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Product & services pricing 5.28/10
Chance of future purchase: 4.25/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.84/10
Customer service: 4.19/10
Return/Replacement policy: 4.69/10
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Delivery Roulette

"Amazon has opted to only allow for deliveries via USPS when you pay for Amazon Prime. I have placed multiple orders, and sometimes I get my packages some times I do not. Either way, the USPS marks package attempted delivery, whether they do or not. When I called Amazon initially about the issue, they informed me I had to speak to USPS about the issue, mind you, I did not hire USPS, nor would I ever for something like this. I spoke to USPS, was promised everything would be addressed, and my packages would be delivered as promised. Well, that was about 8 months ago, and nothing has changed.


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Awesome Buy

"Smooth transaction and shipping!"

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Price Change

"I purchased a case of Ecolab Stainless polish for $61.43 but when I received my order I only had 1 bottle. I inquired about this and was told that they had priced it wrong and would issue a refund for my $61.43. I tried to leave feedback on this and was unable to because of the content of my review. I guess they only want positive feedback."

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The book is good

"I bought a book from Amazon. The prices are amazing ,and their customer service is kindly.A nice shopping experience !

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Great service!

"Huge amount of products in affordable price."

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Excellent Company With Great Products At A Good Price and Perfect Customer Service

"I have been an Amazon member for about 20 years. In that time I have had very few problems with them, and I order probably at least 75-100 times per year, totalling maybe 200-300 items total per year. The quality of their products is excellent and their prices are some of the best. The few times I have had to interact with Customer Service has been quite easy, and the reasons for my contacting them have been resolved quickly. If there is ever a problem with an order, it is the easiest thing to send the item back for a refund. I am confident that when I order from them I will receive a good quality product at a good price. I love Amazon Prime, as it has alot of benefits, including access to countless Prime videos, books, magazines, music, not to mention free shipping. They offer great daily deals, lots of low cost samples and even an icloud storage for files and photos. Their Subscribe and Save program saves me 15% each month on items I use all the time. I don’t have a Whole Foods market near me, so I can’t comment on that or home food delivery, but that is also a great offering. My only two complaints about Amazon, and they are small, is that I found it hard to be a seller on Amazon as they make it fairly difficult to setup selling pages. Ebay is much easier to sell on. Also, their Prime membership, to me, is just a bit high. Granted, they do offer Prime Video, and comparing to Netflix, is just about as good, but I would like to see a Prime pricing system where people who spend large amounts per year get some kind of discount on Prime. Overall, this is a great company and my daily go-to site. I spend countless hours per week on this site, much to the dismay of my wife. I can always find everything I am looking for at a good price, and with Prime, I will have it in a couple of days. It’s easier than driving to my local store, and more convenient. A+++ from me!

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Totoal idiot unknowingly customers servuces

"I have prime membership and I also have the store credit card for some reasons. I never got upgraded to Amazon “prime” store credit card I called synchrony bank they said should take care of this issue, back and forth for five times. Nobody knows how to deal with this issue and one dosent even know they have an prime store card. It **** big time hope bunch of Representives don’t spend even speak English When you even told me to cancel membership then we can do it again whole bunch of stupid idiotS. Amazon you **** big time!!!!!!I’m going to cancel everything"

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One Stop Shop for it all

"I have been buying products from for over fifteen years and have no complaints with them and their product offerings. They have everything you can imagine and their pricing is always competitive."

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Hundreds of orders!

"I have Amazon Prime and I order all the time. I rarely have any issues and if I do they have always resolved them to my satisfaction. You have to make sure you check out the sellers. I try to order things that are shipped and sold by Amazon, but have used other sellers many times. You have to look at their individual ratings. I highly recommend Prime."

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Packaging and customer service issues

"In the past month I have had problems with 3 orders shipped and sold by Amazon. Two orders had packaging issues that left the contents exposed and, in one case, damaged. I contacted customer support and spoke with and Asian man who could barely speak English. He promised a credit on the order but it never came. Now I am having problems buying my wife a gift card and their "customer service" has no idea why the order will not complete. I regret buying the gift card for my wife as she will have to use it on Amazon (if she ever gets it) but their "customer service" staff also tell me that they cannot cancel the order. I think that Amazon has become too big to be considered a viable online retailer any more."

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I like it

"This seems to be a very well built baitcast reel. Out of the box it's super smooth and the drag feels strong. I'm going to go out this weekend and will use it."

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You pay for this they give you that.......

"Bought an Agri-Fab lawn roller, arrived with broken part. E-mailed Agri-Fab they said Amazon takes returns and just resells them and did nothing.. E-mailed Amazon and they said contact Agri-Fab, I did and they never responded..."

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They cheated me out of 70,000 amex points. This is after telling me I won the disputed.

"They cheated me out of 70,000 amex points. This is after telling me I won the disputed. $500.00 . My tv came in with a bent screen from AAAA uverse and after 6 months of back and forth. Do NOT buy major appliances from Amazon. "

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Fine. Good. Nice.

"My orders are almost always fulfilled on time and correctly. I very rarely have issues. Only complaint is that when speaking with customer service, you have to make sure you are very clear and thorough."

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"I have been ordering from Amazon for years. Recently ordered two parts from Amazon...oh no wait they are a front for Home Essentials Depot...oh wait now they are a front for Zappy Sales!!!!! On Amazon it states the part is 12 volt, they shipped me a 120 volt. These parts are to repair a federal government emergency services backup power generator! I have been given the runaround from each of these companies for a month with no end in site. Amazon no longer has any sense of customer service, they should immediately find the correct item, have it shipped, ensure it is delivered and email a shipping label to return the incorrect part. Amazon has clearly turned into Ebay! This whole experience is un-acceptable!! I will never again order from Amazon!!"

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