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Missing 10 Grand!

"Several of my Famly and friends got together to buy bulk silver coins to drive down the vigorish (oh, sorry.... premium), Spent nearly 10K. Deposited it in my account, called up the company, arranged an ACH transfer. On the 17th i get an e-mail that the funds have cleared and they will notify me when shipping. Then i wait 19 days (they hold funds for 5 and then ship el-cheapo ground...but at least it is free and i'm in no major rush so i'm not complaining). After may days i call them up asking what is up with my order, they say "it is in accounting and it says insufficient funds". Believe me, i don't keep a lot in my household checking account so it is QUITE obvious the money cleared. Seriously? 10 days after theytell me the dollars cleared and they never ship my coins, they don't call or e-mail me, nothing about a problem, nothing but crickets. They have this "Market Loss Policy" if they don't get paid, and they hold funds for 5 business days, so if they never got my money why is it that they aren't invoking that policy?

I don't know what happened, it could have been a bank issue or some other problem... , but the fact that nobody over there picks up a phone to contact a customer to discuss an issue, especially where THOUSANDS of dollars are concerned, is totall bull$___. Up until now i've never had a problem with this company and have done a good amount of business with them, they owed me at the very least the courtesy of a phone call, and considering they have now held my money MANY days and haven't shipped my order, I consider it theft and can't wait until someone returns my call...they will get one hell of an ear full.

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Never had any issues

"I love APMEX.

I've never tried to "back out" of an order.

I have made special requests, and never been told no.

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DmaxD's Avatar
Top Reviewer!

"I've ordered a number of times from APMEX and never had any problem. Some of the complaints here of being penalized for backing out of an order are unfounded. If you read the agreement terms prior to making your purchase, you agree not to back out of your deal, less you suffer some penalty. Read their terms before you buy, and don't make any purchases unless you're serious.
From my experience APMEX is an honest dealer of precious metals.

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"I ordered 500 units of 1 oz rounds. They cost per unit the same whether you purchase one or 500 units. Since they provide a protective flip for an individual round for the same unit price, I asked them if they can provide me with 500 flips for my 500 units. What I got back is a call from a holieeer than thou manager with an attitude of "who gives a shxt," saying I need to purchase them. I reasoned that since it's provided with the same price per unit and since I didn't get any discount for 500 unit multiple purchase, I thought it'd be only fair to ask for the flips. Yet, rather than politely declining or trying to understand where the customer is coming from, they have belittle me, being quite condescending. For example, when I put the request for the flips, the manager guy accused me of bothering those "girls" in the live chat for inquiring about the flips. I asked if I can change the order to 19 units x 25 orders, and then the managing guy said that I need to pay cancelation fee, etc. I got sick of their legalism and bureaucratic stance that I've decided to shop elsewhere from now. I've dealt with these sorts of power trip guys before, and tho I find them convenient, they are not competitive in prices at all... the more reason now I shall not be using them any longer. The management team gotta go... Thanks for reading and be aware of their narcissistic policy, bordering unethical business management practices."

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"Coin Shopping Made Easy. I visited other coin dealer websites to compare prices and variety and found even though other websites have popular silver bullion products from US Mint at a lower cost the shopping APMEX is much easier and the in-stock selection is very large - multiple mints. I've made a few purchases now and am very happy with the process. Shipping is free and fast to my house. Best place to buy gold and silver I have found. Highly Recommended. "

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"Buyer beware! If you back out of a sale this company will try to hit you with a fee stating you cost them money by canceling your order. APMEX will go as far as taking you to collections for this fee. I would not recommend doing business with them based on this dishonest business practice. I backed out of a sale back in February of 2012 and they are trying to take me to collections for $58.00. Pass on this company."

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"I made a small purchase via check on September 23, 2011. Order shipped via Fedex for arrival on October 12. Never arrived -- now "lost in space," I had to email and call twice to find out how the situation would be handled. APMEX have now given Fedex 30 days to locate. If they cannot do so, APMEX will send out replacement 2 weeks after that. So I may not receive goods until November 30, i.e. more than 2 months after order. APMEX has my money, presumably Fedex has APMEX's money, and I'm out the money and have no goods. I call that highly unsatisfactory."

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"Prices are good and the products I ordered were exactly as described. Order process was simple and quick. Items arrived well packaged and on time."

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"Apmex has terrible customer service. Waiting for a 60K plus refund check. Got diffrent answers from diffrent CS people. One said accounting had it and I would receive it in a few day's. That was over a week ago. Second CS rep said they would email me once she found out when the check was going out. Won't purchase from them again."

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"APMEX buys and sells gold, silver, platinum and palladium coins and bars.

I've done business, sometimes very large business by my standards, with APMEX about 25 times over the past 6 years and there has never been a problem of any kind.

I'm trying to find a way to say what a first class organization APMEX is without making this review sound like an advertisement. They have a large stock which they sell at very competitive prices. When you buy from them, communication, packaging and shipping speed is first rate. Can't stress how important that is. Then if you want to sell, they'll buy it back at a reasonable spread. None of this "We Buy Gold!" but they try to pay 50% of spot.

This is a top rank organization, buy or sell from them with no worries about pricing or delivery.

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