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Shipping scam

"Ordered a book and paid extra for express shipping so should have received order in 2-6 business days. No problem except that was 2 weeks ago. Barnes and nobles response was "oh that's a marketplace item". Really that's it? No accountability? Of course market place sellers reason is ridiculous. They said "2-6 days after shipped" really? That is crazy. So I guess they need a new charge called get off your lazy ****. This to me is a scam because I am still getting standard shipping!! "

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Figley's Search for the Perfect Pet

"A must for any age, especially for young readers. A clever spin on a moral lesson. Creative characters with Anaxingky brilliant illustrations. Highly recommended for your personal collection or gift. "

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do not buy from them they are terrible company

"whatever you buy can't replace , online worse customer service ever !
buy from any other company not from branes and rubbers !!

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DO NOT Order from Barnes & Noble Marketplace

"I was charged for a book I ordered through the Barnes and Noble Marketplace and never received it. The 3rd party seller has not responded and it is very difficult to get any help from customer service."

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Worst customer service ever

"First, let me start by saying that I always order my textbooks from Amazon, and I have never had a problem with them. Good prices and fast shipping. However, I felt like I should support B&N because I enjoy going to the store and looking at books, so I decided to give it a try and order my textbook from B&N. With this said, I ordered a used textbook book on Jan. 25th that I desperately needed for a class so I paid for expedited shipping ( I was supposed to get it on Jan. 31st). Jan 31st I get an email saying that my order had been delayed. Finally, today (Feb. 8th) I get an email saying that they did not have the item in stock, TWO WEEKS AFTER I PLACED MY ORDER. I called them and they just told me there was nothing they could do, they did not even offer a discount so I could order the new textbook, which they had in stock. The just did not care at all. I guess order books from B&N only if you don't mind waiting two weeks for them to tell you that they don't have your book anymore. "

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Rental Services is Crap

"When I was renting books from their online rental system, I rented a book for 120 days, because I kept sending my books late and receiving fees. I managed to finish the book early and sent it back two months in advanced, but got an email stating that they want to extract the difference of the book, even though it was received in adequate condition and returned on time. Then I got a call from a debt collector, and I'm pretty sure that using their services has damaged my credit, despite of doing nothing wrong. When I tried to rent more books from them, they all refused for some reason. The only reason I can think why I can't rent a book anymore is because I have been falsely charged with my last book, and haven't paid the difference because I returned the book under their conditions. Their customer services aren't helpful via email. "

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Inflexible customer service

"I ordered a compact Bible from give as a gift. The size of the print font is so tiny that it is basically unreadable, and I told the person I gave the Bible to that I would get a larger Bible with a readable font size. I was barely out of the 14 day period--and did not ask or want a refund, merely to exchange for a larger size, and pay for the upgrade. The return policy of Barnes and Noble online is unreasonable and irrational. I am not asking for money back, merely to work with me to get the appropriate item. Additionally, it would be a great help if a sample of the font size was presented alongside the item online so that the purchase can be made the best information available. To sell an item with such unreadable print, without the capability to determine that before purchase is not fair, if you area not willing to exchange for a more readable version. I will NOT purchase from the online site in the future."

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Bad quality

"The used book was in bad quality."

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Fraudulent/ will nickel and dime you with any "issue" they can find

"I rented a book and received it in very poor condition (and late). There were ripped pages, writing, and highlights. It seemed dirty and I barley wanted to touch it. For that reason I barley did and luckily I didn't end up needing it much in the end. I return the book before the due date and later see that Barnes and Nobel has taken a large amount of money from my account (double the amount of the book) claiming that I damaged the book when I literally received it in dirty condition. They should check their damaged products before sending them out then blaming the customer for it. I consider it stolen money and this is similar to an issue I had with them before.

Also, it is very difficult to find your due dates and shipping labels on the site and you will not be notified of the due date. It will be easier for you to miss the due date and they will be justified in charging you extra fees. Perhaps they're trying to make up for the free return, shipping labels?

I would give this company 0 stars if possible. I have had my last straw with this company. DO NOT rent from Barnes and Nobel!

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covered up the UPC and sent me the wrong book

"I ordered a text book from them. A math book that was supposed to come with an online access code (you pay extra for that). They took a non-access code version, pasted a false UPC code over the real one and sent that to me. Their customer service reps were outrageously bad. Did not care one bit. Wanted to charge me to send it back and charge a restocking fee. Asked to speak to a manager. She sent me a return label and said they would refund 100%. I do not really believe that will happen, but have documented so will dispute the VISA charge if necessary. BN - never again. "

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Fraud Alert

"Did you know that if you have the Barnes and Nobles membership card you can never get out of it unless you call them? They have a feature on their website under your account for auto renew that you can check yes or no but if you check no and then do not call them, they automatically switch it back to yes and charge you regardless. Also, regardless of how you buy from them, for example in the store, they put your credit card in your account so they can charge it for whatever they want. I know they must be hurting because they are the most crooked company I have come across lately. "

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charged for a "late" due date

"I ordered a textbook from barnes and nobles and returned it within a timely manner. I received an email from them saying they received my textbook, then another saying they have charged me because I did not submit it before the due date. The due date is july 1st. It is still June!! It's not even late yet! they charged me for a book that wasn't even late. So i called and they are refunding me the money. Lets wait! Barnes and Nobles needs to get it together. I'm never ordering from them again."

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Such A Fraud Online Seller

"My son bought two books that he needed for his exam in U of Sofia Tokyo.
The books was delayed never got in time that my son have to buy Kindle version from amazon he asked for cancellation from Barnes & Noble but their CS people are useless could not do anything with their supplier. Instead they shipped it through UPS Express to Tokyo which was again delayed due to express service to destination isn't available. Big time screw up by Barnes & Noble and their supplier. To all who read this email, please don't buy books online from this company they are big Fucking Fraud. I hope they will be out of business soon!

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"I used to love my Nook. USED TO. Barnes and Noble made the decision to no longer offer third party apps. So, when I tried to download a learning game for my daughter, I was floored to learn that I was no longer able to use my nook for anything BUT an e-reader. I originally bought a Nook because of its flexibility as a reader AND a tablet and the fact that I did not have to purchase a data plan to use it. With this current "improvement", I will likely be purchasing a Kindle Fire very soon. Kindle has increased the flexibility of its e-readers while decreasing cost. On the other hand, Barnes & Noble has done the OPPOSITE. Sorry B&N, you just lost a customer for life."

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INVISIBLE DOG and BARNES & NOBLE share fraudulent business practices

"DO NOT ORDER FROM BARNES AND NOBLE ONLINE! I unwittingly ordered a boxed set of HARRY POTTER books at Christmas. They shuffled it to a 3rd party seller (common practice I am told) named Invisible Dog. They sent us a box of very used books. BARNES AND NOBLE will not refund our money. INVISIBLE DOG will not respond to any emails. We have now filed a claim with the Missouri Attorney General's office. Poor customer service and fraudulent business practices. Use Amazon or any other similar service. They guarantee customer's satisfaction or your money back."

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