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    Product & services pricing Rating 8.33/10 8.33/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 9.71/10 9.71/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 9.22/10 9.22/10
    Customer service: Rating 10.00/10 10.00/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 9.69/10 9.69/10
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Rating 10/10

Best Professionals in the Business

"I can tell you the great experience I had buying from AVADirect, but it will sound similar to the other 5-star reviews here. You can also go onto their website to see all the awards they have won every year, and how their clientele includes NASA, Boeing, and the U.S. Airforce (who all happily allow AVADirect display their trademarks because it is worth it). But you can find these info yourself easily.

Instead, let me tell you a few reasons why, as an engineer, gamer, and investor, I think AVADirect is the best business I have studied (and I have studied many, because I find it fun) in the manufacturing of high performance computers.

[1] Diversification of suppliers leads to unmatched customization and reasonable pricing.

AVADirect has an extremely high variety of suppliers. This means customers have more customization options. For example, you can choose 65 (this number is not rhetorical) different kinds of RAM for your new computer. You can have Corsair, Samsung, Kingston, and many other brands. This also means AVADirect gets the best price from its suppliers. If Samsung refuses to offer its lowest price, AVADirect can simply order more from Corsair or Kingston instead. This is one reason how AVADirect can offer the highest quality builds at extremely reasonable prices.

[2] Diversification of clientele leads to greater economies of scale and experience, and resilience against market fluctuations.

AVADirect builds high performance computers for personal uses such as gaming, as well as for servers, scientific computing, and other professionals. The experience and expertise in assembling these computers can be shared across with each other. This has allowed AVADirect to build up its scale and expertise very quickly, and be more robust against fluctuations in market demand. An engineer who built a server for NASA last week can help you, the gamer, build your gaming rig this week, and use and build the skills involved continuously. This is one way how AVADirect people became so good at what they do.

[3] Location brings down cost and shipping times.

AVADirect’s location in Twinsburg, OH does several things. One, the low costs for real property in a small town means lower costs of storage. In any manufacturing business you need space to store your inventory and your raw materials, in this case computers and its parts. Part of the requirement for AVADirect’s unmatched customization options is managing storage costs, because AVADirect must store up on a higher variety of computers and parts. Two, the location is close to the population center of mass of the U.S., allowing lower shipping costs for both AVADirect and its customers. Three, a small town in the Rust Belt will have the most friendly laws towards a growing manufacturing business that brings in tax revenue, especially one that serves high-end customers as AVADirect.

I can go on but this is already sounding like an analyst report.

TL;DR if you need high performance computers, you will find few manufacturers as savvy and professional as AVADirect. If you are an investor interested in tech and engineering, you will find few better places to invest. AVADirect will grow and prosper for years. They have many strengths and few weaknesses.

Rating 10/10

Excellent PCs and Support

"I bought a NUC PC from AvaDirect in March of 2015 and it has worked flawlessly since then. They have a very nice build-your-own-system Web interface that allows you to select from various components, which they then put together, test extensively, and ship to you with a warranty on parts and labor.

If you're at all capable, you can put a NUC system together yourself, but the systems from AvaDirect save you the trouble and also provide testing and a warranty, for not much more than you would pay by ordering and assembling the parts yourself.

I have not needed support on this system's hardware, but I did have one little software glitch about which I contacted them. They responded in less than 24 hours, but by that time I had already figured it out, and it wasn't their fault; it was some kind of Windows thing.

The reason I finally got around to writing this is that my girlfriend just bought a custom system from AvaDirect, and the support provided to us by AvaDirect's Kyle Mizer during that purchase was beyond amazing. She wanted a PC that would handle the graphics requirements of a Cintiq 24qhd digitizing tablet display, for art projects that require a high color gamut and good processor performance. Kyle advised us regarding the graphics card and processor required, and put together a custom system that so far seems to be working great, although she hasn't yet tried it on an actual art project. She will probably post her own review once she has done some actual artwork on it, but for general uses like email, Web surfing, etc., it is working just fine.

Rating 10/10

First rate tech support

"I was unable to get on the internet this morning so I contacted my internet provider Comcast. After determining everything was okay on their end, they asked me the brand of my computer and then transferred me to AVA tech department where I talked to Shawn. Shawn determined that I needed a new driver for the desktop. We downloaded a new driver on my AVA laptop onto a flash drive, Then transferred the flash drive to the desktop and downloaded it.

That solved the problem. Shawn knew exactly what do to and was so patient with me as I am not the most computer literate.

I cannot say enough good things about this company's products and
service. You will not be disappointed!

Rating 10/10

Highly recommended for high performance at best price

"Great customization options for setting up your own laptop with customer service that quickly and competently answered all of my questions or addressed concerns. I got a laptop closer to what I wanted than what I needed at an excellent price. Even though I did not need to buy the OS, it arrived installed and only needed my serial number to activate (I had expected to install myself,) so that was an added bonus. Incredibly fast, boots up in under 20 seconds with plenty of fast storage, all the ram I need and space for more as well as dedicated video for the price I paid nothing short of amazing. Solid cooling and a very nice looking display too. I’m completely satisfied. When a family member comes to me for Computer advice, I will help them order from Avadirect as well as using them personally in the future."

Rating 10/10

Excellent Customer Service

"The sales team was great in helping get the best components possible for my specific needs. They even recommended changing some items I configured that ended up saving me money.

After receiving the computer I needed some technical assistance and the tech support team proved equally helpful - staying on the line and patiently working through the issues I was having. The tech support representative diagnosed the problem on the 1st try and walked me through the fix step by step. Other companies may have required sending the computer back for service which would have left me stranded without the machine for an extended period of time. Instead, I am up and running by mid-morning of the same day.

