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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Frustrated with customer service

"Very frustrating to deal with. I ordered my bike 6/20 and after several emails and phone calls found out that bike was on back order until 7/30 - even after I received email that bike had shipped. It took several days for them to respond to my emails. I love the bike so ended up ordering on Amazon. "

Helpful Cool


Sweet Ride, ENJOY!

"Sharing quality time with your kids/family its not just a bike ride it's an adventure you can enjoy to share those memories forever. So grab your bike, go outside enjoy your kids! "

Helpful Cool


Darling bicycle!

"We bought a sixthreezero bicycle for our daughter's 14th birthday. It is just darling! The navy frame finish is gorgeous...it literally sparkles! The light teal and white wheels compliment the frame perfectly. The bike shipped incredibly fast! We had it 3 days after we ordered it! The assembly was fairly painless-my husband put it together in less than an hour (and that's probably because he's a perfectionist). The bike rides so smoothly and the quality feels top notch! I am jealous and am now thinking about getting one for myself! I do wish there were more color options in the everyjourney. Red or hot pink perhaps? Overall a great purchase! "

Helpful Cool


SkyRide & Customize

"If there were 10 stars to rate my experience I would choose 11 plus Claire.
I can not express enough how helpful, thoughtful and patient Claire was while I struggled through customizing the perfect bike, on my 'single mom budget' for my son.
She and Beach Bikes have made everything perfect!

Helpful Cool


Great bike, incredible service!

"Being a bigger guy, I was looking for a larger bike, so I ended up getting a Firmstrong 29er beach cruiser from Amazon. The bike looked great after assembly, but I noticed there was a little wobble in the rear wheel/hub. After a chat with Claire in the service department, she said that I could bring it to any bike shop for repair and they would reimburse me. I have heard that story in the past, and figured it would take a long time to track down the money. Boy, I could have not been more wrong. It was easy, quick and, most importantly, painless! I would highly recommend the bike as well as the company - they stand by their products! "

Helpful Cool


The service is out of this world

"My gosh I brought the sixthreezero Around the Block April 2017 it was fast shipping... product was exactly what was described and I had a minor issue where the box was damaged during shipment but the damaged part was replaced ASAP... I got to ride it 2x's before heading in for back surgery my reason for purchasing the bike was an incentive to get myself better so I can ride my bike....looking at it everyday would make me have the will to get up and about sooner than later to get back at life however, that didn't happen due to complications I ended up with another surgery and I wasn't able to ride my bike at the time that I wanted so there it sat with a metal chain on the side of my home awaiting... A few days ago after coming back from a Doctor's office visit I found my bike chain cut and the bike was gone... Man tears just came down as if someone had passed...My sadness was not of anything but the emotional value I had with that bike.... A police report was filed however, I didn't have the serial # so I called Beach Bikes and OMG I can't say enough the compassion and the kindness I had to experienced that day made it all better... They offered to get me another bike for less the experienced overall I can't get from anywhere else. I am so thankful I originally decided to purchased the bike from your company back in 2017 best decision I've ever made and thank you for the kindness you've showed during my not so great time of my life ... You've got a customer for life... "

Helpful Cool


Very nice experience...

"Very nice experience while customizing my bike on the website, also when contacting the team at Beach Bikes. Not so good regarding the delivery company. When I got my bike, its box had a small damage, resulting in a scratch in the paint of the 3-speed gearbox. Besides that, it's a good/nice bike. "

Helpful Cool


Best experience! I love my beach cruiser! Wonderful customer service

"Best experience! I love my beach cruiser! Wonderful customer service"

Helpful Cool


Great bike for Silent Auction!

"SixthThreeZero donated a Around the Block - Women's 26" Single Speed bike for our Silent Auction that is coming up in June! We had a very easy time following the assembly instructions. Everything came as promised and we are excited to have this item in our Auction. Thanks so much!"

Helpful Cool


Great Service but problem with size

"So this is kind of late but I ordered a bike online, based on the website recommendation however, the length of the bike is too short for my legs the height is great though I got the 24 inch women’s cruiser single speed I’m only 5’0” and the recommendation is up to 5’4” for that size my inseam is only about 28” and still bike frame is too short for my legs my daughter has same bike in 26” but the bar is a problem for me it’s too high I’d like to try out the 26” with the really low step over but don’t want to purchase unless I know it’s right for me "

Helpful Cool


Nice Bikes; Came shipped as described

"Ordered two bikes for our 12 year old daughters. They were delivered on time and packaged as described. They were packed well, nothing was damaged and everything was included to complete assembly. Bikes are of good quality and the removable basket is awesome! I know two little girls that are going to be very excited on Christmas morning. "

