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"Ordered EF 70-300mm Canon Lens. Product was properly packaged and shipped in order to avoid damage. The lens itself required minimal stabilization efforts on my part, which is another indication it was packaged correctly. My husband needed a rush order and they came through for him 100%! Thank you, great product!"

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"Not sure why I didn't read the reviews prior to making a "purchase" from this company, but I should have and so should you.

What an absolute atrocious business.

We placed an order for a zoom lens for our Nikon camera back on October 15 of 2014. It wasn't until 3 weeks later that we learned, via email correspondence, that the item we ordered was in fact not what we had ordered. The item was not as described.

They "got the order right" and two more weeks passed without word from our order. I eventually had to call in. The order was coming from Malaysia and would be delivered in 7-10 days (keep in mind it's been nearly 5 weeks since the initial order).

7-10 days has passed with no order arriving, I call back in. "Oh, something happened to the shipment and needed to be returned, you order has been refunded". Check bank account, no refund. Call back... "The refund takes 5 business days to complete."

5 business days passes and I call to inform them that no refund has been issued. They explain that the bank took my refund. I tell them that is not the case, my bank has no record of any refund or attempted refund. They tell me they are sending me a check for the refund amount. I laugh at them.

It is now December 15th. I waited for the "check" to arrive in the mail. I'm patient with this sort of thing, so I had no issue waiting, seeing if they would keep their word. No such luck. I called them back this morning and explained the situation and told them that my next step was to file a dispute with the bank.

"Sorry, there is nothing else I can do..." Click.

The gentlemen actually hung up on me, the customer, after stealing my money.

I'll be filing many more complaints concerning this "business". I implore you, do not use this company, it will be a headache.

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"I ordered a canon t5i AJrichie for my daughter for Christmas. They kept calling the house wanting me to confirm my order with AJrichie for the Canon t5i. When I called them they said my order was an international model not a USA camera. I said let me call you back. When I got off the phone I Googled what an international Canon camera was. I found a you tube video and other answers saying it was a Canon camera without a warranty from Canon but from the seller, if there is one at all, plus there is no battery with the camera. Basically that should be the only differences and that is because they are selling at prices below Canon set prices. So when I called them back I felt it was still worth the savings. Then came the hard push to make the camera that I saw advertised and purchased sound like a plastic toy that no one would want. And he made it sound like it was definitely not a Canon camera. I told him I would still take it thinking it would have to be a real Canon still right. Well I hung up and then looked up their company with Better Business Bureaus they had an F rating. I called them back immediately and cancelled my order. For I realized they could lie to me. My dad and my brother in law are both dying with terminal stage four cancer and my daughter is an alcoholic who has slipped back to alcohol. I don't need people taking advantage of me right now. With what little time I have to buy Christmas gifts I don't need this."

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"i ordered two canon 6d and i am still waiting their response!! and they are kying alot, they hold your money, don't make any purchase on this ajrichies.com there are so many fake corp like this, who is gonna solve my issue? myself or ?"

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"Absolutely the worse store to deal with. Three weeks and no information as to my order only to find out the item was out of stock and the order could not be filled. THREE WEEKS. I had to call three times to find this out. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE. THE WORSE STORE ON THE PLANET. "

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"False advertising. The FBI should look at this company."

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"This company has a very poor delivery process, as I have been waiting since 9/11/14 for my purchase and it has yet to arrive as of 10/7/14. When I called in late September I was assured I would have it by the 3rd, never happened. Called back on the 6th and told it has shipped, but looks like it shipped after I called on the 6th. At this point I would not recommend doing business with this poorly run company. "

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"Unfortunately I did not check the web before placing my order in AJRichie.com. I purchased a Canon Rebel T5i from them and received an email that for security reason I need to call them and verbally confirm my order. I did call them and the seller mentioned what I have purchased is an International version without battery and charger (what the heck?) So I asked for the US version (which mean please put the original battery and charger that you took out, back into its box). Anyway, 5 days later since I didn't hear from them I called them and asked about my order status. "What? Order status? what do you mean?" They guy on the phone have never heard of order status. Anyway he said my order has been shipped to me today and I will receive the tracking number by tomorrow. I didn't receive any tracking number the next day. So I called them two days later again and this time I talked to "Jeffrey". He also mentioned I will receive the tracking number by tomorrow. Again I called them next day and same answer. So this story has repeated for the whole week and I have not received any tracking number or any proof that anything has been shipped to me. It is the first time that I'm experiencing a online shopping like this. By the way the company which has charged my credit card is Primotronix.com which has even worse reputation than AJRichie.com. I will update you of how my order goes but so far it has been a terrible experience. I'm not sure what type of Junk I would receive if I receive anything from them (a referb, or a stolen one, ...) Just avoid this site and don't trade your peace of mind with these hassles. "

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Ajrichies.com User

"I had nothing but problems with them! You are on hold forever to speak to anyone about your order. In the end after speaking with them 1 hour prior about the shipment date, I get an email stating that my order was refunded! So, I called them back again...they told me it was shipped to someone else and there was NOT anything they could do but refund my order. Horrible, Horrible Service!"

