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Website not up to date

"I attempted to purchase a processor from their website, and find out two days later that they don't actually have it available anymore...?!?!?! If it's not available, then take it off of your website... Manage your site! So disappointing."

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"no problems, bought our supermicro superservers from them at a really good price and received it in good condition"

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"I ordered what I thought was a particular optical mouse from their website, I got some ancient Microsoft mouse with a wheel in it ! I demanded a full refund, they refused, but offered me 15% restock and no shipping refund, I have to pay to ship it back. They also didn't tell me about a limit to the RMA process (4 months?), my fault for not acting earlier, but I wanted a full refund. Their website is deceptive and their customer service, while responsive, is also useless. I issued a chargeback and they responded claiming I never tried to resolve the issue (even though they acknowledged I tried to RMA the mice). Anyway, terrible place to shop, avoid. so many reputable online retailers out there."

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"After many calls and emails I finally got them to take back the product that were shipped to me even thought I emailed them right after my order to change the order quantity. The only reason I changed the order quantity was because their website went down after I ordered which delayed shipping 3 days. Entirely unacceptable. On top of everything they are charging me a 15% restocking fee for products that i told them to start with that i didnt want. F- Aweful experience. will NEVER deal with again."

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"Don't purchase anything from these guys. They won't stand behind it. They have a D- rating with the Better Business Bureau, and that was before my complaint. I wish I had of checked first.

I purchases an external hard drive enclosure. It smoked my hard drive and they won't take it back unless I pay the return shipping. They want a 15% restocking fee too. Maybe that's why I received a defective enclosure. Someone else sent it back as defective and they restocked. They should be paying for replacing my hard drive and data recovery not charging me for return shipping and a 15% restocking fee.

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"So ordered this item on Sunday... Never received the conformation e-mail. Tried to look up the order on the web page no luck as they don't update their web page but once a day not until 7pm PST. Called them around 9am PST on Monday. They said that the order is there and they will be shipping it TODAY and all of a sudden the conformation e-mail comes in right after i speak with them he also told me to expect a shipping e-mail by the end of the day as the product is already being shipped. After 7pm i finally saw the order pop up on the website without any shipping info. Needless to say i never received the shipping conformation e-mail that day. Which prompted me to finally go ahead and start researching these guys. After i red all the negative post here about them i became concerned. Tuesday morning i call them up again. They said oh.. the item has been shipped we will get you the tracking number later today. I receive a tracking number e-mail towards the end of the day. Try the number and it's not valid. Called them up again they said oh the item hasn't been actually shipped yet it will be shipped today. Woke up in the morning on Wednesday plugged in the number and was relived that the item HAS been shipped and its on its way here. Now i don't mind a bit of the delay but what i do mind is they KEEP YOU IN THE DARK and THEY LIE about things. That is the biggest red flag i can get from a reseller. If you going to shop these guys be careful considering that i got of pretty easy. Still waiting for the package though, will see what kind of condition that will be when it arrives.

Item arrived ok. But considering the dishonesty i will not shop with theese guys again.

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"I placed an order over their website on march 19. I got an error in the checkout process, and was not sure if the order went through. After waiting a week with no confirmation, I sent an email requesting one. No reply. After waiting 2 over two weeks, it seemed like I was not getting it. So I sent a 2nd email reiterating that If my order was still in the system, to cancel it. I ordered the flash drive off a different site, and received it the day after my ATAcom flashdrive. I requested a return, no reply.

Due to Excessively long shipping times, lack of communication, and overall abominable customer service, I will never shop here again.

I'm sorry newegg, I should have just bought it from you in the firstplace.

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"I purchased a Lian Li case, and had issues getting the credit card charged for this issue. In addition, I have spoken to three people from the company, one via e-mail, and two via phone. I have yet to speak to ANYONE, who can speak GOOD English, and am annoyed by this, when it comes to ANY company. In addition, they told me that the order shipped Friday, but there is still no tracking information. I went to check the order status this morning, but the web site is DOWN, and has been for over an hour. Now, after reading these reviews, I am getting a bit concerned about the status of this order. I purchased every computer part, with the exception of the case, from Newegg. They didn't have the case in stock, so I looked elsewhere. I saw it, for like 15 dollars cheaper, at ATACOM, and thought I would go with them. Now, I'm starting to feel very uneasy about receiving thsi order, or what the condition will be of the case when it does arrive."

