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Rating 2/10

Worst laptop ever

"Since day 1, Asus K540L was giving me the hardest time ever.
I went 4 times or more trying to fix it in the same month but they did not offer help or cared to change the laptop.
NEVER EVER buy an Asus product because they have awful devices, bad services and they never seem to care.

Rating 10/10

great quality products

I bought ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q 27 inch Widescreen LED Gaming Monitor 144hz and i can say its a great product worth every penny ,the image quality is great color accuracy is good .I am a gamer and with this monitor G-Sync on i can enjoy high performance gaming ,also i own asus maximus hero 8 motherboard and asus rog graphics card wich ar great product to .My next asus product will be the Rog 1080 ti oc graphics card maybe next year cuz to expensive right now .The PG278Q 144hz is an excellent choice for gamers paired with 1080 gtx or above nvidia cards you can have great gaming experience.

Rating 2/10

Asus Zenfone DO NOT BUY

"I was bought zenfone 2 on 10.03.2017 i send 3 times to fix the freezing problem on phone. They changed motherboard. Now phone is freezing even internet surf. Chrome is freezing games is freezing. Even BBTAN freezing. They saying we updated the phone. Hey im no fool. You updated what android 11 ? Im just saying just dont buy Asus phones. I was bought lot of pc stuff 5 years ago. But Asus is so changed. Its like worst high price bull... "

Rating 2/10

Most expensive computer ever purchased died in 5 months

"Twice I have purchased expensive computers from ASUS and both times the computers died in the first year. Even with a warranty it cost me a couple hundred the first time.

I haven't gotten it fixed yet but it is going to mean being without the computer probably for a month and seriously, sending your computer in for service is a huge violation of privacy.

Rating 2/10

Wish I could give it zero stars

"Do not buy a laptop from this company unless you want a computer whose volume stops working 6 weeks after you buy it and when you call customer service they tell you the defect is not a covered repair! I promptly returned it and am typing this review on a HP notebook, the computer I replaced the ASUS with. It's only $20.00 more and the quality is far superior in every way. "

Rating 2/10

Do not buy ASUS laptops

"I have ASUS laptop model UX303L.
I paid top money for it, and unbelievable happened. In less than 2 years left hinge broke in screen area (according to repairman). It is not repairable, broken in screen area, so min. cost is $ 500. This was exactly what I was quoted by head office ASUS, so they have to know this problem.
Shame for this product.....and they do not take any stand to fix just problematic issue.
Note: it is not used for business, sitting on home desk, just once travelling with it.

Rating 2/10


"It was slow to start, then they force "updates" continually. It gets slower and slower. 3.4 ghz and 12 mb ram and it runs like a pos. Terrible computer. The computer is 6 months old
It's worse than my 10year old computer. They are so busy data mining all your information to everyone they can squeeze a penny out of that it is worthless.

NEVER buy one.

Rating 2/10


"We bought 3 computers from Asus in the last few years. All 3 had problems within the first year.

The 2 laptops we bought for our kids to use in college both need repairs. I called 'customer service' in Oct., 2016, and received an RMA for one of the laptops and was told it was under warranty. I spoke with an Asus representative that said I could send it in in Dec, 2016. She (Denyse) told me that it was all set up to be sent in under warranty and to call in Dec to get a shipping label. I have a confirmation email with the RMA number from Asus. When I called Dec. 6th, the Asus representative (Everton) told me it isn't under warranty any longer but I had a grace period of 60 days from the RMA to get it sent in. The next Asus rep that I spoke to said it is not even in the grace period. The 2nd laptop stopped working in early Nov., 2016. My daughter called Asus and the Asus representative told my daughter that the laptop was under warranty. He told her to try some troubleshooting before sending it in. So she, in good faith, worked with computer tech people at her university to trouble shoot. They determined it was the hardware. When I called on Dec. 6th, 2016, after doing what Asus advised (and wasting my daughter's time), the Asus rep told me that it wasn't under warranty. (He said it ended Nov. 30th--neither of the reps we spoke to about the laptops that told us they were under warranty told us this even though they advised us to call back in Dec/later)

BOTH laptops broke down within the first year (one of them twice--had already been sent in for repair and the same problem occurred within months of return), we called the customer service number and were told that both computers were under warranty,-- we did what the Asus representatives told us to do and then were told that they weren't under warranty after following Asus reps directions. Asus has record of our calls when we were told they were under warranty but will still not honor the warranty.

