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Made my day!!!

"My brake lights went out as well as a tail light on my Sebring. Keith at Autozone waited on me and could not have been nicer!! CAme our to my vehicle and assessed the situation, then installed new bulbs and had me back on the road in no time. I would highly recommend Autozone for anyone on their own and needing basic auto fixes. They’ve also installed new wipers for me in the past and have always been extremely nice "

Helpful Cool



"This review is not about just the store but autozone as a whole. The web sight is awful i strongly recommend not ordering anything from them online. Shipping dates change promos disappear when you finalize the order and when you call the just say sorry nothing we can do. They got me once but will never get me again will never do business with autozone again"

Helpful Cool


Absoulotely Useless

"One employee was too lazy to check compatibility of a right and left axle on my car. Now it is affecting my job and making loud unsettling noises. The store manager acted very stubborn and stupid. Its like she skipped elementary school."

Helpful Cool


Horrible customer service!!

"Its been 4 weeks still no part still no money back I got thrown on the back burner and forgot about..
Complained multiple times and they never return my phone calls nor my emails had to go on the Paypal to start a claim and still no response from the seller which is autozone.
Dont ever order online you will never get the item nor your money back!

Helpful Cool


Awesome customer service

"The moment I walked to the store the employee there already acknowledged by greetings... and the store manager came and helped me and he also answered every questions that I asked. It was amazing coming to a store and to see this awesome customer service thank you again, pierre. "

Helpful Cool


Excellent great team work

"I have been going to az for years now they are truly number one.theres no other auto part store than can or will compare to them they rock always there to help with a smile. I go to the one in Marysville was 1181 they rock great job keep up excellent work."

Helpful Cool


Check out the picture of the trash they sent me!

"Locking gas caps chart on line are bullshit they do not fit and then the trash they send to you is appalling. No paperwork and keys bent in a tattered box!!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Autozone WONT answer phones!

"This place has gone to garbage. 100% Garbage! I swear, the Guys who are too slow to work at DMV, get jobs at autozone! -- they WILL NOT answer phones.

They Also have a bad habbit of ordering the wrong parts!!!!!

WAKE UP AUTOZONE -- your online rating is the poorest on the internet!

John Dundon
Cascadia Or

Helpful Cool


Do not order online

"I have shopped at AutoZone for years and always stuck by them even if Other stores had the parts a little cheaper but after this experience online I will never shop at AutoZone Again ! It's been 3 week and still have not received a refund for parts I never even received they canceled the order when it was in transit I will stick with a company who will take care of there customers "

Helpful Cool



"So, this is my opinion and going to be an honest one. I'm sure that AutoZone is making enough money and doubt they would giva damn about my 2 cents, BUT I DON'T GIVA **** IMA TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!! AutoZone the ****, we all know this. They have all the parts on deck and that's cool. However, THEY ARE **** EXPENSIVE ASA MF!!! ****! Man, I get all of my parts from PARTSGEEK.COM because I SAVE MAAAAAAD DOUGH YO! **** MAD $$$! Partsgeek is like 40-60% cheaper than AutoZone. THAT COULD BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH MF! lol naw, im just kidding, but sometimes life is tough and EVERY DOLLA COUNT! SMH, if you have to fix your car go to AutoZone first to see the retail price and availability and then go to Partsgeek, Amazon, and Ebay. Sometimes on Ebay you can contact the manufacture directly and REALLY SAVE MONEY! Now for brakes or a battery DEFINITLY GO TO AUTOZONE BECAUSE THE HAVE A NATIONWIDE WARRENTY DATA BASE, BUT FOR EVERYTHING ELSE TRY THE METHODS LISTED ABOVE. The objective it complete the job correctly @ the lowest ticket possible, YAH DIIIIIG! Hope this helps you my people! "

Helpful Cool


Look for Frank Santiago at store #4914, vb blvd

"Good Evening,

I am writing to you to let you know about my experience at store #4914 on Virginia Beach Blvd. I walked into the store and was immediately acknowledged by Frank Santiago. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in what he does. I needed a diagnostic on my check engine light and Frank grabbed his tools and came out with me. He helped me locate the switch and showed me how the tools worked. After receiving the code, he translated it and printed me some very good details about the product I needed to replace. Mr. Santiago then took his customer service a step further and explained to me about the mileage he noticed. My car was getting close to 83,000 miles and was soon up for a timing chain check. He explained the importance of checking and maintaining my vehicle. Mr. Santiago was extremely helpful and even sold me fuel injectors to help clean my fuel tank out. I've been on deployment and my cars been giving me issues lately. This man is definitely a keeper. This type of personality is what I love to see, when I go into a store, I want prompt, knowledgeable, and helpful person to treat me like a person and not just a customer. I will be coming back as a loyal customers to Mr. Santiago. Thank you for reading this, and have a great night!



Helpful Cool


They do not pay their bills

"I did subcontract work for their new store in my neighborhood. They used an out of state General Contractor that shorted me $10,000
Welcome to the neighborhood

Helpful Cool


Easy return

"easy to navigate around store. I was able to make an easy return."

Helpful Cool


""I haven't been to many, but the Autozone in Raritan has always given me great and honest service.

Highly recommended!"

Helpful Cool


"One bad apple:

Went in to purchase automotive products at 1017 MORRISVILLE-C, MORRISVILLE, NC 27560 store and noticed specials signage and needed clarification on the terms of the specials. I looked around and behind about 10 feet away was the manager of the store straightening out products on the shelves. There was only two other customers in the store but noted that there were at least three employees.

I said "excuse me sir, I have a question." No response and I looked at him and instead of him pausing what he was doing, he just looked at me without any acknowledgment. Awkward silence and his response was in a impatient tone "I'm listening."

The manager conveyed the lack of any customer service skills. I was put off by his attitude and said "thats okay." After he knew I did not care much for his half attempt to assist, he finally got up from his stocking and approached but I was already headed out the door without purchasing.

I can see if he was in the middle of assisting another customer or if there was a line of people waiting, but this definitely was not the case. I was not in a rush, just had a simple question which could have been answered in less than 60 seconds (which cost his business $83.59 in lost sales). I know retail and budgets are set each day and any sale no matter how small, effects the bottom line.

Ive shopped at this location for years but when the management lacks the enthusiasm and CS skills to assist a paying customer, then I make the conscious decision to take my business their competitor. Please inform your teams that no matter how much stocking there is, if a customer is around, at least follow a 10 foot rule to make contact and see if any assistance is needed.

Every other employee in the past has assisted very well. As a manager, he should represent the business with exceptional CS. If this particular manager can't improve on his CS skills, cut your losses and hire someone with soft skills.

Helpful Cool

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