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Rating 4/10

review for Amazon.ca

"In partial defense of Amazon.ca, I gave it 2 stars because there were products I bought that satisfied me, they were delivered on time and the products turned out ok. But don't be comfy and tell yourself you'll be shopping at Amazon from now on. Here are the reasons why you should have second thoughts:

Amazon.ca could have made it better for Canadians. I have had horrible experiences with the Canadian Amazon. I think that because we are "just" Canadians, that sellers across the border or overseas can screw us up. I say this because:

1. My orders did not arrive on time.
2. The sellers, I found out were independent sellers and were not really subject to Amazon.ca's refund guarantees. For example, if you happen to buy a product from India, Amazon will likely not get involved. While other products you buy from Amazon may be entitled to a refund and a free return postage, some sellers from overseas don't guarantee your refund. And on top of that, you pay for your own postage which you are not sure if the item you return can reach the seller.

The seller can simply claim they "did not receive it" back. The postage costs will be on top of already your very aggravating expense and experience.

3. The chat lines and customer service lines are from over seas. It's difficult to explain why in North America, you'd like a top quality product for the money you spent and why it's difficult to get a package from the post office, that's why you're arranging a home delivery via Amazon. These people have no idea that a snow storm or slippery road make it tough for people to drive even just to pick up a product from the post office, let alone re-wrap the product, drive back to the PO to return it.

4. If you have a chat line agent from India, that person writes something different from what another agent from the Philippines will say or write.

5. The prices quoted by Amazon.ca does not include GST and PST; so don't be surprised that your credit card bill don't match the charges you had from Amazon

6. The same product you buy today, if you buy it again is expensive the second time. So watch out.

7. Sellers in Amazon come from all parts of the globe. If you can't stop yourself from buying a product that's not available in your local stores, check the following:

a. The seller's background. Avoid overseas sellers from another region of the world. If there is a damage, if you receive the wrong item, if you changed your mind because you found something nicer and cheaper of the same kind from Walmart, you WILL NOT GET YOUR REFUND or SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF GETTING A REFUND!!!

b. Printed Return Labels icon are in the screen of Amazon web page when you want to return the product. IF YOU CAN'T FIND THE ICON, it's because the seller and you are the only one involved. Two "consenting" adults.
That means, the label will be sent to you if the seller has enough integrity and afraid of google reviews. However, that being said, there are sellers again, from overseas who wouldn't give a hoot.

8. Most reviews in Amazon are about the product you bought, not about the sellers . Many reviews are about the arrival time, packaging, etc but few are about the sellers. Sellers who are truly into making a good name and business will contact you through Amazon if you complain about a product and want to make it up by sending you a better one.

9. Beware that there's a difference between product review and sellers' reviews.

10. If you're invited by a seller to accept another product or an exchange, it could be a catch. You might not get a refund. Substitute products are not like travel upgrades. No such thing.

11. Amazon does not offer a price match. Why? because they're not selling the product they're selling. It's different whe you go to Superstore and bring a Walmart flyer. Immediately, Superstore will give you the match.

12. And about Amazon guarantee that they will refund you money if the seller doesn't? Wait patiently. Does not come immediately. Call their help center 11 times, 12 times, up to 20 times.

So how do you give Amazon the business? a) By discipline. Don't settle for less. Chances are Walmart might carry the same product or E Bay, even someone from Craig List or check your local stores.

b) insist to be treated with respect, fairly and honestly. Return the product even if it's just a difference of color. The reason why you're buying from Amazon was because your local stores don't carry the product you want so insist on it. Would you buy a yellow shoes when you ordered a black one? C'mon!


Rating 2/10

No Accountability

"After receiving my purchase and found it wrong, the onus was on me to pay return shipping, repay shipping for correct product, on top of duty, which was paid first time. So I cancelled and returned. Then got stung huge on restocking fees. My loss was almost $100, on an item worth less than $200. NOT acceptable. Their response... Very sad, too bad. I will NEVER shop Amazon again. Have you ever tried to close an account with Amazon... 2 months in, and still no luck. There are too many options for on-line shopping to put up with their poor business practices."

Rating 2/10

Even the Giants will Fall

"I have been using ecommerce to sell our companies products for more than 10 years and have never experienced such dreadful service and "couldn't give a crap" attitude as I have with Amazon.

Right from the start, Amazon rejected our business with their copy & paste automated responses sent from a center calling themselves "customer support" (Boy, what a contradiction in terms). After 2 weeks of struggle they finally agreed that what they had in fact received was all correct and I was finally set up to Sell on Amazon.

After 2 months attempting to list products and providing countless invoices and information stating that we are official importers and appointed distributors of the products we wish to list they continue to send the same BS copy & paste rejection responses.

I find it absolutely amazing that persons without the appointed right to sell products on Amazon can manage to do so, and persons from different countries can list on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and where you are a legit business, they refuse and reject you.

Shame on you Amazon, and I cannot wait for the day when you stumble and fall.

