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Rating 2/10

Warning company is a scam and product dangerous!

"Last year we were looking for a water distiller to replace an old one. We were looking for one that would auto distill and have seeing some of the prices we stumbled on this this website. First warning is that he will not take credit cards. We thought it had to do with the amount of money he was asking for the distiller. After Several weeks and much calling we Finally got the distiller. Then we called our plumber to install it. When the First plumber arrived he looked over the distiller and then asked us for the instructions. There were none. He said he could not install it without them. Two more plumbers looked it over and said no way could they install it. Finally, after calling the Arkansas Plumbers Board they sent two plumbers to check it out. After looking it over they said it was dangerous because it had no relief valve on the tank. After receiving that information in writing we boxed it back up and sent it back. After a few more weeks and lots of calling he finally answered the phone and told us we were never getting our money back. I wish to warn every one not to purchase this distiller from him or give him any business. Also he has a F rating with the BBB. "

Rating 4/10

"It is the wierdest company, that's for sure. I think the guy has a speech impediment. The voicemail greeting is as wierd as it gets, and the music on hold......It says press 3 for Shirley and if you press 3 it says it is an invalid number. I have left msgs for cust. svs. many times and never got a reply. I have never been able to get a receipt or tracking info. They take your order and it is a crapshoot as to whether you will get it or not. However, I have been using these distillers for about 15 years and I do like the distiller. But the company is the strangest one out there.
I ordered 2 weeks ago, they told me it was on it's way. Called today and they did not have me in their records at all. So never received it, this time. I really need to find a better company to buy these from!

Rating 2/10

"My husband purchased a five gallon distiller from Dave 11 years ago with no complaints. So, when it finally made it last gallon of water he ordered the same distiller from Dave and sent a postal money order as per request.
UNFORTUNATELY, Dave lost our money order, or so he claimed for a week. This week entailed actions like calling back when Dave said the other people would be there to assist us. Sometimes we were told this twice per day. DAVE DOES SOUND DRUNK! Then Dave asked my husband to tell him when it was cashed ? We told him he needed to check his own bank account to determine that information, we only knew when it was cashed,as we were able to check with the post office. Finally, Dave said he'd check with his bank for deposits as my husband advised him to do and asked us to call back at noon on Monday. Again, we got the run around on the phone. Completely frustrated my husband tried calling one last time and Dave answered sounding very sober. He reported that he did in fact deposit our money order and our distiller was on the way.
THE WRONG CHEAPER VERSION arrived the next day, 100.00 dollars lost to Dave.

Rating 2/10

"I did not complete this transaction b/c the "warning bells" inside my head were sounding off from the start.

The fellow sounds like he might be intoxicated and it's only 9AM. He took forever to get ready to take my order. Sounded like he was clicking around on his computer (could hear various Windows OS sounds). Daytime TV was playing in the background. (Why wouldn't you mute the TV?)

The deal killer was that he could not accept credit cards - only check or money orders. As I am buying for my employer, I could not do that type of transaction. Then I started looking around the web and saw some negative reviews similar to my own impression.

Rating 2/10

"Has anyone thought to contact the FTC or the BBB to maybe put this company out of business? I see a lot of complaints, not much being done.
Just wondering...

Rating 2/10

"We ordered a water distiller from AAA Wholesale in January of 2013. Upon arrival, it leaked and could not be used. Attempts to contact "customer service" were unsuccessful. I have spoken with the man who answers the sales calls on several occasions. He either pretends to not understand what you are talking about, or he really is brainless. At any rate, they have never helped me. There are no returned phone calls and they have been no help at all.
In July our non-profit sent AAA Wholesale a check by mistake, due to a new AP person, and attempts to recoup the money have been met with the same nonsense as before.
My opinion is this is a one man shop that should be avoided at all costs!

Rating 2/10

"one moronic guy runs the phones there. after putting me on hold for 10 minutes and refusing to ask a simple filter question untill he took all my info, he preceeded to direct me to an answering machine : ( wish id have bought somewhere else"

Rating 2/10

"I purchased the Love Distiller over the phone. Though it worked fast, the water is NOT clean. The TDS stick reading is 15-21 every time, not the "strong 0" they claim. Customer service extension is a "dead letter" room. I called and left messages daily for 2 weeks and no call back. Then the unit began to shut off early. I called sales. The rather incoherant sales person would not honor the 30 day money back guarantee. He offered to ship a new part, but would not give me a return number or refund. Run, do not walk away from this company."

Rating 2/10

"The worst company imaginable. Complete ripoff. Representative seems intoxicated and often incoherent. Goes far out of his way to be completely unhelpful. There are several websites under different names. Do not do business with any company with the phone number 740-544-5842."

Rating 2/10

"I haven't bought from American Distillers but, I called them today to find the cost of a whole house distiller. The man others described as incoherent and a mouth full of marbles spoke to me. He said the cost of a whole house distiller was $10,000. I asked why and he said: That's just the cost. I thought that's a sad answer, and said thanks and hung up. I wouldn't buy anything from them after speaking to him and reading these reviews."

