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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.19/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.75/10
Shipping & packaging: 6.94/10
Customer service: 3.75/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.36/10
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Great Service

"Great shopping experience. I always recommend AntOnline.com to everyone."

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Missing parts, unsatisfactory customer service

"I bought an Epson V370 Scanner from marketplace vendor Antonline via Walmart.com. The scanner was not in a retail box but was instead bulk packaged. Unfortunately, the AC adapter was missing. The USB cable was also missing but since I already have USB cables that was not a big deal. Obviously I can't operate the scanner without the power supply.

I sent Antonline an email explaining the problem and they replied with some form-letter instructions for acquiring an RMA. So I would essentially have to send the scanner back for a refund.

The problem is this: Based on the negative reviews I've read here (and elsewhere), I quite frankly don't trust them.

Many reviewers have had problems with returns. For example, returning a defective item and being charged an exorbitant restocking fee.

If I send the scanner back, then I have no leverage. They could claim that there are missing parts -- which there are of course! (their fault not mine) -- and refuse to give me a refund. Or they could refund my money but then charge me a restocking fee. What guarantee do I have that I'll get a full refund or that I will receive a replacement scanner at no additional cost?

Is my paranoia warranted? To find out, I emailed Antonline, mentioned the missing transformer, and politely asked some direct questions, like "Will I have to pay return shipping?", "Will I be charged a restocking fee?", etc. They never replied. So much for customer service.

Rather than take a chance, I instead purchased a replacement power supply. The good news is that the scanner actually works, though it ended up costing me more money in the long run. But at least I won't have to go through a potentially unsatisfactory return process.

FINAL THOUGHTS: In the future, I will NOT purchase office-type equipment like scanners and printers from marketplace sellers. It is better to purchase these kind of items from big box stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Staples, etc. The return process is easier, and office-type equipment is usually sent in retail packaging and is thus less likely to have missing parts.

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"I've installed plenty of electrical devices. I had a lot of trouble with the screw terminals. With only one wire, they don't tighten all the way. I tried to return the item and their returns page has an extremely negative tone. You can tell right away they are going to be difficult. it says they can't look up your order number for you and pretty much says if you don't have that, you're SOL. Then it says the order number must be typed exactly so I copied and pasted directly from the Amazon email I received. It sent a message back saying the order number was invalid. I emailed them and their reply was, "I'm sorry, unfortunately the return to reseller window for this purchase has been exceeded. Please contact the manufacturer directly for warranty support if applicable." Personally, I will choose another avenue in the future."

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Double Shipped & Won't accept Return

"After a week of waiting on a shipping confirmation for something that was in stock, and then making multiple calls, ANT Online contacted me and let me know I would not receive my initial order for 4 weeks. They told me that I should order a similar laptop at a slightly lower price, and they would cancel the initial order. The next day, I received confirmations that both of these had been shipped. Now, they won't accept the 2nd order back. Do NOT order anything from ANT Online - Period."

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Shipped a much older and less valuable laptop computer than what was ordered

"I online-ordered and paid for a refurbished laptop computer - a Lenovo T440s i5 500GB SSD, Windows10 - through Walmart.
I was leery of such a purchase, but the model number, options and price were all clearly spec'd, and I proceeded.

Atlanta Network Technology is Walmart's refurbished laptop marketing partner - and although Walmart bills me, Walmart sent a sale confirmation email that says (paraphrased) "if you are not satisfied, don't call Walmart, contact marketing partner ANT".

Today, I received from ANT the wrong laptop - a much older and much less valuable Lenovo laptop computer ...explicitly NOT what I ordered, and explicitly NOT what was listed on the packing slip that accompanied the order. The laptop I ordered is about 2.5 years old; the laptop that I received was at least 8 years old!
I immediately went online to request an RMA# and prepaid return shipping label, to return it to ANT. I had to go online, because - curiously - ANT lists no telephone number on their invoice or packing slip; this is usually a red-flag as regards customer service. To add insult to injury, to request an RMA# from ANT, I had to agree to (again, paraphrased) to "possibly pay ANT a restocking fee as well as paying for the return shipment"!
So, let's step back and understand this: Walmart makes the sale, but washes it's hands of the financial terms and customer satisfaction. ANT is financially rewarded, regardless of what they ship the customer: they either get bonus $ for the replacement-sale of much less valuable piece of merchandise - OR - they get monetized via a restocking fee ! In other words, ANT is rewarded for making a 'shipping mistake' and the more egregious the shipping mistake, the more money they make!

