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Rating 2/10

fraudulent charges stemming from deceitful employee

"I am a 28 year old homeowner, college grad, and disabled U.S Army veteran that had the unfortunate experience of signing up with AT&T Uverse and Wifi after my family had been customers for 20 years. They have since lost ALL of our business. Why? Because at day 1 of our contract thru the entire first month our service did not work. After 4.. FOUR boxes it finally worked. We were patient. THEN, a bill for an unreturned box appeared for $168. This is when things really snowballed.. This bill suddenly turned into $381... we called relentlessly to remedy this. One day, an agent by the name of Christian agreed to CREDIT (not reverse payment) our bill for the $381 for our CONSTANT troubles. I asked if this would EVER come back, and he assured us it would not. Well, this bill reappered for another month or so until we got sick of it and cancelled. NO ONE would help. During which we were assured we would not incur an early termination fee. Since then our bill has risen to over $700, to inlcude the missing box their technician 'lost" and a termination fee.. Unbelievable, right? I have PERFECT credit and now I'm being harassed by collections. I reached out to the BBB and a man by the name of Timothy Amey from the Office of the President at At&T called me to discuss this matter. Not only did he refuse to fix the matter but he - like every other employee - straight up REFUSED to provide the audio transcripts of the phone conversation with his agent proving that he credited the bill. They are hiding the evidence of my claim since listening to it themselves. Timothy refused any responsibility after agreeing with me that it was wrong and had the NERVE to say that I needed to pay for the services I "enjoyed"... I didn't enjoy a single day Timothy, in fact it was all hell. Now this Christian kid still has a job while I take a hit to my perfect credit. Xfinity has since been a MILLION times better and more receptive. You've been warned people. Avoid taking a hit to your credit and the financial and mental angst that comes with At&t. Not a military friendly company WHATSOEVER."

Rating 2/10

Lies, Trickery and smh

"I've been with AT&T since they were called Bell South and Cingular wireless, so it's not like I haven't been a loyal customer. Unfortunately dealing with them all these years, has come with ups and downs mostly downs since they've become more corporate. My last experience was worse than ever before, and I still can't believe they lie behind a telephone secrecy. Basically last month they had a promotion for an iPhone x bogo deal, so I decided to inquire about it and what you get. I work for Publix supermarkets so I know what bogo means, you buy one you get one equal or lesser value but only when it the same brand but different size. I was told that I would only get the iPhone X and the iPhone 8, wouldn't be able to get two X's which seemed weird so I stated that to the rep. I told him that I should be able to get both iPhone x's in the deal, so he transferred me to a supervisor. Got the same song and dance but was told that around close to Christmas, they were running another promotion that would offer that specific deal. I told him I would like him to write everything down he's telling in my account notes, so when I call back in December I would have no issues. I always seem to have issues with them lately even more, so I was just being precautious and insuring that I have proof. As he's talking to me I could hear him typing away as he was reassuring me that he was taking care of it, that I would have no worries that in December they would be that deal that I wanted. Fast forward couple days later I followed up the call with another supervisor, just to verify what the other supervisor state. I was again told the same thing about the bogo deal, and this time he asked for my email so that I would be on the list to get informed first. At this time I had already paid for my phone to be traded in, so I was just waiting for December to get the two x's. Fast forward again to yesterday, when I called to check on the promotion. Spoke to an AT&T rep and told her the entire conversation with previous supervisors, and all she kept saying was sir there's no promotion that would give me 2 iPhone x's. I repeatedly told her that the supervisor wrote notes for this exact same reason, but the tone in her voice just seemed like she didn't care about my satisfaction as a customer. I just asked to speak to a Supervisor but was told that they would give me the same answer, which I replied then please let them as a supervisor tell me that. Maybe they should of made her supervisor for the day, if she has the kind of power and position that she obviously thought she had. No disrespect but even if the supervisor did tell me that, shouldn't that person tell me that or are they told to say that so the higher ups don't have to be bother with us. Sound horrible but that may be true. Anyway after explaining to the supervisor the situation and issue I was having, she checked the notes and after a few told me this. The only notes on the account shows and says, someone talked to me about a bogo deal and that's as far as it went. So this leads me to think one of two things. One that reps and supervisors fake like they're typing to make us believe false truths, or that she was just saying that not to honor what a previous supervisors told me. Eiher way AT&T has become the worst at customer service and prices, it's just they are the lesser of the three evils out there. After all that I found out the bogo deal is kind of bogus even if they did offer it. You pay for the first phone, but then for 3 months you still have to pay for the other one. Also you have to keep the wink wink free phone line open for 2 years, contract no contract type of situation deal. I wish someone who oversees this company finally realizes that customers do matter, it's not just about a bottom line."