I have spent literally 9 hours over several calls trying to get this resolved--not including writing this review. I spent most of that time on hold. I spoke with a manager, Mario, also Alan, Tim, and level 3 manager, Tisha, in the Customer Care unit. Was hung up on by Alan when he was transferring me after 4 hours into the call on Dec. 6th. I spoke with Julie in the Out of Warranty department who said she would look into this and get back to me--she did NOT. Every Asus representative that said they would get back to me did NOT. Then I would spend more time trying to get a hold of them again.

When speaking with Tim in the Customer Care unit today he said that Denyse from Asus made a mistake when she told me I could send the laptop in in Dec. Any fair minded person, or customer service rep would/should honor what the Asus rep told the customer, even if they 'made a mistake'. When I discussed that with Tim he said, "if Asus covered every mistake that an Asus rep made then we would be out of business". What??! Clearly Asus doesn't care about honoring their agreements, respecting their customers, keeping their customers, and backing their representatives. I asked how a customer is to know which Asus representative knows what they're doing. If each Asus representative says something different, how is the customer supposed to know what to believe or what to do? Tim from Asus said that Denyse from Asus is only a level one rep, so she made a mistake. Again, what??? How is a customer supposed to know who is level one and if they are doing their job properly?

Asus computers do not last long and their customer service reps are terrible. Asus does not care about their customers. I will NEVER buy another Asus computer again. I would advise the same to everyone else.

Rating 2/10

ZENPHONE 2 Repairs

"From the moment of walking into ASUS customer service center in Markham Ontario there was no feeling that the employees of ASUS were looking to best help me, but actually looking to find a way out of fixing my phone.

This is my second ASUS zenphone 2, I love the device and have recommended it to numerous consumers. Recently my display on the phone started acting up becoming unresponsive at times (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRuxTefNcKw). After some research it became clear that this was a known manufacturing default with the phone.

After speaking through ASUS chat feature they were able to quickly create a RMA number. I was able to drop off the phone at a nearby service location while on vacation. Upon entering the facility the demeanor of the employee changed from inviting to duplicitous.

He opened the phone to find a screw was missing from the back of the phone. I notified him that the only time the back was ever opened was to insert/ remove the sim card and memory card. After insisting that I had not tempered with the phone or have had any other party look at the phone he regrettably said that he would take a note.

Shortly after I received a quote for repair of 135$ as they were unable to look at the device as the screw was missing.

At this time I have lost all respect for the ASUS brand as this level of service is unacceptable. I will continue to spread the horrors of my experience with ASUS, in hopes that other consumers are not affected.

Rating 2/10

ASUS is the worst kind of company do not recommend Newegg rescued me like a knight in shining armor

"So since the 4th of august and month and a half i had to deal with asus jerking me around. Lets start with my experience i worked in IT for over 5 years customer service in over 3. I know the in and outs of the industry and the structure of the company. First of all asus is currently experiencing a glitch where even if the agent sends the RMA to the right location it then gets ship to the wrong one. It took 29 days and was escalated twice i called in 6 times ones every week before a tracking lable was created and 2 weeks after that to get it back . you want to give anything happening a week. However, what it taking 29 days to create a tracking number tells me is the IT local is either lazy understaffed or completely incompetent. L3 which is incident management can't help you because asus doesn't give the managers direct numbers to at least one manager at each site. I told them my due day was the 20th to send back my laptop to newegg. they ignored this and when i called that monday 22nd they said and escalations person would call me they never did. In terms of compensation as a customer service experience person it was a joke and didn't help me at all. It was a 3 month extended warranty given that i wanted to turn in my laptop for an upgrade. I even called corporate customer care that was all they help me with. I then turned to newegg live chat told them what was going on and that asus held my laptop since august first and wanted to return my laptop so i can upgrade and they gave me a full refund. I was nearly in tears with all the anger and frustration i had with asus. I will never be a customer to them again. Trust me ASUS customer service will continue to go down hill do not buy from asus. Newegg truly saved me from ASUS and for that they are my knight and shining armor. "

