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Product & services pricing 4.39/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.69/10
Customer service: 2.16/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.17/10
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I purchased 8 products and was happy with the quality. Slow shipping though.

"AliExpress has some very good quality products available at wholesale prices. I've been very happy with what I've received from them. I've ordered 8 items. They were good quality. One seller sent me the wrong handbag and I negotiated a 50% discount. I was happy with that.

The cons are snail mail shipping, inconsistencies in quality among sellers, Asian sizing and not knowing 100% if what you are getting is what was described.

I did an AliExpress haul and review of 8 products I bought (handbags & clothes). These are my honest opinions of the products and company.


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really bad

"I purchased an item form Drincer Store / Jack Lee. It came defective and he doesn't want to give me refund. "

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"Very pleased with my order came very fast from China to east coast US will order again !! items were exactly what I thought "

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insanely disappointing

"Had a dispute with seller which eventually had Aliexpress involved, all of the evidence i provided was completely ignored and i was denied because seller has "brand name" this is literally what it said. "

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"After 3 years they want a picture of my driver's license and a picture of my credit card for "account verification". No thanks. Sounds like they want to sell my credit card numbers"

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Buyer Protection a lie

"Bought something and the seller sent me a different size than what I ordered. Disputed it and AliExpress made me pay for shipping back to China which was 30% of the cost of the product, even though it was the seller's mistake. The customer service chat thing they have is awful - felt like I was taking to a robot that didn't speak English."

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Never got the package, never got reimbursed!!!

"Ordered an item in November and still haven't received the package. they won't refund me."

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Sent defective item

"BUYER BEWARE! Thought I'd try Aliexpress. Cautious as I am, I bought 2 dollar circuit boards for a security cam. 12 bucks, no big deal. Both boards were defective. Asked for a refund and a shipping label. They said I had to pay for return shipping. Shipping costs back? 35 dollars. Nothing but automated answers. They never responded back other than I had to ship it back in 7 days and pay for the shipping. There are reputable sellers in China. Aliexpress is NOT one of them."

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aliexpress is just a thief

" stay clear if you work hard for your money. there is literally no customer service if something goes wrong, no phone# to call, and no manager to escalate things to. so if the seller decides to be a thief and steal your money you CAN NOT do anything about it, which is exactly what happened to me. "

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Order Watch on Jan. 05 2018 but did not get yet

"I Ordered Watch 2 Months Ago. yet not received my parcel. No Any Response from Customer Service.
I want to give even Zero Star But unfortunately that is unavailable.
I am Hardly Disappointed, Sad and Angry (Can't express in words) .

Aliexepress is totally Fraud, Plz dont Buy from Them.

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A terrible marketplace.

"A terrible marketplace. Deception and theft of sellers. The customer protection service does not work. The seller stole 2 soldering tips from the kit. AliExpress is hate. Closed the dispute in favor of the seller, although I provided them with all the evidence.

order №: 88074772909995 Nov. 21 2017

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Don't trust Aliexpress, they refused my refund

"I spent $ 247 in Aliexpress. and my order has been closed after making a payment.

I got message from Aliexpress:
"We regret to inform you that the recent use of coupon (s) in your order has been identified as being in violation of the guidelines outlined in our General Rules for Coupon Use. (http://activities.aliexpress.com/adcms/help-aliexpress-com/coupon_usage.php) Your order will be canceled, and any payments you have made (excluding any fees or charges which you have made to third parties) will be returned to your account."

but I did not apply any coupon. It's just referrel link from Ebay ads.

In 3 days my money was refunded, and then they are recharge $247 back suddenly.

I have contacted aliexpress through chat support, they say my money will be refunded within 2-20 days.

I have been waiting for so long almost 22 days until now my money is not returned.

They refused my refund.

I don't trust Aliexpress anymore.

Where my money gone?

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Not the cheapest but very safe

"If you leave in Turkey, surely you will the pries very cheap. But there are a lot of chinese website has lower price.
Aliexpress's good side is, refund process and product variety.
In old times, shipment times were good but now they are not.

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"I cancelled my order an hour after placing it and they refused to cancel it and I have been waiting 2 months to get my money back "

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Good products for the price

"I've been purchasing a lot of things in this chinese store since 2014 and overall my experience is rather positive but you have to take lots of things into consideration before buying anything here. Anything at all. Before I name some of them I should probably give you some idea about what sort of things I've been buying there: notebooks' and mobile phones' spare parts like touchscreens and keyboards, all kinds of toolware like digital calipers, ESR meters, different hand tools like pliers, scalpels, screwdrivers, lots and lots of DIY stuff - semiconductors of all shapes and sizes, chips, resistors, neodymium magnets, Li-ion batteries, cookware and small useful things for home and garden etc. Usually everything under 40$ nothing too pricey. The last thing I bought this morning is 10 microchips GD74LS161A for 7$, ebay was a little bit more costly on that one. If you would like to buy something expensive I would recommend too look elsewhere.
Without further ado here is the list of things you should take into consideration:
1. Aliexpress is a union of chinese stores and as a result there are good, bad and mediocre ones with different approach and attitude towards their buyers. You can see each store rating and the amount of time some particular store have been selling things. 100% rating - is a very good one, 95% and below - is often a very bad and you have to be extremely cautious and sceptical about buying anything from stores with such ratings.
2. Aliexpress have a buyer's protection system but it's tricky. It doesn't always mean that the customer is always right, it's more like if a customer bought himself something that doesn't work properly he has to prove it with some solid evidence (photo or video). Why is it so? Partly because there were lots of people who abused the buyer's protection system with false statements of not receiving things that they have actually received and claiming that something that is working perfectly doesn't work at all. And they've got away with it for quite some time. I seriously condemn such a behavior because it's getting things worse for everyone. There are two layers of protection - first of all you can negotiate with a seller directly and if you don't come to an agreement then aliexpress will step in and make some decision based on your evidence and your overall behavior. Take into consideration that if a seller asks you to change the reason of dispute - don't do it. By doing so you will violate aliexpress rules and since that you're on your own. Also watch for the protection timer and prolong it not less than 5 days before it runs out.
3. Feedback is everything on aliexpress. It provides vital information for other buyers about some particular store or quality of items that you've bought. Most of the feedback is provided by russians and most of the time they're being very specific, providing lots of useful information with photos - use online translators. Because probability that you would buy something counterfeit is quite high - that's China after all, they are notorious for that.
4. And the last but not least - communities around aliexpress are very important, there are literally hundreds of thousands of people writing about different things that they've bought on aliexpress and in other stores. It always comes in handy when you have some questions about what to do if you encounter any problems at all or if you want to buy something in particular.
So with all these things in mind shopping on aliexpress can be very pleasant and you could find things you can't find anywhere else.

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