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"First...actually this purchase was Nov 2007, but I just found this review and have totally grasped the importance AGAIN of its too unreal to be true.
I purchased a HDR-SR7 Sony Handycam from them last for Christmas of 2007. Just like all the other reviews, I had selected a camera and was possibly told it was not in stock..something like that..but they had the same model but in the Professional level...costs more...but much more durable and not all plastic.
Anyway, lots of going around. Heck if I know any different. Ended up with some package where you could not tell what your camera itself really cost. Package was so much larger than planned with incidentals I did not need and well...I just did not feel good about the purchase. Then I receive the camera and could not see how it was this special pro model. And I talked to Sony and they were totally confused about what I was talking about...and well....
As I was looking for another camera and came across the site of One Time Digital..who are out of Brooklyn, NY, also.........I definitely will bite the bullet and know...if it is too good to be true....oh heck yes it is.
Thanks for all the great and so sad reviews telling us to watch our backs for the evil ones.

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I recently heard of these scam artists on youtube and other store review sites. I decided to conduct a little experiment. I placed an order for a Nikkon camera. I had no intention of actually ordering this item. I provided my cell phone number and a made up billing address. When the screen came on to submit my credit card information, i just left it blank and just in case changed the card type to a brand that wasn't mine. GUESS WHAT! Even though I didn't give any card information THEY PROSESSED THE ORDER ANYWAY. I recieved a confirmation number and everything. I'm expecting a call from them in the coming days. I plan to play games with this company to the bitter end. Don't worry I will be as rude as possible to the jerks that run this business.
I will keep you updated on the status of my "order" I plan to record the phone calls and use them as evidence for a law suit.

After heavy research I believe that this site and and all of the other related sites are owened and operated by members of the Italian mafia or organized crime. I believe this because several people have reported fraud charges on there credit card, all of these charges have to do with flights in or out of Italy. Others have reported consumer goods purchased from companies operating out of Italy. I will continue to conduct my experiment on this company to use as evidence in a law suit

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"This company is a fraud. They "upgraded" my order and I ended up with 2 inferior lenses. Then the company would not agree to a return unless I agreed to absorb almost $500 in costs. I ended up locating their attorney and filed complaints with everyone from the FBI internet fraud division to the Department of Consumer Affairs in New York. I eventually got them to take back the camera but it cost me almost $125.00 to do so."

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"This is the worst company I've EVER delt with. STAY AWAY from THEM.

Please forward this email to Vinni Rizzo, General Manager and George Sabat, President.

Please take NOTE: After my VERY BAD phone experience with Best Price Camera today and given the fact that I see VERY NEGATIVE comments about your company, now that I have checked, and given that the NY BBB has numerous complaints about your company, I wish to cancel my order.

Additionally; I rescind my authorization to Best Price Cameras (enterprisephoto.com, infinitiphoto.com, jandkcameras.com) and/or any other company or entity associated with Best Price Camera, Vinni Rizzo, General Manager and/or George Sabat, Owner, to use my Credit Card and Debit Card. Any use of my Credit Card, Debit Card or ANY other personal information, including but not limited to; credit card, debit card, name, address, phone, etc... provided to you will considered fraud and legal action will be pursued.

Lubomira Dvorakova

-----Original Message-----
From: Scott - Best Price Cameras [mailto:scott@bestpricecameras.com]
Sent: Monday, June 16, 2008 11:30 AM
To: apetrash@fineart-world.com
Subject: Fw: Order

----- Original Message -----
From: Scott - Best Price Cameras
To: apetrash@fineart-world.com
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 5:21 PM
Subject: RE: Order

Thank you for your recent order with us. The product you selected is
currently on Back order. We will not be restocking it for another 6-8 weeks
time. Your card has NOT been charged and your order has been cancelled. We
will notify you via email as soon as we restock it.
Thank you,
Customer Care

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"WARNING: I agree with the scam theory. They bait you with a low price (Canon 40D in my case).
Then offer a number of extra products (batteries, etc.) at excessive price. If you don't bite on these, then they just don't ship the product. I waited 3 months, and contacted them again. They claimed the product (easily available on Amazon, Costco or other reliable dealers) was "back ordered" and were "happy" to cancel the order. Go Figure. WATCH OUT!!!!