Rating 2/10

Billing errors and AT&T wireless could care less!

"I discovered that AT&T has been charging me for a line that I never requested. I had ported my office number to my cell phone and eliminated my former cell phone number only to discover that AT&T did not deactivate my old cell phone number. When I pointed out to them they said that they could fix it going forward but I was not going to be reimbursed or credited for the false charges which were well over $200! Their retention department must be quite full of themselves to screw me and have me take my business to a different carrier since I had been with AT&T wireless since 2007. So I'll take my three lines to a different carrier that hopefully treats there customers with some modicum of respect and appreciation. I should also mention that it took exactly 5 telephone calls to AT&T over the course of the day to achieve this pathetic service. The reason includes dropped calls, being told the computer was down, people that were incompetent enough to know how to solve the problem and then finally the retention specialist."

Rating 2/10

Infrastructure is a Joke/Sales Department Lies

"Our current ISP (WOW) decided to go up on our rate last month and wasn't interested in keeping us around as a customer, so we decided to shop around for a new service provider. I called AT&T because we had used their service prior and actually enjoyed what we had at the time (25Mbps/5Mbps). In speaking with the customer service rep, I was offered the same upload/download speed as we previously had for $40/month and decided to accept that offer of service. In the same phone call, I asked him to confer with the tech department to confirm our eligibility for that speed at our current address. He came back on the phone after a few minutes and said that we were eligible to receive that speed (25/5) at our address, so I told him to schedule the installation.

Fast forward a week to our installation date...the technician arrives and begins setup only to tell us that the order was processed (incorrectly...) for AT&T 12 (12Mbps/1Mbps) service. I didn't give the technician a hard time, because he did all he could/was authorized to do. However, after a 30+ minute phone call with the technical department, they told me that the fastest speed available at my location was 18Mbps upload speed (which of course was an "upgrade" to what we had...translation more $$) in direct conflict with what I had asked the sales rep to confirm a week earlier! It also shocked me that over the course of < 3 years, AT&T's infrastructure has apparently gotten worse (what???) as we previously had a higher speed than we were now being offered. I'm not sure if I was deliberately misinformed (AKA "lied to") just to make a sale, or if the sales and tech folks just need to get on the same page. To top things off, when I asked to cancel service, I actually had to ask the cancellation POC to make sure that I wasn't going to be billed for an installation fee...really AT&T? You were going to charge me $100 for a service I hadn't even agreed to purchase and used for < 2 hours unless I ask you not to? Bottom line...don't trust the story you get from the customer service/sales people. AT&T's infrastructure is apparently now the laughing stock of the ISP world. If only we were zoned for Google Fiber...(sigh)...

Btw...we live in Huntsville, AL (~200k population), so it's not like it's the middle of nowhere...get it together AT&T, or be prepared to lose more business...you guys have a 1 star rating for a reason...

Rating 2/10

Horrible Coverage, Dropped Calls, Poor Customer Service

"I left Verizon Wireless to go to AT&T Wireless because they were offering a deal to lock in a special DirecTV rate for two years. I had assumed (incorrectly) that Verizon and AT&T’s networks were essentially the same regarding coverage area, speed, and customer service. Well, I was wrong on all fronts.

