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"I placed an order a few days ago and went to check the order status to figure out what's going on as it hasn't shipped yet. I call customer service who told me one of the items was out of stock so they cancelled the entire order. I asked why the entire order would be cancelled if its just one item and upon looking on the website it's still showing available. I was told it was probably just their site hasn't been updated so I place an order for the remaining 2 items. 10 minutes later that order is cancelled. I call belk back to figure wtf was going on. This time spoke w/ a lady who said that my bank is declining the transaction so I call my bank and ask what's going on. Turns out belk was repeatedly charging my card over and over again back to back which locked the card. After unlocking the card we call belk to try to replace the order thinking maybe third times a charm. The order was then cancelled again because the exact same thing happened. At this point I am beyond **** as my card was charged $359 seven times. The customer service reps at belk are basically useless and have no answers anything. They love to tell you they will call you back and never do. Just avoid at all cost. Not worth the hassle or stress. Half the items they say are in stock are sold out and just not updated on their website."

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Frustrated with BELK.COM

"They hold the purchase price from your bank account then charge you again when the order ships. Most people operate on a budget and do not expect this nor can afford it. Also, on a order of 4 items they shipped 3 different shipments requiring signature. I work for a living. I can't take off 3 different days to be there for one order. They are still in the dark ages with logistics. "

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Antiquated system

"I bought a pair of shoes online for my daughter who needs a wide width. They didnt fit and she wanted a smaller size. I returned them to the store in the hope of expediting this process. The clerk told me that i could have it delivered to my house OR the store and it would be free shipping either way. Its not true, but in any case, he computer screen told her they didnt have what i wanted. When i asked to clarify when they would have them in stock again, she didnt know. She didnt seem that knowledgable so I just decided to go home to order them myself. Sure enough, they were in stock and i had to pay shipping. Ok. So i ordered them to be shipped to me. About a half hour later, i realized i should have just sent them directly to my daughter at college so I called CS. They said it was too late to change the shipping address. Really??? A half hour later after ordering? They really need to step up their game. Probably wont order from them again."

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"Took forever to get refund. Unfortunately it was less than they even owed me! I called every week and they said they'd "rush" my problem. I had to file a BBB complaint to even get the wrong refund!!! "

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Service so bad

" I ordered something on line on Black Friday, and received a confirmation for it. 10 days later, when it hadn't shipped I contacted them and they promptly cancelled the order. When I replied and said I didn't want it cancelled, they responded that they hadn't charged for it. That wasn't the point. The item was out of stock that day, but they were advertising it again within a week. more for me"

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Sells items not in stock

"Ordered a Christmas present for my daughter. After waiting a week, received an e-mail informing me it had been cancelled. Called customer service and they explained that they did not have enough stock to cover what was ordered. So, they were selling an item they did not have. This has actually happened on 2 different orders. I will not order on line from them again because I am now afraid the item doesn't exist."

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"Took 7 days for the shoes i ordered to ship after being "processed" and given a UPS label. Two weeks after the original purchase date my shoes came the box completely distroyed because they were shipped in a plastic parcel pouch."

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Bad Customer Service

"I returned an order using the return label included in my order. I contacted customer service to see if they received it- turns out there was an additional label that needed to be paid for. No where did it say this on the packing slip or return form. Every other place I have returned an order to that says attach included label and return, was indeed what it meant. Confused by the customer service, I have essentially just lost an order in the mail!? I have returned things I've ordered online from other stores before, and I read the instructions included with my order many times to ensure I was returning correctly. They were of no help when I contacted customer service, they need to update their instructions so people aren't losing orders in the mail! I planned to re order the shoes I was returning in a larger size, but not anymore. "

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Belk's gives online shopping a bad name.

"I bought several items from Belks. Two identical pair of pants were marked the same size but one was significantly smaller. I have to pay to return the pants. You can't return multiple orders in the same package so returns are expensive. If you buy something and it comes on sale, you only have 10 days to "price match" or you are stuck with the higher price. I found the entire experience to be labor intensive and expensive given returns. Some customer service reps were rude. (Some not). I will not be buying from Belks again. "

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"My daughter was given a coat as a gift. It did not fit and we do not have a Belk's in our state. They told me they would forward my request to upper management and I would hear back from them in 24-48 hours, I still have not hear back from them 23 days later. Nice coat, but bad customer service."

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"Just wanted to let it be known that I placed a order with Belk thinking I was gone receive it by my birthday, I placed the order 3 weeks ahead of the date I was needing it for and after tracking the package for 2 weeks it never started to travel well I called Belk and they issued the package out again because the first order never left the warehouse. Well I'm still disappointed with the service because the second time they issued the order it was for 2 day delivery and guess what I gave it a week and this time I called fedex and they didn't have the package in their possession. I called Belk and the only thing they had to say was well I'm sorry but I can reissue the order again, I'm sorry but no thanks after 2 tries I think I'm done with them. I placed a order from Macy's for the same product and I received my order in 3 days, thank you Macy's for helping me out."

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"Belk is extremely disappointing. I will NEVER purchase from them again. Their product did not match their description on line and they made me pay shipping to return it. Avoid Belk and stick with Amazon or Zappos. Belk does not value their customers"

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"This order was the first time I have used your company. Let me explain the situation:

1 - I placed the order online at between 7-8 am est on Wednesday 12/17.

2 - The order on Thursday was still showing as in process, so I called. I was informed at that time, don't worry, you will get a shipment notice by Friday morning.

3 - Friday morning came, I called, and informed them I still didn't have a shipment notice. They said not to worry, it would get shipped out by 1pm on Saturday and still arrive in time for Christmas.

4 - On Saturday morning, I checked, still in process. Saw the customer service wasn't open until 9am so waited.

5 - At almost 10am on Saturday, I was sent an email that my order was canceled because it was out of stock. This is over 3 day's (72 hours) after I placed the order. I did everything I think I could have possibly done, and the fact that I wasn't given any clue this item may be canceled is ridiculous. After the order was canceled, I checked the site and the item was still shown as in stock.

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"My mom and I go to Belk just about every weekend... my mother absolutely adores this store, very nicely priced as well!"

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"Awful!!! My item went out of stock before shipment and they sent an order confirmation!!! Color me surprised when only a partial order arrived with no explanation except tiny print. Will never, ever use this store again. F minus."

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