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Product & services pricing 3.33/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.43/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.71/10
Customer service: 0.68/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.53/10
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If I could give -5 stars i would. A complete waste of time and money.

"In April 2018 I went to Ashley furniture in Rosedale MD to purchase a couch. I'm active duty military and just recently moved to the area. The salesman was helpful, and I was able to find a decent couch I liked on sale for $500. While the width of the couch was enough to fit through my doors, the length made me nervous. I have a very tight hallway leading into my apartment, so I wasnt sure it would fit. The salesman reassured me by saying "if it doesnt fit, you'll get a refund". I was happy and purchased the couch for a total of $544. Around 4 weeks later I finally received a call saying it was set to be delivered. The guys showed up on a Monday morning. After about 30 seconds of trying to fit thr couch in the door, they gave up and said it wouldn't fit. Awesome. I called the store to inform them of what happened, only to be told I would not be receiving a refund. Its store policy that no refund will be given without taking a 30% restocking fee, store credit is all that's available for a return. This went against what I was told by the salesman, and this "policy" was found on the back of the receipt in the small print. Which I received AFTER I made my purchase. The store manager even had the audacity to offer me another couch which they assured would fit or an additional $200. So now I'm stuck, I cant get my money back and I don't want any of their furniture. They basically trap you into buying something from their store. It's a scam if you ask me. Hopefully something is learned from my experience. Stay away!"

Helpful Cool


Clock calamity

"Bought a clock it would not run. Took it back to store had to take a store credit
The worst service ever what terrible staff
I will never go to this store again they are the worst in furniture retail

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Don’t join the One Star Club

"I purchased 2 motorized recliners in 2017. Ten months later, one of the chairs stopped working. I have made TEN CALLS to customer service: Sherry, Deidre, Angela, Amelia, Pierre and Chris are so adept at saying “I’m sorry,” that there must be mandatory classes in apology speak at Ashley Corporate. Shame on the whole company. Save your money-DON’T SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE. "

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Split twin mattresses need 2 bases

"I took vacation to be at the house for delivery of my new bed bought from Ashley Home store in Humble Tx to be delivered between 1 pm and 4pm they made it to my house at 8pm with two wrong bases they were 1.0 adjustable I paid for the upgrade 2.0. after talking to them it was a miss-pull so 2 weeks later I take vacation for this delivery between 1 and 4 and they show up with one correct base. I am now waiting to find out when I have to take vacation again for the delivery of the other base, they did offer me 50$ toward my next purchase like that will ever happen again, and I will tell anyone I see about my experience with Ashley Home store"

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Worst delivery teams ever!

"Furniture is okay, but the delivery teams were absolutely the worst that I have ever encountered. The men that made the two deliveries that brought my furniture were rude, inconsiderate and rather ignorant of how to set up my furniture. They traipsed through my home without even wiping their shoes on my doormat. I had to vacuum after each of the delivery teams left. One of the men on the first team said he had no idea how to put together the table that I purchased and said he would have to sit down and read the instructions first. They then saw that one of the pieces of the table was badly warped and said that a replacement would be delivered by a different team. The second delivery team managed to put the table together. However, when they were about to leave, I noticed that they left many large staples embedded underneath the tabletop that were used to hold a fabric covering for shipping. They actually asked if I wanted them removed! When I said that I did, they then wanted me to supply them with the tools to remove them! I sent a certified letter to Ashley more than a month ago, detailing these and other faults of their delivery teams and requested that Ashley respond to me. I also sent a copy of that letter to their Customer Service Department who acknowledged that they received it. Nobody from Ashley has responded.

I received emails from Ashley asking me for reviews of my purchases. I submitted reviews that noted the horrible delivery people. They responded that such comments were not going to be accepted by them! Obviously, they only want positive comments. What a joke they are!

If you decide to purchase furniture from Ashley, I strongly suggest you pick it up yourself or hire your own delivery people. Their delivery teams are horrible.