Let’s start with their coverage area. There is no comparison. AT&T’s coverage is horrible. I would have three bars and be talking on my phone via Bluetooth in my car and then drive less than a mile and be down to one bar. Next thing I know, the person on the other end keeps telling me I’m cutting out. Finally, the signal dropped altogether, and I lost the call. The coverage inside of buildings was horrible as well. I was lucky if I could even get one bar. Many times, I wouldn’t have any service. I couldn’t make a call, send a text, or browse the web. It was extremely frustrating.

Did I mention their customer service is horrible? The people that answer the phones have heavy accents which makes them very difficult to understand. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this. When I called to complain about the problems I was having, they told me there was nothing they could do about the coverage but asked me if an extra 4 GB of data each month would help. I thought they were joking. What good is an extra 4 GB of data if you can’t get any service?

It got so bad for my wife and I that we left AT&T after less than six months. We knew it would be costly. We had Samsung Galaxy 8 phones to pay off, and we no longer had the DirecTV price locked in for two years. But what is the point of having cellular service if it doesn’t work? The whole point of having a cell phone is so you can make calls when you need to.

So now we are back with Verizon and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. The problems we had with AT&T have all gone away. It wasn’t a fluke. I proved to myself that AT&T is incredibly inferior to Verizon. I will never leave Verizon Wireless.

I hope my poor and expensive experience will prevent anyone from using AT&T for anything. They are a horrible company.


Rating 2/10


"I spent an hour activating my watch by phone with ATT while other carriers activated theirs easily. Today I wasted another hour because the ATT clods hid their activation page and customers service people gave badly misleading advice on where and how to activate, like sending me to the Mobile Transfer App, which doesn't do phone activation. The DNA of ATT is monopoly, bureaucracy, copper wire telephone company and that will never change."

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service

"I have been a customer for 23 years, I have had horrible service since hurricane Irma and a little before. Spent over 4 hours between 3 phone calls and a web chat. I have 7 lines and pay over $300, they say there is nothing wrong with my service or my phone but they will give me a $15 credit for my trouble. And they will be giving credits to customers effected in Florida in 2-3 months. Well I didn't go over on my data, phone or text because I had no service for over a week. I will be leaving them as soon as my service contracts are up. So sad that companies no longer care about there customers.

Rating 2/10

Horrible customer service/billing dept

"I have been with AT&T for 10 years and last year been hell. Billing never correct. Service super expensive,unlimited does not mean that. Just rude billing mgr. Just don't see customers just numbers. Service ****, spotty coverage. New phone can t get service in my house in the city of Kent. They keep saying will be fixed,been 6 months. I work with a ton of medical staff and hear complaints about AT&T, I still kept them. Not anymore I hear better service from Sprint and even T Mobile. We Will be switching !! We have 3 cells and 4 tablets. I hope AT&T learns to take responsibility . He said she said no-one ever on the same page. Customers matter!!! "

Rating 2/10

I know these people don't have a conscience

"My Obama phone had at&t service and it was missing texts. Next I switched to Landline lifeline they have stolen as much money as possible from me. They are not for helping the low income but taking advantage of the federal governments program to help low income people call 911 in an emergency. I hope capitalism kicks their **** as this utility is desecrating the low income.

Rating 2/10

Crooked billing for canceled cell service

"The ATT website clearly states that customers are billed for service a month in advance. I paid my bill on 9/4/17 before it was even posted online. It is normally due around the 21st of the month. Their site indicated that I had a credit (negative balance) because I paid it so early. My college child's phone was not working properly, and when she came home on 9/9/17, we went into an att office to look into getting a new phone for her. I had just paid off the two phones on the account with the last payment and had been paying insurance on the phones. The att rep was not helpful and recommended we wait a month or two for the prices of phones to drop. When your child is away at college you don't wait a month for them to have a working phone! Idiot att rep!,, Did I mention I've been with att for +10 years. I left and went to Verizon and switched that day with new phones and paying less per month than what I was paying att. Now att says they will not refund any of my payment even though I used their service for only one week of the month paid in advance. They keep saying that what is written on the website is confusing. Ha! I have three college degrees and can read very well, in fact I'm a teacher, and the website is not confusing to me at all. Att is going to try and steal $100+ from me and then charge me even more for the one week I used their service. This is not honest business practice. They might steal it but not w/o a fight from me, and I won't be paying them another cent. BBB will be getting a complaint from me. Take my advise and don't ever switch to this crooked company! I would give them negative stars if I could."