No Avatar

Jonesboro Arkansas
Rating 10/10

would purchase again without teservation

"I am a private engineering consultant and needed a system to perform basic CAD and linear analysis. The core 7 more than meets that need. I opted for DAD's for their boot speed and read about storage strategies tovectend their life. Ordered just RAM needed currently with plenty of room for expansion."

Rating 10/10

Better than I expected.

"Recently received my custom computer. First impressions of my new laptop are great! Easy to remove from the box and start up. Bootsup in seconds. Above and beyond quality so far!"

Rating 10/10

Top notch service!

"This is my second computer from AVADirect. Both times were great experiences and I can't recommend this company enough for anyone who is wanting a custom built PC without the fears of messing things up if you do it yourself. From start to finish, the people at AVADirect have been prompt, friendly, and extremely helpful. When my computer arrived, it worked perfectly and there was only one small issue with the hard drive. Thanks to Joe, it was an easy fix.

Sure, the wait can take awhile. But it's worth it, in my opinion.

Rating 10/10

Just the help I was looking for

"I know enough to know I need some help, and I got it. My sales guy spent all the time I needed and explained everything in terms I could understand. I didn't feel overpressured or oversold, and the follow-up has been good too. And the computer itself is operating just as expected, with no problems. Thanks!"

Rating 10/10

Defective GTX-1080 GPU

"Was having issues with my new VR system getting a grey screen. Troubleshooted that for weeks with the VR people and online with no luck. After contacting AVA they narrowed it down to the GPU and assisted me with the warranty replacement. Will be happy to buy future computers through AVA, great customer service."

Rating 10/10

Great options for Wrokstations & Quick response times

"I looked into many custom builders and most of them specialize and/or concentrate primarily on gaming, leaving people wanting productivity computers isolated or having to work around gaming rigs. AVA Direct was great in letting me know my options as a Content creator and Colorist and working with me to get the most compatible and efficient build. They even approached me with questions as and when modification was required to make the system more efficient in the build process. All their activities can be tracked online so you know what leg of the build your computer is. Kyle was the sales exec I worked with over the phone and mail to get a system that was right for. The package arrived well and the computer was everything I thought of it and more. "

No Avatar

East Coast
Rating 10/10

Outstanding for Over a Decade

"I have been buying computers from Joe Mundy at AVADirect for over a decade. I am incredibly picky about my builds, and have been known to need dozens of email exchanges to sort them out. Joe answers all of them, question by question, even when I have given him a long numbered list. I plague him with half-understood articles about parts and their interactions, or worries about reliability, or noise, or future-proofing that I've picked up online somewhere. Joe fields all of it with aplomb and humor. I make terrible parts choices and he gently guides me back to reasonable and mutually-compatible ones. I am the most exasperating kind of customer, knowing just enough to have a million inane questions but not enough not to need to ask them. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about his work, and a pleasure to work with. By the time I am ready to press submit on the build in the cart, I am happy and excited, and he very evidently shares in my enthusiasm. There is no other business transaction I ever make with anything like the same amount of enjoyment and satisfaction both in the process and in the result, which is why I keep coming back time after time (this is my fifth order from AVA).

The machines I receive are invariably in excellent condition, and I have never had one give me any trouble that wasn't my own fault (put EVERYTHING through your surge protector is the lesson here). They last me for years and give complete satisfaction. They are thoroughly tested, exactly as I ask them to be prepared ( I usually have long custom order instructions), and I have never yet encountered even the tiniest whiff of bloatware. I receive ALL of the additional accessories and parts that ship with the components I have ordered, down to the last disc, manual, screw and decal.

Questions I have after delivery are answered just as thoroughly and promptly as during the sale. Their system configuration is one of the best, if not the very best, I have encountered. I simply have nothing negative to say about them, and I can't say enough positive things. I have no intention of ever buying a computer anywhere other than from AVADirect.

Rating 10/10

Excellent Customer Support and Overall Great Experience!

"I did some research online about buying pre-built computers because I don't know a whole lot about them and I don't have the time to build one. As I was researching I came across AVA-Direct who I had never heard of. First thought was this company probably isn't good because I haven't heard of them (dumb mindset). So I clicked on the website and First impressions were good and I read some reviews and what I could tell is that this company is pretty good. So I decided to use this company for my custom pc and that was the best decision I have ever made. I had a very nice guy from the company who helped me through the whole process of making a computer and telling me his suggestions and what was compatible. My computer changed a lot because of him. But it was for the better and it also made it cheaper. My computer was made in about a week or a little more and I had it at my house 2 weeks after ordering it. The computer has worked flawless and this company is easily the best for custom builds. The fact that they help you and let you have custom options for your computer is seriously amazing! This company goes to great lengths to make sure the customer is satisfied and it is truly awesome. If you are looking for a company to build your computer then seriously look no further, you have found the best one. "

Rating 10/10

Excellent service, both before and after the sale!

"Bought a custom configuration from AVA in July, 2014, for semi-professional photography purposes. Enjoyed great help configuring the system from Sales people. Equipment arrived well-tested and easy to set up. Since installation, Tech Supt has helped us on several occasions--for some hard disk failures (Seagate). Support personnel are easy to contact, very knowledgeable and eager to assist. Every time. Staffed in the U.S. by pleasant people whom you can understand, and who are empowered to take action when it is needed. This alone should reassure you in purchasing from AVA, and is a major reason why we'd buy from them again. Put that together with the complete choice of components in your new system, and you have a winning combination."

Rating 10/10

AVA-524850, Order date - 6/21/2017, Alfonso Raymundo

"They AVA support group was so great! I get all the info I needed & they even help you pick out the best parts for your dream PC.
+ they still help you out even after you get your PC. I will buy again so see you guys in 6 years

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