Helpful Cool



"I bought a "leather" sofa and love seat for Thousands of dollars. I have not even had it a year and the seats are all pulled. They are blaming it on my "dogs" who don't go on my new furniture. I have their "warranty" which only covers manufacturer defects. They say the material is leather. I don't believe that real leather is as thin as the material on my sofa and love seat. This is their excuse not to fix their damaged goods. They even told me when I first called that they were having problems with these items. I have leather couches that I bought at City Furniture 16 years ago that are not damaged like these are. This furniture is garbage and the fact that they want to blame the dogs is deplorable. Stay away from there unless you want to blow your hard earned money on disposable furniture that will probably have to be junked 6 months after purchase."

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Will NEVER Buy Ashley Furniture Again

"A little over a year ago we purchased a "leather" sofa and loveseat. Upon delivery we noticed that the legs on the sofa and loveseat did not match. The delivery men assured us that it would not be a problem and that new ones would be sent directly to our home. After the delivery men left our home, we noticed that there was significant tear in the back of the loveseat. The men had to have noticed it or possibly even did it while bringing the furniture into our home but failed to mention it before they left. I called the store and after much haggling about when we could schedule the repair I finally had the service date finalized. The technician who came to repair the loveseat was prompt, professional and did an excellent job. Fast forward to about a week ago, when I found that there was a tear in the back of the couch, staples were protruding and the dust cover on the bottom was sagging. I called the number for "Furniture Protection Plan", an extended warranty that we were talked into buying, and was never able to reach a person (after calling no less than 10 times). I then called the store where the furniture was purchased to confirm that I did indeed have the correct phone number. After being transferred three times, to a corporate office, I was informed that my Furniture Protection Plan would not cover my issues. (Really????) I was told however that they would order the materials, have them shipped directly to my home and then send a technician to make the repairs. I was told that there would be no charge and repeatedly told this was a "one time courtesy". (Are you kidding me?) Needless to say we are less than pleased with the quality of the furniture and the customer service of Ashley. I asked the young woman, who informed me that she was a manager, why were we told that our furniture was LEATHER when in fact only the seats and back were real leather. She said she was sorry but there was nothing more she or anyone else could do to address my concerns. (Great attitude!) I must say that the furniture is of extremely poor quality. The room where we have the furniture is rarely used so it definitely isn't the wear and tear--it is the lack of quality. I will NEVER again be purchasing Ashley Furniture and would encourage anyone reading this to also avoid them at all costs. The financing deal was GREAT but unfortunately the furniture is NOT.

Helpful Cool



"My husband and I were transferred here for the Army from WA State. We went in to buy a new sofa set on April 4th, 2018 at location 111 Merchants Blvd, Clarksville, TN 37040. We did buy a couch set and was told by salesman Joe that it would take two weeks for delivery. Great I thought due to the fact I was 34 weeks pregnant and the idea of sitting on a desk chair until the couches were delivered seemed horribly uncomfortable.

Fast forward to April 20th. I call the store and ask where my couches are? I am told by a manager will be here any day and will have salesman Joe call you about it.

Fast forward to April 25th...no call from Joe or any employee, no couch! It has now been three weeks. I go into the store we bought the couches from demanding the manager. She states "The couches are here we have been waiting on the four throw pillows so we can deliver to you on base." The manager apologizes for NO return call and will have couches delivered April 27th. The throw pillows will be here next week and we will call to deliver those as well.

So, I get my couch finally on April 27th, 2018. I wait, and wait for a call with my throw pillows. Now it is May 8th, 2018...no call, no throw pillows! I again call the store and demand a manager. Now I'm talking to manager Shelly, whom again apologizes. Shelly states for some reason the pillows are being sent here to store and I can pick them up. NO NO, I will not. I am extremely pregnant and I paid for delivery. So, Shelly is supposed to call me back to let me know when I can have my four throw pillows delivered.

