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Product & services pricing 2.12/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.14/10
Customer service: 0.83/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.61/10
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Stand up for their customer

"I ordered something from Amazon.ca and it did not come by the date it said it would. I knew it could take a bit longer so I waited as it was coming from China. Then I contacted the seller and did not hear from him in the two days so I emailed him again. Still no answer from them. Even if they said sorry it is taking so long, can you give us a couple of days to see if we can find it. Not a word from them. Sold by: koas
So I contacted Amazon and they contacted me right away and it was taken care of with in 4 days. Thank you.

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Good always comes to an end.

"Somewhere along the way corporate greed overrules customer appreciation and service and unfortunately Amazon Canada has fallen slave to the Corp greedy wheel.

There has been a shift in customer care I have noticed since around Christmas 2017. Amazon.ca's customer service has becone nothing but scripted "we are so sorry" email template responses and their lack of care with when or how packages are shipped past to so-called will deliver by date leaves much to be desired.

I can honestly say I'm disgusted by their service and i have been using amazon since 98, way before they came to canada.

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Not one care in the world for customer satisfaction

" $41.15 for "Die Hard" in 4K...you've got to be **** **** me! No wonder why I canceled my Amazon Prime Membership earlier tonight...that along with "SPR" in 4K being overpriced. "

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"My experience with Amazon.ca has been mixed. Lately, however, service has been very poor. Within the last year or so I have experienced many returns due to wrong or damaged products, fraudulent third party sellers and even an empty box upon delivery (they shipped the product box empty inside the amazon shipping box). Although I did receive a refund and I understand that mistakes do happen, it appears quality control and pre-shipping inspections are simply non existent.

Also, I don't believe so much all the positive product feedback that greatly outnumber the fewer and more critical reviews. Balanced and accurate opinions are the most difficult.

Several years ago, Amazon.ca used to be --for the most part and in my opinion-- a much better shopping experience than it is today.
For now, I am a very disappointed costumer forced to seek and favor other alternatives for my online shopping whenever possible, even if it means a less convenient shopping process.

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Amazon Prime is a joke

"Do not waste your money on Prime. I believe I have had 1 of 11 items come in 2 days. The rest have been a week. Based on fulfillment centers, which are not fulfilling anything apparently. "

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Horrible delivery service by Intercom Express Courrier

"Twice livery problems with the same week that Intercom Express did not deliver my parcels - on two different orders. Their reasons my driveway / front door was not accessible!!!! My address has been in existence for ~ 40 yrs. Canada Post doesn't have a problem; Purolator doesn't have a problem, nor does DHL, UPS. BUT WHY Intercom Express!!!! Twice this week but fourth time of having delivery problems with them. I specifically told Amazon.ca that I didn't have a problem with Canada Post and that it was my preferred delivery courrier. I have > 100s of orders with Amazon and problems started recently with Intercom Express - so why did they sign up with a company who doesn't have a good reputation to start off with. For ex today, I purchased a book at Chapters vs ordering it online even if there was a $5.00 difference. I told Amazon that I am starting to deal differently with the wholesaler vs Amazon and mark my words I AM..... Maybe if clients stop dealing with Amazon, they will change their tune....

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Dishonest business

"I've been around internet buying since 1992. Google was just getting going and Amazon Canada didn't have much stature. Zoom to 2018 and I have a lot of complaints towards Amazon CA. For the past few years they are not paying attention to detail. Stuff gets delivered damaged/already open returns/ beat up. Now if you are going to run a mail order business you can't ship people beat up products. Prime is quick until you purchase it and then delivery starts to take longer so they can try to leverage one day shipping out of you. I find purolator fast but they use Canada Post a lot to ok and they are not reliable. Mostly decent but nothing to write home about "

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Nightmare because of Purolator

"This "Prime" package (a heater) arrived 6 days late and after 10-15 calls and messages to both Amazon.ca and Purolator leaving an old lady freezing and waiting in her apartment for the damn thing to arrive.
This is ridiculous service because Amazon uses these absolute incompetents at Purolator and then expects US (the customers) to go find out where our package went.
I promptly cancelled my Prime trial membership and will be buying my stuff from Walmart or other stores from now on
Thanks for nothing and..oh..people..why is Purolator still in business???!!1

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Watch for extremely high prices at .ca versus amazon.com

"I have seen several items way overpriced on Amazon.ca compared to the .com site. Exchange currently is about 25% and one item is 250% at amazon.ca/ They like to rip Canadians off."

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Worst customer service in the world

"I lost over $200 CAD because they locked out my account. Their "account specialist" more like their retarded monkey specialist team have no clue on how to solve a problem. It took them over 7 days to reply with a half-assed **** response. I will just call it a day and lose my $200 simply because I have no intentions of losing IQ points talking to amazon.ca's support."