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"On Sunday, 2/17/08 I called Best Price Cameras to order Nikon package 15, a D-80 digital camera put together with a Nikon Nikkor 18-200 Autofocus lens & assorted accessories, for $959, as advertised on the website. The salesmen, Tony, talked me into a "way better" lens, an 18-135. Sunday night I tried to reach Tony to change the order back to the 18-200, which Tony said was the same price but far inferior to the all-plastic 18-200. After leaving a number of messages, which weren't returned, I tried again in the morning. Again, no return call. I talked to another salesman & he said to call customer service at 11:00 am. I called Customer Service & they said no problem, they'd switch the lens (after trying to talk me out of it.)

On Wed, at 5:03 pm UPS delivered the parcel. The wrong lens was sent, plus no tripod or card reader, or the 2nd battery as shown in the "package". I got right back on the phone to customer service. As soon as I gave him the order no. 177019, they transferred me to a phone that was never answered. A message came on that said wonderful things about their customer service (all very hard to hear). At 6:10 pm I hung up, after holding for over 45 minutes. Upon calling back their recorded message said that customer service hours were 11 – 6 M-Th & 11-4 Friday.

I went out to various websites on Thursday morning & found that they are a bait & switch company with many complaints on file with the NY Better Business Bureau. They deal in gray market products.

The Invoice in the box shows no individual prices, outside of the $1299 package price, plus the $199 price for the 5 yr extended warranty, that I bought because they included an upgraded memory card (from 2 GB to 4 GB) and they "threw in" 4 filters which they said were worth $200. They "threw in" a battery & a charger that they said were another $200. All in all, the cost went up to $1499. Actual retail cost for the filters were $16.50, per numerous other reputable websites.

The actual cost should have been about $1365, retail, using the highest prices I could find. Then if you add the 5 year extended warranty for $200, we paid more for their great discounted gray market camera, which is not backed by Nikon in the US.

After this all occurred I checked various consumer websites & BBB and found all the complaints. I called customer service on Thurs. at 11:24 am & listened to an explanation, which included an offer to get the REAL 18-200 for another $310. Got disconnected. I called again, talking to "ROY" (I had to ask for a name) & asked for a return authorization number. I asked if there was a re-stocking charge & yes, per their website, minimum 10%. I later checked & that info is buried on a Help screen. I overpaid for what I received, didn't receive all that was promised & been duped. Many of the accessories are low-end products. The Invoice only lists the $1299 package price, plus the $200 warranty & no details. The ironic part is that in the long wait I heard their recorded message say, "Our good reputation is our most important asset". I contacted the warranty company & hope that I never have to use them. What the salesman said & what the warranty says are completely different.

On 2/22 I complained to the NY Better Business Bureau listing all of the above. They sent me a letter last week saying that Best Price Cameras would not respond to my complaints.

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"I placed the order for a camera body. I then received a call saying the body was out of stock, but they could provide a retail kit for an extra $300. I declined, and they promised the original order would be filled within a week. After calling back, I was told the wait could be infinite, but that they would continue to advertise the item at a low price even though they did not have any. They claimed it was not really an advertisement (despite the push to buy button and shopping cart) but merely a place where you could find information. The Better Business Bureau was not able to contact them during the 6 month period after my complaint and had to close the case, but promised to give them the lowest possible BBB rating as a warning to others. Coincidentally (I hope), the credit card I used was flagged as one that had been compromised and had to be discarded a week before the final BBB report."

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"I completely regret buying my Nikon D80 camera from Best Price Cameras. It turned out to be a bait and switch situation, only worse. I was drawn to their site because of their low price for a "body only" D80. I decided to purchase a package that included lenses and several other things like carrying case and tripod. I also bought a battery and memory card as well because they were advertising a "buy one, get one free" for each. They also advertised "free express shipping" which was important to me because I hoped to have the camera for an out-of-town event 10 days later. The total came to $1028. The next day, a guy called me to "confirm my order" then proceeded to talk me into a more expensive battery, memory card and filters, again with the "buy one get one free" offer. He also tried to talk me into an extended warranty which I did not purchase. When I asked him what the new total was he said $1599. I told him to just stick with the original order. Four days later, my credit card statement showed a purchase of $1599. When I tried to call "Customer Service" I was on hold for 20 minutes and nobody ever picked up the phone. I realized that I had an alternate number because the number for the guy who called me was on my call log. When I tried that number it was no longer in service! I wrote them an email to complain and 3 weeks later they have not responded. Furthermore, the camera took 2 weeks to arrive and so I did not have it for the out of town event (so much for free express shipping!). When it finally did arrive, there was only one battery and memory card (so much for "buy one get one free"!). I cannot get them on the phone or get them to answer my email. As far as I am concerned, they are dishonest scam artists. I regret the day I ever came across their website!"