All I can do after wasting money and mountains of time with Amazon is to promote how incredible it is to deal with your competitors. Kudos to E-Bay and Shopify for near perfect solutions.

I encourage **** off past and even Amazon customers to speak out and use their power to bring this ecommerce Giant to its knees. They really deserve to fall from Grace.

Remember the golden rule Amazon....you are never bigger than the customers you set out to serve!

Rating 2/10

terrible delivery service

"So many issue don't even know where to begin. Don't even bother with Amazon, it's not worth your sanity."

Rating 2/10

Terrible customer service

"Placed my first order, the item never came. Contacted amazon.ca by phone several times, only to be told my account was shut down.....no reason whatsoever. They blamed it on he system. Lost my gift card money!! Never ordering from there again. BEWARE

Rating 2/10

Convenience turns into Huge Hassle

"I have been using amazon canada for a number of years now, I have never had any issues with them until recently and even went as far as to file a complaint with them using their site form. After complaining twice, in the end I was given the runaround and was told to just wait for my package to arrive and that there was nothing else they could do for me.

Background: I am not a prime member, just your average customer that adds enough items to my cart to get free shipping. This however should not mean that my packages be treated as second class and you can keep delaying/pushing back my order to the end of the line before it gets delivered, two weeks past its estimated arrival date (that's 2 weeks on top of their promise of the free shipping delivery time of 5-8 days). The item was stated as being "in stock" at time of purchase, and yet somehow they decided to ship out half my order and the last item is being shipped in from another fulfillment center which they failed to tell me about. Basically what started as a convenience buy turns into a huge hassle and money waster. The product I ordered was a plant grow light for aquarium plants, my plants will most likely suffer and die due to this extra delay, plants which cost way more then the light itself.

Needless to say, I won't be going to amazon for any time sensitive needs, let alone daily refill needs or anything of that sort, clearly they cannot handle the order load. Why even offer free shipping with specified shipping times if you cannot deliver within them.

Lesson learned, I will be christmas shopping elsewhere, I just feel like the third party shops using amazon fulfillment is getting the short end of the stick, their products are greats, but amazon shipping is bringing them down and really made me a dissatisfied customer because of it.

Rating 2/10

I had placed an order through jillcastille via WowWee. NEVER follow through with order!!!!

"Bought fingerlings throught this store on amazon.ca. shipping was two days late. I received two emails stating 1. couldnt process it 2. then couldnt confirm information. NOTE: this order was placed a month ago and order and payment confirmed!!!!

NOTE** these fingerlings are hot holiday items. I originally purchased them at $8.99. Today, if you look at this store, they are selling for $40. You can make your own guesses as to why my order was cancelled. They needed to fess up, honour the order and move on.

Rating 4/10

First and Last order

"This was my first order from amazon. I was contacted from big game sport and they said their inventory was wrong and they had 1 in stock and offered a different colour product at same price. I had found the other product for less on amazon and told them this. They said it was shipping from within my country there for it is less .i said your charging me 28 dollars for shipping so I don’t understand. After a few emails they agreed to match the price. My product is fine and as expected but now I have to pay a $12.55 customs charge after paying 28 for shipping
Lesson learned for sure
The price shown is not final

Rating 2/10

Indecent Company, Indecent Customer Service

"For a good deal announced by Amazon.ca, I put my order online, paid by my MC together with another two items. After successful payment, I received the order confirmation sent to my email. However, my order was separated into two, and only the other two items were shipped. For the items in promotion, no shipping confirmation received. Therefore, I have been attempting to login my account to check my order status. Surprisingly, I found that I can no longer sign in my account! Even if I tried more than 4 times with resetting password procedures guided by Amazon, I still got no access to my account anymore! Meanwhile, I checked my email, but there is NO warning or notice from Amazon saying that my account was frozen!
I called Amazon.ca via 18775863230 twice. The first agent told me that my account was held for incomplete information! I asked him “what do you mean by ‘incomplete information’”, he told me probably my Amazon account was held by my credit card company! And a security specialist will contact me within 24 hours to verify some information! But then, nobody called me or gave me any explanation! I called 18775863230 again, the agent’s English is so poor (outsourcing to India), she even could not take down my account Email address, claiming that my account does not exist in the system! Then I had to repeat my order number for more than 3 times until she can understand. She still asked me to wait some “security specialist” to contact me! But nobody contacted me since then! I then called my credit card company, they verified that it is not them who holds my Amazon account since they have no issue or any authorization to do it! Amazon is not telling the truth!
All of a sudden, Amazon’s Account Specialist sent me an email, saying that they have restored my access to my account, but they cancelled my order for the deal! And asked me “please feel free to place a new order”! Oh my Gosh! The deal is gone within 12 hours! I can no longer reinstate my order with the same price!
For the horrible experience I suffered, I have some serious questions to ask Amazon.ca:
1. Do you understand the Spirit of Covenant? Do you respect it as well as customer’s authority?
2. Who authorized you to freeze normal customer’s account without notifying the account owner?
3. Why there is no reasonable explanation for freezing my account and the cancellation of my order? Just a sorry for any inconvenience you brought to me?
What can explain Amazon’s non-reasonable behaviors is that, this is due to Amazon’s pricing fraudulence to customer! Release good deal to hook customers, and then cancel customers’ orders with various kinds of excuses. But why in this indecent way? Like freezing my account, not allowing me to sign in?