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Ajrichies.com User

"You guys are right, this is a bait and switch outfit. If you get what you ordered at the price quoted, you're lucky. I had two orders for the Canon T5i... one was back ordered 4 weeks, the other was a Japanese version and the sales rep wanted another $200 for the US version. I cancelled both orders. I'm not willing to support a company that plays these games"

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Ajrichies.com User

"I wish I had come to Yelp first to check this company's rates, because apparently people really have lots of negative reviews about them.
They have sold me a Nikon D600 camera, that got an Error message 1 year after the camera was purchased so Nikon obviously didn't cover it.
Then I call there and a not knowledgeable employee tells me to just send my camera to Nikon because AJ Richie was going to contact the insurance and send the information over to Nikon, so they could repair my camera.

My camera has been with Nikon for over 2 weeks without they even touching it while waiting for the warranty information (and I needed to rent an extra one because they were still waiting on info from AJRichie).
What a WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. If my warranty was not valid for whatever reason, at least don't give me the wrong information!
And now I have to pay for the repair regardless of having a "5 year extended warranty" that is also on my receipt as purchased.

Horrible, I would never recommend this company to anyone and I am never putting my money on them again, EVER!

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I was contacted after I placed an order with Ajrichies by Scott who tried to tell me that the camera I ordered was an international model and it was'nt built sturdy like the US model. He said it was made of plastic, did not come with a battery or charger and no warranty. He went on to try to sway me to the Canon 6D in place of the Canon 5D Mark lll saying that the 6D was a better camera for the same price. I told him I was'nt interested in anything but what I ordered and that camera was not listed as an international model on the website, which he continuously denied. He tried to push all kinds of combinations of products instead of what was advertised and I totally refused to budge. I finally told him to cancel the order and about 15 minutes later I received an email for an invoice for $3,599.00 on the original order of $2,499.00 and right at closing time on the weekend. Here are the invoices that I was sent.

AjRichie.com Express Checkout Order has been received

Thank you for your recent order with AjRichie.com.

Orders can take 3-5 business days to be processed.

If you chose the Free Ground delivery option, delivery can take anywhere from 10 to 14 business days to arrive at your location.

If you wish to have your order expedited, please contact us at 614-556-4559 during normal business hours.

Order date: 8/8/2014 1:21:22 PM

Web Confirmation #: 2418481

Thank you for shopping at AjRichie.com

Bill To:

Ship To:

Shipping Method:

Payment Method:

Ground (10-12 Business Days)









Canon EOS-5D Mark III with 24-/105mm f/4L IS USM AF Lens



Sub Total:








Grand Total:


This was the original order, then after the phone call about 15 minutes later I received this right at closing time.

Bill To

WebID Item Name Qt
Price ea. Total
pksf Package Price 1 $3,599.99 $3,599.99
cneos5diii24105rk EOS 5D Mark III W/ 24-105mm Retail Kit w/ Battery & Quick Charger 1 $0.00 $0.00
diglcdsp-de LCD Screen Protectors For Any Digital Camera 1 $0.00 $0.00
lck-de Camera and Lens Cleaning Kit 1 $0.00 $0.00
tttr-de Table Top Tripod 1 $0.00 $0.00
wr1yrsf 1 Year WorldWide Warranty Upgrade {Upgraded In box from Factory} *KIT 1 $0.00 $0.00
Package Subtotal: $3,599.99
Shipping $0.00
Total: $3,599.99

Now all of this took place after I had cancelled the order so I had to call again Monday and tell them again to cancell the order and got into a heated argument and was hung up on. Afterwards I received this.


Your order has been Billed under our Corporate name AJ BH.

Your order has been sent to the warehouse, and will be shipped shortly , if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 614-556-4559 715 & we will be glad to help.

Once Again Thank You For Shopping With AJRichie.com, we really appreciate it !

Now this was after I had cancelled the order twice and told this a__hole off over the phone before he hung up on me. He actually charged my card for $3,599.00 unauthorized on an original order of $2,499.00 which I cancelled twice. You can best believe that Ajrichies will hear from my attorney as they have committed fraud and stolen money from me. I keep very good records and have everything in place. This will be a wake up call for Ajrichies. I wish I had known before I got involved with these scammers. Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs


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Typical bait and switch tactic. Called to inquire about Canon 5D MK III Kit # 19.
Was told that it comes with lenses different than listed on the website (canon & sigma instead of both canon). Asked for the actual price for what is written in that kit - got a price quote that was $450 higher than advertised.

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"i got hung up on and he called me an asshole. been waiting 2 months for my order. do not buy... its a scam"

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"This has got to be the worst company to try to buy a camera from. They out and out lie about the availability of the cameras they advertise, and try to get you to buy whatever they do have in stock(which is always a more expensive model at a higher than market value) and say that the charger, battery and warrantee is not included. I was told that my camera was in stock when I placed then order, then was told to call for confirmation. Then I was told it was ordered and would be arriving in 10 days. I wasn't contacted for another 4 weeks when I finally called to be told it would not be arriving, it was permanently out of stock. THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATS! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM"

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