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Very very angry

"2nd time in less than 2 months did not receive the item ordered. Intercom Courier was used by Amazon. Both times they said item was delivered but I never received it. Both times no doorbell rang. Just get apologies from Amazon and a refund to reorder. The item today I needed for my machine embroidery orders and now I am delayed at least 3 days. Totally frustrating. Amazon was aware of the issue in December but still insist on using this carrier."

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not good in any WAY!!!!

"HERE I AM, WRITING ABOUT MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH amazon.ca. It was truly, that convinced me not to amazon again .

one hour fifteen minutes attempting to buy a case for my IPHONE and at the END!!!!!, was advised AMAZON cant sell the cases to
CANADIANS!!!!! W T F !!!!

Why the HELL are you advertising the case for on a Canadian Site for?????????

Never again!!!!!!!!

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30 emails back and forth and didn't even come to consencous

"First of all they are racist. I got asked from a rep "why are you native"? Ummm what kind of question is that.
I was a loyal customer but when I asked for the taxes off because of my status I got grief about it... multiple managers and reps. Hang ups... you name it.... they lost a loyal customer. I gave up.

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My credit card was charged by Amazon.ca without any permission

"Today I checked my credit card statement and found that 5 days ago my credit card was charged by Amazon.ca for the amount of CDN$ 88.48. I've called to the Amazon customer service and they explained me that the payment was made for Amazon Prime membership. For my question "How can you charge my credit card without my permission"??? - The answer I received: "It could happen for many reasons"...After the conversation, they sent me confirmation that Amazon Prime membership has been canceled per my request and promised to make a full refund in 3-5 days. Currently I am waiting for a refund, then I am going to delete my account on Amazon. Interesting fact: my last activity on Amazon was on September 2017, since this date I didn't visit their website even. And found that my credit card was charged on January 25, 2018 just by chance."

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Guarantee my A**


Bluetooth with NFC Smart Watch Wrap Wrist Watch Mate for Smartphones IOS Android Samsung S3/s4/s5/note 2/note 3/note 4 and Iphone 5/5c/5s/6/6 Plus(sliver)
Sold by: WaZZoS
CDN$ 32.70

A copy of this email was sent to WaZZoS and Amazon.ca on 21 January 2018:

1) The instructions do not say anything about how to setup or use the NFC.
2) The menu's on the watch do not say anything about how to setup or use the NFC
3) There appears to be no online instructions about the NFC.
4) Despite downloading and attempting to use 6 different NFC programs with this watch, it shows no signs of having NFC.
5) The watch icons do not match the ones shown in the picture advertising this watch on Amazon.
6) The strap was defective. After just 3 wearings, one of the pins on the snap disc broke off. It is now obviously not safe to wear as it is being held on with only one remaining pin, which now will have 2x the stress to bear. Combine this with the fact that the snaps are made from some cheap pot metal and are weak to start with, and this watch is ready to fall off. As it cannot even prop itself up as a desk clock, it has no actual use.
So... some questions:
A) How do I check/turn on the NFC function? This function was the only reason I bought this watch.
B) If it actually has a working NFC function, can you send a replacement strap with a normal hoop and steel pin closing mechanism? Unless you have one of those discs made of actual stainless steel, replacing the disc/strap with an identical faulty one would only result in a 2nd failure.
C) If we can not get this watch to work with a functional strap and NFC, can you replace it with one that will work as advertised?

As of today, 29 January there has been no response from WaZZoS.
The response on 29 January from Amazon:

7:35 AM (53 minutes ago)
to me, payments-mail
Greetings from Amazon.ca.

We have closed your claim for order 702-0248655-9493834 because the A-to-z Guarantee does not cover the problem that you reported.

The tracking information listed at the end of this message indicates that the shipment was delivered to your freight forwarder.

Please note that we can only guarantee the delivery of a package to the shipping address on the order. We are not responsible for the delivery if the package has been forwarded to a different address.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this situation, but we will be unable to assist you further with this transaction.

Rahil Adnan
Account Specialist
A-to-z Guarantee Program

My response to Amazon on 29 January:

For your information: Canada Post now owns Purilator. Any shipments going through Canada Post go through many stations owned by Canada Post. Purolator is just one of them now. Denying a claim because a package stopped there briefly on it's way to the final destination is as valid as denying it because a package from Toronto stops at the Richmond BC sorting station en-route to Princeton BC. I'm sure your customers will be pleased with you to know that you routinely deny claims based on this flimsy loophole that you are inflicting on so-far unsuspecting customers. This product was a cheap rip off, not as advertised, not functional as advertised, and the snap connector immediately broke. If you think demons opened the package and reached carefully in to break a metal pin without crushing the packaging or the watch, you need a shrink. Congratulations. You have just **** off an old nerd with lots of spare time. Every day now for the next month I will dedicate 1 hr to find sites to re-post this Amazon rip-off. You have my personal guarantee on that. And unlike your's... Mine will be real.

*This is my first re-post of this. Many more to come on other sites.*

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