Rating 2/10


"That do not pay for return shipping so if item is not big money throw it away it is cheaper than returning it cost me $20 dollars for item and cost $14 dollars to return so it cost me "

Rating 2/10

Out-of-Line Prices for Canadians

"My son just bought a Keurig K575 coffee maker from Amazon.com for $150 U.S. (He lives in Florida.) Resellers on Amazon.ca are selling this coffee maker for over $400.
Be very wary when purchasing anything from Amazon.ca. Prices are not fair nor competitive. I NEVER buy anything without checking the comparable item on U.S. websites.
Amazon.ca and their resellers are scamming Canadians. Be very careful. They don't deserve our loyalty when their business practices overcharge us by hundreds of dollars.

Rating 2/10

Poor delivery policies

"I have been ordering from Amazon for a number of years now with no complaints about delivery. Now all of a sudden they aren't delivering to my address this is absolutely ridiculous. I will no longer be dealing with this company again is it's hardly worth the aggravation when you can't get anything delivered to your house."

Rating 2/10

Horrible shipping

"Amazon continuously uses a sketchy local carrier, Intelcom, despite hundreds of negative reviews from dissatisfied customers. Their solution to my parcel not getting delivered was to send out a replacement...by the same horrible carrier! I pay for Prime and yet I've been told by 2 different CSRs that if I want my parcel to arrive on time I need to have it sent to the post office and go pick it up. I've been assured that my feedback and concerns have been sent to the carrier team but nothing gets done and when I ask who I can speak with directly on the carrier team I'm told that info can't be provided. Horrible customer service by Amazon - they might be saving a few $$ by using a shady courier but they will lose far more than that in customer orders."

Rating 2/10

Not received my order after 1 month!

"i placed my order on august 11th but still didnt receive that (today is september 17th).i even didnt find any order on my order in their website, i called the customer service and they told me that there was a problem in my account thats why i didnt receive that! and nobody called me during 1 month to inform me about that?! even the rep told me that somebody will contact me within 2days! im wondering that they can charge your credit card immediately but they cant call you if there is a problem in the account or they cant take care of that immediately! its horrible, very very bad experience with amazon.ca, i paid over $300 last month and still didnt receive my package, im not sure if i will receive that or not!"

Rating 2/10

Amazon.ca standards is like roller coaster

"I'm a huge fan of Amazon.com and as i moved to Canada it made more scene to buy items from Amazon.ca as it is the same franchise, and how far the apple can fall from the tree? How mistaken i was...
While both companies has the same name Amazon but .ca is the worse and crappiest customer service you can ever deal with.

I ordered a water filtering system on 16 August 2017, that should be delivered within 2 - 4 business days 21 August 2017.
The item has been marked as shipped and should be delivered to my house on 21 August 2017 - that day nothing happen, so i waited till around 6 PM 22 August 2017 and contacted Amazon.ca customer service.

I spoke to a gentleman under name of Jessie, who tracked the packaged and told me the following.

The item marked as shipped however its not shipped, and seem to be having a problem in the system that he could not identify.

So i asked him to ship ship it as long its not shipped yet. So then he informed me that it is lost and i need to wait till next Wednesday!!!
So i told him you just told me that it wasn't shipped and now your saying it is lost, how confusing is your statement, so he said that he didn't say that, "Funny i recorded his conversion"

Also he told me i can cancel this order, have refund and request another item, i told him while that is convenient to Amazon.ca however i would have lost few days in this transaction that can be resolved by kindly requesting to ship the item to my house.

So he told me my options are 1) cancel and refund, 2) wait till 28 for shipping another unit...

Basically both options not accepted keeping into consideration the following:
1. the distance between my house and Amazon.ca Mississauga is less than 5 min by car, i can go and pick it up the item if its in Mississauga, or Brampton. PLEASE NOTE THAT Amazon.ca does provide pick up service so they can offer this SOLUTION, HOWEVER THEY DIDN'T.
2. They can offer priority shipping 2 days, and this what any respectful company would do when they make a mistake.

However NO... here comes the great Amazon.ca crappy standards, no options, no customer service, no commitment to their shipping schedule, they can take then money and they can care less on the quality of service...

I'm not suprized why most of the people ranked Amazon.ca a 1 star...

How far the apple can fall away from the tree, i would say it would cross the border between .com to .ca and become spoiled lime or something like that.

FYI. i have recorded the call with Amazon.ca and i can share the entire conversation with them if required.

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