Rating 2/10

"I'm a AAA Wholesale victim as well. The heating element in the distiller I bought from them stopped working. I called them and ordered a replacement. They insisted I pay the $198 by check 2 months later I not only received the wrong part, but it was used. When I called the sales department (because customer service is a recording where you can leave a message that will NEVER be answered) he said to return the part and send an additional $19 for the correct part, so I did. That was 3 months ago! Each time I call AAA Wholesale I speak to the same person and each time he asks me the same questions or just puts me on hold and forgets the call. If I call back I get voice mail. I've gone through this 17 times and now I'm going to seek legal action and start blogging about them.

Rating 10/10

March 27, 2002 I bought an American Water Distiller model 9C ($580.95). I think it was Steve who took my order, he was very courtious and my order arrived in a short time via UPS. The distiller worked perfectly from the first day and although it was only warented for one year it lasted 7 with only regular cleaning and filter replacement. When the heating element died I did not feel like messing with ordering parts trial and error so I purchases another 9C unit ($700.00) with the courtious help of the staff at AAA. It too had a 1 year warenty but I had become ill with congestive heart failure and did not take care of the cleaning of the unit as often as I should so I was not surprised when the heating element died after two years. Still double what it was warented for, so I had no complaints. I ordered a new heating element for $198.00 and had a nice chat with Dave, the very kind and patient man at AAA who helped me with the order. The heating element arrived shortly via UPS, well packaged and protected from damage, and after a few minutes installation the unit is now producing 99.9 pure drinking water for me and my furbaby companion. Besides drinking water for me and my furkid, I use the distilled water in my professional steam cleaner, my professional carpet steam cleaner, my vehicle radiater, steam iron, humidifier to steam clean my felt hats and freshen them up, for my artwork, (the pure water does not alter the color of my watercolor paint!),

There was nothing dificult about putting the distiller parts together or removing the old heating element and installing the new one WITHOUT ANY INSTRUCTIONS! I just looked at the pictures on AAA website which shows all the parts, inside and outside and it was obvious where the parts were supposed to go.

By the way, did I mention that I am a disabled lady of 81 years who lives alone and has no family except my furbaby? So how difficult could it be to put the unit together or replace a faulty part? I would say that my experiences with AAA over the years (since March 27, 2002) pretty well makes a liar out of the fellow above who is the author of several dozen fictious bad reviews under different names and is too stupid to keep it from being obvious that one person wrote them all. My advice to the pathetic fellow is, "Get a life, Stop Whining or go into another business besides water distillers because you will never be able to compete by posting fake reviews about your more successful competitors.


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Rating 2/10

"This company is a joke. If you have a problem they could care less about fixing it. My distiller never worked. I called...called again...and am still calling. Never once did I receive a return phone call. I want to return it, but evidently I can't without their approval. Great way to run a business."

Rating 2/10

"I have purchased a J-2 model auto-fill distiller from this company ($500+$100 shipping) and have had nothing but problems! It had a leak in the solenoid fitting from the word go and for 2 months I have been told story after story by the sales guy ("customer service dept." is a joke and will not even return your repeated messages). Finally after calling daily for weeks to this same imbicile I finally received a fitting which I am expected to fix myself. Workmanship is SHODDY for the price! DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE -- YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"WOW !!! what a joke this company is, I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased ours for my company, (I am the production mechanic here)I got the $700.00 commercial unit because one of our processors require distilled water to operate, had nothing but trouble from day 1, before I even took the p.o.s out of the box I had to finish putting it together, the coil was just layin inside it not hooked up to anything, got the charcoal in the cup, water filter hooked up, water line hooked up, drain valve etc...then power, it instantly started leaking from several areas, so the rest of my day was spent working on this and going to lowes for different types of plumbing fittings, couplers, nipples, that sorta thing, finally got the leaks under control (for now) and about 5 days later an employee says it's leaking from the sight glass, I put in a call to AAA and talked to the drunk guy with marbles in his mouth, and he said for me to contact customer service...3 messages to customer service, finally I got a call back from CS....IT'S THE SAME DRUNK GUY W/MARBLES IN HIS MOUTH!! the conversation was actually tollarable, he told me what might have happened and what to look for etc. so I inspect it and found the two sensor probes that attaches to the underside of the lid was very corroded...ALREADY! well these "probes" are what tell the unit to turn off when they sense water, and since they were corroded it wasn't detecting any water so it kept on filling up, and right out the little tiny hole on the top of the sight glass, ok so I cleaned the probes and everything was working fine FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS! then again, someone tells me it isnt working, the heating elements blew up, so i call customer service/sales....$185.00 for the element, I tell him I'm not happy with the unit and want our money back, he said all sales are final sorry your dissapointed, "you can call customer service" he says, I laughed, & said were not stupid, we know your the same guy! I told him what I thought of his product and he hung up on me, I just cant believe (in America) he is still in buiseness, I've dealt with boobs before, but this guy takes the cake, He gives new meaning to the term "buyer beware" I've just ordered a replacement from waterdistillers.com, wish me luck!"

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