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    Product & services pricing Rating 4.49/10 4.49/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 4.05/10 4.05/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 3.51/10 3.51/10
    Customer service: Rating 3.37/10 3.37/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 4.29/10 4.29/10
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Rating 2/10




Rating 2/10

Rubbish and Appalling.

"I was a Amazon prime customer. I ordered a surface pro 4 laptop and keyboard worth £2300 for next day delivery and was waiting at home eagerly awaiting delivery. It never arrived and when I checked the status on Amazon website, I was shocked to see the status updated as delivered and parcel handed over to the residents at my address. Nobody rang my door bell or knocked. I was home just to receive the delivery.

Now I am entangled in an unnecessary dispute resolution involving american express and amazon. Amazon hasn't so far provided any proof of who signed for the parcel. Every time I call them I reach a new customer service rep who keeps saying they will get back to me within 48 hrs. And later send an email saying the parcel has been delivered to my address.

I have cancelled my prime membership since then and still awaiting a resolution for this and kicking myself as to why i didn't walk into the nearest John Lewis showroom and buy the item like I normally do.


Now I am left with no laptop and out of pocket by £2300 pounds and a bitter and long winding dispute resolution process. Feel like an Idiot!


Rating 2/10

Item lost in the mail

"My orders got lost in the mail. Not the first time, by the way where amazon's prime shipping guarantee has failed me... I contacted customer service and they act like they were doing me a favor by giving me a refund. I have had so many problems with amazon. I will be cancelling my prime membership."

Rating 2/10

"Not For Retail Trade"

"I purchased 20 AA batteries from Amazon.
Each one was labelled "Not For Retail Trade."
I informed Amazon twice by phone; evidently they did nothing about it.

When I submitted a one-star review, they blocked it,
despite the fact that the statements were entirely and absolutely true.

I have read of other entirely credible cases where Amazon blocked
negative reviews, making ALL of their published reviews suspect.

No Avatar

Rating 2/10


"God help you, if you pay them upfront and the order doesn't arrive. Your money is sunk, since they will refund you only after "You return the merchandise", which you can't since you have never seen the package, leave aside the thing.
And no, they are not at all responsible for it getting delivered, that is my first hand experience. In fact after quite a few one like this, I have taken them off my list. The customer feed-back section didn't bother about losing a customer, at least they didn't even come back with a "sorry".
After a few proper executions, the problem started when a $ hundred plus package didn't land up, though the tracking said "delivered". I mailed to the service department, who naturally insisted on delivered (naturally they don't believe the customers, their couriers are more reliable source of information). While following it up, I placed another order (unfortunately) and specifically mentioned, not to use this courier, rather go through USPS or any other means. Not surprisingly the tracking details came, with this same courier, who again "delivered" the undelivered item. The correspondence with Amazon had once again been same "I don't believe you", not in word, but attitude, and nothing was going through despite several mails.
By now it was about $400 already out of my pocket (prepaid), so I took the pains to first contact the local office of the courier and then directly wrote to the courier's Director (International Operation). Within hours, the national head of the courier company called and in another couple of days, both the packages reached me. It showed the responsiveness of them (I don't fault them for the error, of the delivery boy, but give them credit for correcting once told).
This was supposed to be the job of Amazon, not me, but then I knew I haven't received, they didn't believe it even when told. With that type of culture, I am surprised they are surviving.
BTW, there are a few other packages too "Delivered" but they are in terms of tens of $ each, so I have put those into my loss account.

Rating 2/10

Allowing FRAUD SALES on site, beware of it.

"As im giving this one star to be notified my openion,if not i will give zero, where as amazon is a fraud site dont buy from it. it allows third party seller its not safe to customers by buying products on amazon. if amazon has a secured site then how the third party sellers frauding customers. we dont know the seller we assured amazon site buying and paying payments without secure. when i call CC of amazon they are tell amazon not responsible to ur orders by third party seller. i asked him if amazon not responsible then why they are allowing third parties, with out amazon permission the didnt have the right to enter int to the site of amazon. if amazon not responsible the amazon site has aloop hole any one can enter in to the site and fraud the customers. my openion is that amazon is involving in scams by these type of sellers. im very dissapointed by this fraud site. plz beware of it.... where as small site has better security and well respect to customer support its my opinion"

Rating 2/10

Shipping Problems

"They can't seem to get items shipped to the correct address. I've been told the problem was a "computer glitch" that they were woking on. As a result I have lanterns, batteries, and a camp stove here in NH, and my family in Florida with a hurricane are in the dark!"

Rating 2/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

Beware Amazon bait and switch tactics.

"I recently ordered 2 Medline sharps containers, but what I got were cheap imitations.

I tried to post the following review at Amazon but was prevented. No particular reason was given, just that it was not compliant with their rules. And BTW, once a review is rejected by Amazon, a buyer is disallowed from posting any further review on the same product, no matter HOW it's worded. Nice way to stifle dissent.

Here's my review. You be the judge.

"Beware of Amazon bait and switch tactics.

The product description states the brand is Medline. Before ordering, I looked very carefully at the photo posted by Amazon which clearly shows a Medline "made in USA" label and p/n MDS705110, That was the product I wanted, ordered, and expected to receive.

What I received is NOT Medline and has a completely different package configuration with IMO a less secure closure. On the item I received there is no statement of origin, only that it was manufactured for a company in Florida.