Rating 2/10

nightmare with asus: still unresolved

"From my experience with them. Their customer service is a nightmare. They made me send my eebook (a e402MA if curious) for repair 3 times (due to hardware being defective) and when I asked for a replacement because the product was clearly not going to be fixed, they started stalling, saying they will replace it ONLY with a recertified not a new (even tho the warranty clearly says that they have to replace with a certified OR new) after 3 months+ of struggle - a nightmare that has not only impacted my productivity and made me have to retreat from an important research project but it also impacted my mental health and well being to the point of anxiety and stress ...ect - they sent me an email saying they will replace it with a refurbished device that was BELOW what I currently have, lower in ram/hdd and processor speed and replacing a laptop with a tablet..
mind you the email they sent me had a table to compare my "laptop" and the replacement, however the table had only a bunch of numbers thrown here and there and in no way were they mentioning what characteristics they were comparing. when I first looked at the table i was like wow that looks pretty nice actually going fro a 2G in "something" to a 500G was a nice offer! however being the decent literate human being (not the stupid blind person they think i am) I looked up online what they were offering me. and only did it have bad reviews, was of lower quality and price than mine BUT IT WAS ALSO CUTTING MY HDD BY HALF MY RAM A QUARTER among others, when I emailed them what i found they simply answered : blablabla tbh what we're offering you is better . (aka you're dumb and we know better)
THEN I NOTICED THE MODEL NUMBER THEY WERE COMPARING THEIR REPLACEMENT TO WAS NOT EVEN MY LAPTOP IT WAS SOME OTHER COMPELTLEY DIFFERENT MODEL. when I emailed them asking them nicely to re-verify their table because the model they are referring to is not the one i have, THEY STOPPED REPLYING TO MY EMAIL AND ANSWERING MY CALLS. and now when i call, my calls are dropped!!
ps: their warranty also states that the replacement should be of AT LEAST equal quality/function.
They have breached their own contract multiple times, shown insensitivity to their customer's concerns and misleading approach to pressure the poor helpless customer to accept their unfair and unjust ways.
oh and btw, they asked me to send the laptop again for "inspection" as if that didn't happen enough already, and me as the fool I am, sent it again. AND NOW I HAVE NO LAPTOP TO USE FOR MY SCHOOL AND INTERNSHIP/WORK, NO REPLIES FROM THE COMPANY ... needless to say I am suing the company, it will take time and wont be solved early enough to save me from more harm to my career and studies but I will go on with case and wont give up til the either see reason or the court gives me justice!!!
I trusted the company and this is how they repay their customers!!!

Rating 2/10


"July 12 confirmed with Asus CS that a replacement phone would be sent to me. A $20 disposal fee Was put on my credit card. A couple days later I followed up and was told that I need to put a $280 deposit and return the old phone and they will send me a new one. The next morning I phoned back again and was told that everything was fine and that I should get a confirmation email and I did not. On July 28 I called again to follow up and was told that this issue was escalated and I should see the new phone in a couple days. I followed up on July 29 and was told that my $20 was credited to me and now I need to send my phone for it to be repaired and it could take another 10 to 15 days. I sent my phone out on the 30th of July. I'm not a happy camper and would say that I will never buy any Asus products again"

Rating 2/10

Customer Service or lack of!

"Tablet purchased from curry store for £99 went faulty and was sent to ASUS for repair, ASUS say it is damaged but neither the Currys tech staff or myself could see any damage.
ASUS want £149 to repair the £99 tablet? why would you or £48 to return the un-repaired item to the store.
Do not buy an ASUS product unless you are 100% sure you will never have to deal with the company for any reason, i am not sure they understand the meaning of customer service or care anyway.

Rating 2/10


"I ordered 1 ASUS VS228H-P Monitor, mainly because of price. The monitor is "ok" - nothing special - however the $10 dollar rebate put it at my price-point. After testing it - I ordered 2 more...

They tried to decline my 1st rebate because the receipt I sent didn't note the item as shipped - I needed to re-print, scan, and email it; If I hadn't been paying attention - I would have lost the rebate. The 2nd order they declined OUTRIGHT - say I have reached my maximum number of items. If I still had the packing materials - I would send all 3 back. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!

Rating 2/10

Very bad Customer Support....think long and hard about ordering their products.

"I received a bad router out of the box. Would not connect to the WAN. Spent over an hour with ISP before contacting Asus. Their customer support is about the worst I have ever had to deal with since I have been working on computer since 1978. Thank goodness I placed the order with Newegg. They stepped up and took care of the problem."

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