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If I could give Acronis a negative star...

"I have used Acronis products for 6-8 years.

At one time they were very good - nice local backup, drive cloning worked, simple interface, etc.

Over the years they have added bells and whistles to the point that the 'features' have morphed into bugs - you know the story.

I have a 5+ GB archive on Arconis cloud that I CANNOT ACCESS!!!

And I paid for this c__p!

Dump Acronis and find any other cloud backup service.

Note: Acronis is based in Germany but the actual owners are unknown. I suspect Russians operating out of Malta.



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Ignore this product!

"Hi Everybody!

Since the times I was a student I remember that Acronis always used to be a “golden standard” for dealing with computers backup and restore. In 2004 and through the years there simply were not any software so intuitive, simple, reliable and function-rich as Acronis was; their support was excellent.

That’s why now we bought Acronis 2018 without hesitation. We aimed it to backup the workstations running Windows 10.

Our big mistake.

I don’t know what happened to this once great software, but...

- interface is awful. If you ever can imagine the most confusing task scheduling and operation graphs, this is Acronis. There is simply no logic connection between the user actions and result. Sometimes it is so dumb that you actually cannot believe a man in right mind could invent it, or did it on purpose. Awful!

2. Windows Core. Incremental archived are confusing. In previous Acronis, if one created 2 consecutive incremental backups from one source the second archive size was really small (since there were not incremental changes). For this Acronis 2018, all incremental archives are huge. This is beyond of my understanding.

3. Boot-up Acronis Linux agent. Terrible. Glitchy, slow, and it may want to break up operation, that Windows core performs well. I had dozen of situations over the year of using when this led to data lost. Mouse is not working unless connected externally, massive external device connection issues. Stupid interface.

4. Support. Slow, unresponsive and not qualified. Just to prepare and submit a case you will typically spend the rest of the day and then you wait indefinitely for an answer of sort “we possibly will fix it with later updates”

5. Data integrity. Not all the archives even those created sector by sector, sustain structural integrity. I mean, they may, or may not, work properly.

6. Overall expierence. Why on Earth did I buy this program??

Be cautioned and stay away.

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It deserves zero stars!

"Wow. I wish I saw this website before I made the purchase. It is hard to test a program when the trial version is not fully functional. This program came with my Western Digital hard drive. I was searching for a way to make a full recovery of my large computer files/programs when my computer failed; which is often. I made the purchase blind-sided. A total waste of money when I can't get the full version installed. Consequently, I believe it has to do with the product key due to a not valid error. I checked it and re-checked it to no avail. Customer support was contacted via chat. The solution did not work. Second resolution attempt via telephone was not an option due to their fee based policy. I refuse to pay for support when I can not even get it to install! I read a response from a very unhappy consumer who said he taking steps to block it from sale in Australia. I wish there was a way to do the same in the USA. A copy of my experience will be sent to Western Digital- it is not worthy to be bundled with software even on a trial basis."

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extremely difficult to licence

"Purchased 5 licenses. Installed twice on same (new Dell) computer because had to go back to factory setup image (I set it up wrong). Now I can't get back the duplicate installation I used up. Also, extremely hard to activate. When installing on one computer, you enter you license key and them must go to "different computer and obtain get an "installation key". Once you install on a PC, you can't get that installation back and reuse it on a new PC."

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One Star is One Too Many

"Took 2 hours to install. When I tried to run it, it effectively shut down my computer. Mouse pointer responded slower than molasses in January; would sit still then jump a little, then sit still again. No software was responding. Finally coaxed the mouse pointer to the Start button and got the computer (eventually) to restart. Same thing happened again after Acronis started running. Restarted again, uninstalled Acronis in the short time I had before it would have started; computer still unresponsive. Had to recover from an restore point. Essentially wasted a day (not to mention the thinking about how I could salvage my data if I couldn't unclench Acronis' grip). Acronis wants to "investigate," which (as far as I can tell) could only be done by trying the installation again. No thanks! Wish I had found these reviews before I bought."