Rating 2/10


"We were going to switch our service over to AT&T from another provider to try and save some money. Everything sounded great over the phone,( a conversation that took way too long. 5 hours on the phone with a representative is insane!) We were told we would get brand new cell phones plus a voucher to use to pay off our old phones we were using with our carrier. Sounded perfect! Well, our new phones arrived, (Late. They said they would ship them priority overnight but apparently that takes a week.) But the voucher we were told would come with them was nowhere to be found. When we called them up to ask where it was, (another horrendously long phone call) we were told "we don't do that." What?! Needless to say, we asked to speak to a supervisor, then manager... so on and so-forth, each time telling us that they did not do such things and that we needed to make a choice. Keep our phones and deal with it. Or send everything back. They didn't even offer to make things right after they listened to the recorded conversation that did indeed involve them telling us we would get a voucher to pay off our old phones. Not wanting to deal with this, we packed up our phones and sent them back. We called them and informed them that they had been sent and we were told everything was now cancelled and that was that. Weeks later.... surprise!!!! We get a bill in the mail for the phones and a month of service!! Now we are once again on the phone with these inept yahoos. (We've been disconnected many times and keep being put on hold and have to start all over again) Save your sanity. DO NOT do anything with AT&T. "

Rating 2/10

Please never even go with AT and T service for anything!

"It is the worst company in the world. First, they will tell you that they will charge you for internet 40 dollars plus taxes a months, then they increase the amount on 57 dollas a months plus taxes. They if you want to disconect your service they will tell you to pay for the last billing cycle and you will. After a while they will send you to collection service for 94 dollars extra as a finale bill. Then you will be like WTF why. Do not go with them ever!!! "

Rating 2/10

Burn, 'em and turn 'em

"I assume that's their training policy. They don't have a solid billing department, just more sales. I've never cared about someone learning English as a second language, but I'm too nice about it. I went to transfer services and I assume the lady didn't understand me when I said 5 times that I only wanted to transfer services. She was likely using too much of her brain in terms of translating thoughts and upselling me some trash package deal that saved me $10 a month, but came with an entirely new installation fee. AT&T also fought to end net neutrality, so when they go about throttling my websites I will gladly disband the internet considering that life adventuring hiking running bicycling football baseball friends working on cars is significantly more enjoyable than paying for corruption throttling and shity customer service. "

Rating 2/10


"Service went down on a Sunday, they stated they would resolve the issue on Monday, couldn't finish due to outside cable is broken somewhere and they couldn't locate the break. Called the tech bwcause he never returned, call AT& T and was told it will be ANOTHER THREE WEEKS before anyone would be here. We live in Franklin, TN, no small area, so I STILL want to know why the tech and the company lied to us! Meanwhile, my business takes a huge hit. WE ARE LOOKING AT A DIFFERENT COMPANY NOW. Enough of broken cables, modems breaking, and lying employees! I will tell everyone how awful they are and they can pick up their equipment in the street."

Rating 2/10

International charges

"Call to have the international plan back dated( done many times since I been with the company for 8years) first customer service told yes it will be $40 dollars you will received a credit on your bill( have the conversation since it was a live chat) never credit my account , so I call asked for a manager spoke with Renzo commission code Mr396k he said sorry I can't help you. Seriously AT&T is that the service you provinding me after 8 years of taking my money.. LEAVING THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY

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