These terms were not disclosed by Walmart before the online purchase! Buyer beware!

At least 3 lessons emerge: 1) I'm guessing, from my experience, that ANT is not an ultra high-integrity company. I advise you to avoid them. 2) Walmart should identify marketing partners with high business integrity and should remove partners with questionable business practices. This Reseller Ratings site suggests ANT is deficient. Walmart online will NEVER compete with Amazon by employing low-integrity delivery partners. 3) Some uniform consumer law should be applied to online purchases. As a consumer, if I can't return an incorrectly-shipped item without agreeing to pay ANT a restocking fee as well as eating the return-shipping fee ... the vendor has a financial incentive to ship the wrong product or a sub-standard product.

Oh yes: I'd called Walmart Customer Service. A supervisor just called back (9:00pm) to say they will "refund my purchase price" and "if you wish, don't bother to return the item to ANT ... we will handle this issue with them".

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HP Envy x360

"Bought a new laptop from antonline.com and am so happy! Came in perfect condition and arrived on time. I had one question about tracking my order and customer service was friendly, responsive and very helpful. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a trustworthy reseller for a precious new computer or gaming console."

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Great value and good user interface/support

"Purchased a brand new HP Envy Laptop from ANTOnline. I found the offer on New Egg and also on Amazon. They offered a very competitive price and left payment of Sales Tax up to the purchaser. Overall everything went well. The device was exactly what was listed and hadn't been in the warehouse very long.

I did struggle trying to confirm specific features, specifically if a RJ45 Ethernet port was included (it was not). I also used Paypal to pay for the device. The interface worked very well until the very end. I thought I had one more confirmation screen but in fact I had committed to the payment and the order was placed. This was just a minor issue.

Overall I am very satisfied with the product and especially the pricing ANTOnline offered. I would purchase from the again.

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Lied and cheated me

"So I ordered a CPU from them right when it went in stock on newegg.com And was much cheaper. After 3 days [well past the two business days mark] I went in on an inquiry about the product. 4 tries later, They told me that they are "so sorry for the inconvenience." And that the ordered from the manufacturer the day of and usally the iteam is sent withen a couple of day. But they were backloged a week. And now it will take four weeks. And that I should just cancel. So I messaged them again about how this is unfair practice and no response.

I then spent an hour on their crappy hotline to have a person pick up the phone tell me that it will be now 3 weeks. Complete Bullshit. If you get anything from them that is less than a competor then they will push for you to cancel.

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Quick service

"The item I ordered from ANTonline, an acacia salt box, was processed and shipped quickly. Compared to other websites, ANTonline had the best price for the box. It was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I would order from ANTonline again."

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Was skeptical

"I ordered a PSVR Aim controller and Farpoint bundle from Antonline through Walmart at an unusually good price (slightly over MSRP while everywhere else it was going for 2-3x MSRP). Given the reviews here, I was somewhat concerned, but I figured I had Walmart backstopping it, so I ordered it.

My experience with them was fantastic. They shipped incredibly quickly and everything was new and working. Very positive experience.

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awesome, fast and accurate

"Great company to do business with, I order, they ship quickly. Most of our orders have shipped within a few hours of being placed (obviously that doesn't apply to orders placed late in the day or after hours)."

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Fast, worry-free shipping.

"I was a little skeptical but I did my research on this company before ordering a PS4. After seeing them on Amazon and other such sites, I went ahead with the purchase and never regretted it. Fast shipping and constant updates through email."

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Lied about Item Stock, Cancled Order, Jacked up Price

"On 06/18/17 I saw Item#: 9SIA24G4XD1291, the Acer H6502BD Projector for $533.32 on newegg.com, sold and shipped by antonline.com. It said "in stock" so I ordered it.