Odds it was made in USA? Zero to none. It's a cheaper container being sold as a Medline product."

Rating 2/10

horrible customer service

"i order alot of stuff from them, spend thousands of dollars each year for stuff for my business and personal, i ordered some oil from them and i was sent the wrong stuff, the oil was suppose to be for diesel engines but they sent oil for gas engines, i called and got a person from another country and could not even understand her, any ways she was no help at all. now i have to send this oil back and try and find some elsewhere, they do not care if they inconvenience you in any way shape or form, i sent the oil back today and once i get my refund from them i will not give them anymore of my business, and to top it off, i could not even leave the seller a feed back, amazon would not let me do that, also when i tried to review the item i gave it a one star, i got an email from amazon stating they can not approve the 1 star review, unreal. they are way to shady in my opinion. i dont care if i have to pay double for items elsewhere, i will not give them anymore of my hard earned money, then the lady tells me i can dispute it , it may take up to 30 days, my oil needs changed line yesterday , i can not wait 30 days for them to send me the right stuff, united states is going down hill, all these businesses including the utility, cable, credit card companies all use people outside the united states for customer service and we can not understand a word they say, all they do is make us more mad and agitated. "

Rating 2/10

I have always enjoyed Amazon using Prime but!!

"I have used Amazon Prime for years but am getting ready to cancel the service. My last 2 orders using Amazon's delivery service was the end. The first one 3 weeks ago said delivered to the Mail room. When I went down to the mail room 1.5 hours later it was not there and the manager said no one had even come in. Now my second one today shows delivered. Not at my door and after check the mail room not there! **** in Austin!"

Rating 2/10

Advertises product they do not have in stock ... then waits 3 weeks to notify it's "valued" customers ...

"Toilet paper. YES, toilet paper. Amazon advertised TOILET PAPER back in July, 2017 so we bit and bought ... or so we thought. Three, yes I said THREE weeks later I receive the following lame ... and I mean LAME excuse from these morons:


We're contacting you about order #123-456-7890. We recently discovered an error that caused the following item(s) to be displayed at an incorrect price:

Georgia Pacific Corporation Quilted Northern 4 Dblrl Case Of 12, Georgia Pacific Corporation

In this case, we're unable to offer this item for the incorrectly posted price. Therefore, we've cancelled your order for this item, and you haven't been charged.

At any given time, despite our best efforts, a small number of the millions of items on our site may be mispriced. We're very sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

We value your business and hope to see you again soon.


Customer Service, Amazon.com"

I actually PAID for Prime and this is the level of service that we receive. Amazon, sometimes you really disappoint and no packaged reply will help. Horrible customer "service".

Rating 6/10

Great Prices But Horrible Search

"I have been a customer of Amazon for a while now and yes it is cheaper than most other sites as it is very competitive however I really have trouble when I a searching for something particular. General searches seem fine so I guess being a time poor it irks me sometimes that I have to waffle through similar products to find exactly what I am after."

Rating 2/10

Delivery service is awful cause they are not Amazon employees

"I work at an apartment complex and since they have gone to this Uber like delivery service I am about as fed up as they come. Anyone can sign up for 4 hours of delivery as an independent contractor, thereby saving Amazon Gzillions of dollars in benefits. i.e. they don't have to pay any. So a different person comes to the complex every single day! They don't know what to do cause they have never been to our complex before and I have to stop what I am doing and explain it to a different person 365 days a week cause Amazon - third party delivery service can't put it in the software what to do!!!! Sometimes they don't speak English, carting around their kids, in an unidentified outfit, no way to carry the tons of boxes they have for the complex cause they aren't given anything, let alone an outfit. So today after all the assorted daily Amazon delivery issues (several deliveries per day) I find one of them left a package at the front door of a resident - the door is street side on a busy sidewalk!!!!! Grrrrrrrr...... am so over this company."

Rating 10/10

Awesome prices and great service

"I've been consistently impressed with Amazon for years. They are awesome."

Rating 10/10

Missing parts from Amazon tech orders becoming pandemic?

"Recently I ordered two "NEW" motherboards from Amazon...

EDIT: The box also had a top plastic insert that was molded in a way that the accessories would most likely have resided (but did not). These motherboard containers appeared to be missing all of the accessories that should have come with the motherboard and, given that the motherboard box had zero signs of either shrink-wrap or a "Security Seal" [which EVERY other motherboard I have purchased has had and most other items, like the power supply I also purchased, which had both], could easily appear to be either used or have parts missing or stolen. Thus I returned them.

I decided to go with another well-known seller of computer components and received the same motherboard and again, the motherboard box had neither shrink-wrap nor "Security Seal" on the box. Given the circumstances, I decided to essentially rip the package apart and low and behold, hidden in a thin, false bottom were the cables, I/O cover and screws that go with the motherboard.

So, because a motherboard manufacturer appears to be brain-dead in the packaging department, both Amazon and myself got grief.

So I can now offer several suggestions based on my recent experiences:

1) Don't always blame Amazon. While not everyone has had the greatest experiences with them all of the time, Amazon also has to deal with brain-dead suppliers and most of the time they will try to do what's right for the customer.

2) To the manufacturers: why on earth would you not shrink-wrap and "Security Seal" your expensive products? Not only does it give the buyer the warm fuzzy feeling that this is NEW, unused product, but also shows that the item has not been pilfered.

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