DO NOT do business with Ashley Furniture Homestore. They have no respect for their customers. Furthermore, it seems they have no respect for the military community in which their business resides in...Clarksville, TN

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New furniture after 25 years....... wish I would have purchased elsewhere

"Salespeople are obviously there for the sale. I waited 25 years for new furniture and wish I would have bought elsewhere. Don't depend on what the salesperson tells you. Read and reread the return/ exchange policy. Don't by a mattress from there unless you know for sure you won't need to exchange it. They required me to buy a mattress cover for 90.00 in order to be able to exchange if I need to. My husband has major back issues . After 2 nights of sleeping on it he is miserable and hurts more than before. All we wanted was to exchange the firm to plush. I phoned the salesperson about the issue but was blown off . So I went back into the Owasso store and spoke with the manager and he said it will cost you 199.00 because we can't resell them and gave me a phone number to call to start the PROCESS ! I was so excited to finally be able to shop at our Owasso Ashley home store. I had been in prior just browsing in the past few years and loved what I saw. I also need a mattress for my guest bedroom but I won't be buying it near. READ READ before buying ."

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Furniture Was Junk! Customer Service Was Awful!

"In the past few years, Ive purchased funiture online from several companies. Ashley Furniture is the ONLY one that is so horrible, I felt the need to post online and warn others. Do NOT order their furniture online!!! Customer Service will NOT help you if you have any issues. Also, bring on hold for over 30 minutes wasn't fun. But being berated by some guy with a snotty attitude for "calling the wrong number" was infuriating. Seriously?!? You list a number for people to call, then waste their time, and then scoff, make excuses, and then when I suggest printing the correct number for any future customers who need assistance, he said, "Listen Ma'am, I think we're done here. I gave you the correct number. I could be helping people right now, but instead I'm talking to you." Not only do I hope that little **** is fired, I hope people read this and shop from Wayfair, Kohl's, Target, JC Penney, or Amazon instead! My experiences with them have been awesome and the furniture is better quality! "

Helpful Cool


It's a shame zero stars aren't an option!

"I bought a sofa, loveseat, three tables and bought the additional warranty.
I have had the furniture less than one year and have had three service calls already. The pieces keep falling off the sofa (it reclines) and love seat. The tables' finish is evidently water soluble. Trying to call the store to get some help is useless. After telling me all she could do is provide me with the phone number to the warranty company, she then told me she had no way of contacting the company. REALLY??? The phone number you were about to give me can't be reached by the phone you are on??? I truly hate stupid people. I then stayed on hold for 10 minutes trying to reach customer service.
Furniture is poorly manufactured, employees are helpless.
Spend a little more and buy a La-Z-Boy. Huge mistake for me!!!

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i wish i could have given them a lower rarating .

"there customer service is deplorable. there service is even worse. all they is excuse no results to problems. unprofessional !!!!"

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Furniture is poor quality and customer service is not helpful

"I purchased a $4000 leather sectional two and a half years ago. After a year the leather started to peel and fade. After continuous negotiations with Ashely Customer Service and Montage, their protection Assurance Company (which I spent another $600 for) the couch was replaced. Now a year and a half later the new couch has faded again. I previously bought a pleather couch at Bob’s Dicsount Furniture for half the money that was better quality than this couch. I will never purchase another piece of furniture from Ashley HomeStore. The quality and customer service is atrocious. "

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Worst Service

"Purchased a centertable. Picked it up from the warehouse. Ashley said it will have no warranty since it was picked up. Customer service is dumb. No response. Store has no idea. Not sure how Ashley is running."

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Terrible communication

"We ordered a recliner for our nursery and two accent chairs 3/17. Our salesman said he would call by 3/20 with a delivery estimate. Never heard from him, so I called on 3/26, the customer service rep told me they would be in on 3/29. Awesome. Never hear anything on 3/29, call, now my stuff won’t be in until mid May. They apparently don’t give their salespeople access to see if something is on backorder, I would not have ordered these had I known they wouldn’t be available for 6 weeks. I really wanted to sleep in my recliner for the last month of my pregnancy, but no. Even though the online warehouse has the recliner in stock. "

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