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"After placing an order was contacted and asked to fill out authorization forms and fax my ID and credit card information over. Shipping address was the same as the billing address, but thats not enough anymore?!??!? Called and cancelled, bought the product elsewhere."

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"Do not buy from! Told me, by phone, they would let me know when product became available and instead just charge and shipped it to me when it was available. Then when i went to RMA it, i was told they would only issue an RMA if i could prove content of the phone call. I lost over $1000.00 "

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"I purchased Chenbro SR10669 case from this company expecting a power supply. When I received there was not power supply. The website is very misleading. I thought for this price it would include a power supply. I should have purchased from Newegg for $10 more with a power supply. Now I have to purchase a separate power supply. That really suck!"

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"I bought 4 ATP ECC Registered 1G PC3200 DDR 400 RAM DIMMS mainly because ATACOM said they had them in stock where others did not. When I received them, I could hear them moving around in the package. All 4 DIMMS were packaged in the same NON-ANTI-Static clam shell that was not designed to contain 4 DIMMS. The Bubble wrap was also a NON-ANTI-STATIC wrap. All 4 DIMMS were able to bounce around and bounce against each other in the CLAM SHELL obviously designed for something completely different(Possibly a Heatsink/FAN combo?). Micro-resisters and/or capacitors were at the bottom of the Clam Shell. Every DIMM was missing some parts. There were more parts missing than what was laying in the bottom of the Clam Shell. I believe the RAM was damaged well before it was shipped out to me ...

I call them and the response was not what it should have been.

I did not here " We will send you knew RAM right away."

There first response was to blame UPS ... I am aware that UPS does not have the best record but given my previous experience with Sensitive Electonics Packaging, the RAM was Static damaged and Physically damaged before UPS ever received the package.

They expected me to send it back before they would either refund my money or send any replacements.

I did not trust this situation given the way that they packaged the RAM ... I definately did not want them to replace the RAM. I most certainly wanted a full refund.

They did not give me the impression that they had any intention of being honorable with there constant need to blame an outside source for their mistake.

I am currently still in process of resolving this issue but had gotten other parties involved prior to sending the RAM back. ATP(manufacturer of the RAM, a Local Computer Company that inspected the packaging of the RAM, UPS, and my CreditCard company.

I do not expect ATACOM to be honorable nor do I expect them to be truthful in admitting their mistake given the conversation I had with Jacky C. of ATACOM.

I do believe that they have people working in there company who post messages to these rating sites trying to disqualify the negatives.

Many of the positives just seem fake to me and some of them are typed with broken english in the same way that Jacky C. talked to me.

This company is not Honorable in anyway!! Something needs to be done about them ASAP given that they have been practicing such poor ethics for so long.

DO NOT be suckered in by any positives you may read about this company. Their main goal seems to be Stealing money anyway they can, Blaming the Shipper and/or consumer in order to possibly claim insurances. And/or just get money for providing bad and/or damaged products.

The Company should be BLACKLISTED!!!

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"Was a bit worried after I read the store reviews AFTER making my order, but there was no problem. Ordered a DFI Lan Party motherboard using my Visa card from their website on Saturday night. Received a confirmation email on Monday and then a tracking number on Tuesday. UPS dropped it off on Thursday (I'm in WA). Looked like everything was in order and the board installed and performs without issue. Shipping seems a bit high (almost $19 to ship a motherboard 3 day), but I'd certainly order from them again."

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"I ordered a video card from them at A GOOD PRICE BUT they never shipped it. Their cust Support line is useless. Somehow order just cancelled I assume as cannot find it anymore as disappeared from their system."

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"I really wanted to get an OCZ Roadster flash drive, and Newegg didn't have them in yet but Atacom did, so I thought I'd risk ordering from them.

The order was shipped promptly and I received it quickly. Newegg has since gotten the drive in stock for a little less than I paid, but I was impatient, and Atacom took care of me.

So, I've only placed one order with them, but it went prefectly. I'd be willing to buy from them again.

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