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Third Party for

Helpful Cool


Stole my money

"I purchased a ticket from back in November for a flight in the December. Due to some emergency I could not go on that trip and when I asked for the refund, they refused to pay me back. I did cancel the ticket before flight.

Then again in March they changed me the same amount again for no reason. Initial refund was not given to me and yet again they charged me the same amount in March. They still have not responded to the dispute since 3 months now.

They technically stole my money. Not once but twice.I will be calling my lawyer to settle this up accordingly.

Never buy any services from

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Horrible, do not buy from here.

"My family and I bought plane tickets for a trip in June but then had to cancel the trip do to serious medical reasons (found out in April). We talked to the doctor and they told us that as long as we showed them a letter and diagnose to the company they would refund our tickets. We put in the request in April and have not heard anything until I called in May. They stated that they were waiting to hear back from the airline and supposedly emailed them various times. I called the airline and was told that all the company had to do was process the refund on their and it could be done in 5 minutes. I then had to call back to tell them what the airline said and the representative told me that is not how it works and I needed to wait. We have had tickets refunded before in a matter of seconds and not months. Reading other complaints, this is not uncommon for the business to be like this. I just warn whoever is reading this, that it is a gamble using this company."

Helpful Cool


"Worst possible site ever! Kayak directed me to this site. I purchased my ticket but wanted to change it. They quoted a price of $350 for the change and $102 for the fare difference. Then when I notice the charge on my credit card, it was a charge of $312.23 for difference in airfare.

Customer service people are super rude, speak broken English and basically no one knows whats going on in this site. I hate this site and am never booking through this again. If I could pick 1/2 a star or rate them negative I would.

Helpful Cool


"I booked my ticket to India through this site but had to postpone my trip. When I tried to rebook again the price they quoted that I have to pay not including the money that's already there from my previous ticket is few hundred dollars more than the internet price for the same itenary. Absolutely ridiculous. When I questioned that they forced me to cancel my previous ticket charging me 600 dollars for a trip not taken. "

Helpful Cool


"I cannot begin to warn you about the HORRENDOUS SERVICE provided by this company!!! Here are the details:
Booked a flight through, not aware it was a third party doing the booking (1st problem and unacceptable practice from Kayak) - The booking company turned out to be
The fare was a little better than others, but not much, and definitely not worth the aggravation and excess charges.
Change fees are $350 DOLLARS, when the airline only charges $200.00, but they claim its the airline. So they are charging $150 dollars above the airline fees for themselves.
It is an absolute nightmare to make any changes, since they are incredibly inefficient. Unfortunately, you are forced to go through them for any issues with your ticket.
I needed to make a change to my outbound flight, so I sent a request through their site.
24 hours later I had no reply or confirmation of receipt, so I called their "customer service"
The agent that answered spoke broken English and sounded like he was eating while on the call with me.
He informed me my record showed no change request, so advised me to send a follow-up email.
This time I sent it directly through my Outlook, so that I would have proof of my communications.
30 hours after that, still having received no reply, not even an acknowledgment of having received by change request, I called in again.
I asked to speak with a supervisor, who turned out to be even worse than a regular agent, if that's even possible. Aside from taking 15 minutes to come to the phone, "supervisor" Robert ID # 308 was incredibly rude and provided false information, as follows:
He claimed requests are answered within 24 to 48 hours. My request was placed 56 hours ago and still no reply or acknowledgment of receipt.
When I pointed this out, he said that my matter was not urgent so they would take longer???? This is Christmas time so it is urgent.
When I complained that I had not even received an acknowledgement my request was received by them, he threatened to hang up on me!!!!!
When I commented on the extra $150 dollar change fee above what the airline charges, he said I didn't know that, but I actually do, because I am a trained travel agent and work as an outside sales agent. But when I said that he countered asking me why had I booked through them then...actually that is a good question, the answer is the fare was a little lower than what I could get, but mostly that I was fooled into thinking I was booking through Kayak, not this joke of a company.
I ended up accomplishing nothing other than aggravation, although I did have the pleasure of hanging up on him.
I'm considering purchasing a whole new ticket, just to avoid paying them any change fees.
If you care about your money, time, and most importantly your peace of mind, don't use this company ever. I'll be sending an official complaint the BBB and to, because it makes them look very bad having this kind of rip-off company associated with them.

Helpful Cool


"I agree with most of the reviews here. I booked a ticket using and it automatically routed me to this horrible site. While I was purchasing my ticket online, somehow the site left me hanging. So I repeated the process then I was able to go through and was given a confirmation number. Since I wanted to make sure my credit card was not charged twice, I called The agent that answered was immediately an asshole- tone of voice, manner of speaking, language used. It was outright rudeness within the first minute when all I wanted was for him to check if I was charged twice. And just as I thought, he came back to me saying I have two bookings. I told him I needed him to cancel one since they are both the same. He did it but this is after an argument that ensued and putting me on hold. In short, stay away from this business as it is not worth the stress. I am also upset with for the misleading representation thinking that you are booking straight with them when you are routed to a site that is not clearly specified until you are on their booking page....very misleading and it is purposely done to confuse the buyer.

Update: After sending me numerous emails that they have cancelled the flight booking, I get my credit card statement and they still charged my credit card with the flight and tickets which I never got confirmed!!! Now, I have to go file a dispute with my credit card company!


