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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.67/10 1.67/10
    Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Customer service: 0.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Rating 2/10

No Refund Policy - 3 Companies could not make it work!

"After 3 months and a year-long battle with the company the product never worked, cost me over 10k in it service charges and even after multiple attempts by their own IT staff they could not make it work and refused to repay the licensing fees. I don't know about you but if your an idiot please purchase this product. I am sure the company will fold and we are now taking steps to go to small claims court to recoup our costs and have the product blocked from sale in the Australian market.


Rating 2/10

Would give even less stars ...

"As the title says, i would give it even less stars, like minus 5 or so ... Wanted it to clone my HD, not only did it NOT work, also got a virus. Thanks very much for that. "

Rating 2/10

Backed up files disappeared, support absoluetly worthless. Hours wasted, media gone.

"Backed up 2 mobile devices and 2 desktops to cloud. Phone broke, went to back up new phone, files lost. Spent hur and half w/ foreign customer support (and that is all there is from all of my calls, chats, and emails...not that this means anything others than the language barrier). Generated report, was told I would be contacted, was not, multiple emails, calls (one of which told me I had to pre-pay for support), and calls. Zero help, all lost. Do not count on Acronis. "

Rating 2/10


"I was using True Image 2014 which was OK. The user interface sucked. But I could back up both Windows and Linux disks. And most of the time I could restore them. With 2017 I can hardly get anything to work. It locks often. It trashed a drive I was backing up so I had to rebuild it from scratch. Did they write this thing in Java? Seriously dudes find your old programmers. You've ruined a previously useful product. I was going to update to 2018. But if it's anything like this I'll have to look elsewhere."

Rating 2/10

Don't buy!

"i backed up my files, but I can't get them back and support was worthless"

Rating 2/10

Too many defects

"Trueimage consolidation does not work. Backup to removable media fails with multiple volumes. The 2017 update sneaked in a change from perpetual software license to subscription license time bomb. The only solution the tech support offets is reinstall, which loses the backup definitions. I used this product fot many years but they took it right into the ditch. I am finding a different solution.

No Avatar

Rating 2/10

Stay Away

"Support from Switzerland, Netherlands, or Poland -- Only responds once every 3-4 days with bad and confusing information. When asked for clarification, we get no response. Escalated through Support Management, but they are of no help either. We were told by Acronis that their Cloud has had some indexing/quota problems that were affecting multiple customers and they don't know how (or are unwilling) to fix the problem. DO NOT BUY"

Rating 2/10

Acronis experience is horrible- software, support, there is nothing good I can say

"I had good experience with online backup systems for years, but decided to give Acronis 2016 a try because it claimed to have the ability to do a full image backup so that data, configuration, apps, everything can be restored with the click of a button-

However, as far as I can tell Acronis is incapable of backing up data or image for a standard sized computer (300-600GB) and their 2017 product also didn't fix the problem- Here is my experience:

1. Setup is relatively dodgy, but once I had it setup to back to a network disk, it ran for 12 hours and then provided a note to say that it couldn't complete the process- I tried again connected by cat6 in case the problem was low wifi bandwidth, but the result were the same.

2. I have contacted Acronis on 5 or more occasions, each time they take hours online and give me hours long tests to run after the call and they tell me it is fixed- they tested my external drive (it works fine when I manually copy hundreds of G), however after collecting data for 10+ hours, the app will not complete the backup as described above.

3. Last attempt was actually funny- the support tech took over my computer, set up a 4k test back up and said that it worked, everything is fine-

Considering my past experience, I told him that this didn't prove anything, so he had me attach a 6g thumb drive, he tested again and essentially told me that this configuration works, so just back up to this thumb drive in the future- I had to point out that I am backing up 10* the amount of data and that was the reason for the network drive. That seemed to confuse him, he said he would escalate, but I still have not talked to anyone who could fix the problems.

4. I can't dedicate the hours upon hours that they ask to test and have tried to contact them on multiple occasions- however each time they start from scratch- they admitted that only store cases for the short term, so they never learn from our previous findings.

My guess is that their product works with small amounts of data that back up quickly and that they loose synchronization with multi G backups over the network.

I have literally invested a week or more messing with this system- They will not refund and they can't fix it-

If you need an image backup and have more than megabytes of data, I would suggest that you find a better back up package, because Acronis software and support does not work (including their 2017 release!)