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Horrible company, support, and product

"It use to be a very good company. No there is no real support and the product does not work out of the box on a new 1 day old computer.

This company is a joke.

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Defective Software and Abysmal Support

"I backed up my business computers using Acronis True Image. My computer failed, but I wasn't totally alarmed because I had been smart and backed up regularly. My loss of data should have been quite minimal. BUT NO!!!! Acronis True Image would not restore my machine. Acronis tech support (off-shore and frustrating to deal with) kept putting me off. After a day I HAD to start rebuilding on my own so that I could move forward with my business. After a month they offered me a refund. Gee thanks Acronis. I SINCERELY IMPLORE YOU TO RUN FAR AWAY FROM THIS RUBBISH COMPANY ! ! !"

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Even their trial doesn't install!!!

"I purchased True Image 2017 but I hadn't installed it yet. Today I buy a WD 8TB drive. WD Discovery has Acronis as one of the Apps. So I go to the link and download the trial for Acronis True Image 2018. My intent was to see if my serial number would work with the new version. The download at Gigabit speed took over 10 minutes. It was painfully SLOW. The DL file was AcronisTrueImage2018_full_9320.exe. Then when I was finishing the installation it tells me that there is a newer version (It is REALLY bad that Acronis has the older version on their site!) Then after another 10 minutes, I get the Installation Failed with the triangle and !. I click view details and get...
Product: Acronis True Image 2018
Build: 10640
Date: 2/7/2018
Time: 10:59:23 PM
More info: Acronis Knowledge Base
Error details: Installation has failed. Fatal error during installation

If you still need assistance, contact our Support team.

The error message above is at url...

I am extremely disatisfied and would like my money back.

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Just doesn't work

"Won't clone. Won't do a full image backup. Everything fails for no reason. Easily the worst money I've ever spent on anything. Total garbage. This should have been a click and forget kind of thing. Instead it's been a 6 hours here, 8 ho"

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Worst ever customer service!

"Product does not work with iPhone X. Customer service terrible."

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would give ZERO stars if I could

"Destroyed my Blue Screen of never backed up. I purchased 47 days ago, but they will not refund over 30 days from purchase....I have to now buy a new computer.....DO NOT BUY this . I bought Carbonite and it worked on first try to backup online as I am trying to get everything off of my computer to download from online backup. I can not turn off my computer as I am afraid I will not get through another Blue Screen of Death.....they even acknowledge BSD on troubleshooting portion of their page.
So ****.

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No Refund Policy - 3 Companies could not make it work!

"After 3 months and a year-long battle with the company the product never worked, cost me over 10k in it service charges and even after multiple attempts by their own IT staff they could not make it work and refused to repay the licensing fees. I don't know about you but if your an idiot please purchase this product. I am sure the company will fold and we are now taking steps to go to small claims court to recoup our costs and have the product blocked from sale in the Australian market.


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Would give even less stars ...

"As the title says, i would give it even less stars, like minus 5 or so ... Wanted it to clone my HD, not only did it NOT work, also got a virus. Thanks very much for that. "

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Backed up files disappeared, support absoluetly worthless. Hours wasted, media gone.

"Backed up 2 mobile devices and 2 desktops to cloud. Phone broke, went to back up new phone, files lost. Spent hur and half w/ foreign customer support (and that is all there is from all of my calls, chats, and emails...not that this means anything others than the language barrier). Generated report, was told I would be contacted, was not, multiple emails, calls (one of which told me I had to pre-pay for support), and calls. Zero help, all lost. Do not count on Acronis. "

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"I was using True Image 2014 which was OK. The user interface sucked. But I could back up both Windows and Linux disks. And most of the time I could restore them. With 2017 I can hardly get anything to work. It locks often. It trashed a drive I was backing up so I had to rebuild it from scratch. Did they write this thing in Java? Seriously dudes find your old programmers. You've ruined a previously useful product. I was going to update to 2018. But if it's anything like this I'll have to look elsewhere."

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