Helpful Cool


Great Bike

"I was initially going to provide a 3 star rating. I wanted to get a bike for my son (13). He had ridden a cruiser (six three zero bike) over the summer at a relative's but wanted one with speeds. I called and left at least 5 messages. No one called me back. I then did a chat with a representative who was very, very knowledgeable. I continued to have questions and then was referred to the beach bike site as they had more customizable colors to choose from (firmstrong bruiser 3-speed). When we received the bike it was packaged very well. One small scratch on the fender and the seat bolt was missing. I emailed the company and they sent a new bolt mechanism within 3 days. The customer service was great. They need to work on the return call aspect or not have that option available. I since ordered a bike for myself (EvryJourney seven speed) and I LOVE it. Great bike and great company."

Helpful Cool


Incredible Customer Service

"I just ordered a bike for my Grandson. I anticipate receiving it in a few days. My experience with Customer Service was far and above any dealings I have ever had! I will definitely order again! I’m so looking forward to getting this bike!"

Helpful Cool


Horrible Customer Service AT FIRST- Always a great bike

"I ordered a "Garage Sale" Sixthreezero Touring bike BB11869 and was promised the bike would be mechanically 100% and "rideable" The bike arrived within a week and I am on the east coast. The box was in terrible shape but the bike was wrapped great and found one scrap on the frame and a slightly bent fender which was expected something to be wrong with the appearance as it was a "garage sale item" . The bike was relatively easy to put together but was missing a very important piece which holds the from wheel in place. Without this piece you are unable to ride it! I immediately called the company about the missing part and had to leave a message. I also sent an email with my concerns. No one called or ever emailed. I called back the following day and had to leave a message. Still no returned call. Finally, I called again and was told the lady I wanted touch up paint as the scratch was down to the aluminum and that I needed the missing part as I couldn't ride the bike. I was informed they might not have the part and they are unable to supply touch up paint. Really? I was promised a call back that day which didn't happen! I emailed again, still not response. I called and left a message that their 5 star rating on amazon was about to go down. Guess what? No call again!!!! Well by this time I am angrier than ever. My husband said he could go down to a bike shop and probably find the part and I told him no way that they needed to take care of this and my dissatisfaction grew even more. It's now Thursday and still no call. So I called again. All the lady could say is I'll ship the part out today I am sorry, I am sorry....She said they had problems getting touch up paint and suggested I go to Lowes?!? I even asked for a phone number to call the manufacturer myself. No number was given. After I continued my dissatisfaction, she said she would fedex the part, well that is a no brainer and should have been offered right off the bat. Never once was I asked what would make me a happy customer and it doesn't take much to turn an angry customer arround but that did not happen. The company promises a bell for a rating on Amazon because they like their 5 star status which honestly is pretty clever as some customers think they have to rate them 5 stars to get the bell which that is not the case but what beachbikes.net is hoping their customers think. I went through all this and noting was offered. Great customer service this company IS NOT. I told them they should be thankful for my call as they have a serious issue on their hands when calls are not returned and emails go unanswered. I did receive an email offering a bell or light or basket, a $10 item and I responded with ways they could have made be happy and that I'd like my bell for my review as they promised. I will modify the review once I am able to ride the bike because I have no idea at this time how it rides. I will say the bike looks extremely well made and in good condition seeing it was a "garage sale item. I increased the rating because Claire is trying her best to please but the offers just aren't enough at this stage of frustration. A bell was shipped because I reviewed their company as they promise and received notification it shipped; however still no word on the piece I need in order to ride the bike but she promised it was FEDEXd so we shall see this PM as I have not received notification anything has been sent. UPDATE: well I emailed them again because as of the weekend I had not received the part. I emailed Claire to tell her to just forget the part and refund me $50 and I would go get the part. She emailed me to say the truck didn't bring them the part to mail Friday and she would credit me $50. A few hours later, she emailed me again to say because of everything they were going to refund the bike 100% but it would take 3-5 business days to see the credit. Now that is a company who is really trying to turn things around so once again I have updated my rating in accordance and I had planned on referring this company to other friends who are looking to purchase but I told her she needed to focus on their initial customer service so this would not happen to anyone again. Once again I will update after I see the credit as I have gone from a 1 star to a 2 star and now a 4 star. I will never rate a 5 because of my initial frustration but they have gone that extra mile in the end and I am very appreciative. "

Helpful Cool



"The bike had a wobbly rear wheel!"

Helpful Cool

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