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"Some sites posted on bestpricecameras will not let you post negative ratings... I tried. Anyway...
My advice to you, DO NOT BUY from these people! They have a bad rating with the BBB. Chris in C.S. got very rude and aggressive when I tried to cancel and argued with me. Said almost as a threat that there is a cancellation fee, which is not on the site. It was going to be $161 to cancel. I was afraid of fraudulent charges, especially after the other people got them. With their very nasty behavior on the phone, I took no chances and closed my credit cards. This is NOT worth the hassle to go with the cheapest! My cheapest price turned out to be more expensive than almost any other company out there because of the items they say aren't included (but other stores Do include them.). Please don't waste your time, don't lose money, and don't risk fraudulent charges on your credit card.

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"I ordered a pentax k20d because they had the lowest price on the internet. I got the confirmation phone call to which I declined the suggested accessories. I waited 2 weeks and called about the status of my order, and was told my camera was on backorder for 4-8 wks. After 6 more weeks, I was told that the camera was still backordered and that they had no idea whatsoever when it might be available. It is now obvious that they had no intention to sell the camera at the advertised lowball price. Don't waste your time with this or the other associated companies operating under different names."

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"This will sound like more of the same after reading some of the other reviews on this site (after I had made a purchase).

I purchased a Canon Zoom lens. I was then called and told that it didn't include a mount for my Canon camera. I was then offered a mount for only $399!!! Note: Canon lenses come with a camera mount. I was also offered many "great deals" for this and that. I told the customer service rep, Chris at X244 that I wanted to think about it. I then verified my suspicions and called Chris to cancel the order. Chris then told me that there is a "cancellation fee". I told him I didn't believe that, and he was vehement about a cancellation clause posted during the checkout process. I printed every screen during the checkout process and no such clause exists. When I called Chris back, he hung up on me. Stay away from these scam artists!!! State of NY, and BBB, you should be ashamed of yourselves for not shutting people like this down, and more importantly putting them in jail for fraud!!!

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"Placed an online order on May 7th.
I Called on the 15th, but they never shipped my Canon VIXIA HF100, then they said it was back ordered for 4 weeks, which RUINED my trip to Europe, THEY'RE ALL LYING SCAMMERS.

They told me my camera came with nothing but the camera, no factory battery or charger, nothing but the camera. LIE, Canon FACTORY NEW ITEMS ship with accessories. I was then Offered another package costing hundreds more. I CANCELED MY ORDER RIGHT AWAY.

These jokers are lying scammers. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. RUN FAR AND FAST.

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"bestpricecameras.com is a SCAM and a JOKE! too bad they are somehow managing to stay in business with their numerous website that have FAKE prices and NON EXISTENT DEALS!

I placed my order over the weekend, then it said- expedite your order you should call us. I called on monday morning and some guy chewing his food mumbled "-hello?"


when I asked him about their existing inventory - he said "OH NO< EVERYTHING IS DROPPED SHIPPED FROM CHINA THESE DAYS"

what a bunch of BULLS^$&*T!!

they are all clowns there and are praying on the innocent buyers.


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"I ordered a Canon EOS 40D camera body that was advertised as a US model NEW and with US Warranty for $549 to be shipped on a 2Day delivery. After putting the order in over the weekend, I got an email message saying to expedite the order I needed to call their 800 number. I called and the guy went over my order and asked if I had any questions. I asked if it was a US model with a US warranty from Canon. He assured me this was the case. He went on to ask me if I wanted to buy a battery charger. I said no thats fine, the camera body according to the Canon website says its already included. He said it wasn't included...He said I would have to purchase the battery and charger separatly. I then said...I didn't want the charger or battery...or memory. He then told me my order would be shipped within 4-6 weeks. I told him I paid for 2day delivery. Then he said he would take the delivery fee off...I said I wasn't done with him and I was not going to accept this and he went on to tell me that I had to take it and it would be sent within 4-6 weeks and hung up on me. After his call, I called my credit card company up and reported the card as stolen and told them what happened. They agreed that the place sounded fraudlent and ensured me they would not be able to charge my card. I am going to cross my fingers that I won't have to deal wth these people again. They are not a legitimate business. They are crooks."

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