Helpful Cool


"Feel like I dodged a bullet. Purchased $1100 ticket to Spain and during checkout "something" went wrong. Site gave me a booking number and instructions to call immediately.
Called the 800 number, on hold for 15 minutes then some guy with heavy Indian accents answers and says "Hello? Hello?", pretends he can't hear me, says to call back immediately and hangs up!.
Called back right away and after about 5 minutes some other guy answers.
He tells me the airline changed the price during my checkout and the ticket is not $100 more. I said "forget it!"
Glad I got out of that one! Purchased my ticket at the well-known site starting with O and paid $50 more than with

Helpful Cool


" should seriously consider training their agents in proper customer service. The agents are RUDE and uncourteous. I called to see if I could get an adjustment to my fare after I learned that the fare went down by approximately $200 three hours after I purchased my ticket. The agent did nit even want to hear what I have to say, and he even indicated that if I take my business elsewhere it would not be a great loss to the company. RUDE, RUDE. I really think that the public should consider another site for booking their ticket."

Helpful Cool


" is the WORST...and should think about their relationship, as I am no longer going to use them either! I purchased a ticket yesterday and woke to an email this morning telling me my ticket was canceled. If this was incorrect to call immediately, which I did. Unfortunately 7 hours (yes SEVEN HOURS) later someone answered and was a rude and unwilling to listen. In a barely understandable accent he kept saying it was canceled and that was that. Then hung up on me! NEVER USE or KAYAK.COM.
After purchasing the ticket yesterday, I received an email to verify my credit card. I did as requested, but it told me either my name was wrong or the "question/response" was wrong. I called and he told me my name was not being input properly, as if I don't know my own name. In my case I have a hyphenated name, and these guys don't do hyphens, so they just want the two names to mush together. Fine, I did that, hit submit, the web page said "Verified". And 11 (eleven) hours later, while I am fast asleep, an email arrives saying my ticket is canceled. These guys are rude, has a system which clearly is need of help, and a rip off!

Helpful Cool


"Awful, plain awful!

I was checking certain flight price every single day within 2 weeks (January 1-15th, 2014). I use for my search. Every single time would provide the lowest price. I tried to book no less than 5 different times and every time after submitting my booking I was given "bad booking, call us" notification. So I called only to be notified that 1. "The flight price has changed during your booking, check the higher price!" 2. "This flight is not on our system anymore, choose a different air carrier". All of this delivered by agents who do not know the meaning of the words "sorry", "apologize", "excuse us for the inconvenience" - I've yet to find another service so bad or rude! They even had the nerve to push me into buying much higher priced ticket. Thanks, but no thanks! I would only post positive reviews in order to encourage best business practices but their impudence and obvious false advertising drove me to this one. Also I'll make sure I'll repost it to every one website related to air travel! Do NOT make business with!

Helpful Cool


" is a complete scam! I purchased a ticket in March of this year to travel in May to London... financial issues didn't allow this happen. I called several days ahead to cancel, once cancelled I was prompted to pay $390, a $350 bullshit fee and $40 extra because supposedly that was the price difference on the new ticket (Lies!) It was actually cheaper on Virgin Atlantic site. Anyhow, I proceeded to pay the fee and a day later I attempted to use my debit card and the transaction was denied. I called the bank, and they told me that these incompetent bastards at charged me $390 twice. I immediately called them to rectify the issue... no one at the company seems to know any English. Anyhow, I get in touch with AJ, the supervisor... I explained the situation to him and how my account was over drawn, I have fees because of prior pending transactions etc and how this issue must be solved immediately, ( I had the $390 in the account for them, but not enough to be charged twice)if not if report them to the BBC, this son of a bitch pretty much told me that it's my problem and they can't help me... so my bank was kind enough to reimburse some of the fees, but, I had to cover the rest. Now, the time comes in August, when I'm supposed to travel again, I call a day ahead to reschedule once again. Cool, I call yesterday trying to rebook as I have everything in order now. Can you believe, that the agent told me that I never called to cancel the second ticket and that the ticket is gone? I'm trying to understand the logic as to why would anyone invest approximately $1500 into something in these hard times to just throw it away? These people are a complete scam and I've never in all of my life experienced a business like this, rude staff and straight up crooks. Don't ever do business with these people! It's like giving your bank card to a con ! I will be filling a report with everyone possible.... this business needs to be out of service!!"

Helpful Cool


"I feel like crying right now. They charged me twice for my ticket and out of fear that they find this review and charge me a third time for my ticket I won't share my flight information. Please don't end up like me, having to check with my bank every hour just to make sure I haven't been charged a third time! There's nothing you can do about it either since they'll either ignore you, yell at you over the phone, or say that giving them your credit card information was your choice and that they have full authority to make any charges. On top of all this they 'suspended' (cancelled) my flight without notifying me or giving me a refund. AVOID AT ALLLLLLL COSTS."

Helpful Cool


"I got into a predicament with them not knowing what they are. Sure their prices are cheap. But in my case I ended up paying twice the initial cost of the tickets just to get myself back home after a nightmare 36 hour+ trip. When I was stuck, airfare insisted that they will help me once I get back home. Once I got home all I got from is “really? Did we say that?”. They didn’t stop there, they ignore your emails and phone call messages and in the slight chance that they actually do get back to you, they are hands down the rudest jerks I have ever dealt with in the USA. They practically tell you to go screw yourself in plain English and there’s absolutely nothing you can do against them. So the least I can do now is warn others about them so no one else has to go through what I went through.
When I did an internet search on them I was totally shocked by how many bad reviews these people get. Yet they’re still in business. They should be pulled out.
So this is all I can do now. Please spread the word. AVOID AIRFARE at all costs! These guys are practically thieves.
You don’t have to take my word for it, check out the multiple review links out there about them:

Helpful Cool


"I am a frequent traveller... and I have to say... experience has been WORST than anything. I booked a flight for myself and family on kayak... which somehow went to ... Nightmare... Their change policy is ridiculous... They charged 400 dollars to change a flight by one day which is 2 months away...

I am talking to a lawyer for a class action lawsuit against these ripoffs...

Helpful Cool

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