Rating 2/10

Just Say "No"

"I've had a long history with Acronis. Due to the marking muscle, I fell pray to their various product overhauls over the years only to find that they're apparently investing more in advertising and promotion than in backup/restore technology. The latest Acronis 11.7 Backup product running under Windows 10 Enterprise just never worked reliably: I had several backup jobs scheduled and they would run successfully only about 25% of the time. I have an email alert on all of my backup jobs yet when I had a disk-full condition on one of my target backup drives, I never received any sort of popup, email, or alert telling me about this. So when I went to restore some files from what I thought was a recent backup, I saw that the last successful run had been more than two weeks earlier. The point is that for a supposedly sophisticated state-of-the-art backup system, it couldn't alert me of a problem. However, if there ever is a licensing issue or update, Acronis figures out a way to alert you... But the story doesn't end there: When I went to restore files from the backup created two weeks earlier, it turned out that the media did not contain the files it should have contained. Furthermore, it was part of an incremental backup, and one of the backups in the set was somehow generating "access denied" errors even though I was logged on as admin to the same Windows 10 workstation that performed the backup. When I went to uninstall the product, a popup appeared that told me I had to close Explorer for the uninstall to continue--it told me to click "Continue" if I wanted to continue with the uninstall and reboot after. The problem is that this particular dialog did not offer a "Continue" button--it had only "Cancel, Retry, and Ignore". When I clicked Ignore, I later founds dozens of stray entries in my registry, had Acronis-related errors when booting into Windows, and stray folders/files on disk. It took me over 3 hours to manually remove all of those entries (running the "clean" utility from Acronis didn't help get rid of these stray elements).

If you don't believe any or all of the above, do amuse yourself by finding the RELEASE NOTES for any build of any Acronis product, especially Backup 11.7. There you will see unbelievable notes from Acronis saying that they, for example, fixed a problem where backed-up files were missing or corrupted, or where other kinds of problems either prevented files from being backed up or prevented them from being restored. When the product is pricey, glitzy, and supposedly rated best by many promotional sites, it boggles the mind how Acronis could possibly stay in business given the unreliability of its backup technologies.

I am going to try Paragon Backup 16 or Ashampoo's Backup product next. I will NEVER AGAIN install ANY product from Acronis.

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Rating 2/10

Glad I got to try before

"I buy. It did a beautiful job of continuously backing up my drives. Always there, reliably writing a hefty continuously updated backup. One day I had to do a restore. You guessed it. First the boot media wouldn't boot. Screwed around a long time getting that fixed, then finally got into the program on boot, and there was the backup file, and... it wouldn't recognize it. I'd select it, and.. nothing.

And that's what I think of the software. Nothing.

Rating 2/10

Program and Technical Support are Horrendous

"Worked with technical support to set up cloud. Extremely slow and buggy. Took support sometimes a week to respond. Worse technical support ever."

Rating 2/10

Acronis True Image 2017 crashes PC with applications using MSSQL

"I am very disappointed with the product which was not working at one system and caused trouble on another.
Disable VSS, like suggested from the support seems not an option since I use MSSQL on the PC’s I want to backup.
A short copy of the conversation with the Acronis support agent:
Me (2/3/2017, 10:27:29 AM): As I see it, the service is called "Volume Shadow Copy" is it
Vijay (2/3/2017, 10:29:08 AM): Yes, that this the service. Please disable this. Once disabled, I would request you to restart the system and then run the backup again. If this is a new backup, I would suggest you to create a new backup task and run the backup.
Me (2/3/2017, 10:29:15 AM): I disabled this service, restarted the PC as requested and now it seems the backup is working,
Vijay (2/3/2017, 10:30:52 AM): Okay. I would request you to monitor this backup for few days.

Well, what does it mean: when Vijay responds:
I would request you to monitor this backup for few days.

The product has known restrictions and is not working as supposed. Information about backup restriction can be found at the Acronis Forum.
This is selling an unfinished product and using the customer as "Guinea Pig" to test the software.

Rating 2/10

Do not spend money on Acronis backup software (vaporware)

"Installed Acronis True Image as a support BACKUP software that came bundled with my Solid State Drive (SSD) to image my old hard drive partitions to the new SSD. The imaging doesn't work. Then, I tried to RESTORE the backup I created with Acronis True Image on the SSD but that didn't work either. When contacted Acronis to complain, I was told that the reason their software doesn't work because it's an "OEM" software and I need to buy an upgrade of Acronis. Here you have it, folks, Acronis sells non-working software to unsuspecting OEM's. Please save your precious time and money on better backup software, Acronis' product is not worth the effort. Why buy backup software you can't trust when you most desperately need it? If a hardware manufacturer gives you a "free" Acronis backup product, look someplace else."

Rating 2/10

Buyers Beware

"I have had two bad support instance's with this organization, and when attempting to render the issue they refused to help. Then requesting for a refund I get denied. We had to Charge back to get a refund which took months and tons of emails back and forth. This company does not respect the buyers remorse clause of the law. Buyers beware there is no refund policy not even after minutes of purchase. One support agent says you could another says you can't I'm very disappointed. "

Rating 2/10

"Acronis disk director sucks!!! When I merged two drives, it lost all my data and made the drives ACCESS DENIED!"

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