On the 21st, three days after the order (including two full business days) I received an email from Support Manager David Miller saying "this is a special order item" and that the manufacturer was backlogged and it would take four weeks to get it. At the end of the email I was encouraged to cancel the order. In response I politely declined, and said I could wait.

A few hours later I get a reply email from David saying "we hold open as long as possible" but that "market place sets strict delivery parameters on behalf of each customer" and that "They cancel on your behalf if orders become too oldbased" whatever those things even mean.

A day later on the 22nd Newegg sends me cancellation notice on my order, and ANTOnline sent me a separate email stating the item was actually "sold out" before they received my order from the Seller Marketplace, and that "this can happen because the marketplace can hold orders for up to two hours before sending to us." They added "[The Marketplace]... pays us in bulk for orders we accept after they are shipped and delivered." Which means they don't actually get their money for the order until *after* it is received by the customer.

There's a problem with this last email, however. In the first email, Support Manager David wrote "We sent them the order on the order day and they normally ship within a few days. This time they sent us an email saying there were backlogged with orders..."

So, the first email sent on June 21st, 2 full business days after the order date, clearly states ANTOnline received my order, and special ordered it straight from the manufacturer. Which means, correct me if I'm wrong, that they get this product directly off the assembly line as they're built and packaged. There's no stock to "sell out" of, since they're getting them straight from the manufacturer.

But here's the best part, and the part that really makes me unhappy. I went to go check the item again today, 06/22/17, same day my order was cancelled and that I was informed by ANTOnline staff the item was "sold out" on Newegg. I wanted to see if they (ANTOnline.com) actually updated the item as "out of stock".

The answer is no, the item (same item, same item number, same vendor) is still listed as "in stock", except now it's over $150 more expensive than before.

So, long story short I went to buy an item from ANTOnline on Newegg. ANTOnline staff person told me there was a backlog of this same item (high demand) took the item out of my hands, and told me I couldn't buy it because they didn't have anymore, and didn't even offer any kind of apology or offer an alternative in the last email. Then updated same items page with a higher price tag on a few hours later ON THE SAME DAY.

My canceled Order: https://puu.sh/wrWwf/0de2d5d3fc.png
Updated price tag hours after the cancellation: https://puu.sh/wrVUd/097d0f8ee0.png

I sure feel cheated.

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This was a test of Companies policies and proceedures

"After receiving several messages and responses to do a review of this company. I ordered my item from Walmart.com, but I understand that this company works with several different websites to try and sell their products. As you may not know is that you can not return an item that you buy from Walmart.com to Wal-Mart. But I will write another review on them.

I attempted to contact the company who's hours are M-F 9 to 6pm EST or you can go online and file a return which they will have to email you to allow you to attempt a return. When I called and asked them about returning the item I bought which was a SD Card and looked at returning the item. My intent was to go through the return or refund to see what it is like for the normal buyer. Although they sent me a defective product. So when I call customer service they informed me that I have to return the product before they send me a new one or attempt to repair this one. So the customer service rep. told me that they would send me an email. When I asked why they could send me another and I will send this one back, they told me that they will only replace or return the product once they receive the item. They don't want to hold any responsibility with the products they sell and refer to the manufacture to return or get your money back. The manufacture is more likely to replace the product once you send them the information. ANTOnline return policy states that you have to have the original packing slips, accessories, manuals and packaging intact The reason for this is that most people will not keep the packing slips for 30 days and they will not be able to return the item and when you do send it back they will send an email stating that what you didn't have. On top of that they will charge you to send the item back if you still want the defective product and they will not fix the issue. This company is one of the worst customer service and return policies that I have dealt with in a while. So I will hold this company responsible for their poor services and will add my review online to help future potential customers of theirs from getting scammed. So for now I would apply my review as a " 0 ", since they do not intent to apply any refunds or replacement of defective products.

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**** company to buy anything from

"I payed for a new computer, but they sent me a used computer with files in it from the previous user/owner. If you read their fine print, you will see that they are not responsible for a number of things that should be any sellers responsibility. I will never buy from ANTonline again. This transaction was a total waist of time and money that I cannot afford while building a new store for my own business. "

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