refunded. If you do get credits for a refund, it could take another month or two for those to show up, after constant calling.

The quality of the items is poor. VERY POOR. I've received lots of products that were falsely advertised and poorly constructed. For example, drapes that claimed to be "black out" when clearly they were sheer as the day itself. Shirts with poor stitching and even incorrect sizing. I ordered a large, they sent a medium.

The timing for delivery is SLOW. It may take up to three months or more for you to receive what you ordered. How ridiculous is that? I've bought from them several times and the earliest delivery was six weeks.

The selection isn't great. Even the reviewer above mentioned she couldn't find anything. That's pretty typical. Although they have 1000s of items. Nothing seems that great.

I'm done with them.

Helpful Cool


Possibly the only person who had a good experience

"I've been a member of BTR for quite a few years, but never used it. Recently I was sent $20 credit for the site, but nothing caught my eye so I gave it to my mum. She fell in love with this amazing colourful pearl necklace and asked me to order it for her. I placed the order, in which I only payed like $5 for shipping. Only after I placed it did I think to look up reviews. So after reading countless reviews, I figured I would never see the item or get my $5 back (but hey, it's just $5). However, because my mum was so excited to get this necklace, I figured I'd wait a few weeks and see what happened before telling her it wasn't coming. And what do you know. It showed up at her doorstep 3 weeks later! To be honest, I was completely shocked. I was 150% sure the necklace wouldn't show up. So I consider this a Christmas miracle, haha! However, due to the overwhelmingly negative feedback this website had gotten, I consider this a one off and will not be shopping there in the future."

Helpful Cool


Products are not as advertised

"Boy do I wish I had found this website beforehand, I had ordered a tshirt that was supposed to be 100% cotton and received it as 50% cotton 50% polyester. I emailed them and they told me "Upon checking here the item is 100% Cotton." that's not what the shirt I received says. They said I can return it, but that'll cost me to ship it and it's not worth the hassle. It also took 3 weeks to get my order. I will be telling everyone I know not to buy from Beyond the Rack!"

Helpful Cool


Avoid at all cost! Delete!!!

"Credit disappeared and run around of empty promises yet a friend of mine (who has never purchased from there before) was sent $20! Do yourself a favour, send all advertisement to trash!"

Helpful Cool



"This website should be shut down. They only take your money but they never send the items. I was waiting for months form my package to arrive only to find out 7 months later that the mirchendise is out of stock. They issued me credit and some apology cupons that I can't use. Apparently the company is under new management and they not honoring credits / refunds from before May 2016 IS THIS A JOKE! Is this even legal ?!! I have been playing this game with them since beginning of the year and now I can get me money back.
Please don't shoop there they will rob you in the day light. I don't even know if the staff they sealing on this web are real since I never got them. And please the excuse of new management is BS. They found a loop to take costumes money and they are doing it.

Helpful Cool


I will give -5 if I can!

"This is a fraud. I lost $700 credit there! I've been following up with them for a year, and when I called today, they told me they can't find my money/credit. What a joke. I am sure there are hundreds of BTR consumers have the same experience. Don't ever buy from them!

Thank you for patiently waiting. We received an update from the new management regarding your missing credit. Unfortunately, it can no longer be reinstated back to your account. We apologize for the late notice and inconvenience this has caused. As you are aware Beyond the Rack has recently gone through a restructuring phase under our new ownership and management group; we have made several key changes to our business model in order to build BTR back. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to refund or provide a credit to any purchases/returns made or processed before May 24th, 2016.

Please be advised that Beyond the Rack went through a restructuring process that unfortunately took far too long to complete and has affected too many customers. In order for us to continue and grow the new business we will no longer be able to honor any of the credits that were on your account from orders before new ownership took possession. The new management team have tried to make BTR’s transition as smooth as possible for our loyal customers, however there are some obstacles we cannot overcome.

We know this comes as a disappointment to you and we greatly apologize for this. I suggest you contact Consumers Protection in your local area to properly assess your situation and they will be able to provide you legal assistance on this issue.

In order for us to continue and grow the new business we will no longer be able to honor any of the credits that were on your account from orders before new ownership took possession. We know this is disappointing on your part. I suggest you contact Consumers Protection in your local area for your complaints and properly assess your situation.

Helpful Cool


They are frauds. Don't buy from them

"They are frauds, plain and simple. I've had a $100 credit for the returned merchandize. A few months ago the credit disappeared from the screen, and I called to find out why. The reason given was that they are reworking the GUI, and after a while I'll be able to use the credit.

However just recently I've visited the site and my credit was not there. The customer support on the phone said that I'm SOL, because they've been through bankruptcy, and it's a different company now. Basically, they took my money, and deceived me directly in the process.

They deserve to be punished

Helpful Cool



""I have gone through the same experience from BeyondTheRack. This was their response:
We apologize that it’s taken so long for us to advise you on this issue: We know this is disappointing to you but unfortunately we are unable to honor and reinstate those missing credits in your BTR account.

As you may be aware, that Beyond the Rack went through a restructuring process that unfortunately took far too long to complete and has affected too many customers. The restructuring process, including the transfer of ownership. This is the reason why all orders made prior May 24, 2016, can no longer be refunded, in any form.

To help you better with your request, it would be best to contact your local customer protection and advise them of above information.

The good news is that the website BTR.com will continue to operate – now under new ownership and as a new company. We will be re-launching shortly with a new look and feel and all your account information will be transferred to the new site.

We sincerely apologize if you’ve been frustrated by poor service in recent months and want to assure you that the entire BTR team is committed to providing the service you deserve as we re-launch as a new company and look forward to serving you in the future.

If you require any further assistance with your order please call our Customer Service Centre at 1-844-400-4287. Our hours of operation are weekdays from 9AM to 6PM EST (calls and chats) and on weekends (chat only) from 9AM-9PM EST, via Live Chat located both at Check Out and the Help Section)." Make sure that the operating hours are from 9AM- 6PM weekdays, and chat, 9AM to 9 PM weekends."

Helpful Cool


Beyond the Rack is going out of business/Hostile takeover occuring!!

"I was a happy customer ( 4-years) until my LAST purchase! I purchased some boots on 2.28.2016. I received them 4.8.16, (didn't like them). Well, BTR changed their shipping address in-between this time; they moved shipping locations from Las Vegas to New Jersey! As I waited for my BTR credit to post, I decided to contact BTR (4.15.16) Had a rep tell me that my package was on the way!!! SHE LIED! I normally paid for my shipping thru the USPS to avoid BTR taking funds from what I wanted to spend. Well, I received a notice in the mail that I had a package to be picked up from USPS?? Well, it was the package that was sent to the wrong BTR address!!! So, I took them back to the post office and since the item was never delivered they didn't charge me for shipping!! Now, after waiting, and waiting for my credit to post the boots finally arrived at BTR (5.25.16) Well, I was expecting a full refund but they decided to take $9.00 to pay for shipping even though I paid for it!!! Representative told me that is the store policy!!! But that's a big LIE because the entire 4 years that I purchased items I ALWAYS PAID FOR SHIPPING!!!! Well, needless to say, I told them to take the small amount left as a store credit and shove it up theirs!!!!! NEVER, EVER, EVER WILL I PURCHASE A PIECE OF PEPPER FROM BTR!!!! SCAM!!!!"

Helpful Cool

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